Game Theory: FNAF, This is the End (FNAF Ultimate Custom Night)

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  • Allison Lawson
    Allison Lawson 3 minut temu

    I still want more far. I crave it

  • lil pikachu
    lil pikachu 8 minut temu

    Scott: 7 more animatronics, and 3 more Afton children in the box.
    matpat:*gives himself concussion banging head on wall* PLEASE KILL ME!!!!!!!

  • Greek Potatos
    Greek Potatos 32 minut temu

    5:31 Detroit become human 2???

  • Angel Valverde
    Angel Valverde Godzinę temu

    Through the 🔙

  • Malachi Williams
    Malachi Williams Godzinę temu

    Love FNAF 💙

  • Extremely Fab_Coonz
    Extremely Fab_Coonz Godzinę temu

    *fnaf 7 the final chapter
    fnaf 8 end of fazbear legacy*

    Scott if your looking at this have nice shooes

  • Twissky
    Twissky 2 godzin temu

    When the movie comes out won’t this be on film theory...?

  • Zymetrical
    Zymetrical 2 godzin temu

    Listen here did u notice that the first line of i will put u back to together is orange usch. And William is orange in fnaf 6

  • Grace McAfee
    Grace McAfee 3 godzin temu

    Some reason I’ve rewatched this so many times I don’t know why

  • Mr. Oofer Woofer
    Mr. Oofer Woofer 4 godzin temu

    Suddenly, FNAF 7: MatPat sucks

  • Luke Hodes
    Luke Hodes 5 godzin temu

    Discord server for ARG

  • ZackariaVampire
    ZackariaVampire 5 godzin temu

    I bet William killed his eldest son (boy in Foxy mask) and used the eldest son's body to help put Michael back together. That's why we don't ever see him again...

  • Jesus Guerrero
    Jesus Guerrero 7 godzin temu

    Wait so chronologically you messed up

  • Geertje Visser
    Geertje Visser 8 godzin temu


  • Charlie Bear KONO
    Charlie Bear KONO 9 godzin temu

    And then it's wrong

  • Shadi L
    Shadi L 11 godzin temu

    mario's( matpat's)eye's look's like letters

  • John 3:36
    John 3:36 13 godzin temu

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  • Wasted y
    Wasted y 14 godzin temu

    exotic, exotic, that's right EXOTIC, butt butters!

    MR MLG PRO 15 godzin temu

    Lol Scott releases another 2 games

  • Wiresimp Rae
    Wiresimp Rae 20 godzin temu

    fan jumpscare bruh.

  • Jackie FlyHigh
    Jackie FlyHigh 21 godzinę temu

    Maybe scot will make aother game to free golden freddy

  • The Red Warrior The Red Soldier

    Pretty good. I always love your Theories.

  • Luca Aster
    Luca Aster 22 godzin temu

    The dismantled animatronics and the 5 things being molded into 1 are actually referring to Molten Freddy. Molten Freddy is the thing on the table in The Fourth Closet (note the description of a soft, orange glow), which is the 5 animatronics fused. After taking them apart in the FNaF3 minigame, William fuses them into Molten Freddy, to experiment with Remnant, like you said. But, they most likely did not become the Funtime animatronics. The only Funtime animatronics that show evidence of being possessed are Baby and potentially Ballora. Remember, the Toy animatronics didn't need to be possessed to cause problems either. It is possible that Afton injects some of the molten Remnant into the Funtime animatronics, as he does in The Fourth Closet, but there is no evidence.
    This is also supported by Ennard not being present in Pizzeria Simulator like we thought before. Baby was kicked out of Ennard, as seen by the conversation between the websites prior to Pizzeria Simulator's release, and Molten Freddy is not Ennard. If that were the case, what would be the purpose, from a storytelling standpoint, of separating Baby from it? Molten Freddy could have just appeared as all four animatronics still together. But Ennard doesn't need to be there because he isn't possessed at all. Molten Freddy is the original five "missing children incident" victims, and endoskeletons of the FNaF1 animatronics after Afton dismantled them.

  • Charging Creepers
    Charging Creepers 22 godzin temu +1

    I just realized something that kinda messes up the timeline. We know that FNaF 2 takes place in 1987, right? And in the FNaF 4 minigames, we see the toy animatronics next to the girl, which are repeatedly referenced as "new animatronics" by the newspapers and phone calls, and we know that those are the toys because of Scott's tip "Why is tiny Toy Chica missing her beak?" From here it kinda explains itself (an hour later and I'm still not done), and if you want to say that the FNaF 2 location is just open earlier than expected, There's also a solution to that. One of the top comments on the part one of this video is that
    the FNaF 2 location was only open 2 weeks. The week you work there, and the week the last guard worked there. My idea is that it doesn't have to be 2 weeks, but I'm pretty sure that it did open after 1983. Since the withered animatronics are there, and the phone call says the withered animatronics are from an old location. So I'm thinking that since the FNaF 3 phone calls are to a Freddy's location, and those phone calls are supposedly during 1983, with the withered animatronics being the Originals there. And that was 1 day before the bite when the classic suits were being put in the closet. And the now withered animatronics did exist there
    Btw I know that the FNaF 2 location didn't exist because in FNaF 3, Phone Guy referred to the Golden Freddy and Bonnie suits as "Classic Suits" (extra emphasis on the plural form of suit), meaning that Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, and Foxy already existed. And since Springtrap wasn't at the FNaF 2 location, those calls couldn't have been at the FNaF 2 location, meaning that FNaF 2 couldn't have been at the same time as Fredbear's Family Diner, which kinda throws the timeline out the window, considering the "Bite of 83" kinda is one of the most important parts in the entire FNaF timeline .
    Make sense?
    Am I a dingus?

  • Swagpandaplays
    Swagpandaplays 23 godzin temu

    i dont think micheal is a robot i think its denay cause is willam afton one if he cant die

  • Brad Williams
    Brad Williams Dzień temu

    The beginning gor me by suprise like if it got u 2

  • PlassWarrior
    PlassWarrior Dzień temu

    Hey, i just noticed a weird detail that never made sense before this video: Ever noticed that, when Micheal says "im going to come find you" it kinda sounds like a robot being shut down while speeking or something? Maybe his voice chip or something was damaged by Ennard while he inhabited his body. Anyways, the way he said that always stood out to me. Also great video :)

  • XxCrimsonwolfy4xX
    XxCrimsonwolfy4xX Dzień temu

    The first four minutes of this video is about merch brand deals.

  • Livdoeswhatever
    Livdoeswhatever Dzień temu +1

    Wouldnt it be funny if scott made a game that makes this all wrong

  • Fnaf Tube
    Fnaf Tube Dzień temu


  • Jacob Hernandez
    Jacob Hernandez Dzień temu

    So that means that the toy animatronics are the old/ withered animatronics that we’re melted by micheal and the phantoms are the future versions of the 2.0 toy animatronics and the toy animatronics are the 2.5 animatronics

  • Bobby Parkinson
    Bobby Parkinson Dzień temu

    So if Afton dies, whenever he is condemned do the animatronics kill him or do they just jump scare him can you make a video and answer that please plus how could the animatronics survived all that they've gone through and is a nerd molten Freddy that makes no sense I looked it up on my tablet it makes no sense and heard is molten Freddy that doesn't make absolutely any sense.

  • Wayne Hyder
    Wayne Hyder Dzień temu


  • The Random Recorder
    The Random Recorder Dzień temu

    Uhhhhhhhhh I don't......Really get this........

  • David Bolack
    David Bolack Dzień temu


  • DP23 LEWIS
    DP23 LEWIS Dzień temu

    if henry recorded memories, then how does charlie have a memory of her kidnapping?

  • KanseiDrifto
    KanseiDrifto Dzień temu

    I like in a fnaf he's all like BACK TO SCHOOL MERCH

    XxDARK_WOLF_TV xX Dzień temu

    You just spoiled the book for me :(

  • Roger Blasko
    Roger Blasko Dzień temu

    lol you think William Alton can die XD that’s not how it works here.

  • Alex .Wallace
    Alex .Wallace Dzień temu

    So @The Game Theorists , I ask you. If Micheal died as a child and was then put back together; how did he grow up. After all he is now a machine right, a static robot.
    Which comes to my second point. If you look at the way that William is locked into the suit, you can tell the mouth locks are fair far forward, to normal animatronics. So that means that the bite of 83 video you did about FNAF4 and the bite itself are wrong. Micheal Afton didn't get his skull crushed at all. His tear causes the spring locks to fail around the face area, sending the two rods we see in his father's face, through his neck. He is still alive since his wounds didn't stop his brain or heart, but is not trapped in a body, forever immobile.
    It would be nice for Will though if there happened to be a dead brainless adult to make a skin suit from.

  • Saki Sakimori
    Saki Sakimori Dzień temu

    We need a full story video to understand what you say clearly.

  • TobyParodyPlays TPP
    TobyParodyPlays TPP Dzień temu

    R.I.P FNAF game theory 10-23-2014 8-5-2018...


  • Kuki Ciastko
    Kuki Ciastko Dzień temu

    Just a therory


  • TDC24
    TDC24 Dzień temu

    Where’s the shadows

  • marcus maiben
    marcus maiben Dzień temu

    I have a question you state that Henry is trying to stop William afton Which I still think he I but how could he if in the past you said Henry died because he killed himself over the grief of his daughter dying you didn't really explain that I can crazily believe Henry planned this out before he offed himself, crazy things have happened, before but I just need further explanation on how Henry is alive and/or where is he now

  • Pooja Jain
    Pooja Jain Dzień temu

    I don't know mat. If we just assume that the crying child and Mike are two different persons the 200th episode seems plausible.did you just assume that it is canon ? cause it I saw that video I think you just assume it to be canon because it said it was owned by Mike what if it was owned by some person other than the crying child or Michael who Lost his memory or were modified by Afton during remnant transplantation or something like that.some religions say that the soul contains all of your memory,after all!!!!!

  • Selene Inmaculada
    Selene Inmaculada Dzień temu

    If Michael is a robot, thats mean Baby is a robot inside in another robot in the minigame of sister location? (Sorry for my english)

  • Tori
    Tori Dzień temu

    @The Game Theorists So I have a theory... This is his purgatory. I mean Ultimate Custom Night. I was looking at a compilation of the voices, and they all are talking about William Afton. I really think Ultimate Custom Night is when you’re playing as William in his purgatory. You may piece them together, but everything he has done is after him and they aim to kill him over and over. Just a thought, you guys are amazing

  • HVS_Vortex
    HVS_Vortex Dzień temu

    In conclusion if you don’t want to die in fnaf then just don’t wear the security outfit

  • paiinty
    paiinty Dzień temu

    honestly I love how your march looks, but with it being limited its so upsetting cause I gotta wait till I could get anything, if only there could be an alternate way to go on with the mystery thing uwu maybe like get a month or two to make our own theory and you pick your top ones to be included

  • diamond dog
    diamond dog Dzień temu

    the only way to have another 5 nights of fredd's game is to let golden feedy free

  • Gwendolyn Green
    Gwendolyn Green Dzień temu +1

    Looks like Matpat thinks this is the last game...


  • Zach Huesgen
    Zach Huesgen Dzień temu +1


  • Revin Perez
    Revin Perez Dzień temu +1

    But the thing is that the one baby scooped or metal clawed? I dunno.
    The girl she killed (Williams daughter) can't be the one that possessed baby because baby remembers killing Williams daughter witch doesn't add up since baby remembers the children that she counted and killing Williams daughter

  • Ryan Rovner
    Ryan Rovner Dzień temu

    I am so sad that this series is over :(


    Don't you hate it when you're watching a fnaf video and think *hey, why don't I play the game!* and then realize that you have phobophobia?

  • Gerardo Sproet
    Gerardo Sproet 2 dni temu

    The only video game keeping this channel alive.

  • Erique Escalante
    Erique Escalante 2 dni temu

    Scott should make a fun little addon to the series. five nights at circus baby's pizza world.FNACBPW

  • The Pikachu gamer Master

    I think Micheal afton is alive because of the revdeant.

  • Logan Morris
    Logan Morris 2 dni temu

    Starts at 3:52

  • clorox bleach
    clorox bleach 2 dni temu

    (FNAF 3)
    Henry: You're not living through that fire.
    Afton: *Watch me.*

  • The Jade King
    The Jade King 2 dni temu

    me: *sees final theory* it truly has been a fulfilling experience -5 mins later-
    me: *sees a teaser for fnaf 7* DAMMIT SCOTT

  • Ehab Ata
    Ehab Ata 2 dni temu +1

    New game


  • Andie Gonzales_czaban

    Yeah William afton created Micheal Afton and that crying kid in fnaf4 and Elizabeth afton

  • Devran Imran
    Devran Imran 2 dni temu

    Ich Like fnaf but it's ober.

  • TheDiamond Heart15
    TheDiamond Heart15 2 dni temu

    Is FNAF really over?🤔

  • SpeedySpot
    SpeedySpot 2 dni temu

    Have you even read the FNAF books? Golden Freddy clearly is Michael (not Michael Afton.)

  • Funtime Foxy
    Funtime Foxy 2 dni temu

    What if... Funtime Foxy in UCN is using their voice sync thing to make more theories. We still don't know.

  • Funtime Moxy
    Funtime Moxy 2 dni temu

    Yeah by the way Michael is BB need more poof he says his favourite ride is the carrousel and his father says ran off to that place again hill be sorry when he gets back that’s at night and that’s why there is the second pizzeria

  • Bacun Puncayks
    Bacun Puncayks 2 dni temu

    I feel so bad for mat pat......another fnaf game is coming out....

  • Hector  Velazquez
    Hector Velazquez 2 dni temu

    thank u for adding the fan jumpscare but scott plz if u make more games....

    ROBOLX TIME FUN!! 2 dni temu

    It not the end cause why did the purple guys kill the kid?

  • TheEpicGamer 22
    TheEpicGamer 22 2 dni temu

    2 months later-
    **Scott just released Fnaf 7, and working on Fnaf World 2!**
    Game Theorist Guy- *"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO welcome back to GAME THEORY with
    another episode about fnaf :("*

    AMPT GAMING 2 dni temu

    Scott: FNAF 8 OUT IN 1 HOUR

  • SebHero Stevens
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  • J.J. Simpson
    J.J. Simpson 2 dni temu +1

    wait matpat i just saw that golden freddy has 4 fingers on his hand not five so he is not a spring lock suit but hey it is just my theory so like if you think i im right *11:42*

    • Miłosz Miły
      Miłosz Miły 8 godzin temu

      his fingers are big enough for a person to put their 2 fingers into 1 GF's finger

  • Izaac Villa
    Izaac Villa 2 dni temu

    I have a theory i think enard is controling all of them think about it enard isn 't in ultimate custom night and controls baby and all of sister location one's

  • FNAF plush adventure's

    Thank you Scott, you created a game we will all remember in our hearts. Once again thank you Scott....

  • snowwolf subs
    snowwolf subs 2 dni temu

    There is one question we never thought to ask why does William Afton murder the children in the first place

  • StrangeMD Gaming
    StrangeMD Gaming 2 dni temu

    MAT Pat I feel Like what Happened here was You were Super confused here's a vid to Help:

  • Xander Usher
    Xander Usher 2 dni temu

    Ultimate Custom Night? More like PENultimate Custom Night

  • Smile 666
    Smile 666 2 dni temu +1

    Mattpat are you alright? 😂

  • Angelcrafter 67
    Angelcrafter 67 2 dni temu

    Ayyyyy I'm using the theory socket now!

  • Penguino 77 studio
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  • Your Casual Bastion Main

    I know I’m late but

    ‘Game Theory Game Theory.’

    Yes Scott?’

    Solving all of FNAF timeline?’

    No Scott.’

    Telling lies?’

    No Scott.’

    Open your PLclip channel.’


  • Awesome Asir
    Awesome Asir 2 dni temu

    I hope Scott makes one more game...just one more...and it just shows how life (or, well...death) is like for all the children and michael.

  • Awesome Asir
    Awesome Asir 2 dni temu +1

    End The

  • Jaxine Dunn
    Jaxine Dunn 2 dni temu

    Holy molyyy the best part is the end on how willy boy has to suffer an eternal purgatory because of Cassidy >:'D hiLArIOUS

  • Kathy Taylor
    Kathy Taylor 2 dni temu

    How do you have any proof of Mike in fnaf 6

  • FireRuby 8
    FireRuby 8 2 dni temu

    just a question from the design of phantom Freddy and Fanf 2 Golden Freddy
    Does Fnaf2 Golden Freddy = Fnaf 3 phantom Freddy
    because they look exactly the same just fanf 3 phantom freddy is a different colour (burnt)

  • Mcpeplayer Mc
    Mcpeplayer Mc 2 dni temu

    *When mat finishes this video*

    Mattypatty “YES I COMPLETED FNAF!!!!”
    *Scott comes through wall*

    Scotty boi “Are you sure about that?”
    *Scott holds up teaser of fnaf university*
    Mattypatty “****** SCOTTTTTTT!!!!!!”
    Scotty boi “Hehehe lol”
    *oh and btw the vid starts at **3:51*

  • Summer Manby
    Summer Manby 2 dni temu

    Guys anerrd killed circus baby hes mean like if you billeve me

  • BrayBray 0723
    BrayBray 0723 2 dni temu

    chica is at the posh pizzeria

  • Eggz In Bedz
    Eggz In Bedz 2 dni temu

    watch Scott drop FNAF Sister Location 2 and force Matpat to record his 15th FNAF finale.

    SHANNON HAYNES 2 dni temu

    my friend wanted to say hi

    JAYDEN HESS 2 dni temu

    Yeah it would be and I think this is not the End.
    Of five nights at Freddy’s.

  • Sidney Caulder
    Sidney Caulder 2 dni temu

    I’m not crying, you’re crying 😢😭😭

  • Platzhirsch
    Platzhirsch 2 dni temu

    It would make way more sense if FNAF was created by Stephen King.

  • Minecraft: The Elementia Movie


  • Andre Pangan
    Andre Pangan 2 dni temu

    MatPat you got one thing wrong. The twitching golden freddy is not Cassidy, it is William Afton, have you ever heard off the line from fredbear?