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  • Katie Kat
    Katie Kat 2 dni temu

    Dang, the 1950s sleepover skit from this episode seems to be missing from YT now. Wonder why.

  • unknown person
    unknown person 2 dni temu


  • Chelsea Lynn
    Chelsea Lynn 2 dni temu

    poor michael :(

  • Cyndi Moring
    Cyndi Moring 3 dni temu +1

    It's only funny to people who haven't had to live this reality

  • Amanda B
    Amanda B 4 dni temu

    Pete is honestly so cute

  • Raymond Montes
    Raymond Montes 4 dni temu

    This is actually really sad

  • Alison Shepard
    Alison Shepard 4 dni temu

    why is Steve Carell doing this when they could be working on an Office reboot

  • Allah is my lord
    Allah is my lord 5 dni temu

    Absolutely depressing to watch lol

  • Simran Rodh
    Simran Rodh 5 dni temu

    yeah i didn’t really like this skit either.

  • Juan Pablo Moreno Lozano

    I actually really liked this skit

  • She_ Leg22
    She_ Leg22 7 dni temu

    Aw.Id love to go to Arizona. *Ive never seen the ocean.*

  • Griffith R Snellman
    Griffith R Snellman 7 dni temu

    Wow SNL did a really bad job on this one

  • CDouble SBXO
    CDouble SBXO 8 dni temu

    Wow this is terrible, so that’s why it’s funny 😂

  • Jayjay500 Mangal
    Jayjay500 Mangal 8 dni temu

    Lol wtf

  • inSherlock
    inSherlock 10 dni temu

    This was hilarious.

  • Grace scott
    Grace scott 11 dni temu

    Michael looks so old and it makes me sad

  • John C John
    John C John 11 dni temu

    This is really depressing. Nearly every second of it.

  • barbenders
    barbenders 11 dni temu

    SNL has ducked so had for years

  • MrColz
    MrColz 11 dni temu

    Like what the heck did he have dementia lol

  • Old Lady
    Old Lady 13 dni temu +1

    Pete looks so cute with that hair

  • Catherine3385
    Catherine3385 13 dni temu +1

    This is not funny
    This is sad

  • Rhymy Bollocks
    Rhymy Bollocks 13 dni temu

    What. Is. This?

  • Inkimetronic
    Inkimetronic 13 dni temu +1

    This sketch organically played out. Steve Carell is so talented and feels like a natural that it is so awesome. Looking at this sketch makes me realise how 40 year old virgin could be played by only him

    MOLLY CRONIN 13 dni temu

    I’m not sure why everyone in the comments section is so negative. I thought that this skit was really funny and everyone did a really good job in it

  • Hashiel williams
    Hashiel williams 13 dni temu

    Wow sad.
    Not even funny I was confuse af

  • Hannah Stowe
    Hannah Stowe 13 dni temu

    how dare they put steve carell in this

  • neo jeo
    neo jeo 14 dni temu

    How appropriate, since SNL is basically the Micky Mouse Club for 17 year olds spending Saturday night at home.

  • Stephen Ernharth
    Stephen Ernharth 14 dni temu

    That could've been the least funny snl skit I've ever seen

  • Robert Hsueh
    Robert Hsueh 14 dni temu

    It was so bad even Pete didn't break

  • Joel Espedal
    Joel Espedal 14 dni temu

    Newspaper? Whats happening? what year is this?

  • Ed Scott
    Ed Scott 14 dni temu

    How stupid was that, SNL is not what it once was ):

  • Eric Gayner
    Eric Gayner 14 dni temu

    The had Erin, Andy, Pam, and Michael but instead they write a shitty script

  • Eric Gayner
    Eric Gayner 14 dni temu

    Why did they make steve do that

  • Phoenix Typewriter
    Phoenix Typewriter 15 dni temu

    Bad Bad Bad & Bad

  • Hybrid Trap
    Hybrid Trap 15 dni temu +4

    50 Year-Old Virgin 🤣

  • The D.E.T.
    The D.E.T. 15 dni temu

    Who wrote this bullshit!!!!

  • Willy G
    Willy G 15 dni temu

    Delete this

  • Strudleboy
    Strudleboy 16 dni temu

    What a dumb name for this sketch wtf lol

  • Me Hill
    Me Hill 16 dni temu +1

    Like this just cuz?

  • HimeNoKuri
    HimeNoKuri 16 dni temu

    They need to put this show out of its misery

  • Scott Anderson
    Scott Anderson 16 dni temu

    incredibly painful

  • TheRoflcopterGod
    TheRoflcopterGod 16 dni temu

    This whole skit seemed like it was making fun of someone with Alzheimer’s or another neurological disease. Even if not the intention, it was really bad to make a persons failing memory as the butt of a joke.

  • Mae Durant
    Mae Durant 16 dni temu

    You mean your dad 😂

  • sebatian
    sebatian 16 dni temu

    2 minutes in and I'M NOT LAUGHING....i laugh at cat videos for God's sake!!!!

  • TexaCali Mom
    TexaCali Mom 16 dni temu +1

    This is so sad. SNL is so off the rails that even Steve Carell can’t save this. Heck! My cat could write something funnier than they can.

  • Lafe Denton
    Lafe Denton 16 dni temu

    Steve Carrell doesn't seem to helped this show with its lack of comedy. Every skit was sooooooo painful to watch on this episode.

  • Calapse Sathir
    Calapse Sathir 16 dni temu

    Wow,that chick with the voice is getting hotter every season. /sigh unzips

  • Rose52890
    Rose52890 16 dni temu

    Not where i thought that was going but ok

  • Jamerson Wesson
    Jamerson Wesson 16 dni temu

    This is just terrible.

  • joseph reis
    joseph reis 16 dni temu

    I love how the title has nothing to do with the actual sketch

  • CubeFOP
    CubeFOP 16 dni temu

    It should be
    I’d love to go to Colorado, I have never seen the ocean!

  • ansahs ansah
    ansahs ansah 16 dni temu

    Hm. I only chuckled at "we've only done it twice"

  • That_Misfit
    That_Misfit 16 dni temu

    This makes no sense. Even Steve Carell couldn't save this skit (or this entire episode, for that matter). NONE of the supporting actors are even funny, even in funnier skits. I honestly do not understand how they got hired. I want to see their audition tapes. What is so funny about this skit, a dad not knowing his wife left him but the kids knowing? SNL, why are you writing this garbage? WHO thought this was GOOD? GET SOME NEW WRITERS IN THERE.

  • Molly Adnerwald
    Molly Adnerwald 17 dni temu

    This was... not very funny

  • Svens Nation
    Svens Nation 17 dni temu

    This was more depressing then funny

  • Madison Sido
    Madison Sido 17 dni temu

    Uh this started to feel like it was just a portrayal of the life of someone with brain damage.

  • Kenkenobi
    Kenkenobi 17 dni temu

    So basically anyone can write anything for SNL now and they'll air it? I'm sorry but this was just embarrassing. Also could you look at the teleprompter a little more 😂

  • • chasey •
    • chasey • 17 dni temu

    im sorry but I can never look or think of Pete in the same way I did before

  • Kenneth Frank
    Kenneth Frank 17 dni temu

    Ah, yes the goal of every man, becoming weekend Dad. Getting borderline drunk and "explaining" to the kids how "God's gonna punish Mom".

  • Maya Lopez
    Maya Lopez 17 dni temu

    anybody else trying to find a “thats what she said” joke?🤣🤣

  • F L
    F L 17 dni temu

    SNL is on a downward slide since last season.

  • Garrett Chollett
    Garrett Chollett 17 dni temu

    I’m sorry this really was not very funny at all even with Steve Carrell. Need John Mulaney back on the writing staff

  • cat lmao
    cat lmao 18 dni temu

    how does pete davidson genuinely looks like hes 13

  • 42 37
    42 37 18 dni temu

    What episode of the office is this?

  • MasterShake300
    MasterShake300 18 dni temu

    Snl is just sad now..

  • Miko Philo
    Miko Philo 18 dni temu

    Would have been funnier if he was just actually out of the loop instead of suffering from brain injury

  • Areesha Shams Memon
    Areesha Shams Memon 18 dni temu

    Alzheimer's. Dad has Alzheimer's.

  • Yasmin BSJ
    Yasmin BSJ 18 dni temu

    1:15 the only kinda funny joke

  • Cameryn Reed
    Cameryn Reed 18 dni temu

    He sounds like Gru

  • Tweeter05
    Tweeter05 18 dni temu


  • Fake Daddy  long neck
    Fake Daddy long neck 18 dni temu +1

    Did anyone just click this cause of Pete lmao

  • AvaFromEngland
    AvaFromEngland 18 dni temu


  • Jordan Franklin
    Jordan Franklin 18 dni temu

    Love how on the nose the humor was in this one lol

  • Rena Cunningham
    Rena Cunningham 18 dni temu

    Snl sucks.

  • DjTaylow
    DjTaylow 18 dni temu

    Wow not even Steve Carell can make this show funny. SNL has gone so downhill.

  • Melissa Beth
    Melissa Beth 18 dni temu

    Totally boring

  • Ryleigh Burke
    Ryleigh Burke 18 dni temu

    Is there a way to dislike a video twice?

  • MontagZoso
    MontagZoso 18 dni temu

    Based on how bad snl has gotten and the amount of likes the sketches still get, I am suspecting people just give a thumbs up before they even sit through these.

  • BigKids
    BigKids 18 dni temu +1

    This is kinda sad in a way

  • Megan Cramer
    Megan Cramer 18 dni temu

    This was shit

  • Byebyebi Hera
    Byebyebi Hera 18 dni temu

    That was just depressing

  • Bendijester
    Bendijester 19 dni temu

    It's sad when the "laugh track" is more amused with this skit than I am. What the hell has happened to SNL?!

  • Danielle Tronolone
    Danielle Tronolone 19 dni temu

    This was not the best lmao

  • Ximena Vazquez
    Ximena Vazquez 19 dni temu

    This is just tragic

  • Nate Holler
    Nate Holler 19 dni temu


  • Jonathan Robinson
    Jonathan Robinson 19 dni temu

    This wasn't funny, just made me sad.

  • Daniel Carcano
    Daniel Carcano 19 dni temu

    Idk why alot of people think new SNL is crap, I love old SNL new SNL. It's alll funny as fuck. I will always be an SNL fan no matter what. This is pure gold

  • glori a
    glori a 19 dni temu

    this actually was just sad

  • Samuel B
    Samuel B 19 dni temu

    This didn't read like "stupid dad" to me. This read like "dad has early-onset Alzheimer's".

  • YoungDagger Diccc
    YoungDagger Diccc 19 dni temu

    My face through this whole video: 😐

  • blondie
    blondie 19 dni temu

    Say Kelly Clarkson.

  • Derek Dere
    Derek Dere 19 dni temu

    Does anyone find this funny oh yea Dems with low IQ

  • b my
    b my 19 dni temu

    Ok it's fake anall but who sleeps with their socks on tf

  • zozerbee
    zozerbee 19 dni temu

    this wasnt funny at all rip the death of snl

  • Lena Sabine
    Lena Sabine 19 dni temu

    What is this?

  • herpderpy
    herpderpy 19 dni temu

    I think the angle is that during this skit, Steve was suffering from a series of strokes.

  • Maddi Shoults
    Maddi Shoults 19 dni temu

    “ah! i’d love to go to arizona i’ve never seen the ocean” 😂😂

  • Carter Pewterschmidt
    Carter Pewterschmidt 19 dni temu

    This sketch is even darker if you imagine this is Michael Scott and Holly just left him.

  • Adam Covert
    Adam Covert 19 dni temu

    This is probably the least funny thing I’ve ever seen

  • neutrino _
    neutrino _ 19 dni temu

    this is really boring and not funny.