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  • Opublikowany 24 sty 2012
  • Read the What Car? Mercedes E-Class review
    The E-Class does what Mercedes does best -- comfort, refinement and safety. Fuel economy and CO2 emissions are good, too.
    If you're looking for the thrusting drive of a Jaguar XF or the quality and style of a BMW 5 Series, you'll be disappointed. The E-Class is thoroughly conservative.
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Komentarze • 44

  • robert bishop
    robert bishop 3 miesięcy temu

    Sounds a bit odd, but I have just been to a relative’s funeral and one of the revelations was the funeral car. A Mercedes Benz e class. A better car for the job, it could not have been. Classy, quality, silent, beautifully built and oh so serene, I desire one, so much. I’ll have to start saving.

  • Oliden Izquierdo
    Oliden Izquierdo Rok temu +2

    Yes bought a Mercedes benz E 350 is not new, but so far no complaints this car is amazing.

    • robert yeah
      robert yeah 7 miesięcy temu

      Overall, I agree with that.

  • Jihad Ajami
    Jihad Ajami Rok temu +1

    hey what car i love this channel i really like u guys i wana ask u a question i m 19 i want to buy my first car and i love German cars so what do u think a e class fits me more than a 5 series or the 5 fits me more than dthe e class i really whant to know what car should i buy what car ☺and thx u

  • Radosvet Nikolov
    Radosvet Nikolov 2 lat temu +1

    Mine has manual transmission as well. Very rare among these cars.

    • japanjack62
      japanjack62 Rok temu

      We aren't so lucky here in N.America, manual transmissions have become almost extinct.....

  • IceColdViking
    IceColdViking 2 lat temu +1

    expensive WTF is she talking about yes it is expensive but you get what you pay for

  • IceColdViking
    IceColdViking 2 lat temu +6

    how the hell are they rating the bmw above the merc the merc has more luxery felling than the bmw and btw the merc is not made for being sporty it is made fore luxery and comfort

  • khaireddine khmiri
    khaireddine khmiri 2 lat temu +8

    Mercedes is the best.

    • robert yeah
      robert yeah 7 miesięcy temu

      Not the best, but very close.

  • Mohammad Malik
    Mohammad Malik 2 lat temu


  • Comments
    Comments 2 lat temu +13

    Merc doesn't need to prove anything. It's for the ones who drive for quality and style.

  • Travis Wang
    Travis Wang 4 lat temu +11

    Her accent is sexy.

  • soap Box
    soap Box 5 lat temu +2

    What Car have been anti Mercedes for a long time. The bmw 5 series which they rate higher than the E class came second to the E class in their own JD power survey. It must be an embarrassment for them. They seem to have lost all credibility.

  • snoop1260
    snoop1260 5 lat temu

    what the fuck is this bitch talking about ...... all you do is get E63 AMG//// AND IT WILL GIVE YOU THE WOW FEELING ......

  • TurboDifferent
    TurboDifferent 6 lat temu +3

    Why would you go for the 220 cdi? The 4 cylinder diesels sounds like tractors! Go for the 6 cylinders!

  • richl
    richl 6 lat temu +1

    Yeah this woman's voice really grates ....

  • richl
    richl 6 lat temu

    Quality is poor inside (given the cost), cheap hard plastics. Dull looks on this E class means sales have dipped noticeably from the more elegant previous model.
    All Mercedes suffer from confusing model identity and awful new shapes ... the new B class looks like a small delivery van, the new A class like an Astra. The refaced E class looks schizophrenic with big curved new grill but squared off tail end.
    My Dad's new C Class has a poor ride, jarring over every bump. I wouldn't waste my money.

  • Krzysztof Mądry
    Krzysztof Mądry 6 lat temu

    ofcourse it is a competetive for Merc

  • elukok
    elukok 6 lat temu

    Well it's british review...

  • th415263
    th415263 6 lat temu +1

    This is the second review I've seen that seems quite biased against Mercedes. Perhaps you guys need to get reviewers who actually approach these with open minds, instead of with preconceived ideas.
    I'm sorry, "the on screen menu can be abit distracting" ? Well I suppose we'll just remove all the screens and entertainment systems from every car on the road then shall we?

  • Towards The Sunset
    Towards The Sunset 6 lat temu +2

    Jaguars are terrible, unreliable, English engineered cars. MB is the best marque in the world behind Ferrari, and only Ferrari. Jags look nice, but lack truly high performance and value for what you pay. The AMG Mercedes are the best cars in the world, behind Ferrari's. E class is also the best class of MB, perfect balance of performance and luxury.

  • SanDiegoInnOut
    SanDiegoInnOut 6 lat temu

    Amazing car stateside. Biased review, almost against the E Class.

  • BestCanKeanRob2
    BestCanKeanRob2 6 lat temu

    Mercs are always classy cars but they always have that big chrome cattle grid grill on the front.The bigger they are,they worse they look.

  • Andrew Johnson
    Andrew Johnson 6 lat temu

    E250d Sport - by far the best exec tourer on the market.

  • RL R
    RL R 6 lat temu

    The more reviews I see from these What Car? blokes, the more respect for them I lose...

  • Philip Magnusson
    Philip Magnusson 6 lat temu

    1:28 how on earth would that be annoying? its one of the reasons Mercedes is great! i love the foot operated parking brake on my w123, and i also like the wipers stick cus you have everything at one hand.

  • Herbert Hall
    Herbert Hall 6 lat temu +1

    I like this car best. An absolutely superb car.

  • xzaxx
    xzaxx 6 lat temu

    every car company have their conservative looks in and on the car with modern design

  • herrgolf
    herrgolf 6 lat temu

    I prefer the Benz to the competition BECAUSE it is conservative.

  • terence wolter
    terence wolter 6 lat temu

    there doing a review on the cheapest version wtf do you expect who the fuck buy's this car in a diesel manual

  • terence wolter
    terence wolter 6 lat temu

    i don't think this lady ever had a expensive car she talks about it as if it's a ford fiesta

  • SanDiegoInnOut
    SanDiegoInnOut 6 lat temu

    Conservative? No. The 5 series is conservative!

  • saundersnigel007
    saundersnigel007 6 lat temu

    don't really care what you think to be honest - it is straight up truth. Pity as the Merc is a lovely design, nice drive but has just been a series of electrical or software problems. My boss has a BMW with similar software issues and he has vowed never to have another one.

  • moontang
    moontang 6 lat temu

    This is a lie.

    DEREKALMAN1998 6 lat temu

    No people buy these cars coz they are good they are not unreliable, yes lexus are really reliable but not as good as a merc!!!

  • Anacleto Tanedo
    Anacleto Tanedo 6 lat temu

    People with money would buy this car as a status symbol. The brand Mercedes Benz speaks for itself.

  • andred gb
    andred gb 6 lat temu

    what is shite is foot operated park brake and single stalk for wiper and indicator

  • saundersnigel007
    saundersnigel007 7 lat temu

    I would agree with that. I bought a GS460 at the same time as a mate bought a E500. I have been back for scheduled servicing whereas he has been back to the garage for multiple visits for various faults. It is great when it works but I am happy with the Lexus. I will never take the reliability for granted again!

  • Nightbird
    Nightbird 7 lat temu +2

    After owning a MB S Class and experiencing so many quality & repair issues that people who drive Hyundai's don't even experience..I will never again purchase another MB in my life.
    If MB can't do what Lexus has done..which is build a car with all the safety, refinement, and driving characterics an S Class has in the LS..but WITHOUT the reliability and quality issues..then they can keep milking suckers who don't mind being stranded in the hot summer on a highway..while I drive by in my Lexus LS.

  • Mikotiini
    Mikotiini 7 lat temu

    E-class is conservative? What a shit review.

  • soap Box
    soap Box 7 lat temu

    A typical report from a car magazine thats pro bmw.

  • PzLoveUnityRespect
    PzLoveUnityRespect 7 lat temu

    nice car