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  • Opublikowany 17 cze 2019
  • Join Chris Morocco in the Bon Appétit Test Kitchen as he makes lemony glazed yonuts (yes, that’s a Greek yogurt doughnut). We set out to make a Greek doughnut, we really did. We tried and we tried, and when it wasn’t working, we switched to Greek yogurt. Adding yogurt to the batter for these cake doughnuts made them light, tangy, and rich, and gave us a dough that was easy to work with.
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    Chris Makes Doughnuts | From the Test Kitchen | Bon Appétit
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Komentarze • 2 694

  • Anaiss Jacobs
    Anaiss Jacobs 9 godzin temu

    Okay but... is it donuts or doughnuts?

  • Lana Jones
    Lana Jones Dzień temu

    Is it just me or does he never tell us how much butter to use? I keep rewatching but I can't find it

  • Daniel Pruitt
    Daniel Pruitt 5 dni temu

    Oh I get chef Mike. Because it's a Mikerowave.

  • Robin18us
    Robin18us 5 dni temu

    I enjoyed this, but where is the complete recipe? Nothing about how much butter and vanilla

  • Kalinda Strome
    Kalinda Strome 8 dni temu

    It’s comforting to know that even a professional cook sometimes accidentally explodes his butter

  • JesusIzAPunkRocker
    JesusIzAPunkRocker 10 dni temu

    Chris keeping it simple with the donut spellng LOL

  • LostInMySpace
    LostInMySpace 12 dni temu

    How can we get the recipe? Does anyone have a copy??

    • Geoffrey Alan
      Geoffrey Alan 9 dni temu

      LostInMySpace I tested this on my channel a while ago and have the ingredients and link to recipe in the description box if you need it.

  • Repka Kepka
    Repka Kepka 14 dni temu

    "Oh yeah, Velociraptor number five really brought it home"┐(゚д゚┐) hiss

  • Leslie E.
    Leslie E. 20 dni temu

    9:33 I wonder what Chris thinks when he sees these types of edits 😂

  • ShaLuo Wu
    ShaLuo Wu 20 dni temu

    a like for how chris spelled that donut

  • Alyss
    Alyss 26 dni temu

    was that brad's "HOT POCKETS~" at 04:18 lmao

  • Molly G
    Molly G 26 dni temu

    Hi Rachel Karten! I see you!

  • Kitty Ensalaco
    Kitty Ensalaco 27 dni temu

    "Is this going to be a daily thing?"

  • aafster life
    aafster life 28 dni temu

    I love Chris's personality.

  • Zayan Basheer
    Zayan Basheer Miesiąc temu +1

    The entire recipe (ingredients + method) is on their Bon Appetit website :) but regardless, here you go->
    2½ tsp. baking powder
    2 cups all-purpose flour, plus more for dusting
    1 tsp. kosher salt, plus more
    2 large egg yolks
    1 cup whole-milk Greek yogurt
    ½ cup granulated sugar
    2 Tbsp. unsalted butter, melted, slightly cooled
    1 tsp. vanilla extract
    Vegetable oil (for frying; 6-8 cups)
    1 cup powdered sugar
    Zest from ¼ lemon
    Special Equipment
    A deep-fry thermometer

  • Zayan Basheer
    Zayan Basheer Miesiąc temu

    Just made these amazing "yo-nuts" today. And trust me, they were AMAZING! The lemon glaze was fantastic. But I did customize it to my preference (1/2 cup powdered sugar, 1 full lemon zest and 2-3 tbsp water. To the other 1/2 cup of sugar, I added 1 tbsp of cinnamon and made cinnamon sugar donuts). I did replace Greek yogurt with plain yogurt and because I live in a very hot region, my dough was really sticky and not as firm as Chris's. But I just added 1/4 - 1/2 cup of flour more and dusted my doughnuts really well. They were still real sticky even after popping them in the freezer. So I ended up hand-shaping them. They weren't the prettiest looking donuts but they looked super home-made and rustic! And all the uneven nooks and crannies made the donuts extra crispy. Honestly, I'm never ever going back to yeasted donuts ever again 😭💯
    Tip: I would suggest serving these warm with some lemon tea or coffee 😊

  • Ak P
    Ak P Miesiąc temu

    More than 95% BA audience doesnt care about what is being cooked. 😌🤣

  • Marc Kruse
    Marc Kruse Miesiąc temu

    gosh i wanna work there, this office looks AMAZING!!!

  • Elsa ESCOBAR
    Elsa ESCOBAR Miesiąc temu +1

    He didnt say how much butter is in the wet ingrédients :( i wanted to try the recipe!

    • Elsa ESCOBAR
      Elsa ESCOBAR Miesiąc temu

      @Zayan Basheer Oh okay thank you so much I'm definitively going to check it out! :D

    • Zayan Basheer
      Zayan Basheer Miesiąc temu +1

      2 tablespoon unsalted butter :) it's listed on their website. And the recipe is amazing. You've got to try them :D

  • Prjndigo
    Prjndigo Miesiąc temu

    I'm going to ask you to do something kinda hard for a city boy. I want you to make this recipe with *clabbered milk* instead of yoghurt. Then clotted cream.

  • hamna
    hamna Miesiąc temu +1

    Okay but like.... Where can I get a written recipe from!?? Did they assume no-one was gonna try this?

    • hamna
      hamna Miesiąc temu

      I couldn't find this specific doughnut recipe. There are alot of other doghnut recipes but not this one

    • Zayan Basheer
      Zayan Basheer Miesiąc temu

      It's on their bon appetit website :) A quick Google search will get you there :)

  • Lemnaj Cavite
    Lemnaj Cavite Miesiąc temu

    Gaaahd and Andy's 'buns' make an appearance on this vid too

  • karima ullah
    karima ullah Miesiąc temu +1

    Does anyone know how much butter and vanilla extract he uses. Because he doesn’t specify in the video

    • karima ullah
      karima ullah Miesiąc temu

      @Zayan Basheer thank you :)

    • Zayan Basheer
      Zayan Basheer Miesiąc temu

      2 tb butter, 1tsp vanilla. It's on their bon appetit website :)

  • BrentoDoesBeauty
    BrentoDoesBeauty Miesiąc temu +1

    Is Chris single? Will he marry me?

  • Eks dee
    Eks dee Miesiąc temu

    who is here from Kitchen Nightmares?

  • pibavalente
    pibavalente Miesiąc temu +1

    Chris has always been my favorite, but he deserves some public recognition for his appreciation of Jurassic Park/World alone ❤

  • ZLDL
    ZLDL Miesiąc temu

    b u r n

  • Phyllis Cooley
    Phyllis Cooley Miesiąc temu +1

    Chris: It’s a sour cream donut with yogurt.”
    Me: Yelling at the screen.
    Me: Brad would never do this to me.

  • Kelly
    Kelly Miesiąc temu

    *Chris:* Don't eat the holes
    *Molly:* 😮

  • Sawsan Akhdar
    Sawsan Akhdar Miesiąc temu

    I wanna work with you guys so bad 😂

  • Tak
    Tak Miesiąc temu

    6:08 fast hand

  • maria Perez
    maria Perez Miesiąc temu +2

    how much butter and vanilla is in them?

    • Zayan Basheer
      Zayan Basheer Miesiąc temu

      2tb butter, 1tsp vanilla. The entire recipe is on their bon appetit website :)

  • Alana Muir
    Alana Muir 2 miesięcy temu +1

    Let's be honest, "baked donuts" are just muffins with a hole.

  • petite rouge
    petite rouge 2 miesięcy temu

    Okay but these donuts are so delicious and eazy to make , I'm addicted.

  • Champloo Ronin
    Champloo Ronin 2 miesięcy temu


  • adorable banshe
    adorable banshe 2 miesięcy temu

    Chris deserves his own show! He is the best!

  • Jacob Potischman
    Jacob Potischman 2 miesięcy temu

    Chris always seems like he’s trying to pitch something to you.

  • Amal Louay
    Amal Louay 2 miesięcy temu +1

    I tried it and it's unbelievably delicious ☺☺ go and try it , it's so so easy and takes no time to make at all and it's sooooooo worth it. Good gjob chris 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • Laura Galvan
    Laura Galvan 2 miesięcy temu


  • Willaby Zarkute
    Willaby Zarkute 2 miesięcy temu

    0:40 Did... Did Chris just say Coissant, like Tom Holland does?

  • boothang sos
    boothang sos 2 miesięcy temu

    Love watching bon appetit

  • Jenn Jenn
    Jenn Jenn 2 miesięcy temu +1

    The “are we?” bubble killed me lmaooo

  • Alwaysintosomething TG
    Alwaysintosomething TG 2 miesięcy temu

    Dude did you really talk for almost 3 minutes 🤨😯

  • London1869
    London1869 2 miesięcy temu +1

    The dish towel tucked into the back of the apron tie is my new style jam.

  • ThatBitch
    ThatBitch 2 miesięcy temu

    I swear if it’s cake donuts

  • Carlysins
    Carlysins 2 miesięcy temu +1

    Chris and Claire are beans and you can’t change my mind

  • TheLaney
    TheLaney 2 miesięcy temu

    “Velociraptor #5 really brought it home.”🙄

  • TheLaney
    TheLaney 2 miesięcy temu +2

    I LOST it at the “burn” demon voice! 🤣

  • Jane Hay
    Jane Hay 2 miesięcy temu

    3:50 "THAT was WILD!"

  • Jason Rush
    Jason Rush 2 miesięcy temu

    So... I guess Chris doesn't have a job then, because what the hell is a Best Buy window dresser? 🤣🤣🤣

  • Buffy Summers
    Buffy Summers 2 miesięcy temu

    I wonder if you could use a mixture of yogurt and sour cream? 🤔

  • Diycrafts104
    Diycrafts104 2 miesięcy temu

    I’m really confused cause in the recipe it says use 2 egg yolks and in the video Chris uses 2 whole eggs. So which one is it??

  • Emilie Barr
    Emilie Barr 2 miesięcy temu

    Does anyone know if i would be able to make the dough ahead of time? Made a batch with a friend and they were a hit - now she wants me to make 6 batches for her party :o

  • Caroline Ring
    Caroline Ring 2 miesięcy temu

    Dream job: any job at BA

  • Ismael Figueroa
    Ismael Figueroa 2 miesięcy temu

    Not gunna lie, really not a fan of the slowdowns and pauses from the editor. Making the pacing of it a little weird

  • David Santiago
    David Santiago 2 miesięcy temu +1

    Free donuts? How do I get hired at BA????

  • wtfuchattin
    wtfuchattin 2 miesięcy temu

    Needs another two parts tbh

  • Joel Arreola
    Joel Arreola 2 miesięcy temu

    I’ll take some doughnuts from a half doughnut shop half Chinese food restaurant over a fancy gourmet doughnut anytime

  • Tim Streker
    Tim Streker 2 miesięcy temu

    Adam is such a tool.

  • Sofia Rampolla
    Sofia Rampolla 2 miesięcy temu

    Does Chris use a whole stick of butter?? I really want to make this recipe and its the only measurement that I'm missing.