Game Theory: Why Mario Kart 8 is Mario's DEADLIEST Game!

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  • The Game Theorists
    The Game Theorists  Rok temu +19412

    My bad: 5'11'' actually equals 180 cm...but NO FEAR! I did all the speed calculations in Standard first, then converted each result back to metric, so although I misspoke in that one moment about the height conversion, the rest of the stats should all be right!
    Like I said, I'm stupid imperialist scum with a dumb measurement system :)

  • Dino Dion
    Dino Dion Dzień temu

    Let’s be honest. Every dad goes over 70mph on motorways.

  • KidPilot
    KidPilot Dzień temu

    man, you'd be crashin' harder than gate 2

  • Rachel Wu
    Rachel Wu 2 dni temu

    Uhhh I’m Christian... be nice

  • The Frozen Shadow King

    What about the other Mario kart games
    Why Mario kart 8

  • Preston K. Productions

    Wow. Driving into a wall at 100 Mph, getting exploded by a multitude of weapons or bull dozed by giant bullets would be fatal? Who would have thought?
    Well, most people. But I see that some people are so intelligent that they need a 16 minute video in order to wrap their head around common sense (and get that ad revenue).
    Go commit Content Cop.

  • sarahj6795
    sarahj6795 3 dni temu

    brb, gotta go kill some drivers

  • Josh Cranefield
    Josh Cranefield 3 dni temu

    6:08-6:23 You sound like the AVGN naming made up game boy accessories

  • Angela Howard
    Angela Howard 5 dni temu

    Whos gonna get into a crash? Whos gonna get into the crash? Whos gonna get into a crash?

  • Shlong Meister
    Shlong Meister 5 dni temu

    Mario Kart: The Cannonball Run

  • lucifer 666
    lucifer 666 5 dni temu

    Hahahahahahahahahahaha. Ohla.

  • Charlie Emerson
    Charlie Emerson 6 dni temu

    you're forgetting the miis wear proper kart racing equipment. (minus seatbelts)

  • phoenix knight
    phoenix knight 6 dni temu

    Idea: is the party hart killer mask curse?

  • phoenix knight
    phoenix knight 6 dni temu

    WHY ARE WE LETTING BABY, BABY with less skin than the rest of us DRIVE THESE THINGS!

  • Justin Cobb
    Justin Cobb 7 dni temu

    This is before the video and I’ve played Mario kart it’s DEADLY

  • Isaacs Stuart da king

    Couches at home
    Lol hammock at home

  • Bryan Gomez
    Bryan Gomez 8 dni temu

    And you thought links hookshot was bad

  • prisoner_tv
    prisoner_tv 9 dni temu +1

    The first video i watched matpat ever made i thought wait why is this guy searching for the hidden truth about on connecting sora to minecraft but now i love his content and its inspired my next video on how the most deadly pokemon in real world is rattata!

  • 6 AwesomeGirls
    6 AwesomeGirls 9 dni temu

    Also so excited for World Of Light theory!

  • 6 AwesomeGirls
    6 AwesomeGirls 9 dni temu

    Do a theory on Princess Daisy!

  • Kuol Mawien
    Kuol Mawien 10 dni temu

    13:36 Ohh no! a goomba has been injured! Call the ambulance!
    A few seconds later...
    *ambulance sounds* Here we are what happened? [im too lazy to add more so..]

  • Tinamarie Ozee
    Tinamarie Ozee 12 dni temu

    My carectar in Dulux is baby Daisy she the best carector I like her I got 1st place with her ⛵🚘

  • Trick shot Pigs
    Trick shot Pigs 13 dni temu

    You are Einstein do you know how smart you are?

  • John Fritz
    John Fritz 14 dni temu


  • Joel Klein
    Joel Klein 15 dni temu

    9:25 you mean b Dasher?

  • JT Marvel
    JT Marvel 15 dni temu


  • White Market Trading
    White Market Trading 16 dni temu

    Hey Matt nice car 2:36🚗

  • 00 goop
    00 goop 16 dni temu

    Actually, about that seatbelt thing, in actual kart class racing, seat belts aren't permitted because in the event of a crash, it's safer to be thrown from the vehicle than to have the vehicle land on upside down on your neck. It's for the same reason we don't wear seat belts on bikes, and because the GLA isn't full size, it could be argued that it too is a kart, and being a kart, it is safer without a seatbelt.

  • Makaeo Potato
    Makaeo Potato 16 dni temu

    Now I feel bad when crashing with peach and baby peach and dry bones wait did Mario cart kill dry bones and now he’s just bones

  • Bailey Kupisiewicz
    Bailey Kupisiewicz 18 dni temu

    lol yes Monty Python!

  • MrGaming1000 2.0
    MrGaming1000 2.0 19 dni temu +1

    dat thumbnail tho...

  • Jade Black
    Jade Black 20 dni temu

    Funny thing

    I’m on a couch

  • Arthur Barnett
    Arthur Barnett 20 dni temu


  • Arthur Barnett
    Arthur Barnett 20 dni temu


  • Arthur Barnett
    Arthur Barnett 20 dni temu


  • Arthur Barnett
    Arthur Barnett 20 dni temu

    Lol this is so funny

  • Arthur Barnett
    Arthur Barnett 20 dni temu


  • Jozu
    Jozu 21 dzień temu

    This was the first episode of game theory I watched

  • HazziKaze
    HazziKaze 21 dzień temu

    I literally died laughing at the beginning.
    Liam Neeson is a legend.

  • IV Ruin
    IV Ruin 22 dni temu


  • Jay Tee
    Jay Tee 22 dni temu

    15:14 mushroom

  • Jay Tee
    Jay Tee 22 dni temu

    3:46 a better detective than sherlock and batman combined

  • Nuggets Art World
    Nuggets Art World 22 dni temu

    Please, please do more mario kart voice overs. Omg I probably rewinded that about 50 times

  • Amy turtless
    Amy turtless 22 dni temu

    What about the metal racers (metal mario. Gold mario and rose gold peach)

  • Billy bob playz
    Billy bob playz 23 dni temu

    I have Mario, 8 it's amaxing

  • Moonlight And the Household

    *sighs* school is in 2 days and I think I should just stay here and learn than learn in school...

  • Ice_Berry
    Ice_Berry 23 dni temu

    Do a theory about cackletta

  • Waluigi 4Life
    Waluigi 4Life 24 dni temu

    WHAT IS YOUR IQ!?!?!

  • SavanaRose Gamez
    SavanaRose Gamez 25 dni temu

    RIP Luigi When I Play Mario Kart!

  • DarkLordX47 DarkLordX47

    Baby Rosalina hasn't been in any official Mario games... does this foreshadow a new game?

  • Kailey Heart
    Kailey Heart 26 dni temu

    And kids play the game ,this is unsafe ,some accidents is by car crashes ,wow....

  • Firecgra
    Firecgra 26 dni temu

    Why are the babies even driving.....

  • Laura Hagedoorn
    Laura Hagedoorn 27 dni temu

    When you live in the Europe, 128 isn't that extreme


    I feel like Matpat has a problem with killing video game characters, superheroes, and our childhood.

  • SavanaRose Gamez
    SavanaRose Gamez 27 dni temu

    My Older Brother Watched From Over My Shoulder.

  • Maria Coelho
    Maria Coelho 27 dni temu


  • Can I get 100 subs?
    Can I get 100 subs? 27 dni temu

    Fun fact: in real life, there are actual races where all the drivers are 7 or under. They ride on actual motorcycles that can go up to at least 80 miles an hour (while they are of course heavily protected with nothing but grass on the outskirts)

  • RedMoonLove
    RedMoonLove 28 dni temu

    I love how "Fish Ice Cream is real" is included in the list that will make the babies wet their diapers LOL

  • Not Cool
    Not Cool 28 dni temu

    But matpat, using a bigger character makes your cart faster, so you can’t make a small character go as fast as a big one

  • Sam Case
    Sam Case 28 dni temu

    Well, MatPat, if the characters would truly be dead after such collisions, especially in the case of the Blue Shell, I have my own theory...
    What if the characters in Mario Kart-hell, the Mario series as a whole-are zombies, and nobody knows it? It would definitely explain how these characters survive these possibly fatal crashes.

  • Catzee317
    Catzee317 28 dni temu

    It's your fault for saying something that could be taken out of context. You could have said, 'playing *by* myself', but you didn't, now DID ya?

  • Lunaley
    Lunaley 29 dni temu

    Wait, if Mario Kart sport is real then how come the real racers don’t use all the items from Super Mario Kart.

  • Valentina Ramirez
    Valentina Ramirez 29 dni temu

    Is it bad that I watched while playing Mario kart

  • Sylviea Overly
    Sylviea Overly 29 dni temu

    You guys should peers the like button

  • Joey Prater
    Joey Prater Miesiąc temu

    But what about miis they wear helmets and leather jackets

  • breya burgess
    breya burgess Miesiąc temu

    PLease make a SongTheory about the meanings, connections and history of popular songs

  • Roger Medina
    Roger Medina Miesiąc temu

    I love it when he make my childhood games so dark😀

  • The Dank Lord
    The Dank Lord Miesiąc temu

    2:16 I'm not surprised by this because in mario kart double dash the characters switch places effortlessly without seatbelts on

  • Bryce Briscoe
    Bryce Briscoe Miesiąc temu

    i wathed that it was cool :P
    pore cars :C

  • Rebecca Williams
    Rebecca Williams Miesiąc temu +1

    200cc? Ive beat it about....10 times? Its takes practice but i think that its really easy.....

  • Fwuffycodbunny
    Fwuffycodbunny Miesiąc temu

    I wonder when this will get debunked

  • Lexytheanimatronicwolf
    Lexytheanimatronicwolf Miesiąc temu

    I swear down that i saw a BEN drowned refrence in the intro 😂😂 AMAZING!

  • cody nugent
    cody nugent Miesiąc temu

    I had just looked at the play bar when he said, "if you think I'm done then you haven't looked at the playbar".

  • JGG- Gameplays y más
    JGG- Gameplays y más Miesiąc temu


  • zachkrit312 SCS
    zachkrit312 SCS Miesiąc temu

    What!? MatPat you are so small then, Mario is 5’11 and you were smaller. I am 12 and 5’6

  • Na Ba
    Na Ba Miesiąc temu

    Dry Bowser / Dry Bones would just dissolve in to dust if they scrap the grownd

  • Na Ba
    Na Ba Miesiąc temu

    I love how mat pat tells us to SUBSCRIBE right after he siad CONSIDER YOUR CHILDHOOD RUIND!
    By the way I did SUBSCRIBE even before this but after you siad that I am starting to wondr why

  • Creeperqueen180 & Fembot
    Creeperqueen180 & Fembot Miesiąc temu

    I will have you know I'm thirteen and I love watching dateline...
    At my grandma's house because I don't have cable/ channel tv...

  • dashhypno
    dashhypno Miesiąc temu

    MatPat The only actual safest characters in Mario Kart 8 are the Miis. They are the only ones who wear helmets and leather suits. But do they count?

  • Amy Lanoue
    Amy Lanoue Miesiąc temu

    I’m only 12 and I played this game today and now I am horrified. Thanks Matpat 🤯😥😤😭

  • Eli Outch
    Eli Outch Miesiąc temu


  • Anne Smith
    Anne Smith Miesiąc temu

    Nice video but probably my favourite moment out of this entire video is 1:19...

    ...yeah I don't care anything about the science, I just care about Mat being girly, LOL!

  • Sea Unicorn .3.
    Sea Unicorn .3. Miesiąc temu

    moar fnaf

  • Moony moon Cat
    Moony moon Cat Miesiąc temu

    Did you notice that Mario has long hair

  • PB 3
    PB 3 Miesiąc temu

    Also, at the end when you win the race, the character you play stands up while driving

  • Laura Stefanik
    Laura Stefanik Miesiąc temu

    1:30 HEY I HAVE A WII U >:(

  • Josh Wood
    Josh Wood Miesiąc temu

    You ain't no peach my bro.

  • Kiah Court
    Kiah Court Miesiąc temu

    HOW DO the karts survive, what in the Mario Franchise are they made of ?

  • Quarker zakii
    Quarker zakii Miesiąc temu

    I love the wiiu!It's one of my most favorite video game consoles!I'm even making this comment from the wiiu's internet browser!

  • Pinksaravi !
    Pinksaravi ! Miesiąc temu

    But I play the Wii U ;-;

  • Im disappointed in myself

    *I Don’t Know Who You Are But I Will Find You*
    with my death note :D

  • Kristin Quinn
    Kristin Quinn Miesiąc temu

    You found his height, his weight, find out how old he is HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

  • Geek Girl
    Geek Girl Miesiąc temu

    Did anyone else get a Mario advert before this video? I also got a Pokémon advert before EVERY Pokémon theory! 😵

  • Purple Penguin
    Purple Penguin Miesiąc temu +1


  • Crazy Bonehead
    Crazy Bonehead Miesiąc temu

    Mariokart is the most deadly, huh? What about Mario party?

  • Maddie Carney
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  • Travis Yang
    Travis Yang Miesiąc temu

    Please read my comment
    read the book "what if"

  • Kylee Whiting
    Kylee Whiting Miesiąc temu

    Haha. I was really confused why Matpat was confused on the whole 80 m/hr thing. In Utah, thats really common! In fact, 70 is very common, then it goes to 75, and then to get to my city we hit 80!

  • King Qazi bibstet5771- Beatboxer Brilliance,

    And wear your seatbelt!

  • Galadde Gaming94
    Galadde Gaming94 Miesiąc temu

    Matpat, your theory just turned Mario Kart 8 into Happy Wheels! (also dry bones boo, king boo and dry bowser would be totally fine since they are undead. so I just proved somebody on the internet wrong, to some extent at least.)