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How I Met My Polar Bear

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  • Opublikowany 22 lut 2023
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    📍Full Episode 🍼

  • Naptime
    Naptime 4 dni temu +21283

    Fun fact: Polar bears are one of the only animals on earth that actively hunt for humans

  • M Malinoff
    M Malinoff 23 godzin temu +433

    I was unsure at first about what the polar bear was going to do but when she saw the tears in the seal’s eyes and the little whimper. That deep sigh and then her hugging him was so sweet.

    • Trinidad parra
      Trinidad parra 19 godzin temu +1

      ​@Neko no it's a bird

    • Neko
      Neko 20 godzin temu +2

      Isn't that a penguin?

  • swapfell chara 'puppet master'

    reason why the seal is trying to suckle is cause he's tagged, which meant he was in a human recovery center, he was bottle fed

  • 𝔸𝕔𝕚𝕕_𝕋𝕒𝕤𝕥𝕖𝕤_𝔹𝕝𝕠𝕠𝕕🍷

    The sad part is that polar bears are much more dedicated to take care of their kids than the seals taking care of theirs

    • Oh No
      Oh No 21 godzinę temu

      ​@Erykuh Graves Are you from California?

    • CALLIEE!!
      CALLIEE!! Dzień temu

      @Erykuh Gravesare you in 3rd grade?

    • rip and tear493
      rip and tear493 Dzień temu

      ​@Erykuh Graves no way you just said like 8 times in that sentence

    • Amanbirb The 4th
      Amanbirb The 4th Dzień temu

      ​@𝔸𝕔𝕚𝕕_𝕋𝕒𝕤𝕥𝕖𝕤_𝔹𝕝𝕠𝕠𝕕🍷 you think female polar bears are vegan? The seal still would be dead.

    • Tahmidur rahman 🏳️‍🌈⃠
      Tahmidur rahman 🏳️‍🌈⃠ Dzień temu

      Harp seals I think are the species shown here.

  • yx00n
    yx00n Dzień temu +635

    Fun fact: Parent seals really are the worst parents in the entire animal kingdom

    • 私はあなたの心を癒します
      私はあなたの心を癒します 19 godzin temu

      @• 𝗩𝗶𝗯𝗲𝘀 • humans do as well, some have killed or abandoned them…

    • Lalat Gaming
      Lalat Gaming 20 godzin temu

      @• 𝗩𝗶𝗯𝗲𝘀 • nah, cats do that thing for purpose, cats didnt want their kids to suffer

    • Koppii!
      Koppii! 20 godzin temu

      ​@• 𝗩𝗶𝗯𝗲𝘀 • as someone who has a pet cat mom, that is not entirely true, they'll teach their kittens, feed them, and take care of them until they've grown up and that's when they'll leave them

    • lynn
      lynn 21 godzinę temu

      @• 𝗩𝗶𝗯𝗲𝘀 • some seals eat pups aswell. so do many other animals

  • Savage Elmo
    Savage Elmo 22 godzin temu +24

    The fact the baby seal was crying when he was drinking the polar bear's milk hoping he wouldn't get tossed/kicked around is heartwarming

    • Elmo Rise
      Elmo Rise 19 godzin temu +1

      I know I had no clue what the seal was doing with them at first and then I was like oh

  • Goofy Channel
    Goofy Channel 2 dni temu +920

    Bro literally accepts the fact that its his mom now💀😭

  • ひな
    ひな 20 godzin temu +2


  • saudith Diaz Colmenarez
    saudith Diaz Colmenarez Dzień temu +25

    pobrecito pero al principio es una ternurita

  • Daniel Presnell
    Daniel Presnell 3 dni temu +318

    That polar bear irl would have salutered the baby

    • Nightmare Shadow Bacon
      Nightmare Shadow Bacon Dzień temu +1

      @sxmplyclementine #inactive Pov: You got sad when meepcity removed parties

    • snake
      snake Dzień temu +1

      ​@sxmplyclementine #inactive Pov: You don't know how to be funny

    • sxmplyclementine #inactive
      sxmplyclementine #inactive Dzień temu +1

      Omg your spelling is amazing! I could never do that! (It’s slaughtered, get it right)

    • I eat cows
      I eat cows 2 dni temu +1

      Just like you slaughtered the word slaughter

  • Israel Macario Sigua Gamer 9.7.5 YT

    Da tristeza 😭 pero el oso polar convivió 😢 y muy bonito video 😢

  • 渡邊裕子
    渡邊裕子 23 godzin temu +7


  • chamilion
    chamilion 2 dni temu +292

    Next dhar man video be like:
    Big seals reject random baby seal drinking their milk and then instantly regrets it

  • nminer
    nminer Dzień temu +28

    bro those first 3 seconds when you don’t know wtf is happening. that had me dead bro i heard sucking and saw that shit

    AYO_ CHORI Dzień temu +23


  • Larry Ward
    Larry Ward 3 dni temu +747

    Fun fact: bears usually only attack humans if they feel threatened, their Cub is in danger, or they're just plain hungry and they could also smell you from miles away so by the time you actually see it has probably been stalking you for hours but as any other animal does if you save them they will attempt to repay it because they're mammals and they're smart

    • IsraelCube
      IsraelCube Dzień temu

      ​@SpooderMAnAnd that's one of the reasons Greenland only has about 50k people

    • Chernobyl United
      Chernobyl United 2 dni temu +1

      Not the polar bear, polar bears actively hunt humans

    • brasil
      brasil 2 dni temu

      ​@melonmaneven if it's a big amount of food, u dying if ur getting closer to his son's by accident

    • Марина Румянцева
      Марина Румянцева 2 dni temu

      Кто то: мужики не плачут. Мужик на этом моменте: *все в слезах*

  • Monke Monke
    Monke Monke 22 godzin temu +3

    Legend says he’s still drinking till this day

  • ばーかです
    ばーかです 19 godzin temu +1


  • Ritaf Feigles
    Ritaf Feigles 3 dni temu +329

    😢 it is sad that seals don't even take care of their own kids but a polar bear cares

    • Amanbirb The 4th
      Amanbirb The 4th Dzień temu

      This is an animation dude💀

    • bird boy 223
      bird boy 223 3 dni temu

      That polar bear would have streaded that seal into peces

    • GardenGoodies
      GardenGoodies 3 dni temu

      No they look after them for a little bit , but when the pup is a few days-weeks old they’re abandoned

    • Miko_Games
      Miko_Games 3 dni temu

      @Corvus Elizabeth yay Ty for explaining to them

    • Corvus Elizabeth
      Corvus Elizabeth 3 dni temu +5

      ​@Gaming with rose Alhakami you know in real life seals don't take care of their babies right? that's what that person was talking about, that in real life seals don't take care of their babies but polar bears in real life take care of their babies.

  • Hezekiah Adams
    Hezekiah Adams 21 godzinę temu +1

    This animation was wholesome and cute

  • Mr. Sillymeister
    Mr. Sillymeister Dzień temu +1

    That seal is gonna be a meal.

  • Shirley_graves
    Shirley_graves 2 dni temu +491

    If only the world was truly as wholesome as this was. ❤

    • ItzFannyFandøms
      ItzFannyFandøms Dzień temu +3

      @Mia uwu She said IF ONLY did you not read the comment correctly 💀

    • Mia uwu
      Mia uwu 2 dni temu +2

      Bro the baby is being neglected multiple times by its own specie wdym wholesome💀

    • letsChaos24
      letsChaos24 2 dni temu +5

      if life of seals were as fun like other animals
      when they get born they drink 24/7 until they get fat enough and then the mother leaves and lets the baby seal starve and when the baby seal is near starvation they go in the water to hunt for fish
      btw they dont get near water til they are near starvation wich makes them easy prey for predators

  • Ashton
    Ashton 21 godzinę temu +1

    Aww it's so calming to see him become friends with that big guy

  • BaxterBomber
    BaxterBomber 23 godzin temu +15

    "Um I'm actually a 54 year old man and I just wanted milk"
    Jokes aside, really sad and heartwarming at the same time.

  • Nyshh 🦩
    Nyshh 🦩 Dzień temu +419

    I’m literally tearing up why is this so cute 😭

    • DirectorVivian 2
      DirectorVivian 2 Dzień temu

      It's not that deep don't tear up-

    • Hugh Janus
      Hugh Janus Dzień temu +1

      It’s not

    • Aditi shakya
      Aditi shakya Dzień temu

      Yeahhhh 😊

    • liliya
      liliya Dzień temu +1

      ​@PAGOL bro dont bully

    • PAGOL
      PAGOL Dzień temu +1


  • Dani Sedleski
    Dani Sedleski 22 godzin temu +1

    The sad thing is that this is actually what happens to seals in the wild 😢

  • Danielle Jones
    Danielle Jones 20 godzin temu

    the tears tore my heart

  • raccoon
    raccoon 2 dni temu +75

    This bro needs a netflix show

  • ちゃ た
    ちゃ た 20 godzin temu


  • k k
    k k Dzień temu +12


  • Ömer Ergün
    Ömer Ergün Dzień temu +95

    an enemy is never always an enemy

  • Brooke Hart
    Brooke Hart Dzień temu

    Poor guy needs some love

  • Brain Reigner
    Brain Reigner Dzień temu


  • Sahur Batur
    Sahur Batur Dzień temu +495

    I don't even need therapy lessons anymore. I can just watch this

  • Hellen Williams
    Hellen Williams Dzień temu +1

    so adorable

  • Rafi Sagawe
    Rafi Sagawe Dzień temu +1

    Insane grip strength on the pomar bear

  • The spider in ur room staring at u 0-0

    this made me cry from the baby seal shedding tears 🥺

  • Sophia Contreras
    Sophia Contreras 22 godzin temu

    bro really just going up to all the moms and drinking there milk like💀the ending was cute tho not gonna lie

  • Evyy
    Evyy 21 godzinę temu

    pls the baby polar bear crying made me cry-

  • CGOM Films
    CGOM Films 2 dni temu +418

    Why is this so adorable? WHY IS THIS SO FUCKING ADORABLE?! WHY?!

    • CounterPick
      CounterPick 2 dni temu

      Yeah I mean, u should see em in the wild

    • jasselyne
      jasselyne 2 dni temu

      Cool your beans bro

    • wry.
      wry. 2 dni temu


    • Deku
      Deku 2 dni temu


  • Chilling
    Chilling 21 godzinę temu +1

    Aw you looked so cute❤

  • RinHi Nanbaka
    RinHi Nanbaka 22 godzin temu

    For the people that think that it was hugging him it was drinking it's milk

  • Udam KRUOCH
    Udam KRUOCH 2 dni temu +340

    I love how cute it is I saw tears in the baby's eyes , so adorable...😭😭

  • どっかの旅人に憧れたサル


  • Pepe Venuh
    Pepe Venuh Dzień temu +2

    No seals wanted to go to jail but the polar bear 🎉

  • Rose bella
    Rose bella 3 dni temu +329

    This made me cry because the baby seal tearing up is just cute and the way the polar bear cared for the little guy so adorable 😢😢😢😢❤❤❤❤

  • Michael Tupou
    Michael Tupou 23 godzin temu

    Adorable it has to be protected 😢❤

  • KokoBoko
    KokoBoko Dzień temu +1

    That’s sad and cute at the same time 😊

  • Cataleya Zareba
    Cataleya Zareba 2 dni temu +323

    The way that the little cute thing cried I would instantly hug it❤

  • SeYksJaAinoaKaramelli
    SeYksJaAinoaKaramelli 23 godzin temu

    Fact:mist of any bears are more protective,carin and sweet to their baibies❤

  • Toadshark
    Toadshark Dzień temu


  • Bandy
    Bandy 2 dni temu +65

    The way how seals move just makes me want to cry

  • Freddie Y.
    Freddie Y. 22 godzin temu +1

    So cute 🥺

  • Fernando Real
    Fernando Real 23 godzin temu

    My man's going maximum overdrive💀

    DOUBLE HELIX 2 dni temu +237

    This is to fucking cute and wholesome

    • Deeggs
      Deeggs 2 dni temu

      I- yea I don’t get people this is just a hilarious Video to me

    • Paty Sanchez
      Paty Sanchez 2 dni temu

      Ti is cute and the best

    • Army Men
      Army Men 2 dni temu

      ​@cheemran I know it isn't the cleanest of things to say, but let him be. Your comment won't change nothin

    • Mo
      Mo 2 dni temu

      ​@cheemran no

    • XxLogiTEb3ar official
      XxLogiTEb3ar official 2 dni temu


  • 💓Милена звезда💓

    Так мило даже трогательно😢❤

  • Shon Postell
    Shon Postell Dzień temu

    Aaaaaaaaawwwwwwwww the polar bear really did that so cute

  • Moon Star
    Moon Star 2 dni temu +182

    To be fair (about the part where the polar bear gets angry at first), having a kid randomly latch onto you during a nap is something to rightfully get mad about. That being said, it was very cute.
    EDIT: Okay let's make this clear, I didn't blame the starving baby for being hungry with no other way to feed, but something randomly starts feeding from your you know what while your napping and ofc you're gonna get startled and mad about it at first💀💀💀

    • Luis Leon
      Luis Leon 18 godzin temu


    • random guy
      random guy 22 godzin temu

      Bro is a lawyer

    • Moon Star
      Moon Star Dzień temu

      @Giang Nguyen I understand that, I'm just sayin its startling🙃

    • Cookie
      Cookie 2 dni temu +1

      ​@average-art I'm a female and don't plan to have kids but if a random little kid tries to yk do that then I would be very very uncomfortable with it and would push them off so yes I would get mad.

    • Victoria Vuong
      Victoria Vuong 2 dni temu

      ​@average-art yea, its not my kid??

  • Tabish Durrani
    Tabish Durrani 19 godzin temu

    So cute 🥰 God bless you

  • Faye animates :3
    Faye animates :3 20 godzin temu

    That’s tooo cute

  • Aqeel SHARIFY
    Aqeel SHARIFY 3 dni temu +15

    that made me cry lowkey

  • Heather Read
    Heather Read 19 godzin temu

    Fun fact about polar bears:they are afraid of walruses

  • Cptmoore
    Cptmoore 20 godzin temu

    btw guys... this is the full episode no need to go to their link

  • River
    River Dzień temu +114

    awe this is so sad but wholesome at the same time. in nature if a seal is tagged it (ovi) means that a human touched it and very likely covered the pup in there sent. in which the mother then abandons the pup😭

  • Sophia Linn
    Sophia Linn 21 godzinę temu

    Why is this so sweet but disturbing at the same time💀

  • Arianna Garcia
    Arianna Garcia 21 godzinę temu

    She is so beautiful

  • 乁( ⁰͡ Ĺ̯ ⁰͡ ) ㄏ

    Thats cute and sus at the same time 👁👄👁

    • PoRtAtO
      PoRtAtO 4 dni temu +1

      i was just abt to say that

  • xXxBakugou_KatsukixXx
    xXxBakugou_KatsukixXx Dzień temu +5


  • Elise Decareaux
    Elise Decareaux 21 godzinę temu

    Oh my gosh, that was so sad😭

  • Xperiaはいいぞ
    Xperiaはいいぞ 2 dni temu +270


  • 𝐆𝐡𝐨𝐬t━☠

    Idk why but I was happy when they pushed him away💀

  • JU JU
    JU JU 23 godzin temu

    baby seal be like GIVE ME YOUR MILK

  • alex!!
    alex!! 2 dni temu +101

    Makes me think of the manga “Polar Bear in Love” lol so cute

  • Gorgeous Peletalo
    Gorgeous Peletalo Dzień temu

    Awwwwwww how cute 🥰

  • luna cutie
    luna cutie 21 godzinę temu

    Fun fact: He got a number on his tail that means he is not acceptable to any mother because he is not their son

  • Tusar Tusar
    Tusar Tusar Dzień temu +338

    Watching it making me cry,the baby is so much cute and heartwarming.The people of this earth should be like the bear who feeded the little pooler bear

    • Ingrid Alfaro
      Ingrid Alfaro 20 godzin temu

      It made me cry to

    • Roach
      Roach 20 godzin temu

      Hear me out

    • Puncak paradewa Semeru
      Puncak paradewa Semeru 20 godzin temu


    • Finzz
      Finzz 20 godzin temu

      Its fake 🗿

  • Serenity Johnson
    Serenity Johnson Dzień temu

    soooo cute!!!

    THE ARKHAM KNIGHT U.M. 22 godzin temu

    My bro, just wanted to get some of that good good

  • Hilda del valle rosario
    Hilda del valle rosario 2 dni temu +210

    the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen in my lifeee 🥺🥺

  • 딸기 가 좋아
    딸기 가 좋아 Dzień temu +2

    Baby seal meeting polar bear: 100% survival rate
    Baby seal meeting Canadian: -0% survival rate

  • loba
    loba 21 godzinę temu

    how cute

  • эстэтика
    эстэтика Dzień temu +325

    This is the cutest thing I've seen today, what a kind Bear!❤❤️❤️❤️😣

    • UnfoundedError
      UnfoundedError Dzień temu

      After the video was over the polar bear ripped the baby seal apart

    • Rolando Mejia
      Rolando Mejia Dzień temu


    • Thiaguito FioreOlaya
      Thiaguito FioreOlaya Dzień temu +1

      Same this almost made me cry 🥺

    • MATRIXMicah
      MATRIXMicah Dzień temu +1


  • Sussy soup 🥘
    Sussy soup 🥘 Dzień temu

    How did the seal not get it after the first three times-

  • _Dembi_
    _Dembi_ 20 godzin temu +1

    Блин он такой милый😻😻

  • Animaster
    Animaster Dzień temu +207


  • water💧💧
    water💧💧 22 godzin temu

    i would send that animal straight to space if he bothered me💀

  • Egypt Lyric
    Egypt Lyric Dzień temu +1

    I feel so sorry to this animal 😞 it is cute I wish I have it❤

  • S4 Gaming
    S4 Gaming 5 dni temu +466

    A mother is always a mother😊

  • なーさー なーさー
    なーさー なーさー 20 godzin temu


  • xuesong he
    xuesong he 23 godzin temu

    sooo cute and sad at the end

  • Cookie girl
    Cookie girl Dzień temu +89

    I burst into tears bc it was so nice of the polar bear to do that

    • Kaza!
      Kaza! Dzień temu

      I would throw it further, that sucks

    • Mrleviathan_202
      Mrleviathan_202 Dzień temu

      ​@Uh. Fr

    • Uh.
      Uh. Dzień temu

      drama queen

  • Xen
    Xen 19 godzin temu

    I thought it was the most annoying thing until I saw the tears. Poor thing

  • Rockstarnerd 1957
    Rockstarnerd 1957 Dzień temu

    This pissed me off so badly that I actually broke a window.

  • Nadia Sookraj
    Nadia Sookraj Dzień temu +475

    Bro I’m literally crying right now this is too cute🥺😭

  • Franley Delgado
    Franley Delgado 23 godzin temu

    qué adorable 🥺❤️

  • Nyahhh and jj
    Nyahhh and jj 21 godzinę temu

    This is just to cute and a little sad

  • G0th!cAng£l
    G0th!cAng£l Dzień temu +118

    This makes me uncontrollably warm inside

    • a
      a Dzień temu

      Bear should have kicked em

  • Emily_Realtimes
    Emily_Realtimes Dzień temu

    The seal is so cute

  • Garfield
    Garfield 22 godzin temu

    Wait, so there was actually milk in there. The seal kept sucking 💀💀💀