Game Theory: Does Fortnite Make You VIOLENT? (Fortnite Battle Royale)

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    We are soooo close to 10 mil, keep up the good work Mat!

  • Kaye Aubrey
    Kaye Aubrey 4 godzin temu

    My friend was violent before he started fortnite 😆😆😆😆😆

  • Emerald Queen
    Emerald Queen 23 godzin temu

    I played the original Spyro (a light hearted and easy to master platformer) growing up (starting when I was 4 years old), and it helped me improve my hand-eye coronation, and balance... the Legend of Spyro (a more action heavy version of Spyro) helped my improve my eyesight enough that I no longer needed my reading glasses... and Skylanders (a Spyro spin-off) gave me a very large cast of characters (both playable and not) to relate to and I well sit and talk to my figures of them whenever I’m not sure that I can put into words how I’m really feeling....
    Fun Fact: my name’s a play on the Golden Queen, from Skylanders Trap Team... she started off as a villain but was captured by the Skylanders, and given the choice (prior to Skylanders Imagators) to become good, or go back to prison... she chose to be good...

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  • Blade Phalen
    Blade Phalen Dzień temu

    bunch of hedgehog sized tigers cuz the hedgehog would feel like a world stepped on a Lego brick then gave u that pain

  • Shigu Shingu
    Shigu Shingu Dzień temu

    If you love fortnite like this comment. If you have an actual sense of style and have some form of common sense comment why fortnite is bad.

  • Minecraft PC303
    Minecraft PC303 Dzień temu

    I am at 14:12 when he is going to compare the social talk but well we all know that PUBG is, Toxic!!!!!!!!!

  • Blaze Rod Gaming
    Blaze Rod Gaming 2 dni temu

    10:11 I am both because I have aspergers

    Also at 13:16 what are you talking about? villigar kills all

  • Мaнол Aтaнaсов

    Gross but funny

  • dexvoan miller knight

    *watches intro* you've one-upped yourself, matpat

  • richelle verbeck
    richelle verbeck 4 dni temu

    I'm using this for a debate club

  • gamerclash 12455
    gamerclash 12455 5 dni temu

    Yes I love avgn

  • MilkDragon
    MilkDragon 5 dni temu

    You’re a little bitch

  • William Pittman
    William Pittman 5 dni temu +1

    I'm doing an analytical essay on this video for college. Gotta say, copying the script for a 15 minute PLclip video is a huge pain in the rear.

  • zameir cotton
    zameir cotton 6 dni temu

    I'm 12 and I play fortnite on Xbox one

  • Daniel Yang
    Daniel Yang 6 dni temu

    I think most of it has to do with the fact that campers and people who don't take risks are looked down upon in battle royale games, which is why bush camping is so "hated".

  • xxWeavileGamingxx Youtube

    My gender is....


  • Julio Lantigua
    Julio Lantigua 7 dni temu

    I am 576 on the number of gender

  • Michelle Carpenter
    Michelle Carpenter 7 dni temu

    Shooting games? Take undertale for example ;)

    MISTER_X GAMING 7 dni temu

    The intro made my skin crawl.....

  • FLASH V2#74
    FLASH V2#74 7 dni temu

    I would fight the hedgehog because who cares about the size it's still a hedgehog

  • Chases Channel
    Chases Channel 8 dni temu +1

    I’m a pubniter I’m not agressve

  • Andrew Boston-MacQuillan

    Being honest I am a Fortniter and a 4&5

  • Andrew Choate
    Andrew Choate 9 dni temu

    I would love to see Ricegum do that with Sweaty Dave

  • arian reasat
    arian reasat 9 dni temu

    Clicked this video for boobs

  • Ruttab Ahmed
    Ruttab Ahmed 9 dni temu

    Yeah your right im just naturally a violent player thanks!!

  • doodleboop
    doodleboop 10 dni temu

    ok so the personality test is kind of ironic, bc im an introverted feeler, and I don't play a ton of violent games, but on a violence scale from 1-10, 1 being a total pacifist and 10 being a total serial killer (in-game only.. mostly) i'd rate myself at about a 7.

  • Superior_Justice
    Superior_Justice 10 dni temu

    matpat were so close to 10 mil! just lose 1 mil subscribers, and you'll hit a milestone!

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  • TheOneCalledJakko Bad vlogs and less

    Oi am fortnite ftw

    And an Apache attack helicopter 🚁

  • Nick Christian
    Nick Christian 11 dni temu

    I want the song name for 10:30. Can anyone help?

  • Observing Rogue
    Observing Rogue 11 dni temu

    I know for a fact, that I am an Introverted Thinker. But I also strongly believe in 6 things.
    Self Defense.
    Standing up for what I believe in.
    Hope for the best, expect the worse.
    If you want peace, prepare for war.
    I can do whatever I want, as long as I am not really hurting anyone innocent.
    And hate is good. Hate reminds me who & what my enemies are, who & what not to trust, and why.
    I do want to talk things out, reach some understanding, share my perspective. But there are situations and types of people, I don't have the time or patience for, to go through all that.
    Doesn't everyone have their own beliefs, they are willing to fight for, kill for, bleed for, and die for?
    All this is why I enjoy violent video games. Like Resident Evil or Armored Core. I enjoy entertaining the thought, of things going wrong, and violence or action, being the only answer. I enjoy hurting genuinely bad people. I enjoy hurting those, who attempt to harm me or my property, when I'm minding my own business, not really threatening or harming anyone innocent.
    "Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable."
    JFK is absolutely right. Our own government, and Sharia Law Muslim Extremists, are prime examples of that.
    I am an Anarcho-Capitalist, an Anti-Theist, and a Humanist.
    I discuss my beliefs, and criticize others that are truly harmful & illogical. But mostly, I just mind my own business, stay out of the way, just live my life, and make a living that involves helping others.
    But the government and their thugs the police, are a threat to me, because I will never have a licence, registration, or insurance, even though I am a safe & competent road user, and building credit & money for anything my fault or nature's.
    They're a threat to me, because I am building independence from them, and creating alternatives to the monopolies, that benefit them, and those who bribe them through lobbying.
    They're a threat to me, for safely riding a motorcycle between cars, because lane splitting/filtering, are illegal in my state, even though doing that keeps me from being rear-ended & crushed.
    Muslims are a threat to me, not only because I am anti-islam, not only because I criticize their evil, stupid, broken, unfair religion. But also because, if Allah exists, and the islamic texts are true, then I want to kill him, for being an atrocious, egotistic, sexist, sick bastard.
    "Antifa" and Communists, are a threat to me, because I am anti-authoritarian , and those on the political left, have a habit of vandalizing & assaulting people who disagree with them.
    Feminists & BLM activists are a threat to me, because as a Humanist, I believe in the fair equality of EVERYONE. Not just 1 gender or 1 race. And I don't ignore or lie about the real issues of a group, like Feminists & BLM does.
    TransTrenders are a threat to me, because I have little to no respect, for anyone pretending to be Transgender, for attention. I hate them for making it more difficult for real Trans to be accepted & taken seriously. Real Trans are genuinely struggling with the gender they were born as, may even have to leave their "friends", "family", even their original country. Once I confirm someone isn't really dedicated to Transitioning, I will address them by their obvious gender, especially if they claim to be anything other then male or female.
    Notice with all these threats, I am not the aggressor.
    I am just minding my own business. But other groups, want to force me, tread on me and my life, degrade me, to benefit themselves and their stupid, unfair nonsense. And I'm not some idiot Christian who only has the bible as a worthless defense. I hate them too.
    I have valid reasons why I believe, what I believe. I have facts & logic, when those that want to force me, just have disgusting greed & feelings. And I have no remorse using violence to defend me & mine, from those who would use violence upon me, for defying their garbage.
    I play violent videogames, because I love it when violence solves problems, peace, love, and diplomacy can't.
    Show me a pacifist that can keep their money, property, freedom, and life, when a cop is about to point a gun in their face, over a victimless "crime".
    Show me a pacifist refusing to relocate from a No-Go-Zone, that formed around them, or a pacifist confronting a muslim shooting up a place.
    Show me a pacifist trapped with a sadist, who robs, rapes, and murders, for fun.
    Show me a pacifist attacked by a hungry bear.
    Violence is always an option. Sometimes the only option.
    No matter the story, or the setting. Videogames, like any art-form, shows that reality. It is nature. I am sick of ignorant retarded, cowards, refusing to accept this, then trying to make everyone else, as weak as them.
    Humans are such easy prey.
    The mainstream news, likes to slander games, like Grand Theft Auto. But as pro-violence as I am. I don't like GTA games. The only one I have, is Chinatown Wars, on my Nintendo DSi. I hate that the game forces me to steal vehicles, to progress. The random car the game makes me steal in the beginning. I always return it.
    After all these years of owning the game, I haven't completed the story. All I do when I play, is trade & deliver drugs around the city, evade & kill cops who try to kidnap, rob, or kill me for doing so. Then there's the street racing, Taxi missions, Ambulance missions, Vigilante and firefighter missions, in that order of preference.
    That's all I do in that game. I don't like stealing from, or harming innocent people.

  • BlueLemon oo7
    BlueLemon oo7 11 dni temu

    100 headgehog sized tigers.

  • Subydyber
    Subydyber 11 dni temu

    7:55 PEEBS!!!!!

  • Arztotskan Police Department

    I’d rather fight 💯 hedgehog sized tigers because those would look sooooo cute

  • Spencer Smart
    Spencer Smart 12 dni temu

    Love The entire way you use data, more scientist should consult social media surveys. although I can see a big problem with that (apache attack helicopter)

  • Spencer Smart
    Spencer Smart 12 dni temu

    Love The entire way you use data, more scientist should consult social media surveys. although I can see a big problem with that (apache attack helicopter)

  • kopan 77
    kopan 77 12 dni temu

    I N T and P

  • Benji Walters
    Benji Walters 12 dni temu

    Hehe hoge

  • Zylen McLaughlin
    Zylen McLaughlin 13 dni temu

    How the f*** do you even video games you can get violent

  • Zoe Cowan
    Zoe Cowan 13 dni temu

    Hmmmmmmmm I am aggressive when people cheat whilst I play no battle royal games

  • iiTreeckoKingii _
    iiTreeckoKingii _ 13 dni temu

    Rip me bad internet

  • CreeprGamer
    CreeprGamer 13 dni temu

    But i xant play fortnite but im a ENTJ

  • JamesgamerXD the gaming lord

    I guess 100 headchog sized tigers????

  • firelock i like cookies

    Lag makes us violent but long loading games suck

  • firelock i like cookies

    Ah he. Got 666 subs ahh

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    I was trolling u with the apache

  • JaniceJamieJohn
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  • lewis l
    lewis l 14 dni temu

    I sexually identify as an Apache Attack Helicopter.

  • lmscary
    lmscary 15 dni temu

    Can we talk about CS:GO now plz

  • Brendan Embry The Paper Diamond

    Lol the introvert and extrovert test. #BRONIESFOREVER!!

  • Gacha Mania
    Gacha Mania 15 dni temu

    Got a fortnite ad....

  • Samiter265
    Samiter265 15 dni temu

    Tiger sized hedgehog

  • Rocketlord 789
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    After Intro: 😵😵😵😵😵😵

  • Starhowler
    Starhowler 16 dni temu

    What the actual fluff was that intro?

  • janice thorn
    janice thorn 16 dni temu

    ha fortnite or pubg cant make you social but games like battle block theater can

  • a7x is for grog interfacers and zer0s

    Fortnite is gay bot violent

  • Gamer Bros
    Gamer Bros 18 dni temu

    Tiger sized heghog

  • Starmunchie
    Starmunchie 19 dni temu

    Woah woah, don’t get too exited gummy rice

  • ICouldBeAnyone
    ICouldBeAnyone 19 dni temu

    What was the music in the background from 11:28 to 13:30?

  • jennifer gunther
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  • Jowuxsh Da 1
    Jowuxsh Da 1 19 dni temu

    Tiger sized hedgehog, I'll bring a gun......

  • Hodo ForHotdog
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    Tiger sized hedgehog

  • Ed gamer
    Ed gamer 20 dni temu

    Hedge hog cause they are very timid creatures

  • Jacques Mienie
    Jacques Mienie 20 dni temu

    Sorry this video long done and all but what about someone that is always between those sections. Someone like me that would choose to be introverted and extrovert. Being both intuitive and observant and being both a thinker and feeler at any given to or both infact. I would say I fall in between all of those because how the game is during the time. Being a gamer i dont always use the strategy or approach with the same game in different matches. Sometimes i feel like i can take this person on now while other times i might think of a way to cut him off ahead and ambush him. Hope this makes sense with what I'm trying to say and hopefully you would respond to this.
    Thanx MatPat.

  • Oliver.exe/bendy Slayer

    100 chart size Tigers

  • XxRavenxX 94
    XxRavenxX 94 21 dzień temu

    Ummmmmmm I'm. 13

  • mia
    mia 21 dzień temu

    100 heghog sized tigers.
    There claws can't hurt that much can they?

  • BroTGM Animations
    BroTGM Animations 21 dzień temu

    *Theory ET (extrovert thinker) = aliens, the players are angry, aliens are angry*

  • Darcy Fenwick
    Darcy Fenwick 21 dzień temu

    I agree with BMAN488877

  • BAZTRD inc.
    BAZTRD inc. 22 dni temu

    Fortnite culture drives me nuts. It's all about that pubg 🤣

  • FangtheFox Animator
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    my gender is a cactus

  • Drift in fornite
    Drift in fornite 22 dni temu

    THAT INTRO o-o

  • Cloud Marks
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    13:00 Gometry dash anyone?

  • Slay ZZ
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  • jack&hen gaming
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    you forgot to put rec royale into the mix

  • the flare animator
    the flare animator 22 dni temu

    Hegehog because you can just shoot it. While 100 small tigers would be worse than a bee swarm. Btw love the video

  • XDkillerX 13
    XDkillerX 13 22 dni temu +1

    Fortnite does make you violent every time someone says fortnite sucks at school some fortnite idiot says boi your hairline sucks

  • Baconlord 906
    Baconlord 906 22 dni temu +1

    The personality quiz doesn’t work for me I’m a sad middle ground for all questions

  • Baconlord 906
    Baconlord 906 22 dni temu +1

    PUBG! And PBG!

  • Jan Lohndorf
    Jan Lohndorf 22 dni temu

    Yeah i play fortnite, but there is no way how to make easy mercy or pacifism (You cant win solos without even try to kill) so thats why i dont use pacifism in Fortnite

  • Rasim Safarov
    Rasim Safarov 23 dni temu


  • Bucket Head - Gamez And Morez!

    I’m an extrointovert thinker and I don’t get mad at all I guess It’s my body’s way of protecting me also I’m the only person i know that has hated fortnite and battle royale games in general

  • Julio Hernandez
    Julio Hernandez 24 dni temu

    Tigers so I could squash theme under my shoes

  • TheBadHairBoy
    TheBadHairBoy 24 dni temu

    13:15 Killager as the calm one? 😕 You okay MatPat?

  • Amanda Playz
    Amanda Playz 24 dni temu


  • Little Hawk
    Little Hawk 24 dni temu

    I am an Extroverted Feeling person. I like to be friends with everyone! Wanna be friends, MatPat? (lol, if he responds, I'll eat my own shoe)

  • Amy Deschane
    Amy Deschane 24 dni temu

    I’m a battle royaler but I don’t care for any battle royal except for call of duty, also I play doom

  • Jack 76
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    100 haguhage sized tigers

  • Gamer Bros
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    Tiger sized hedgehog

  • Gamer Bros
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    Battle bus more like battle toaster

  • Izzy Arts
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    Isn't a Hedgehog sized tiger basically a small cat or a kitten

  • Smelly Melly
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    Ummmmm I’m a extravert thinker, I’m I ok 👍????

  • ProTato
    ProTato 26 dni temu

    I'm an introverted feeler but I'd give my aggression at least an 8.......... I don't get it

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  • Lori Foley
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  • YBN FinesseJugz
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    Fortnite is make me real killer savege shooter MLG Eleete pro

  • The Dark Lord Cthulhu
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    Fortnite doesn't make you violent it makes you gay.

  • Caeser
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