Washing the ultimate hypercar... at a random car wash

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  • Bing Bong
    Bing Bong 14 godzin temu

    Looks shit

  • Yxnnik 1707
    Yxnnik 1707 14 godzin temu

    In Deutschland❤

  • NitroPlague
    NitroPlague 14 godzin temu

    that doesnt look like a Mercedes Benz at all
    That look more like a McLarelen

  • 《ŁÏŁ PÜMP》
    《ŁÏŁ PÜMP》 16 godzin temu

    IS a Tyrant Gta V?

  • Lorenzo Lallone
    Lorenzo Lallone 18 godzin temu

    E anche in Italia laviamo le supercar

  • Robbie van Versveld
    Robbie van Versveld 2 dni temu

    Kan je Nederlands?

  • Lucas Broomfield
    Lucas Broomfield 3 dni temu

    Turn on subtitles for info.

  • •RiZe•
    •RiZe• 3 dni temu

    Juste pète de tune

  • Kyianjay Joven
    Kyianjay Joven 4 dni temu

    What is the brand?

  • Aroden -
    Aroden - 5 dni temu +1

    Anyone else in English

  • RUSH_plays
    RUSH_plays 5 dni temu

    The color is the best i've ever seen but the rim color doensn't really match...

  • Tripex
    Tripex 5 dni temu

    Man thats beautiful

  • mike WIZZ
    mike WIZZ 6 dni temu

    speedbump kills

  • Jackson Amann
    Jackson Amann 8 dni temu

    **the ultimate KIT car

  • Luca Chieregatti
    Luca Chieregatti 8 dni temu

    you are in Italy in this video?

  • Will Burke
    Will Burke 8 dni temu

    i will buy one

  • TheBlaggert
    TheBlaggert 9 dni temu

    Not really the "ultimate" hypercar though

  • Michael Neu
    Michael Neu 9 dni temu

    Lool He Comedy from my City , eichstätt

  • Harman Harry
    Harman Harry 10 dni temu


  • Harman Harry
    Harman Harry 10 dni temu +1

    which car is this?

  • spin2004
    spin2004 10 dni temu

    Tbh, that Audi next to it in the beginning looks way better.....

  • Sen sai
    Sen sai 10 dni temu

    What is that car

  • yes
    yes 10 dni temu

    can i have that car pls i pay you £5 £10 at the most

  • Dragon RA
    Dragon RA 12 dni temu

    Idk why but this is only one expensive car what i love :)

  • huhhman
    huhhman 13 dni temu

    What moron designed that?

  • Lex Diamond
    Lex Diamond 15 dni temu

    2 million dollar POS

  • Joshua Phillips
    Joshua Phillips 16 dni temu

    Wait they didn't even dry it?

  • Mister T.
    Mister T. 16 dni temu

    Over-Hyped, Over-Priced hunk of half burning phuq

  • The Interist
    The Interist 16 dni temu


  • Fatima Saeed
    Fatima Saeed 16 dni temu

    the car body is really nice

  • monkeytown
    monkeytown 16 dni temu

    doesnt look to great actually :/

  • Black Wulf89
    Black Wulf89 17 dni temu


  • olebart
    olebart 17 dni temu

    2:30 Spraying water into the exhaust?

  • Hichigo111
    Hichigo111 17 dni temu

    the middle part connecting the spoiler looks terrible

  • GuuzakaTube
    GuuzakaTube 17 dni temu

    Yay! They made Mister Apollo purple, pristine and pretty again! 😝🌊

  • all
    all 18 dni temu


  • littlebeast 0524
    littlebeast 0524 18 dni temu

    all that washing prob got the alligator drowning

  • Gary Castillo
    Gary Castillo 18 dni temu

    This car was released in GTA V

  • Lil Meme
    Lil Meme 18 dni temu

    Agarras un lomo de burro y cagaste

  • Harsh Saxena
    Harsh Saxena 18 dni temu

    No use of such car

  • Hunter Gman
    Hunter Gman 18 dni temu

    Hm. A thing I have seen with many of these high performance cars is that they are too low to the ground. Such a problem is most noticeable during driving. I would think hydraulics would be put in to allow for easier driving on the standard roads, but apparently it's illegal, at least on the road.

  • x DM0L1SH x
    x DM0L1SH x 19 dni temu

    Would have made a better video if he went by himself and 1 other person to film... not a damn production crew

  • Тимур Румит
    Тимур Румит 19 dni temu +1

    X80 PROTO

  • Robdi100
    Robdi100 19 dni temu

    The name is btw Apollo Intensa Emozione

  • Tage Tasser
    Tage Tasser 19 dni temu

    whats the point hAving a car that needs to b carried..

  • oxed brox
    oxed brox 20 dni temu

    *Check engine light*

  • Marco Moccia
    Marco Moccia 20 dni temu

    Dove se la mette?! Sul comodino?!😂

  • MrSchinken
    MrSchinken 20 dni temu

    The plate "EI" is from, my area. I know where this car is being built.

  • Khalil Ahmad
    Khalil Ahmad 20 dni temu

    Car Name Pleas

  • Apres Midi
    Apres Midi 20 dni temu

    What a great car... to have it PARKED at home cuz its so low you cant drive it anywhere.

  • russ g
    russ g 20 dni temu

    Looks like shit through a hurricane

  • Heloderma
    Heloderma 20 dni temu

    Я на такой же по даче гоняю

  • Oliver Kihl Andersson
    Oliver Kihl Andersson 20 dni temu

    Isn’t getting water in the engine bay not too good?


    Tu fais comment quand il y a un dodane?

  • Braski Films
    Braski Films 20 dni temu

    Dude the car looks ugly sounds good but really ugly

  • Khalil Beddiar
    Khalil Beddiar 21 dzień temu

    If you want Zer is wateuuuughh

  • noob
    noob 21 dzień temu

    useless car

    • ?
      ? 21 dzień temu

      the only use ur mom has is her tight little ass which i pound every night and fill up with my cum, thats how u were made bitch

    • noob
      noob 21 dzień temu

      My mom is fucking ur mom with a stick

    • ?
      ? 21 dzień temu

      i fucked ur mom in the ass bitch

    • noob
      noob 21 dzień temu

      My mom is more usefull in one day than you in ur whole life

    • ?
      ? 21 dzień temu

      like ur mom

  • xDerBabo
    xDerBabo 21 dzień temu

    hä das ist ja eichstätt :D

  • Lüre
    Lüre 21 dzień temu

    No, it does not have more nooks to clean than my car does.

  • Mass Debater
    Mass Debater 21 dzień temu

    Its just a p1 mixed with a noble

  • Mass Debater
    Mass Debater 21 dzień temu

    Its not ugly and i can appreciate it for sure but at 2.7 million thats a major dissapointment and i would sell it immediatly and another annoying this is why do people like you get cars like this you cant drive watching you get in and out of the car wash was painful and infuriating and to be honest if you got so much money to waste why does it matter if you gotta repair it

  • Mixalhs Gousgounis
    Mixalhs Gousgounis 21 dzień temu

    Owns a $2,7million car, washing it in a next door carwash, that brilliant

  • maxk880
    maxk880 21 dzień temu

    How is it a hypercar if it can't even go onto a regular bump

  • House of Fortnite
    House of Fortnite 21 dzień temu

    Why would anybody buy a car you can’t drive up hills lmao

  • ItzAdamPlayz ItzAdamNightmare

    0:50 what is that car name?

  • Arsiese
    Arsiese 22 dni temu

    What’s the point of a nice ass car if it can’t go over a one inch bump

  • Ffboarder
    Ffboarder 22 dni temu


  • Some Gamer
    Some Gamer 22 dni temu

    I kept thinking about birds somehow.

  • SuccMyThicc
    SuccMyThicc 22 dni temu

    is this that arrow car whateva ya call it

  • Aura Rowe
    Aura Rowe 23 dni temu

    wow I wish car washes around here had a Spay foam/soap setting like that brush had

  • scourging Spartan studios

    Rip Apollo el I said gental all the small scratchd on that car you can't even see it but how

  • Gullan
    Gullan 23 dni temu

    Wtf was is purple???🤣🤣😂😂

  • Mind
    Mind 23 dni temu

    Oh Daddy..

    IROKLIFE 23 dni temu +1

    A car to put in your garden or parking lot.
    Jsut alone where he was taking gravel out of, this thing is a complete functional fail.
    2.7mil? There's too many better choices than this.
    I'd enjoy a gander at the car...but the sap behind the wheel, I'd consider a sap XD

      IROKLIFE 23 dni temu

      It looks like someone took a 2016 Corvette, added a hyped up spoiler and gave it too many angles

  • Kuzey DURSUN
    Kuzey DURSUN 23 dni temu

    Marussia 😂

  • Joey Canicos8i6l
    Joey Canicos8i6l 23 dni temu

    Devel sixteen

  • No Body
    No Body 23 dni temu

    You can see the asian influence clearly

  • StopaskingformynameYouTube

    Car's so bad it can't even go up the 2" ledge to the carwash..
    Totally useless anywhere else but a perfect track.

    • rape me
      rape me 20 dni temu

      almost as if these cars are not made to be driven around

  • Александр Расходчиков

    АХАХАХАХ! Сука) Писта 1, писта 2, писта 3!

  • Zephyr
    Zephyr 23 dni temu

    OFC the are German!

  • Geagu Marius
    Geagu Marius 24 dni temu

    Piece of junk.. close your fucking doors when u re driving idiot

  • Chroma Light
    Chroma Light 24 dni temu

    Sub titles are pretty fucking annoying, like they are bragging

  • Marshmello _510
    Marshmello _510 24 dni temu

    What car?

  • Ghxst Dz
    Ghxst Dz 24 dni temu

    Whats that car . and how much $

  • Do you know the Wae
    Do you know the Wae 24 dni temu

    i've seen this car at TTAssen

  • Blu3 Sk1es
    Blu3 Sk1es 24 dni temu

    this thing eats bugatti ferrari lamborghini and any of that shit

  • bigbalu04 _
    bigbalu04 _ 24 dni temu

    was ost das für ein autotyp

  • Nicholas Mitchell
    Nicholas Mitchell 24 dni temu

    A wash won't fix an ugly car 🤷

  • PikMeet
    PikMeet 24 dni temu


  • Steven Efendi
    Steven Efendi 24 dni temu

    Haters gonna hate

  • Osama bin laden
    Osama bin laden 25 dni temu

    So expensive
    Why the heck it don't have a air bag suspension

  • StarB600 Star
    StarB600 Star 25 dni temu

    This creature is a BEAUTY 😍

  • theo
    theo 25 dni temu

    Lol German plate

  • euqirnE niuqaoJ
    euqirnE niuqaoJ 25 dni temu

    I wouldn’t call that an ultimate hypercar

  • KickBackNinja07
    KickBackNinja07 25 dni temu

    Don’t be black, be purple..

  • Melvin Ögren
    Melvin Ögren 25 dni temu


  • Wolfgang
    Wolfgang 25 dni temu

    if a car needs ramps for just for that, it's not a super car, it's not even a good car.

  • Neptux
    Neptux 25 dni temu +1

    Hypercars are slow....
    On ramps Omegalul.

  • Ramkripal Yadav
    Ramkripal Yadav 25 dni temu

    Is its ground clearance is less than 1 ince because it can't even cross a bump of 2 inches.

  • Sethlapa Vids
    Sethlapa Vids 26 dni temu

    Did it turn black to purple?