Steve Carell Was Nervous Meeting Kelly Clarkson Years After The 40-Year-Old Virgin

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  • iMYX
    iMYX Dzień temu

    Good lord evan got old

  • Divyansh Kaushal
    Divyansh Kaushal Dzień temu


  • Percy K
    Percy K Dzień temu

    All these years and the only thing about him that has changed is his hair color.

  • Rami Samara
    Rami Samara 8 dni temu


  • Precious Carlton
    Precious Carlton 9 dni temu

    Wow i love them both 😍😍😍😍

  • Cxeri93
    Cxeri93 11 dni temu

    im a simple man, i see steve carell i do a backflip and click

  • Max Caplan
    Max Caplan 12 dni temu

    Ready for an original joke guys?
    Hey look it's Michael.
    Please, Hold your applause.

  • Rachael Smith
    Rachael Smith 12 dni temu

    why does jimmy always slap the table and die laughing at every little joke it’s so obvs fake and annoying

  • Lessie Verra
    Lessie Verra 12 dni temu +3

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    ሽ Trending film! #WelcomeToMarwen Unglaublicher film! Sehr zu empfehlen, es auszuprobieren!

  • Nathaniel Hedgecoth
    Nathaniel Hedgecoth 13 dni temu

    i can't unsee michael scott god

  • Ricky Potts
    Ricky Potts 15 dni temu

    I would love to have seen them meet for the first time. How fun!

  • The bacon Guy 57
    The bacon Guy 57 16 dni temu

    Michael looks the same after all these years

    DIEGO MARQUEZ 16 dni temu

    This guy plays the idiot every movie and he does looks like an idiot to me

  • Noah G
    Noah G 16 dni temu

    Steve looks good!

  • K Lu
    K Lu 16 dni temu +1

    Oh dear this was such an awkward cringey interview

  • 林l
    林l 17 dni temu

    He never was funny Hhhhh!!!

  • CALViN
    CALViN 17 dni temu +1

    Steve Carell is the best. 👍🏻

  • dunit111789
    dunit111789 17 dni temu

    That scenes got a nice vibe

  • Alex M
    Alex M 18 dni temu

    I keep hearing them say the movie as "Welcome to Morrowind".

  • Cher
    Cher 18 dni temu

    jimmy is annoying

  • DeX
    DeX 18 dni temu


  • Midnight Ghoul
    Midnight Ghoul 19 dni temu +1

    How's Holly?

  • jon vanders
    jon vanders 19 dni temu

    Phony as fuck.

  • Otherworld Music Videos

    3:16 I thought he said, "I wanna talk about Welcome to Morrowind," and I then I pictured Steve Carell in a Morrowind movie, and the thought seems both awesome and awful at the same time.

  • Kat L
    Kat L 19 dni temu +1

    ❤ sex icon steve carell ❤

  • Real Dwight K. Schrute


  • RoyalMasterpiece
    RoyalMasterpiece 20 dni temu

    Can’t wait to see the movie!

  • TDUD3
    TDUD3 20 dni temu

    Fallon is an idiot..

  • Sarah Schumacher
    Sarah Schumacher 20 dni temu

    He is so charming. I love Steve Carrell.

  • Neo Theone
    Neo Theone 20 dni temu

    Jimmy Fallon you are so boring.. how do you still have this show.

  • johnthetannerfoxfan
    johnthetannerfoxfan 20 dni temu

    Season 11 of the office will be out 2019

  • EeeshKoy
    EeeshKoy 20 dni temu


  • kinomoto chan
    kinomoto chan 20 dni temu

    Yisss Steve Carell is looking goooodddd.

  • Bari Ashlyn
    Bari Ashlyn 20 dni temu

    That's a beautiful mannn

  • Katrina Urmatam
    Katrina Urmatam 20 dni temu

    Jimmy didn't get it when steve said that's what she sad that's just sad

  • HispanicThunder
    HispanicThunder 20 dni temu

    *Steve beautifully describing this man's story*
    Jimmy: But those CGI effects OHMAHGAWLLLL

  • Sal Lunetta
    Sal Lunetta 20 dni temu

    I didn't know he was an Ass in real life as well

  • A J
    A J 21 dzień temu

    just in time for... Christmas... ??Movie looks strange but I LOVE STEVIE :D

  • Travis Lee
    Travis Lee 21 dzień temu

    That got real awkward when he showed the Johnny Depp picture lol.

  • Arun James
    Arun James 21 dzień temu

    i love Steve Carell

  • crunchwrap supreme
    crunchwrap supreme 21 dzień temu +1

    i really hope when he entered the stage they played the office theme song.

  • Candy Chitty
    Candy Chitty 21 dzień temu

    I see an Oscar nomination coming up for Steve.

  • RealMsantiago RMS
    RealMsantiago RMS 21 dzień temu

    Michael Scott!

  • Jim White
    Jim White 21 dzień temu

    Damn Carell got old. Damn Clarkson got fat.

  • CarolinaGirl2816
    CarolinaGirl2816 21 dzień temu

    I think Jimmy is HILARIOUS!! Love me some Fallon. ♥️

  • Alexandria Mitchell
    Alexandria Mitchell 21 dzień temu

    Person: Steve Carell is so old
    Steve: Age? I don’t know him.

  • Demon Pig
    Demon Pig 21 dzień temu +2

    what happened to The Office?

  • aiden 716
    aiden 716 21 dzień temu


  • Hannah Khaliun Gankhuyag
    Hannah Khaliun Gankhuyag 21 dzień temu

    Michael Scott,

  • monkeynumber nine
    monkeynumber nine 21 dzień temu

    I really loved the office...

  • Life with M and N
    Life with M and N 21 dzień temu

    Steve Carell is so awesome!

  • Common Sense
    Common Sense 21 dzień temu

    Where is the entertainment here.........?? What's interesting about this? On all these interviews, everyone is the greatest, the funniest, the best........... wonder what it's like to live in a fantasy world. "The CGI... it's magical.. it's so cool!!" Get back on earth Jimmy!!

  • Spider-Ant
    Spider-Ant 21 dzień temu +1

    Wow its so weird to think that Steven is that old already.

  • Hey it's your boi exotic butters

    Michale scott? Your old now lol

  • CharlesMeriot
    CharlesMeriot 21 dzień temu

    he has aged a lot but he still looks great and is hilarious

  • Graphic
    Graphic 21 dzień temu

    3:00 still funnier than me

  • percywearspurple
    percywearspurple 21 dzień temu

    Start at 3:00 - that's where it really starts making sense.

  • Rrss 111
    Rrss 111 21 dzień temu

    Gru 😍

  • DragonMy BallzeezNo-GT
    DragonMy BallzeezNo-GT 21 dzień temu

    Steve should be a talk show host....

  • jeffcon123
    jeffcon123 21 dzień temu

    He almost started that mumble mess from Bruce almighty I was about to shit

  • Harvey B.
    Harvey B. 21 dzień temu

    Jimmy Fallon isn't funny at all, but his guests are which is why I'm here

  • The Caucasian Asian
    The Caucasian Asian 21 dzień temu

    Who actually watches this stud

  • charliemcnuggets
    charliemcnuggets 21 dzień temu

    He's sounds boaring

  • CoolxFrigginxBeans04
    CoolxFrigginxBeans04 21 dzień temu

    Damn, when did Steve become a silver fox?!

  • Duhreel Gaming
    Duhreel Gaming 21 dzień temu

    That cover lookin good!!!

  • Rafi Davis
    Rafi Davis 21 dzień temu

    This man is a goat

  • Lena Giljazova
    Lena Giljazova 21 dzień temu


  • aMEXICO2010
    aMEXICO2010 21 dzień temu

    Jimmy fallon 🐌

    MF DOOM 21 dzień temu

    Wtf does Fallon say in the beginning

  • Shane-O
    Shane-O 21 dzień temu

    Anybody else remember when he was going bald on the office???? Now he’s got all sortsa hair!

  • Preston Salomon
    Preston Salomon 22 dni temu

    Steve literally looks the same. Put this man in more movies! Also, Jimmy Fallon is very cringey next to Steve.

    DAT BOI DMITRY 22 dni temu

    Micheal scott looks well

  • Chloé
    Chloé 22 dni temu

    So awesome that people say "thats what she said to him" and he looks like "yeah, real original".

  • QuickDIY
    QuickDIY 22 dni temu

    why do these guys feel like the "before" segment of a low-t lotion commercial?

  • Rose Lomheim
    Rose Lomheim 22 dni temu

    The boss from the office he looks so good Today at his age 😄

  • Kids Show Room
    Kids Show Room 22 dni temu


  • I just Farted
    I just Farted 22 dni temu

    That’s what she said

  • Wesley Shultz
    Wesley Shultz 22 dni temu


  • Ruben Hernandez
    Ruben Hernandez 22 dni temu

    Michael, just do a Office holiday special

  • Oxnard Montalvo
    Oxnard Montalvo 22 dni temu


  • Beccy Green
    Beccy Green 22 dni temu

    What did Steve say about kelly?? Can someone please explain ??

  • Jon Oz
    Jon Oz 22 dni temu

    Even doe she plump, KC be seksee af.

  • JGamv
    JGamv 22 dni temu

    1:53 Title

  • oof.
    oof. 22 dni temu

    Never knew he turned grey-headed. Like when did that happened? In my mind he always has brown hair. Feel old now.

  • Tim Banerang
    Tim Banerang 22 dni temu

    Isn't that the guy from the Scranton witch project

  • Mafia Tours Philly fox

    After growing up with Letterman sitting through a jimmy fallon show is worse then a toothache

  • decoymiata
    decoymiata 22 dni temu

    That jimmy guy is not funny at all.

  • Lil’ Dino
    Lil’ Dino 22 dni temu

    waitwha TimeIsFlyingBy

  • Malikia Somerville
    Malikia Somerville 22 dni temu

    Who else realized how old he has gotten?

  • Brittany Bri
    Brittany Bri 22 dni temu

    I wanna meet steve someday. Like have a real conversation. Jimmys lucky to be able to have that down earth converstion with him and get a good laugh. Hes a pretty cool guy

  • King Zayuhh
    King Zayuhh 22 dni temu

    Michael gone grey

  • Claire ZaBear
    Claire ZaBear 22 dni temu

    He always looks dead inside

  • $wagboy
    $wagboy 22 dni temu

    it was so unfunny when Jimmy Fallon did the face

  • Obsessed With netflix
    Obsessed With netflix 22 dni temu +2

    Chill on the jimmy is this and that comments!! Don’t like it, don’t watch it

  • Mirror Catz
    Mirror Catz 22 dni temu

    so Steve Carell is getting old, just like all of us, of course, one day at the time, but what else is going on...

  • Danielle Johnson
    Danielle Johnson 22 dni temu

    Hello silver fox

  • Nicole Sophie
    Nicole Sophie 22 dni temu

    Oh no he’s so old

  • Evan Walker
    Evan Walker 22 dni temu

    It amazes me that Fallon still has this job.

  • Lazy Couch Comedy
    Lazy Couch Comedy 22 dni temu

    Where is dwight!

  • Emily Gemin
    Emily Gemin 22 dni temu

    ❤️ him.