YoungBoy Never Broke Again Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex

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  • Bacuana Out
    Bacuana Out Godzinę temu

    I barely understood what he was saying. He was mumbling so much

  • prvncess kira
    prvncess kira 4 godzin temu

    Im sorry but I LOVE his eyes and his voice

  • Connor Cerf
    Connor Cerf 4 godzin temu

    That fan sounded fake

  • Solomon Nguyen
    Solomon Nguyen 6 godzin temu

    2:23 💀💀💀💀

  • RookieTV
    RookieTV 9 godzin temu

    His doesn’t give a fu*k about this whole interview😂🤦🏾‍♂️

  • SouthernGirl
    SouthernGirl 17 godzin temu

    I love YNBA ✌

  • A Typical Playaa
    A Typical Playaa 22 godzin temu

    Quote of the year "I took the ball out and put a gun in his hand".

  • Karen Vasquez
    Karen Vasquez Dzień temu

    NBA young boy did bad to break up with dennelle brogioli

  • Mindofgoat God
    Mindofgoat God Dzień temu

    Leave the man alone at least he got to meet him and get shoes

  • JaySean Skinner
    JaySean Skinner Dzień temu

    My nigga over here speakin a different fuckin language

  • Mighty Hazard
    Mighty Hazard Dzień temu

    this dude like he never sure

  • shenetra hansford
    shenetra hansford Dzień temu

    he is so handsome

    PHANTOM RIX Dzień temu

    I never have thies sht eather

  • Sneaky Master
    Sneaky Master Dzień temu

    He’s a permanent mumble rapper

  • Jamiyah Turnage
    Jamiyah Turnage 2 dni temu

    im 11 and i got bigger feet than nba im an 8/5 im a girl to

  • Jamiyah Turnage
    Jamiyah Turnage 2 dni temu

    he look high or zoned out

  • raven hullum
    raven hullum 2 dni temu

    Young boy looked like he was mad and happy

  • windbrkr L
    windbrkr L 2 dni temu

    Get g herbo

  • Kingslayer29
    Kingslayer29 2 dni temu

    Not a fan of Kevin?!?!?

  • catsaretasty
    catsaretasty 2 dni temu


  • devon jones
    devon jones 2 dni temu

    Real shii NBA#

  • Carlito Mekbands
    Carlito Mekbands 2 dni temu

    LMFAO that fan had the choice to grab any shoes and his dumbass really got the cement 3s😂😂😂 niggas know I would have picked up the 100k Nike mags with my chest.

  • Gavin Swinford
    Gavin Swinford 2 dni temu

    Now I see where Danielle Bregoli gets her accent

  • Adrian Garcia
    Adrian Garcia 3 dni temu

    Ayo guys

  • Brock Smashed yo mom

    He sounds like 21 savage anyone nah just me

  • sicknasty gaming
    sicknasty gaming 3 dni temu

    Why the hell would he choose black cements come on bruh

  • S John
    S John 3 dni temu

    Couldn't even watch this all the way through......Geez

  • Salah Eddine
    Salah Eddine 3 dni temu

    Cringy ass episode

  • FYE Tye
    FYE Tye 3 dni temu

    Out of all them shoes he pick the 3s smh

  • Tyalik Hoffler
    Tyalik Hoffler 3 dni temu

    Come get me

  • Alexus Russell
    Alexus Russell 3 dni temu

    His voice bruh 😂😂✋

  • CookSmokeSlimmy 171
    CookSmokeSlimmy 171 3 dni temu

    I fw nba

  • Supremetrapp
    Supremetrapp 4 dni temu +1

    Stop touching him he got herpes nigga

  • lit_fame _Carlos
    lit_fame _Carlos 4 dni temu +1

    He be acting mad weird for no reason

  • Rebbie Bledsoe
    Rebbie Bledsoe 4 dni temu

    NBA y

  • JoshKV
    JoshKV 4 dni temu

    yall sub to me this is no joke at 400 subs im giving away 3 nbayoungboy tickets to my subs

  • christina andrade
    christina andrade 4 dni temu

    He so sexy😍😍

  • 5,000 subs with no video ?

    Nba young boy looks like someone who would kidnap your ass

  • saafir Green
    saafir Green 4 dni temu

    youngboy if you don't get your goofy ass outta here

  • Jawn Mars Tv
    Jawn Mars Tv 4 dni temu

    He knows damn well he cannot walk through the mall 🙄🙄

  • Remy 2Time
    Remy 2Time 4 dni temu

    Dude got the black cements the ugliest Jordan's I ever seen💯

  • Niyah blackmon
    Niyah blackmon 4 dni temu


  • Ricky Bobby
    Ricky Bobby 5 dni temu

    The fan was too cocky

  • luis saldana
    luis saldana 5 dni temu

    5:16 why they even let this nigga in the store “12/5” WTF youngboy

  • luis saldana
    luis saldana 5 dni temu

    5:08 joe lowkey thinkin “this nigga, no bitch u not supposed to sound like an actor”

  • luis saldana
    luis saldana 5 dni temu

    Joe lowkey gets heartbreakon when the celebrity trashes a shoe

  • OpTic rewind
    OpTic rewind 5 dni temu

    i have zero clue what he said the entire time

  • Chuck Norris
    Chuck Norris 5 dni temu

    this man has an iq of a sock

  • Trevor Woolford
    Trevor Woolford 5 dni temu

    Where did you meet him

  • Elijah Jones
    Elijah Jones 5 dni temu

    youngboy dot do drugs no more you should take them kids

  • Everett Hooper
    Everett Hooper 5 dni temu +1

    Awesome 🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑

  • Miles Salzer
    Miles Salzer 5 dni temu

    Yall got them air herpes

  • Nkkilla 1235
    Nkkilla 1235 6 dni temu

    HES NOT A STAR, WHAT THE FUCK, he ha like 1 B total views and at least 15 mil

  • Juan Tobar
    Juan Tobar 6 dni temu

    Yah it's true Jordan 3s hurt your feet I had a pair of true blue but then I sold them to my friend

  • Eric Bynum
    Eric Bynum 6 dni temu

    No boy just be smart and your kids is cute soso cute nice money to your rap good

  • Ninjas Hyper
    Ninjas Hyper 6 dni temu

    Big boy racks

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  • ChestyMD
    ChestyMD 6 dni temu

    Da hell is wrong with this kid lol

  • Ivory Dogan
    Ivory Dogan 6 dni temu

    Flexing with the same money

  • Rowan Jones
    Rowan Jones 6 dni temu

    YoungBoy don't believe in travel miles or cash back, he believes in cash and having 21 children before he turns 21.

    得IVCOOKSTER 7 dni temu

    he talking like that cause The dude interveiwing him He not comfortable with

  • Somali Network Wax Cusub

    He drunk 😵 ass fuck look at his eyes 👀

  • Jackson White
    Jackson White 7 dni temu

    Youngboy does not like people how has no one realized this

  • Southern Gaming
    Southern Gaming 7 dni temu

    This nigga wack

  • Junior Sanchez
    Junior Sanchez 7 dni temu

    And then there's this retard

  • Shooter A
    Shooter A 7 dni temu

    What trainers is he wearing in the video ?

  • Sloth S
    Sloth S 7 dni temu


  • Neurotic Sos
    Neurotic Sos 8 dni temu

    Never broke again? More like broke in a year if he never wears the same outfit

  • Thats Symphoni
    Thats Symphoni 8 dni temu

    my baby so cute, diamonds just shinin

    • Thats Symphoni
      Thats Symphoni 7 dni temu

      Almighty Boi I'm very well aware of that. There are so many people with that disease. More than you think. But just bc he has it doesn't mean I can't think he's fine. I don't look at him any different and I still love his music

    • Almighty Boi
      Almighty Boi 7 dni temu

      Thats Symphoni u know he got herpes now lol

  • Betito Toledo
    Betito Toledo 8 dni temu

    They should’ve just stopped filming lol , he clearly didn’t wanna be there .

  • Sevon Rendon
    Sevon Rendon 8 dni temu

    He got herpes

    BANANA LIZARD 8 dni temu

    that beat at the end was fire

  • Harris J
    Harris J 8 dni temu

    Stupid nigga picked black cements a outta all the shoes he could’ve picked cements is the ones u pick 🤦🏽‍♀️

  • mvp.Chris 21
    mvp.Chris 21 8 dni temu

    That nigga look evil and retarded at the same time

  • Marmar Threet
    Marmar Threet 8 dni temu

    Super staged

  • Mohammed Cabby
    Mohammed Cabby 8 dni temu

    I can’t understand him

  • EABOY2600
    EABOY2600 8 dni temu

    Shorty high as shit he zuted out his rabid ass mind.

  • Cory McAllister
    Cory McAllister 8 dni temu

    blood say what's up slime.

  • Morgan Elder
    Morgan Elder 9 dni temu

    I'm trynna know what mall he goes to😭😭😭😐✋😇

  • epicDjkid RBLX
    epicDjkid RBLX 9 dni temu

    Who else thinks Roy Purdy should be on this show

  • Antanyahreactz Lit
    Antanyahreactz Lit 9 dni temu

    Well i just found out that my boii nba young boy is gay wow I’m disappointed like seriously hmm I don’t believe he is gay whatever the media says I won’t believe it he don’t look like he gay they say he kissed a man what a lie

  • Sista Sista
    Sista Sista 9 dni temu

    3’s hurts my feet too - Keyiana

  • Maddie Davin
    Maddie Davin 9 dni temu

    3:17 sooooooo cute

  • Meko VS Gaming
    Meko VS Gaming 9 dni temu

    That nigga HIGH

  • RawnnBWA
    RawnnBWA 9 dni temu

    This man scary

  • Man Child
    Man Child 9 dni temu

    Bhad get your mansx

  • StuntMenLive
    StuntMenLive 9 dni temu +1

    This guy looks dumb and gay lol

  • tana man
    tana man 9 dni temu

    this dude really went in there and got black cements lmaooo what wasteman

  • Black German
    Black German 9 dni temu

    This interview looks like NBA just came fresh from Mars and is having his first communication with a human on earth.

  • Brian Haydel
    Brian Haydel 9 dni temu +1

    Hopefully that dude puts those shoes in a case and never wears them.

  • 50 L
    50 L 9 dni temu

    next video 50 cent

  • CS Blaizer
    CS Blaizer 9 dni temu

    "What's the difference?" "It GoT a GuN"

  • Pyro NateCastle
    Pyro NateCastle 10 dni temu

    A size 8 wtf small ass foot

  • Alex Patterson
    Alex Patterson 10 dni temu

    Young boy got no social skilss😂

  • Mellow Mane
    Mellow Mane 10 dni temu

    Mom: I'm tired of you leaving the house with that room dirty, dishes look like they having a goddamn performance, floor ain't vacuumed, clothes ain't washed GET MY DAMN HOUSE TOGETHER
    Me: 4:23

  • Axvel
    Axvel 10 dni temu

    Nfwoaca never fuckin without a condom again

  • Wavez zzz
    Wavez zzz 10 dni temu

    3:12-3:18 ♥️

  • Shisui
    Shisui 10 dni temu

    One word..."Herpes"

    PASSPORT PAPIII 10 dni temu

    He's a little kid