Game Theory: Does Fortnite Make You VIOLENT? (Fortnite Battle Royale)

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  • TVMovieMakers
    TVMovieMakers 7 miesięcy temu +3549

    We are soooo close to 10 mil, keep up the good work Mat!

  • Awesome Gamer43567
    Awesome Gamer43567 56 minut temu

    Thxs for the vid

  • dubdude destroyer
    dubdude destroyer 15 godzin temu

    This should be more of a Social/Personality Theory more than a Game Theory.

  • JaniceJamieJohn
    JaniceJamieJohn Dzień temu

    100 tigers yyyyyyyaaaaaaaeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • Rachel Reviews
    Rachel Reviews Dzień temu

    This guy is smart. How does he figure this out😮

  • Erik Wu Kinch 2B Agedrup Skole

    Play fortnitne

  • Erik Wu Kinch 2B Agedrup Skole

    Fortnit is LOL :)

  • RZ 1285608
    RZ 1285608 3 dni temu

    news broadcast station: we need parent clickbait content
    retard: hmmm... video games turns kids into serial killers?
    news broadcast station: nice!"*video games make kids more violent*"
    gamers: why do we have to suffer
    //after 2 months of drama//
    gamers: screw this ima gonna debait this out online with those retards
    news broadcast station & retard: ooooooh see they're getting aggressive because of video games * avoids debait *
    gamers: i give up * suicides *
    news broadcast station: o0o0o0oh new content! "*games makes suicide rates increase*"

  • Daniel Jackson
    Daniel Jackson 4 dni temu

    Not even going to watch the video.
    Just gonna say it now.

    • Daniel Jackson
      Daniel Jackson 4 dni temu

      Just saved 15 minutes of your lives, you're welcome

  • Rosen
    Rosen 4 dni temu

    Yes there are indeed only two genders

  • Aathiran Rajan - Britannia PS (1543)

    rather hedgehog (aka Knarl)

  • Isaiah Perez
    Isaiah Perez 5 dni temu

    7:54 hey look pbg

  • The Vulpix From Alola

    Tiger sized hedge hog

  • This boi Is just chillin

    Who I
    Who is
    Who is
    Who is h
    Who is he
    Who is her
    Who is here
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    Who is here B
    Who is here be
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    Who is here before
    Who is here before 1
    Who is here before 10
    Who is here before 10 million subs.

    Please like this took forever

  • Fishypool Savage
    Fishypool Savage 6 dni temu

    Fortnite awakend a rage i have never felt before

  • Auwliya Popal
    Auwliya Popal 6 dni temu

    the mini lions i can kick them away

  • Graham Rudderow
    Graham Rudderow 9 dni temu

    I was INFP

  • Andrew Kilgore
    Andrew Kilgore 9 dni temu

    Hedgehog for the win

  • Grace Y.
    Grace Y. 9 dni temu

    Using this as notes for my debate wither fortinite is good or bad in my debate class... hey! its very scientific.

  • F0rtn1t3 Dud3
    F0rtn1t3 Dud3 9 dni temu

    It does

  • Blake Sardoni
    Blake Sardoni 9 dni temu

    Go hardcore battle royalers



  • spiderfanguy gaming
    spiderfanguy gaming 10 dni temu

    videogames don't make people violent streamers make people rage

  • ღ Kurisu-San ღ
    ღ Kurisu-San ღ 12 dni temu

    the attack helicopter meme

  • Mary Murphy
    Mary Murphy 12 dni temu

    I definitely am a .0000001 out of ten at fortnite

  • Mary Murphy
    Mary Murphy 12 dni temu

    Tiger sized hedgehog?

  • catbug :3
    catbug :3 13 dni temu

    do the hedgehogs have machine gunz?

  • Young Zack The Sauce Child

    A tiger sized hedgehog

  • My Name Is Jeff GAMING

    Does it count if I fight a tiger sized sonic?

  • Eli Ashford
    Eli Ashford 14 dni temu

    mat, you forgot one category in the introverted or extroverted thing. Ambiverts - people who have both introverted and extrovered qualities

  • The green pickle
    The green pickle 15 dni temu

    Matpat probably killed thousands of calculators in this video

  • Jesus & Erick Solrio
    Jesus & Erick Solrio 15 dni temu

    fontin bad not

  • The dragon of ice
    The dragon of ice 15 dni temu


  • The dragon of ice
    The dragon of ice 15 dni temu

    I own a hedgehog

  • Nightmare Flame
    Nightmare Flame 16 dni temu

    giant hejog

  • Mind Studios
    Mind Studios 16 dni temu

    100 tiny tigers

  • Vladimir Putin
    Vladimir Putin 16 dni temu

    Only two*

  • Turtlemation
    Turtlemation 16 dni temu

    Im allright at fortnite dont get too many wins and get shotgunned in the face while mine does freaking eight damage but im not agressive what so everr suprisingly

  • jonathan astro
    jonathan astro 16 dni temu

    PUBG is better

  • StarFrost
    StarFrost 16 dni temu

    The intro uh...
    hurts my brain

  • Sasha :D
    Sasha :D 18 dni temu

    the intro was so weird what even-

  • Tessa Smith
    Tessa Smith 18 dni temu

    100 hedgehog sized tigers

  • awidgdk dvd
    awidgdk dvd 19 dni temu

    All the genders hahahahahahahahahaha

  • RosaBaku
    RosaBaku 19 dni temu +1

    10:05 PINKIE PIE!
    (I love Game Theory! ^^)

  • RosaBaku
    RosaBaku 19 dni temu +1

    10:04 FLUTTERSHY!

  • Thatonedudewholovespandas _2 PC Gaming

    mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmnmmmmm were da n
    CCCC(CCCCCC where the ( (supa easy)
    aaaqaaaaaaaa where is th q easiest

  • Thatonedudewholovespandas _2 PC Gaming

    if u say vid games r vilent ur vilent

  • Warrior Of mankind
    Warrior Of mankind 20 dni temu

    I’d do the hedgehog

  • Jake Davenport
    Jake Davenport 22 dni temu

    nice reference to rice gum there 😏😏😏

  • Rabbit McFlumper
    Rabbit McFlumper 22 dni temu

    Bue if knowledge is power, what would u do with that power?

  • TheMLGenius124 _
    TheMLGenius124 _ 22 dni temu

    Roses are red
    What is this intro?
    NO matpat, GOD NO!!!!

  • Zoey Da best
    Zoey Da best 22 dni temu

    I play NO violent games (pretty much) and I'm VERY aggressive.

  • Savory Dragon
    Savory Dragon 23 dni temu

    I have the most aggressive personality 😢

  • Dylan Slicker
    Dylan Slicker 23 dni temu

    hedgehog the size of tiger

  • Joe Potts
    Joe Potts 23 dni temu

    What i dont understand is how hedgehogs are cute, despite being a ball of prickles

  • Joe Potts
    Joe Potts 23 dni temu


  • Graas
    Graas 23 dni temu

    We were talking about cyber bullying in school. The teacher said “playing games like fortnite may make you violent”. I wanted to yell at her “ IT DEPENDS ON YOUR PERSONALITY TYPE”

  • Jinxer3000
    Jinxer3000 23 dni temu

    oh no fake news is in the air: Video games making people agitated! Well.... Not really the case anymore huh GMA!

  • Jinxer3000
    Jinxer3000 23 dni temu

    for the hedgehog the size of the tiger and the 100 hedgehog sized tigers debate, I would choose 100 hedgehog sized tigers, only if I get a machine gun or sub-machine gun

  • Jinxer3000
    Jinxer3000 23 dni temu

    best interview ever. You had transpecies people (people who can be anything) including that battle toaster! Some of them are very old but have good genes. (probably most of them are from a different dimension)

  • Hailey Higginbotham
    Hailey Higginbotham 24 dni temu

    Shut up Sweaty Dave

  • Andrew Ketchum
    Andrew Ketchum 25 dni temu

    and fortnite and playerunknown battlegrounds is boring

    • Jinxer3000
      Jinxer3000 23 dni temu

      ok you mean BATTLE ROYALE games are boring. Don't blame the game, blame the genre

  • Andrew Ketchum
    Andrew Ketchum 25 dni temu

    but I played fortnite once

  • Andrew Ketchum
    Andrew Ketchum 25 dni temu

    I don't play either

  • I'll seduce you with my awkwardness

    I thought it was spelt extrovert.. I’m British, is it spelt different elsewhere?

  • Landyn Adamcryk
    Landyn Adamcryk 25 dni temu +1

    Hey matpat love your theories

  • PUBG Gaming
    PUBG Gaming 27 dni temu

    People who played zelda when they were a kid show true rage

  • Hollowed Gambler
    Hollowed Gambler 27 dni temu

    This video actually inspired me to write my senior seminar paper on video game violence and if it has an influence on players in real life. Even if it's on a smaller scale, I'm joining the fight with you to get rid of the bad name others are putting on games!

  • Y Riv
    Y Riv 28 dni temu


  • Anonymous Gaming
    Anonymous Gaming 28 dni temu

    Why debate on playing fortnite or pubg, when you can play em both?

  • The Annoying_Dog
    The Annoying_Dog 29 dni temu

    I'd battle 1 hedgehog sized hedgehog

  • Alen Ban Sagadin
    Alen Ban Sagadin 29 dni temu

    Hej I bikam sosiopat bikas fortnaj

    CHARLOTTE OGDEN Miesiąc temu

    I lust turned 12 and my mom still won’t let me play fortnite

  • Gg_launtis _67
    Gg_launtis _67 Miesiąc temu

    I'm infp

  • Jackson GUttenberg
    Jackson GUttenberg Miesiąc temu

    I loooooove hedgehogs

  • Harsheit Sidhu
    Harsheit Sidhu Miesiąc temu

    tiggers any day

  • Del 4511
    Del 4511 Miesiąc temu

    I'll take the huge hedgehog

  • Stuart McIlwraith
    Stuart McIlwraith Miesiąc temu +1

    7:54 PBG?

  • Akın Gungormus
    Akın Gungormus Miesiąc temu

    Hedgehog would win

  • Sebabman
    Sebabman Miesiąc temu


  • AliNinja69 lol
    AliNinja69 lol Miesiąc temu

    So glad this has spanish captions so i can show my grandma

  • Enzoapuga
    Enzoapuga Miesiąc temu +1


  • Iain Graff
    Iain Graff Miesiąc temu


  • Adventure Prime
    Adventure Prime Miesiąc temu


  • Leonel Garcia
    Leonel Garcia Miesiąc temu


  • The Smash boi Destroyer
    The Smash boi Destroyer Miesiąc temu

    I’ll fight the tiger 🐅 sized hedgehog 🦔

  • Johan HANJO
    Johan HANJO Miesiąc temu

    The little tigers because I love hedgehogs

  • ZB -7
    ZB -7 Miesiąc temu


  • benny Sanchez
    benny Sanchez Miesiąc temu

    i'm a iduberz but act like a badulroaler ya me and my famaly thank i'm sikopathick

  • KayleeJXu
    KayleeJXu Miesiąc temu

    Big hedghog

  • Abigail Juarez
    Abigail Juarez Miesiąc temu

    Wait did he lick him or not?

  • Corbin Balleydier
    Corbin Balleydier Miesiąc temu +4

    I know alot of fortnight players are in kindergarten!

  • Corbin Balleydier
    Corbin Balleydier Miesiąc temu

    100 hedgehot size tigers

  • PastelTape
    PastelTape Miesiąc temu

    Oh lmao I'm a Extrovert Thinker (winky face)

  • Logan Moffett
    Logan Moffett Miesiąc temu


  • Cesae Morel
    Cesae Morel Miesiąc temu


  • Green Destroyer
    Green Destroyer Miesiąc temu

    Is that Chris Evans

  • Thomas Penner
    Thomas Penner Miesiąc temu

    First video ive watched in years
    * sees intro *
    Wtf matpat

  • Demonic Goblinz
    Demonic Goblinz Miesiąc temu

    The tigers, climb a tree and kick them off as they climb up