Game Theory: FNAF 6, No More Secrets (FNAF 6, Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator)

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  • Opublikowany 28 sty 2018
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    I know I said the last FNAF episode was the last FNAF theory, But every time I think I've finished the FNAF theories, Scott releases a new game. It's like he's just sitting around with these finished games waiting for my theory to come out, then bam - he releases the new game. So you can probably expect FNAF 7 sometime next month.
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  • GryGry

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  • Floppzy
    Floppzy 34 minut temu

    whenever u promote something its cringy

  • foxy fanman
    foxy fanman 3 godzin temu

    In the graves Susie is the fruity maze girl

  • Y E E
    Y E E 8 godzin temu

    3:08 for skipping a 2 min merch reminder

  • Y E E
    Y E E 8 godzin temu

    0:34 You've gotta be kidding me

  • Chaotic Squirrel
    Chaotic Squirrel 13 godzin temu

    Your dog's not dead he's surely alive he's livin' on the inside roarin' like..... well I guess a wolf

  • Lexi Reeves
    Lexi Reeves 13 godzin temu

    My question is.. what did Scott think we didn’t get in order to shove in the Midnight Motorist minivans, since it appears that he is trying to “explain” or “clarify” something

  • NSH Sky
    NSH Sky 15 godzin temu

    Ok I know I’m late but I’m gonna day this one more time Mat.... MANGLE IS A GIRL!!!!

  • kansesporty15
    kansesporty15 20 godzin temu

    3:10 the add ends

  • Kooper Phillips
    Kooper Phillips 21 godzinę temu

    So Sammy is the puppet

  • Michael garcia
    Michael garcia 22 godzin temu

    I have those socks just you don't know my name m g is not my name

  • Braedeh Rinderknecht
    Braedeh Rinderknecht 23 godzin temu


    NUWAN Dzień temu

    Ummmm scott is making a new game called fnaf:into the madness

  • Gustavo David Garcia
    Gustavo David Garcia Dzień temu

    Next to the contract there is also a photo of the puppet

  • Air Demon
    Air Demon Dzień temu

    1st fnaf end game
    Now Avengers Endgame

  • music craft
    music craft Dzień temu +1

    Super video guy!!!

  • Martin Fomin
    Martin Fomin Dzień temu

    "Later this year" *Ahem 2019 ahem*

  • lil kross
    lil kross Dzień temu

    chlidren, this is how matpat's thumbnail predicted new Avengers movie title

  • Noah Eglin
    Noah Eglin 2 dni temu

    Can someone please explain this to me. WHAT HAPPNED TO PHONE GUY?

  • Isabella Czukli
    Isabella Czukli 2 dni temu

    Did u notice the picture of the puppet in the rare screen of lefty in the ally?

  • KeyDove248 My Snapchat Life

    Now im confused

  • KeyDove248 My Snapchat Life

    Ive seen another thory saying that

  • KeyDove248 My Snapchat Life

    Wait isnt puppet william aftons wife and puppet is classifyed as a female in the coustom night and throughout the game

  • Niko Dow
    Niko Dow 2 dni temu

    the names on the graves are: Charlot is in the back,which is the Puppet. Gabreil is Freddy. Jeremy is Bonnie. Susie is Chica. Fritz is Foxy, and the unseen gravestone is Elizibeth, or Circus Baby.

  • BendyRiper11
    BendyRiper11 2 dni temu

    or henry from bendy and the ink machine

  • Mrs. Sarcasm
    Mrs. Sarcasm 2 dni temu

    3:50 .:.. is that a reference?

  • christopher oarde
    christopher oarde 2 dni temu

    wait a minute... i saw another gravestone behind .

  • Thesillypunner Stop motion and more!

    I want it but I’m poor

  • Gago Sanchez
    Gago Sanchez 3 dni temu +1

    Maybe mustard man is purple guy but his body isn’t rotten yet

  • Brian Simon
    Brian Simon 3 dni temu +1

    Does anybody else see the puppet on that poster on 11:03?

  • OutGalaxy
    OutGalaxy 3 dni temu


    Thank me later

  • chloe sikora
    chloe sikora 3 dni temu

    11:04 if you look at the top right you see a poster (or maybe a window) of puppet with glowing eyes in it. EXPLAIN THAT MATPAT

  • Usman Pindar
    Usman Pindar 3 dni temu

    Ignore my comment it was a mistake like me

  • Angelia Cook
    Angelia Cook 4 dni temu

    Hey matpat you probably wont see this but I thought this might have been a good idea to write so yeah.
    This is probably not gonna matter anymore since the fnaf franchise have probably finished... but I have an idea.
    When you get the good ending at the end of fnaf 6 you hear scrap baby talk saying stuff but then gets interrupted by the cassette man. he says "I'm sorry to interrupt you Elizabeth" I thought that, that I was another child that henry had. But then he said something to the brave volunteer saying "who found this job listing not intended for you". What if that was another child that henry had as well. But then he talks about he's daughter who was killed by William Afton aka the purple guy. But I think at least my opinion that henry didn't just have 1 child but he had 2 other children that may have been born after his first daughter was born but after she got killed. I honestly don't know that's just an idea or theory that I've been thinking about for quite a while

  • SuperFuzzyBros.
    SuperFuzzyBros. 4 dni temu

    Actual video begins at 3:10

  • Jordyn Burkett
    Jordyn Burkett 4 dni temu

    the blonde girl is chica wen she was a kidand in the mini game the blonde girl is chica to and susie is chica

  • Gacha Toaster
    Gacha Toaster 4 dni temu

    Friend:What’s your favourite Fnaf Character
    Me:Mustard Man
    Me:Mustard Man!
    Friend:You Mean Orange Guy?

  • Creative Chloe
    Creative Chloe 4 dni temu

    this is a puzzl solv it im the replis

  • Aidan Verdon
    Aidan Verdon 4 dni temu

    Once i complete watching the video My mind was absolutely Blown away

  • Aidan Verdon
    Aidan Verdon 4 dni temu

    Well i guess i missed the merch ;-;

  • SuperNDgaming
    SuperNDgaming 4 dni temu

    If Michael Afton is the crying child then this theory makes no sense because there are two crying childs- an older one and a younger one...

  • Meetx _
    Meetx _ 5 dni temu

    Anyone else get so scared after watching this . Don’t get me started on bedtime 😨

  • Jacob Fox-Playz
    Jacob Fox-Playz 5 dni temu

    3:10 merch skip 1 like


    I have fnaf shaoks

  • Vampire Pikachu
    Vampire Pikachu 5 dni temu

    On the contract thing if u brighten the image you see the pupets face she wasn't caught

  • Potato Bob
    Potato Bob 5 dni temu

    Do you know the mustard man

  • Sofi Bean
    Sofi Bean 5 dni temu

    I thought Michel was crying Child

  • Millicent Schächter

    Looks like Nate was right.

  • Siobhan Conway
    Siobhan Conway 5 dni temu

    15:45 nothing important! Just a quick note for me because yt is rubbish at it

  • Wolf Gaming123
    Wolf Gaming123 5 dni temu


  • Andres Hernandez
    Andres Hernandez 6 dni temu

    23:17 it really is

  • The BlackCat
    The BlackCat 6 dni temu

    This Video was a year ago and i've watched it more than a 50 times and haven't commented yet but....
    FuntimeChica was not at S.L Because she was "Rented Out"

  • Kermit The Drug Dealer

    Darkest Pit of Hell = Five Night’s at Freddy’s: Ultimate Custom Night

  • ILoveHobi 《ARMY》

    i was today years old when i found out hes matt i-

  • Zackary Hughes
    Zackary Hughes 6 dni temu +2

    Here's a theory for you the orange guy is the day shift at Freddy's main character

  • Chad Landon
    Chad Landon 6 dni temu

    If you look in the lorekeeper ending if you look closely you can see another tombstone

  • Mike Cipher
    Mike Cipher 6 dni temu +2

    Elizabeth is not baby. Elizabeth is puppet because the dad says "for those who you lifted" but as we all know lefty is the puppet and baby hasn't lifted anyone. But puppet has. Who did baby save? No one. Who did puppet save? The children in freddy, golden freddy, chica, bonnie, and foxy. So Elizabeth is the puppet and not Baby. But hey that's just a theory, a Mike theory!

  • Black Cat
    Black Cat 6 dni temu

    Wait, you say that the guy watching tv is the older brother, but later in your newest theory its said thar you play as Micheal in all the games, including fnaf5 so the guy watching tv in this game must be Michael, but then who is his younger brother aka the crying child?

  • Fazbear Fright Fan
    Fazbear Fright Fan 6 dni temu

    Actually, you never see Mangle walk on 3 legs, except for the Thank You image. It usually crawls on the ceiling, but does walk on the ground in the Main Hall, and Party Rooms 1, and 2.

  • Dakota Brock
    Dakota Brock 7 dni temu

    I know what's in the box!!!!!!

  • Thomas Jackson
    Thomas Jackson 7 dni temu


  • Isolated Cup
    Isolated Cup 7 dni temu

    MatPat, you are the only PLclipr I know of that could get away with a 3-minute ad for their underwear and jacket merch

  • ScarletGaming17
    ScarletGaming17 7 dni temu +3

    Purple Guy Saga
    Purple Guy Saga Season 2
    Purple Guy Saga Z
    Purple Guy Saga Super
    Purple Guy Saga : The Movie
    what else?

  • Isaiah The LEGO Kid
    Isaiah The LEGO Kid 7 dni temu

    What happens if you throw all The animatronics back into the alley???????

  • StirCrazyPancake
    StirCrazyPancake 7 dni temu +1


  • Gaming Furries
    Gaming Furries 8 dni temu

    One of the biggest things I wonder is why it comes up with a static screen when you die in the games apart from in FNAF 4 and in FNAF UCN. Consider this... The reason why is because you play as Mike through EVERY GAME but Ultimate Custom Night and FNAF 2. The only exception is before Mike as a child dies, therefore FNAF 4 would not show the death screen that we would know right? You follow? Now if William built him AS A ROBOT then surely a robot who gets attacked would have static screen. You see this in recordings when it comes up with anything from security cameras to animatronics! MIKE is the guard EVERY NIGHT you play of FNAF.
    This may not have been Scotts original idea but it makes a lot of sense to fit with the whole Mike is a robot story. But it does mean that in FNAF 2 he is a teenager. Phone Guy does say SUMMER Job. He was contracted for short term. If you remember Jaws 2 which was based somewhere in 1978, this means that summer jobs for students and teens carried through the 80's, therefore he is the character you play in FNAF 2 as well, under the name of Jeremy and Fritz who by that point had already died.

  • Sailaja Varada
    Sailaja Varada 8 dni temu

    Freddy Bots?

  • William Kelly
    William Kelly 8 dni temu

    Have you tryed the code thing for GoldenFreddy?

  • Miko- Me
    Miko- Me 8 dni temu

    I bought it the minute this video came out and I did not get the winter pin

  • Ramsp
    Ramsp 8 dni temu

    Im just thinking you asked for box, i think its something about bonnie

  • Bubelzeeb אני כאן? __?

    Sally face theory..please!

  • GSAV-o153
    GSAV-o153 8 dni temu

    A year

  • Tbone360boss
    Tbone360boss 8 dni temu


  • lolbit gamer101
    lolbit gamer101 8 dni temu

    Just gonna say I bet that Scott is probably gonna throw in there a 7th game to throw as all off and make it a big BIG twist Matt so i would be prepared in case it happens cause you never know what would happen I mean there is already a lot of animatronics you have solved them all what if he throw one last one get prepared cause I'm saying you never know what would happen.

  • Catherine Baltazar
    Catherine Baltazar 9 dni temu

    Are they really gold?

  • Ayla Williams
    Ayla Williams 9 dni temu


  • Luca I
    Luca I 9 dni temu

    This is the best theory with fnaf because of the intro( do not get me wrong. I just love the fnaf 6 ending)

  • Fello Janefa
    Fello Janefa 9 dni temu

    If Elizabeth Afton is Circus Baby, Who is Scrap Baby?

  • King Taveon
    King Taveon 10 dni temu

    That’s on my birthday

  • TheLiving Bluejay
    TheLiving Bluejay 10 dni temu +1

    Lefty ::: The fit version of Toy Freddy.

  • Candyme
    Candyme 10 dni temu

    I love Dragon ball z please do Dbz theories

  • natsu dragneel the fire dragon slayet

    there is 5 graves freddy bonnie chica foxy and gold freddy so why is one of the graves not showing?

  • Katelyn & Destiny Gamez :3

    "So dont keep the devil waiting,friend"

  • Glowsing SnowFlake
    Glowsing SnowFlake 10 dni temu

    Me: * watching this at night *
    Me: * stares at open closet in bed and wants to close it but is too scared to exit the bed *

  • glitz puppie
    glitz puppie 10 dni temu

    Go to 22:39 there is a gravestone In the top left

  • Roblox Noob
    Roblox Noob 11 dni temu +1

    In the box it’s a dead body

  • Sachal my foxy Khan
    Sachal my foxy Khan 11 dni temu

    Nope nothing is in of puppet

  • noahgamer bros the 2nd

    Susie Is You. The main character

  • CJ-The-Ultimate-Mega_CHARIZARD_X Plays

    Fnaf scar me for life FOREVER

  • Bronson Carder
    Bronson Carder 11 dni temu

    I'm going through and watching all of your FNAF videos, and I just wanted to point out that this is the THIRD TIME you've said a new game in this series, "has a definite sense of finality." LMAO

  • Kayleigh Stevens
    Kayleigh Stevens 11 dni temu +1

    But on random encounters you said that you were known as phone guy matpat Scott cawthin and an evil dirt bag with a chainsaw (which was your favorite )

  • aldwin rambi
    aldwin rambi 12 dni temu

    The thumnbnail predicted avengers 4 lol

    I AM A BANANA 12 dni temu +1

    I have a theorythat the nightmares are the kid visiting the crying child and he is like the Pokemon that's always asleep I have been thing about that for like a year (I HATE U SCOTT >>:3)

  • Kayla Snethun
    Kayla Snethun 12 dni temu

    Who’s watching this in 2019

  • Sarah Abramova
    Sarah Abramova 12 dni temu

    Dude I don't have money

  • Itz_Ghosty
    Itz_Ghosty 12 dni temu


  • Good gaming David
    Good gaming David 13 dni temu

    Lefty is puppet

  • Ady Bishop
    Ady Bishop 13 dni temu

    wait but mangle was also scraped with the toys because you can see her/his head with the toy animatronics in that box in fnaf 3

  • Russian Foxy The pirate fox

    The merch is filler

  • freddy ferrarios
    freddy ferrarios 13 dni temu


    CHARCO _LOTUS 765 13 dni temu

    oh wait what

    dog remnant?