Laugh.. and Nicolas Cage will visit your Nightmares

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  • Opublikowany 22 maj 2019
  • You laugh you lose, big time
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  • sub meh live stream after 10k sub

    He deffo dropped the c-bomb in the last 2 ylyl vids.....ha ha. Welcome to England, now you're one of us

  • Angel Todd
    Angel Todd 12 godzin temu

    Don't know if this is relevant but as he said 420 I was pulling a bong
    I swear to fucking god

  • Panchev Penyo
    Panchev Penyo Dzień temu


  • Supreme Master
    Supreme Master Dzień temu

    8:58 anyone remember the episode of jimmy neutron when the jeans came to life???

  • Molly Bryan
    Molly Bryan Dzień temu

    11:00 -your welcome-

  • Pranav V Mohan
    Pranav V Mohan 2 dni temu

    Why TF did you remove Belle Delphine Sonic? It was hilarious

    KING GAMES 2 dni temu


  • Olivia Crone
    Olivia Crone 2 dni temu

    Who else searched up what 35×12 was just to see if pewdiepie was right 😂😂

  • Lord Mochi
    Lord Mochi 2 dni temu

    Aint that Sal Valentino’s pal

  • aLL the | mp4
    aLL the | mp4 2 dni temu

    Почему у меня название по-русски?
    А он неплох) наверное лям+ в день зарабатывает... Но сколько же надо пахать, чтобы с кампаниями и корпорациями соревноваться.
    Он в форме, всё успевает...

  • Akureisenshi2
    Akureisenshi2 3 dni temu

    first 5 seconds on repeat.

  • Lilian Maria
    Lilian Maria 4 dni temu +1

    Every tiktok should just be like that

  • 46 62 65 68 75 42 78 75 68

    8:59 I don't even have them on 😏

  • Lauren Delaney
    Lauren Delaney 4 dni temu +4

    THE ONE IN THE ARBYS DRIVE THRU IS @caleb_martinez.mp5

  • smoll bean
    smoll bean 5 dni temu

    0:05 bakugou has entered the chat

  • David
    David 5 dni temu +2

    goDaMmiT mEmeS aRe So BaD riGht nOw

  • Cyndi Gutiérrez
    Cyndi Gutiérrez 5 dni temu

    Don't hate on trinityanorisette like u stop and she an amazing personality but u have a mean personality sometimes 😐 by the way no hate just try to fix ur personality a little

  • D O O D L E S
    D O O D L E S 5 dni temu

    I laughed 3 times

  • D O O D L E S
    D O O D L E S 5 dni temu

    Meme or wateva:you can’t snap your fingers in your mouth

  • D O O D L E S
    D O O D L E S 5 dni temu

    That girl that thinks she cute

  • Ty Lewis
    Ty Lewis 6 dni temu

    get him to 100 mill

  • Kaydance hamilton
    Kaydance hamilton 6 dni temu

    I love how i watched this vid over after coming feom ig and i try to like by double tapping

  • Jewelzer Plays
    Jewelzer Plays 7 dni temu

    3:47 I feel so bad for her :(

    • Disfatt Bidge
      Disfatt Bidge 3 dni temu

      Jewelzer Plays ikr but I can understand why cause she spreads so much positivity and love and he being rude but I don’t think he has tiktok so 🤷🏽‍♀️ I still love them though ♥️

  • Baphomenian
    Baphomenian 7 dni temu

    He 🙌 knows 🙌 Swaggersoulz 🙌 bless

  • Adam Guy
    Adam Guy 7 dni temu

    And that is why I don’t where jeans

  • MLG Boy
    MLG Boy 7 dni temu


    BTS SUPER ARMY 8 dni temu

    I already lost at The sun screen dude. 😂😂

  • Bella Scotto
    Bella Scotto 8 dni temu

    More like toady frog

    SUNITA KUMARI 8 dni temu

    Ye video dekh ke hum man kiya ki tumhara matha for de

  • IDKHOW!attheTwentyØneGreenChemicalFallOutDiscos

    1:32 *I am so proud of this **_country_*

  • no u
    no u 8 dni temu +1


  • Jack-AsonB Memes0811

    Like left down in comment as told. 👍

  • Amber Smith
    Amber Smith 9 dni temu

    People who use captions as their own personal video commentary are the same people who think it’s okay to talk throughout the entire movie, explaining what everyone can already see is happening on screen, while also adding their opinions on it for anyone who will listen, voluntarily or otherwise.
    Just so you know, people in earshot at the theater are daydreaming about dumping their popcorn over your head because nobody paid for a ticket to see or hear you.
    Some people actually need captions, so thankfully there is usually more than one option for them. FFS. Like I guess putting a little extra in parentheses is one thing, but some people don’t even bother to include what Felix is saying.

  • ham ster
    ham ster 9 dni temu

    the english subtitles are off-timing……😭

  • Markus Kalmi
    Markus Kalmi 10 dni temu

    HE KNOWS WHO SWAGGERSOULS IS!?!?!?!? Then he must know Sovietwomble?!?!

  • Music'N'Stuff Boii
    Music'N'Stuff Boii 10 dni temu +1

    3:00 in the monitor: Flippity floopity im cooomng fooor dat puuusyyy

  • cutiestarkle 134 Nicole

    3:50 thats the girl from tiktok

  • Joe Arriaga
    Joe Arriaga 10 dni temu +1

    Bring back poppy gloria!! Big mad (·`~´·)

  • yuqi teoh
    yuqi teoh 10 dni temu

    what's the bgm on 3:10?

  • CrxftinqqJxy
    CrxftinqqJxy 11 dni temu

    Nicolas Cage raindrops mod in Minecraft is terrible

  • Renzi Santillan
    Renzi Santillan 11 dni temu

    Dear. Mr. Pewdiepie
    I miss the game Pewdiepie, i miss the nice background Pewdiepie, i miss the old Pewdiepie, pls come back :(((

  • Mia Perez
    Mia Perez 11 dni temu

    4:15 why you do rude if you saw her on tiktok she made a video crying about what you said to her

  • Durkle Georgeson
    Durkle Georgeson 11 dni temu

    she is kinda cute

  • Its Duckz
    Its Duckz 11 dni temu

    0:27 idk y this is so funny to me

  • Intelligent Gorilla
    Intelligent Gorilla 11 dni temu

    I'm going to be honest. Don't scream bigot please. James Charles and other dudes like that just freak me out. It's one thing to be gay, that's fine. It's another thing to make yourself look like a girl. *Shivers* Come on. Be a proud masculine gay man.

  • isaaa
    isaaa 11 dni temu

    4:20 you didn’t say anything nice about her but she was still so happy to be in your video

  • Strange Shoes
    Strange Shoes 11 dni temu


  • Chewy
    Chewy 11 dni temu

    someone should tell me how to get the video at 2:48

  • Tripp TV
    Tripp TV 11 dni temu

    I subed

  • Блогер Ветик
    Блогер Ветик 12 dni temu +1

    Я ее подпишусь кто тоже русский и ни фига не знает инглиш ставь лайк

  • Rush Dream
    Rush Dream 12 dni temu

    Turn on caption.. 😲

  • GD Ultralix
    GD Ultralix 12 dni temu

    Merch idea

  • Nicko Lalli
    Nicko Lalli 12 dni temu


  • MysteriousHunter
    MysteriousHunter 12 dni temu

    “Live the best life you can” he says while smoking

  • Melloniche
    Melloniche 12 dni temu

    I snapped my fingers inside my mouth on the first try but I cut the top of my mouth with my thumbnail and busted my bottom lip on my tooth with my middle finger. Was it worth it?

  • man andrew
    man andrew 12 dni temu

    Me:THE...THEY NO FUNNY PewDiePie:What the...I'm so stupid:D

  • SleepyMcFroggo JR.
    SleepyMcFroggo JR. 12 dni temu

    the captions are good. thank you who ever made them ;)

  • Vanilla CinnamonBon
    Vanilla CinnamonBon 12 dni temu

    4:16 she is such a sweet person and everyone makes fun of her I was heartbroken whenshe said the words "I love you pewdiepie " because she was in one of your videos even though you were also making fun of her .smh people these just love to fill the world with hate .

  • Broth_ass
    Broth_ass 12 dni temu

    9:58 I had a sudden stomachache

  • Gael Albarran
    Gael Albarran 12 dni temu

    lel I dont wear jeans

  • Атанас Златков

    Play Fortnite PewDiePie Plaes

  • Атанас Златков

    Super PewDiePie

  • Wooden Freddy
    Wooden Freddy 13 dni temu +1

    Pewds thats what I did to get 420

  • RsomeoneL
    RsomeoneL 13 dni temu +1

    10:23 video name plssss

  • HiddenShadowGirl
    HiddenShadowGirl 13 dni temu

    4:20 I actually feel so bad for her she’s so positive and nice and she said you’re her favorite PLclipd even after you said those things. She’s so sweet

  • Aisha Camara
    Aisha Camara 13 dni temu

    The girl at 4:20 saw ur vid she does not rlly express hate and was jus happy u noticed her but it made me feel bad so can u address this or reply

  • Collin Prew
    Collin Prew 13 dni temu

    Me after making eye contact with a girl on the bus: 9:24

  • Freya Taylor
    Freya Taylor 13 dni temu

    The girl at 4:20. He barely said anything mean goddamn

    • Freya Taylor
      Freya Taylor 13 dni temu

      Also, SHE WAS FUCKING CRINGEY. She can "spread positivity" all she likes but it's still awkward to watch that video. Plus the funniness isn't about her, it's about the way the other people react.

  • The Creative Introvert

    I think Pewds is losing it because it seems that all hope is lost for PLclip and the ENTIRE INTERNET because of that stupid law in Europe.

  • John Muller
    John Muller 13 dni temu

    7:10 I died

  • iixMarisaxii
    iixMarisaxii 13 dni temu +1

    4:16 all she does is try to spread positivity and she gets hate? I feel so bad for her :(

    • nati galindez
      nati galindez 11 dni temu

      That's not hate. Pews like that with just about anything. In videos sometimes he disses his fiance and she jokes back.

  • Атанас Златков


  • Атанас Златков


  • Sister Sarah
    Sister Sarah 13 dni temu

    Because of 4:20 unsubscribe

  • Fikhri Official
    Fikhri Official 13 dni temu +1

    Hi im from indonesia👍

  • Someone
    Someone 13 dni temu


  • sage mode scratch
    sage mode scratch 14 dni temu

    I don’t own a pair of jeans

  • Navi smile
    Navi smile 14 dni temu

    PewDiePie please don't be rude to her she is a kind person she loves to spread positivity 4:20

  • Luka Ninic
    Luka Ninic 14 dni temu

    3:35 look at tv

  • GummyTheBars Gaming
    GummyTheBars Gaming 14 dni temu

    H a m b u r g e r

  • Rachell Elise
    Rachell Elise 14 dni temu +5

    How many people watch his videos with the captions 😂😂

  • Nathan Paul
    Nathan Paul 14 dni temu +1

    7:00 that’s exactly how I do arithmetic. Bless your soul Felix

  • Holy Chumbuckets
    Holy Chumbuckets 14 dni temu

    In snap my fingers inside my mouth in sync with Felix and we both had the reaction at the same time. I’m an idiot.😂😂😭

  • Holy Chumbuckets
    Holy Chumbuckets 14 dni temu

    The dog one got me. It looked so sad.😭😭

  • Aaron Ibarra
    Aaron Ibarra 14 dni temu

    10:25 name or the video?

  • Cosmo Universe
    Cosmo Universe 14 dni temu

    The guy at 8:18 was a (self censorship) d##k. He was wrong, it doesn't matter if you work there or not 'dumbass' stop being a lazy f##king idiot and get off your phone. Help the person idiot, I hate seeing those kinda vids they're just recording not doing jack squat.

  • Hack_youBot
    Hack_youBot 14 dni temu


  • Pretzel
    Pretzel 14 dni temu

    11:27 me when my dad FaceTimes me and starts talking about random things and I know he won’t
    shut up

  • Canned Coochie
    Canned Coochie 14 dni temu

    0:46 Trump during high school

  • Snail Speed
    Snail Speed 14 dni temu

    H e s a l r e a d y i n t h e m

  • Duce Jaeger
    Duce Jaeger 14 dni temu

    I lost on the jeans part!!! I'm to high for this!!😂😂😂 THATS MY ALARM🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️ ITS GOES OFF AT 5:00AM ITS 2PM!!!

  • Emil.p 123456789
    Emil.p 123456789 14 dni temu

    5:48 good job Felix you discribed school

  • lsles a
    lsles a 15 dni temu


  • Alejandra Avila
    Alejandra Avila 15 dni temu

    Hahah the best part of this video was 12:24 - end LOL nice

  • Emily Wilson
    Emily Wilson 15 dni temu

    4:25 she looks constipated

  • Gomedgi Super
    Gomedgi Super 15 dni temu

    стоп пчм пьюдипай пишет на руском?!

  • Quintin Andino
    Quintin Andino 15 dni temu

    I snapped my fingers inside my mouth.

  • Hakikati Söyle
    Hakikati Söyle 15 dni temu

    90 billion bots 😂 your not funny

  • Walking mood
    Walking mood 15 dni temu +1

    4:20 i feel bad this is her favorite youtuber😢

  • Eustace Bagge
    Eustace Bagge 15 dni temu

    4:08 girls who do shit like this are so annoying and cringy
    edit: hot damn, I saw her tiktok. that girl is so in love with herself it ain’t even funny. how full of yourself can one get? my gosh.