Why the Marvel Cinematic Universe feels empty

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  • Opublikowany 15 paź 2018
  • What makes a fictional universe good? In this requested episode of Overrated, Vox’s Phil Edwards explores the past and present of fictional universes to try to figure it out.
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    Fictional universes and crossovers have been around long before the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The Green Hornet radio show had a crossover with the Lone Ranger that kicked off the trend. In comics, the Marvel Universe started long before Stan Lee was at the helm.

    But these crossovers have a problem: They can privilege business relationships ahead of storytelling immersion and really interesting universes. As the Tommy Westphall Universe shows, crossovers often become a map of business decisions rather than of integrated fictional stories, and that leads to worse stories.

    This problem plagues the MCU as well. When Marvel engineers crossovers, they aren’t thinking about a universe transformed by superheroes - they just want more quips, explosions, and cash. Or at least that’s Edwards’s argument - do you think the MCU works?
    Overrated is a series that takes a look at the things we all know - the books, the trends, and the ideas that have become iconic - and answers the question: “Why is this so famous"?
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  • Vox
    Vox  Miesiąc temu +865

    You know that one font every comic book uses? Phil Edwards explains where it came from, and how it became so enduring: bit.ly/2EoOE6a

    • God of TOMATOS
      God of TOMATOS 9 godzin temu

      Micheal Eagles just because someone stated it’s not that doesn’t mean it isn’t

    • Eggsy Garcia
      Eggsy Garcia 4 dni temu


    • Eggsy Garcia
      Eggsy Garcia 4 dni temu

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    • Eggsy Garcia
      Eggsy Garcia 4 dni temu

      Vox SHUT UP

    • Eggsy Garcia
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  • Bruce Malinowski
    Bruce Malinowski 4 godzin temu

    99k people couldn't handle the truth

  • moon ruin
    moon ruin 5 godzin temu

    because stan lee died :(

  • Theman Joe
    Theman Joe 19 godzin temu +1

    I've seen a lot of MCU criticism videos, and I'm completely comfortable in saying that this is by far the worst one I've seen. half this video was basically "did you know that other properties did connected universes too?" yeh, okay, other properties did it, that doesn't make the MCU bad. your only arguments for why the MCU feels like a business strategy is a few throwaway avengers references from ant man and spider man homecoming, and then you don't even explain what's wrong with them. yeh, it's an avengers reference, what's the problem? these don't take away from the story whatsoever. ant man is still a story about a father having to prove himself to his family, and spider man homecoming is still a story about Peter learning to accept who he is. this goes for most MCU movies. they all have their stories to tell and the references don't take away from it. and the x men comparison is really stupid. the MCU isn't supposed to be about making a decision like the x men universe is, it's usually about seeing the characters become better versions of themselves, it's not about "buying some merch."

  • Victoria Duval
    Victoria Duval 21 godzinę temu +1

    Because there’s not enough Hawkeye, next question

  • the riddler
    the riddler 21 godzinę temu +1

    99K likes. *WOW*

  • w h y
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    *Then Stan Lee dies*

  • Yixuan Wang
    Yixuan Wang Dzień temu

    What is the music starts at 8:40?

  • Tone202
    Tone202 2 dni temu

    If you put hawkeye in the DC universe you would get an outcry that would cost you millions.

  • Scott Reacher
    Scott Reacher 2 dni temu

    Essentially this video just very poorly researched and Vox is SCUM.

  • Rowan Newcomb Rodriguez

    RIP Stan 😢😢😢😢

  • Darcy Harland
    Darcy Harland 2 dni temu

    While i dont agree with a lot of this video. Detective pikachu now exists which i think is the equivalent to a horrible cross over like the one suggested of starwars and avengers in this video.

  • yesmanandy
    yesmanandy 2 dni temu

    Lol at all the crying marvel fans

    • God of TOMATOS
      God of TOMATOS 9 godzin temu

      I thought the video would tell me that the MCU felt empty it failed and was “a steaming pile of clickbait” if you read some of the comments they make genuinely good points unlike this video... although yeah some of it is just wailing fan boys who would dislike even if the video was actually good

  • Nicholas Szwajda
    Nicholas Szwajda 2 dni temu

    Heaping pile of gooply gook

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  • Cyber Anderson
    Cyber Anderson 3 dni temu

    RIP Stan Lee

  • Diógenes
    Diógenes 3 dni temu

    además de sobrevalorada , es aburrida , es una película de acción que con el paso del tiempo será olvidada por ser sólo la película del momento

  • Bruce Snow
    Bruce Snow 3 dni temu

    You're really draining down the hole, don't you Vox? I can understand this video, opinion and all, but oh boy - then you go on to attack Stan Lee in an article right after his death. Great job at keeping your reputation there.

  • Hey U
    Hey U 3 dni temu

    I mean yeah they kinda are but it’s still wayyyy better than DC

  • Erik Reyes
    Erik Reyes 3 dni temu

    This video is so below the channel’s level

  • benjamin budin
    benjamin budin 3 dni temu


  • feeeqaaa
    feeeqaaa 3 dni temu

    i love vox's content seriously, going into this hoping to have a different perspective/viewpoint on mcu movies but nothing in this video make any sense? this still didnt answer the title of the video...

  • HyperBreadbeard
    HyperBreadbeard 4 dni temu +1

    This line is idiotic "By the 60's even dc comics was catching up".
    Vox I really hope you realise that DC had their first crossover the same year (a few months after in fact) as Marvel and that crossover also happened to be the first ever superhero team.
    If that took literally 1 min to lookup, then what does that say about your research skills 🤔

  • John Diego Masga
    John Diego Masga 4 dni temu +1

    It’s emptier now!! #RIPSTANLEE #Excelsior

  • Nathan Buford
    Nathan Buford 4 dni temu

    I love this comment section

  • Bobby Wasabi
    Bobby Wasabi 4 dni temu +1

    This video felt empty

  • Aubra Hickerson
    Aubra Hickerson 4 dni temu

    Bless this video. Thank you.

  • Paul Benedict E Diasanta

    It now feels empty because Stan Lee died

  • dcsmerf12
    dcsmerf12 4 dni temu +1

    You know what feels empty? This video.

  • Gabbi Durham
    Gabbi Durham 4 dni temu

    You honestly haven’t done your research if you really think this.

  • Rafael Cirqueira
    Rafael Cirqueira 4 dni temu +1

    You lost me when you said the Fox X Men Universe "showed a better way" with "real stakes" and "deep integration"

  • frank x
    frank x 4 dni temu

    I enjoy Marvel movies but acknowledge that MCU is just a pile of self-promoting crap.

  • GeoPlayer123
    GeoPlayer123 4 dni temu

    holy crap just looked at like to dislike ratio

  • iLikeNoodles
    iLikeNoodles 4 dni temu

    R.I.P Stan Lee

  • MM Earlene
    MM Earlene 4 dni temu +1

    this a click bait

  • gigs1890
    gigs1890 5 dni temu +1

    Lol spiderman homecoming was the worst choice of an example of a non-transformed universe

  • CintreuseGrande
    CintreuseGrande 5 dni temu

    I liked this video Vox :)

  • Josh Wilson
    Josh Wilson 5 dni temu

    I think most of the superhero movies are crappy cash-grabs, and like the rational approach Vox takes, but I couldn't follow this one. Most of the superhero movies are crap for the same reason that 75% of action movies are crap: they spend far too much time on CGI nonsense and not enough on character/plot/world development. Lindsay Ellis explains it better than I ever could in her video explaining why Mad Max: Fury Road is a masterpiece in the action genre: action for the sake of action is tiring; action as an outcome of well-developed world building is awesome. plclip.com/video/PLLGN7zv-3k/wideo.html

  • Leo Kearns Stanley
    Leo Kearns Stanley 5 dni temu

    you're OLD

  • gucci squidward
    gucci squidward 5 dni temu

    Rip stan Lee

  • King Crozma
    King Crozma 5 dni temu +1

    0:12 what do you mean it is lol

  • Jennifer Yang
    Jennifer Yang 5 dni temu

    These hero cross-over movies feel empty most of the time but they are still relatable for its audiences. If anything I think it is a better influence to the young audiences, showing that the world has more than one hero and does not revolve around one hero.
    Cross overs definitely are effective in terms of marketing, and it is an interesting way of creating unexpected storylines.
    The problem is just that most of the movies have storylines that are too linear and has nothing new to show it's audiences. They are essentially expensive graphics made to boost a 16 year olds ego.

  • David Brandon
    David Brandon 5 dni temu

    i hate this this is why im not sub subscribed

  • MrKingoverall
    MrKingoverall 5 dni temu

    The dislikes are more than the likes

  • Suleiman Mustafa
    Suleiman Mustafa 5 dni temu

    R.I.P Stan Lee

  • greg martin
    greg martin 6 dni temu

    The ending is a bit unsatisfactory

  • Elizabeth Ondoma
    Elizabeth Ondoma 6 dni temu +1

    So, is the MCU empty, or is it that Vox has no other content to yap about?

    Not trying to be hateful but, this is just unnecessarily sloppy

  • Lalo B
    Lalo B 6 dni temu

    This guy sucks his videos suck.

  • Marc Juenger
    Marc Juenger 6 dni temu +1

    Wow, that felt a lot longer due to how wrong it was about all of its stances on the MCU. Then when you thought it was over, they used X-men as a fix for continuity issues? Amazing. If you need a quick insight into the real inner workings of the films, and why they work, just watch how it should have ended’s review of black panther. It’s not much, but it covers a lot of ground that the creators of this video clearly missed. Starting with character development for real stakes to the viewer and addressing real world issues in a fictional platform.

    • Marc Juenger
      Marc Juenger 6 dni temu

      This was such an off-topic video about the stances it was taking that I had to check to be sure it wasn’t posted on April 1st before responding.

  • Rayaan Ali
    Rayaan Ali 6 dni temu +3

    R.I.P Stan lee
    Creator of the best superheroes and cameos ever.

  • Rita Viviano
    Rita Viviano 6 dni temu

    Canzoni per bambini

  • K 1
    K 1 6 dni temu

    I was interested in the opinion of this video until about 40 seconds in and the narrator said "... vox set out to" at which point I scrolled down, saw that this was in fact a Vox video. So I down voted it, let you know how much you suck, and left.

  • HoBrosGaming
    HoBrosGaming 7 dni temu

    Big oof look at that dislike ratio

  • Christian Owers
    Christian Owers 7 dni temu

    Man this video was so bad I disliked it twice haha

  • TheMythey
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    Wow, this has to be the most dislikes I've ever seen on a video, EVER. Damn!

  • Andrew
    Andrew 7 dni temu

    can u fire this guy

  • un usuario mas
    un usuario mas 7 dni temu

    Marvel estupid Fanbase

  • Hayden Burke
    Hayden Burke 8 dni temu

    Well executed, but your point is kinda dopey.

  • Ali Reyes
    Ali Reyes 8 dni temu

    Dont mess with dem comics fanbois, cause damn they'll show you how triggered they are.

  • BecauseYouMatter
    BecauseYouMatter 8 dni temu

    Learn a thing or two from Cheddar on Marvel - plclip.com/video/PSaoKQCWAbI/wideo.html

  • CRAZYLazyboy101 -sonic fnaf and more!

    or you could just be a hater

  • An3
    An3 8 dni temu

    Marvel is Selling Merch and they are Really Good at it. That's all. Idk it's all about the Toys but I can't see kids Playing with Tarantino figures... Not even the Bride.

  • An3
    An3 8 dni temu


    MAIKA 8 dni temu

    Dissapointing vox video.

  • enrique2395
    enrique2395 8 dni temu

    the fact that the dislike:like ration is off tells me u dont know wtf u talking about smh

  • Victor Laye
    Victor Laye 8 dni temu

    Brilliant video. It's pretty disappointing that MCU fans don't even try to understand the reasons for its success and are directly offended just because someone dared to say that what they like is not as great as they think.
    You have the right to love the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but you can't deny that it's very overrated and wobbly : each character lives his own little adventures against an unidimensional enemy in his own little world and only reunites with the others during big events labeled under the "Avengers" banner.
    But for me, the MCU's real problem is still elsewhere. Although the films may be dynamic, satisfying and entertaining for the main audience, they are also incredibly classic, predictable, and platitudinous, because Kevin Feige only hires interchangeable yes men and screenwriters with no visual identity or thematic personality who never take any risk, which prevents any innovative artistic creation.
    So before trashing a pretty clever video that dared to denounce something you don't accept, try to understand why this thing pleased so much to you in the first place.
    During a french interview, James Mangold explained why there were no post generic scenes at the end of "Logan", one of the best superhero films of the decade : « I'm fed up with the fact that blockbusters are becoming more and more simple launching platforms for the next blockbuster. They are no longer movies, but product placements, platforms to sell toys and prepare the next film. Rather than film, they should be called two-hour commercials. » That says a lot about the beloved but not-so-perfect Marvel Cinematic Universe.

  • Evan white
    Evan white 8 dni temu

    “Here me out” clicks off

  • Custard Karim
    Custard Karim 8 dni temu +1

    I found out literally nothing.

  • Nick Cameron
    Nick Cameron 9 dni temu

    seriously don't do comic book stuff like this...

  • Gabriel Frank-McPheter

    So X-men is better then MCU? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  • tom meyer
    tom meyer 9 dni temu

    Is anyone else having problems disliking this video or is it just me???

  • Oscar Fernandez
    Oscar Fernandez 9 dni temu

    Oh boi this video must had damage vox PLclip algorithm 🙂

  • Swam
    Swam 9 dni temu +1

    •Iron Man
    •The Incredible Hulk
    •Iron Man 2
    •Captain America: The First Avenger
    •The Avengers
    •Iron Man 3
    •Thor: The Dark World
    •Captain America: The Winter Soldier
    •Guardians of the Galaxy
    •Avengers: Age of Ultron
    •Captain America: Civil War
    •Doctor Strange
    •Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2
    •Spider-Man: Homecoming
    •Thor: Ragnarok
    •Black Panther
    •Avengers: Infinity War
    •Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
    •Agent Carter
    •Jessica Jones
    •Luke Cage
    •Iron Fist
    •The Defenders
    •The Punisher
    •Cloak and Dagger

  • Harris Devon
    Harris Devon 9 dni temu

    Omg the amount of dislikes 😂

  • Danny S.
    Danny S. 9 dni temu

    The main flaw about the MCU is that Infinity War felt pointless a couple weeks after it was released, as sequels were already announced for characters that kicked the bucket in that movie. That's a major screwup. Other than that, I've been having a blast following it all.

  • Tence One
    Tence One 10 dni temu

    Please make a Punisher reboot!

  • Charlie H
    Charlie H 10 dni temu

    Ummm.. sorry... but.. wtf?

  • Vince Williams
    Vince Williams 10 dni temu

    Vox states that these characters should abandon THEIR personal struggles and instead be brought down to up and represent what we think are problems more. They instist that the fact that there are INDIVIDUALS who represent the best of what they bring for things bigger than them is an atrocity. A facist discatorship is one bad thing... A population that believes there are no special people who exist beyond the power structures that they have been shamed into believing is another. They insist that these movies should represent better the people its reaching instead of allowing the movie to ask of its viewers to suspend belief and take a ride with these characters.
    The archetype of the hero is older than written history. It was individuals who displayed abilities that defied convention. People who overcame unimaginable odds and overcame their own insecurities and doubts. They didnt look to their people to push them to glory....They found it within themselves and everyone learned so much more about themselves because of it. They didnt chain the hero in hopes to extract their abilities to better the people. It doesnt work that way. To a point people often choose to wallow in their misery. They will be the ones left to dictate things for everyone at our peril. Theres courage and resentment within every person. Which will we choose to nourish?

  • Vlad G
    Vlad G 10 dni temu

    I hate comic books, and comic book movies, but I hate Vox a million times more.

  • man up
    man up 10 dni temu +1

    98k dislike lmao vox please stop with this non sense

  • sabo
    sabo 11 dni temu

    I just want to know what song is playing at 2:45 that’s literally all I got out of this video, all I care about anyway

  • valdamaer
    valdamaer 11 dni temu

    This is sort of valid but not really also screw you

  • No Rain No Rainbow
    No Rain No Rainbow 11 dni temu

    You fail to establish what exactly is wrong with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, there for your entire argument Falls flat. Unable to finish watching this.

  • Milena D.K.
    Milena D.K. 11 dni temu

    One thing that bothered me about Marvel (even as far back as middleschool) was the lack of internal logic in the movies. Even in an imaginary universe with magic or high technology, you need a set of rules to govern it so that the audience can successfully suspend their belief and spend an hour or two in the fictional universe.

    Meanwhile, Avengers isn't sure whether it wants to be a universe with magic, with super high tech, with aliens or with fantastical creatures. It has both Thor (magical god) and Ironman (very technology based) working in the same team. Having a hero basing all his power on technology (albeit fictional) while another is a quasi-medieval god using magic means that the universe has shaky rules and it's hard to suspend belief.

  • Bisse 079
    Bisse 079 11 dni temu

    your channel is overrated, seriously how tf you have 5M?

  • Dee Rush
    Dee Rush 11 dni temu

    I agree with what he is trying to say, but . . . I think he needed a bit more than 9 minutes to say it.

  • mastgamer GAME OVER
    mastgamer GAME OVER 11 dni temu +1


  • Faiz Aiman
    Faiz Aiman 11 dni temu

    So many butthurl marvel fan😂

  • jtjr26
    jtjr26 12 dni temu +1

    I generally like these Vox vids but this video felt hollow and meandering with no real point. You almost sound like one of those critics that say superhero blockbusters are ruining modern cinema. I admit I am a fan of the MCU. Some of the films are better than others for certain. I do not think its comparable to the DC shared universe however like you are implying. The MCU has build a massive interconnected universe over the years. Initially this was through extra scenes until the Avengers movie happened. From there there are more interconnected pieces and crossovers but I think the MCU has earned the hype. Crossovers area big part of comics so why wouldn't they be part of a series of movies.
    Now DC's attempt to create their own shared universe has been mostly a failure. Also DC started from a stronger position with some of the best known characters in comics and they bungled it but rushing out a crossover movie without the established film narrative like the MCU built up over time.The result was Justice League which he studio hoped would be as successful as the Avengers was nowhere close to that level of success. I guess what I am saying it I think its unfair to say the MCU is overrated as they have earned their rep over time with film fans. The DCU (or whatever they want to call it) is overrated and does deserve scorn which is a shame as some of my favorite comic book characters are in DC comics.

  • Kaito Spin
    Kaito Spin 12 dni temu +1

    Please PLclip take this video down. it contains:
    -Violent or repulsive content
    -Hateful or abusive content
    -Spam or misleading

  • Mike 2
    Mike 2 12 dni temu

    Yes people would be surprised if Disney forced a Marvel and Star Wars crops over.

  • Martin the Show
    Martin the Show 12 dni temu

    Can’t wait for the hate comments flood

  • getmedieval
    getmedieval 12 dni temu

    yeah.. great video and all, but the reason they’re bad is because the entirety of this cinematic franchise is mindless.

  • Jeff Cao
    Jeff Cao 12 dni temu

    x-men movies have so many continuity problems and tons of people that die and then come back which makes the stakes almost laughable at times.

  • Akep 321
    Akep 321 13 dni temu

    Trust me, is they crossed marvel and dc, people would notice

  • Akep 321
    Akep 321 13 dni temu

    4:02-4:04 describes this video
    Also it’s just awfully awful and bad and legit makes no sense...

  • Jon Mc'kay
    Jon Mc'kay 13 dni temu

    No wonder it got 3 times more dislikes than likes. 😂

  • Adriano Grassi
    Adriano Grassi 13 dni temu

    This is the definition of clickbate

  • LOL Science
    LOL Science 13 dni temu +1

    So many people taking about how thy didn’t watch a free short educational video intended to fix their brains but watched a dozen of 3h expensive nonsense that degrades their brain.

  • LOL Science
    LOL Science 13 dni temu

    I agree with all said.