CONVERT your CAR into a FERRARI with this Invention

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  • Opublikowany 5 maj 2018
  • Hello friends in this DIY tutorial you will know how to make this new and amazing invention to your car. This makes your car sound more exhaust like a Ferrari or Lamborghini with homemade things you can find in your home you can build this smart life hack. Hope enjoy this trick, and your friends and teachers will be surprise if watch this in a science project of school.
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    HawkGuruHacker  3 miesięcy temu +338

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  • agelos 13
    agelos 13 7 godzin temu

    Comon friend

  • MR Sh
    MR Sh Dzień temu

    Just buy a Camero or dodge and enjoy the exhaust instead of wasting your time on Pringles

  • kim케이
    kim케이 Dzień temu

    Why are you doing that?

    PRO _GAMER Dzień temu

    Buy a Ferrari , alot better and no waste of time

  • Raajesh Kannaa
    Raajesh Kannaa Dzień temu

    Podaaaaa'n **tha

  • NewYorkGuy
    NewYorkGuy Dzień temu


  • Wade Walsh
    Wade Walsh Dzień temu


  • Youtube User A Normal
    Youtube User A Normal Dzień temu

    Make it sound like a Mustang Boss 302 not a damn ferrari

  • Shane Rater
    Shane Rater Dzień temu +1

    I did this and on my car it sounded like a super bike

  • Jerrett Yonish
    Jerrett Yonish Dzień temu

    Really, wow really...

  • Mr. Scarecrow
    Mr. Scarecrow Dzień temu

    This man deserves to get pistol whipped.

  • Poke meneer Vids
    Poke meneer Vids 2 dni temu

    How to be a ricer

  • George Doc 209
    George Doc 209 2 dni temu

    With this invention Convert your car into a Gayrrari,not Ferrari😂😂😂😂

  • Simon Tucker
    Simon Tucker 2 dni temu

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  • Jay Thorve
    Jay Thorve 2 dni temu

    i have a Ferrari

  • Jem Marks
    Jem Marks 2 dni temu

  • Manchour_gaming dab
    Manchour_gaming dab 2 dni temu

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  • ricky french
    ricky french 2 dni temu

    How is this a 'Life Hack'? Stupid cunt.

  • wasted adiey
    wasted adiey 2 dni temu

    stupid as a stupid can be..F u

  • Atentos YouTube
    Atentos YouTube 2 dni temu

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  • bill boyd
    bill boyd 2 dni temu

    I put one of these on my Ferrari to make it sound like a redneck pickup when I go to Trump rallies.

  • Bob Revoe
    Bob Revoe 3 dni temu

    My car electric boi

  • Sadaf Khan
    Sadaf Khan 3 dni temu


  • Emce2010 keeves
    Emce2010 keeves 3 dni temu

    People these days just don't know the answers of trying, If you don't try it you won't buy it...

  • Emce2010 keeves
    Emce2010 keeves 3 dni temu

    The only Ferrari around here is you mate, Great job!

    MATOI RYUKO 3 dni temu


  • Olly Rahman
    Olly Rahman 3 dni temu

    R u lost dude,,so much work why don't u play Ferrari sound in ur car player while u drive

  • Rawa the jerk
    Rawa the jerk 3 dni temu

    Nice clickbait kid

  • Fiji Water Von Waffen Panzer

    Instructions unclear, my hot wheels blew up.

  • Trevon Pratt
    Trevon Pratt 3 dni temu +1

    I liked cause it was funny lol

  • Caiden Tencza
    Caiden Tencza 4 dni temu

    This is so dumb

  • hamzah 4
    hamzah 4 4 dni temu

    Total Rubbish 👎😅

  • Steve Gross
    Steve Gross 4 dni temu

    OMG are you fucking retarded.

  • Robert Aguilard
    Robert Aguilard 4 dni temu

    Waste of time and money. Can you say "STUPID"

  • drkastenbrot
    drkastenbrot 4 dni temu


  • David Jimenez salas
    David Jimenez salas 5 dni temu

    Que porquería

  • David Jimenez salas
    David Jimenez salas 5 dni temu

    Que porquería

  • morti271
    morti271 5 dni temu

    Ok, so now your car is still shit, sounds even worse and is unsafe to drive. GJ :D

  • briana&britney delores

    Are you even seriuos come on

  • EMcin 82
    EMcin 82 5 dni temu


  • Calle Hörhammer
    Calle Hörhammer 6 dni temu

    I you do this you will be called poor

  • Allosaurus Fragilis
    Allosaurus Fragilis 6 dni temu

    Make a lot of holes in pringles tube and shove it on end of exhaust. Alternatively, fit a sports exhaust.

  • เบน อิสระ


  • Chawn Bentvelzen
    Chawn Bentvelzen 6 dni temu

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  • Thiago Lacet
    Thiago Lacet 6 dni temu

    10 minutos perdidos da minha vida!!!!

  • Jacob Hunsaker
    Jacob Hunsaker 6 dni temu

    Yall think he really did this but his car actually sound like that lol this a joke

  • Jacob Hunsaker
    Jacob Hunsaker 6 dni temu

    This is a joke😂😂😂

  • Wils 25
    Wils 25 6 dni temu

    Wouldn’t it be easier to install a Ferrari exhaust system on your vehicle?

  • karel bellic
    karel bellic 7 dni temu

    ugh... plain pringles... ugh

  • Raymond Yee
    Raymond Yee 7 dni temu

    Someone needs a real life.

  • Haylon Oliphant
    Haylon Oliphant 8 dni temu

    Who did that❔❓❔❓

  • Mitch2807
    Mitch2807 8 dni temu

    Or simply turn the music all the way up and paint your car neon

  • gino11ish
    gino11ish 8 dni temu

    Got to the stupidest thing to watch on YT.

  • Chris Mies
    Chris Mies 8 dni temu

    Totaler Mist. Musik zerstört eure Boxen Vorsicht !

  • Martin
    Martin 8 dni temu

    Bro this is retarded who wants this shit out on thier car

  • Martin
    Martin 8 dni temu

    Fart cans are better

  • Boredboozle
    Boredboozle 8 dni temu

    wow so if i just put a packet of pringles on my exhaust my car turns into a ferrari

  • Nawallz
    Nawallz 8 dni temu

    But does it have the same power as a rari

  • rependapa
    rependapa 8 dni temu


  • Hindi paheliyan
    Hindi paheliyan 9 dni temu


  • Hindi paheliyan
    Hindi paheliyan 9 dni temu


  • Hindi paheliyan
    Hindi paheliyan 9 dni temu


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    Sarita Thakur 9 dni temu +1

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  • Aliya Jones
    Aliya Jones 9 dni temu

    Actually you can get pulled over for that and have a 900 dollar fine for modified exhaust so I would advise you to not do this

  • adyazmunif-Minecraft player of minecraft

    Wow the tape is so cool by the way I have a PLclip channel and subscribe to me plz

    SIL3NT BULL3T18 9 dni temu

    Who glues an earbud to a megaphone followed by a pringles can?

  • Marxiton
    Marxiton 9 dni temu

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  • usqua 22
    usqua 22 10 dni temu

    when a ricer gets smart

  • Michael Baker
    Michael Baker 10 dni temu

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  • Lapotification
    Lapotification 10 dni temu

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  • V W
    V W 10 dni temu

    I probably said WTF 15 times

  • cerret-
    cerret- 11 dni temu

    *Pulled over by cops* Yo what you got down there? Is that a fucking bomb? _Requesting assistance_

  • FunkyMonkey
    FunkyMonkey 11 dni temu

    You could have at least cleaned your car a little bit

  • Tommy Østerby
    Tommy Østerby 11 dni temu

    Buy a SoundRacer instead

  • JoshSimonVlogs
    JoshSimonVlogs 11 dni temu

    What the FUCK are you smoking

  • JoshSimonVlogs
    JoshSimonVlogs 11 dni temu

    Is this the result of crystal meth

  • dominus baker
    dominus baker 11 dni temu

    it sounds more like A BUGGATI

  • heidi demontbrun
    heidi demontbrun 11 dni temu

    Please no you become a Ricer

    DJBATMANGOLD 12 dni temu +1

    I agree with soccolocco... I want my ten minutes back too!😥

    DJBATMANGOLD 12 dni temu +1

    I just watched later in the video.... This is so rice!😂😂😂

  • Scott Meyer
    Scott Meyer 12 dni temu

    Hahaha right under the pedal

  • Jim Moore
    Jim Moore 12 dni temu

    The syringe actuator was pretty cool everything else was gay.

  • Corne Vis
    Corne Vis 12 dni temu

    How to be a ricer

  • Jon DLT
    Jon DLT 12 dni temu

    WAAAAY to complex. Just blast the sound out your window.

  • HotpointBoy2005
    HotpointBoy2005 12 dni temu


  • Cole Sultemeier
    Cole Sultemeier 12 dni temu

    How to rice ur car

  • Wolfy Aviationist
    Wolfy Aviationist 12 dni temu

    RICE LIFE idk

  • RimjobHimself
    RimjobHimself 12 dni temu

    Omg. What a waste of time. And such crap

  • Armin Karl
    Armin Karl 12 dni temu

    Selten so einen Quatsch gesehen!

  • a chicken
    a chicken 13 dni temu

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  • Simone  Gualuppa
    Simone Gualuppa 13 dni temu

    the police are suspicious :D :D

  • Quintin Sleeking
    Quintin Sleeking 13 dni temu

    Darn....push button, mp3 player and a megaphone. WOW....waste of time. Easier just screaming out the windows like a "Ferrari"...

  • Subhash Subramani
    Subhash Subramani 13 dni temu

    OMG for Ferrari this lengthyyyyy process... What will you do for a Devel Sixteen 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Joe Bannon
    Joe Bannon 13 dni temu

    and then boys and girls let put our baseball cards in our spokes and pretend we riding a Harley ....

  • aditya kulkarni
    aditya kulkarni 14 dni temu

    this is called BULLSHIT !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • abuturky4
    abuturky4 14 dni temu +1

    It will be easier to buy a Ferrari!!

  • Maria rosario
    Maria rosario 14 dni temu

    Am i the only one that appreciates the fact that he saved the pringles instead of wasting them

  • Michael Morris
    Michael Morris 14 dni temu

    You are fxxxing crazy

  • Tenebris Aimas
    Tenebris Aimas 14 dni temu

    TF is this shit waste of time lmao