BLACKkKLANSMAN - Official Trailer [HD] - In Theaters August 10

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  • Opublikowany 14 maj 2018
  • A Spike Lee joint. From producer Jordan Peele. Based on some fo’ real, fo’ real sh*t. Watch the #BlacKkKlansman trailer now - in theaters August 10.
    From visionary filmmaker Spike Lee comes the incredible true story of an American hero. It’s the early 1970s, and Ron Stallworth (John David Washington) is the first African-American detective to serve in the Colorado Springs Police Department. Determined to make a name for himself, Stallworth bravely sets out on a dangerous mission: infiltrate and expose the Ku Klux Klan. The young detective soon recruits a more seasoned colleague, Flip Zimmerman (Adam Driver), into the undercover investigation of a lifetime. Together, they team up to take down the extremist hate group as the organization aims to sanitize its violent rhetoric to appeal to the mainstream. Produced by the team behind the Academy-Award® winning Get Out.
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  • Mike in NorCal
    Mike in NorCal Dzień temu

    Is your dick circumstanced??? 😂😭

  • Danica Jekic
    Danica Jekic 2 dni temu

    I was losing my shit in the theatre when Ron first called the KKK. And cheering when he made that last call. This movie is funny, thrilling, intelligent, sad, horrifying, and powerful. It deserved even more Oscars!!

  • KreayhesTheSunbro
    KreayhesTheSunbro 3 dni temu


  • Paulo Roberto
    Paulo Roberto 4 dni temu

    I wish the movie was more like the trailer.

  • Gregory Campbell
    Gregory Campbell 4 dni temu

    Is the sequel gonna be called “White Black Panther?”

    • Gregory Campbell
      Gregory Campbell 4 dni temu

      Before anyone starts drinking Hateraide, it was a joke, I don’t support any kind of supremacy.

  • linda lemieux
    linda lemieux 4 dni temu +2

    Great movie. Highly recommend it. Throughout the movie things Duke said reminded me of a certain person in the oval office right now and then, there he was, at the end with his ignorant, inappropriate and widow into who he really is with his response to the violence in Charlottesville in 2017.

  • Gaddafi zundel
    Gaddafi zundel 5 dni temu +4

    Comments are heavily censored.

  • Michael
    Michael 5 dni temu

    I'm an hour into this movie because people are swearing it's great, and honestly, I just don't see it. Basically another clumsily written and directed Spike Lee polemic that soapboxes its audience into submission with its own narrow minded views.

  • Truth Told
    Truth Told 5 dni temu

    seems kind of racist for a movie to talk down about white people, but i guess all you douches thinks its ok to talk bad about white people while you cry like a baby when someone says something negative about black people. You can't have it one way....needs to be both ways.

  • Row Your Boat
    Row Your Boat 8 dni temu

    6.6k honkies disliked

  • alexeykudin
    alexeykudin 10 dni temu

    a good film, especially at the end when the communists were crushed, I hate totalitarianists, they brought so much grief to my homeland. Greetings from Ukraine! God bless America!

  • Kuhoo Not Kuhu
    Kuhoo Not Kuhu 10 dni temu

    I dont know or care if its race baiting or whatever the hell. I dont even live in America or Europe. I am brown. And I just watched this movie and I couldn't believe but I was shocked, terrified and with teary eyes. I sat still for a good minute. No movie has been able to do that to me in a while. My god what the hell is going on in the world!

  • Thought Frankly
    Thought Frankly 11 dni temu

    The lead actor doesnt sound white at all. Then they send in a jew as his double? Moronic. Just get a normal white guy for the phone and spying if anything. This movie is unbelievable. Why the hell would the Jewish rat shoot perfectly giving away hes a cop? Lol gimme a break. Then he has his KKK license sent to the black actors address. Americans really make trash and fall for trash

    DHALOH 11 dni temu +1

    A masterpiece.

  • Andreas 13
    Andreas 13 12 dni temu

    Will you really believe a movie about the klan written by a white hating negroid like spike lee and a jew? That is like having hitler review and critiqe the southern poverty law center or the anti defamation league...
    Of course you p.c. cowards are scared of blacks hurting you if you say something against this movie so y'all love it.
    Oh well.

  • Andreas 13
    Andreas 13 12 dni temu

    This only proves that if klansmen are morons for letting a black cop infiltrate the the naacp are even bigger morons...
    They had a white woman as one of their top people who said she was black.
    At least the black clansmman did not claim to be white otherwise.

  • Banyamyan Yasharahlah
    Banyamyan Yasharahlah 13 dni temu

    Who actually are the real Biblical SOUL-SEEDS Scattered-Dispersed Salt-Flavor of the Earth Jews Israelites 12 Tribes? Certainly not the Caucasoid people calling themselves JEWISH-IS-REALLY today ruling America, Africa, Europe and Jerusalem, lacking all of the Biblical Curses and Seed Biology Soul Disposition-Characteristics.
    Imposter Jews Trenchcoat Mafia, Keystone Cops.

  • Banyamyan Yasharahlah
    Banyamyan Yasharahlah 13 dni temu

    So many So-Called African Americans are still lost to a manufactured title two Continental Landmasses merged together America-Africa courtesy of the democratic COON party, when majority of the So-Called African-Americans, So-Called Afro-African Caribbean NEGROIDS were in the Newfoundland Arsarath originally called before being renamed to America in honor of a Caucasoid Navigator named Amerigo Vespucci.

  • Lonely Goat
    Lonely Goat 13 dni temu

    0:54 the guy on the right starts laughing at the irony

  • MTL Goon
    MTL Goon 15 dni temu

    hhhhhhwite man

  • 画电影FilmSketching

    A tribute to 《Blackkklansman》

  • Crisco
    Crisco 16 dni temu

    Trash movie

  • Connor Morley
    Connor Morley 16 dni temu

    I just finished watching this movie, and it blew me away! Damn, Spike Lee; you still have it in you! Congrats on your Oscar!

  • ses S
    ses S 16 dni temu +1

    Movie was stupid as hell, not even accurate to the real story. What a way to disgrace Ron stallworth.

  • Seksi-Seppo Laitela
    Seksi-Seppo Laitela 18 dni temu +2

    Hyvä Jasper! Me ollaan ylpeitä susta. 👍

  • A Being
    A Being 18 dni temu

    i would 'like' to know.....what 'Ralph Smart'....thinks ...Yup. thats all.

  • Ryan Hart
    Ryan Hart 19 dni temu +2

    This movie is the perfect example why most black people don't belong in America. The fact is that most black people are nothing but murderers, rapists, drug dealers, thieves or just a lying selfish illiterate racist want to be gangster smart ass. The government needs to pay to relocate most of the black race to countries in Africa. It would save thousands of lives, billions of tax dollars and bring America a big step closer to becoming a peaceful nation.

  • The First Pharoah TV outreach program

    Hebrew lives matter

  • Light Being Aid
    Light Being Aid 19 dni temu +1

    Racist Movie!

  • Coldmaster
    Coldmaster 20 dni temu

    Spike Lee, you made a masterpiece!

  • Flamezz
    Flamezz 21 dzień temu

    Absolutely speachless

  • aziz
    aziz 21 dzień temu +2

    what a stupid boring movie. won an oscar for political reason. ridiculously overrrated.

  • Cesar Hernandez
    Cesar Hernandez 21 dzień temu

    This movie sucked

  • The Beat Saber Enthusiast
    The Beat Saber Enthusiast 21 dzień temu

    I find his afro so satisfying

  • Joanna Fr
    Joanna Fr 21 dzień temu

    Just ask Baltimore's Gun Tracking Task Force. Mostly black cops being predators to poor black people. Robbing them and arresting them falsely.

  • Joanna Fr
    Joanna Fr 21 dzień temu

    Cop recruitment film. Why they now make Spike more mainstream. A cop is a pig, no matter what color.

  • Jungle Fire
    Jungle Fire 22 dni temu

    this movie is the truth. thank you spike.

  • MsUncleKevin
    MsUncleKevin 22 dni temu +2

    This movie sucked letz bee honest. The plot was so predictable and Jasper acted like he had fucking problems (couldnt take anything seriously). His charismatic but couldnt find the act. Why to nominate this shit oscars lol. (My opinion)

  • Pradeep Poonia
    Pradeep Poonia 22 dni temu +1

    Eidting and story logic is messed up at so many points.

  • Dot Space
    Dot Space 22 dni temu

    just dont say j word

  • Robert King
    Robert King 22 dni temu

    Spike lee is racist

  • Perfectly Balanced as All Things Should be

    What's better than triggered SJWs? Triggered racists foaming about a fuckin' movie.

  • GZA036
    GZA036 23 dni temu

    Black people are smarter & superior to whites, and if you don't agree... You are RACIST

    • EsophagusEater67
      EsophagusEater67 12 dni temu +1

      GZA036 why do blacks living in the USA have an average of 85 IQ compared to whites in the USA which is 100

    • Cancer
      Cancer 12 dni temu

      I guess I'm racist then

    • GZA036
      GZA036 20 dni temu +1

      +EsophagusEater67 Yeah right, blacks had ancient societies made of gold in africa THEY WAS KANGZ

    • EsophagusEater67
      EsophagusEater67 21 dzień temu +1

      other than the fact that whites built modern society and have a higher IQ

    KHAL DROGO 23 dni temu

    This Man sounds just like his father.

  • na na
    na na 23 dni temu

    this is added to my must watch film this year along with roma

  • Messi Ronaldo
    Messi Ronaldo 23 dni temu +1

    after oscar.

  • Esther Rogers
    Esther Rogers 24 dni temu +5

    Just heard of this film thanks to the Oscars.

    • PlasmaCoolantLeak
      PlasmaCoolantLeak 22 dni temu

      I got the book when I first heard this was coming out (always enjoy Spike Lee movies). Hell of a story, great movie.

  • Conot
    Conot 24 dni temu +6

    I hear the sequel is going to be a white cop Infiltrating BLM!

    • Conot
      Conot 11 dni temu

      Superstarseven I’m not the defending a bigoted organization. Unlike you I don’t like any hate groups

    • Thought Frankly
      Thought Frankly 11 dni temu


    • EsophagusEater67
      EsophagusEater67 21 dzień temu +1

      ​+Superstarseven oh piss off snowflake

    • Superstarseven
      Superstarseven 23 dni temu +1

      Go fuck yourself, dude.

  • Doug Reibling
    Doug Reibling 24 dni temu

    I doubt that Mr. Lee will ever read this, but I would love to see a Jesse Belvin bio - pic.

  • John NoNameGibbon
    John NoNameGibbon 24 dni temu +1

    This movie is insanely inaccurate.
    -David Duke never planned on killing anyone.
    -There was no bombing
    -The Black dude never infiltrated the clan and there was no Jewish cop.

  • Greatest Cinematography
    Greatest Cinematography 24 dni temu +1

    Should have won the Oscar.

  • Donald Chump
    Donald Chump 24 dni temu +1


  • M M
    M M 24 dni temu +1

    This is not a real movie. This is propaganda to influence the 2020 election. And they blame Russia for facebook memes LOL. Hollywood, the news and our universities influence elections more than anyone. This movie was specifically created to equate Trump with the klan, and the ending shows Charlottesville and David Duke mentioning Trump. They think you are so stupid that you will equate them together. So they believe that YOUR vote actually belongs to them and that you can't think for yourselves. They are the real dividers of this country. Hollywood has been doing this since the 60s. I advise you to watch "Farewell Uncle Tom", which is the same propaganda, making black folks feel outraged, then ending with a call to action to kill white people. Are you going to choose to think rationally for yourself, or are you going to let the people who run the media keep outraging, dividing and taking your voie?

  • djf750
    djf750 24 dni temu

    Ironically, Spike Lee gave out what he THOUGHT was George Zimmerman's address in order to get a "lynch" mob to his house???
    A couple who lived there had to move out of fear for their lives.
    I really like Lee's films but I won't watch anymore because of that dangerous, HATEFUL act by Lee.
    Lee would have been one of those white people mugging for the camera on those horrible pictures of a black man being lynched by a white crowd in the 30's down south.
    Talented, but a despicable, ignorant man.

  • Oliver Dahlgren
    Oliver Dahlgren 24 dni temu

    who is here after the Oscar nominee

  • nico cacci
    nico cacci 24 dni temu

    Looks shit... Same old shit. Boring

  • Don Townsend
    Don Townsend 24 dni temu +5


    • FashionLoveSmile
      FashionLoveSmile 21 dzień temu +1

      Don Townsend You're a moron! Why is telling the truth of what happened to black people bother you so much?? What do you do to combat racism exactly?? why don't white directors make movies that deal with racism and how we need to come together?? you're a moron

    • Don Townsend
      Don Townsend 23 dni temu

      +CJ ....What the character says and what the movie says are completely opposite especially the dishonest ending portraying events and statements in as a biased manner as possible to what aim ; to denigrate President Trump and generate hate toward his supporters !

    • novisxlove x
      novisxlove x 23 dni temu

      CJ My bad dude, I was confused and had no idea who you were addressing. Sorry about that! I honesty have no idea what that other dude was going on about lol

    • CJ
      CJ 23 dni temu +3

      Nah bro, I’m talking to the braindead moron who started this thread, not you. Sorry for the confusion
      He’s claiming that this movie is divisive even though its own moral lesson is completely contradictory to that. He clearly didn’t watch it and is looking to be offended 😂

    • novisxlove x
      novisxlove x 23 dni temu

      CJ Did you even read my comment? I said I haven’t seen the movie, as in the movie he was referencing (Birth of a Nation)

  • I Know How You Feel
    I Know How You Feel 24 dni temu +1

    The filthy gentile cattle suspects nothing.

  • rtxd kavy
    rtxd kavy 24 dni temu

    Comment section
    99% bitching about trump supporters
    1% other
    0% actual trump supporters

  • Jayden Alonso
    Jayden Alonso 24 dni temu +1

    Excuse me blacklist anyone

    This isn't racist blacklist is Netflix series

  • adamtki
    adamtki 24 dni temu +2

    The movie is trying to brainwash people into believing that saying "America first" is racist like the KKK.

  • Dee Manz
    Dee Manz 24 dni temu +2

    Spike Lee was snubbed. #Oscars2019

  • Edith Carter
    Edith Carter 24 dni temu

    I've got to see it.

  • Antonio J. H Mantilla
    Antonio J. H Mantilla 24 dni temu

    This came out a day before my 20th Birthday.

  • Charlotte Katakuri
    Charlotte Katakuri 24 dni temu +6

    It’s okay to be white.

    • EsophagusEater67
      EsophagusEater67 21 dzień temu

      +Perfectly Balanced as All Things Should be okay mate. instead of making a fucking shite accusation you should actually counter his point. oh wait hes right and you're wrong you absolute spanner

    • I Know How You Feel
      I Know How You Feel 21 dzień temu

      +FashionLoveSmile You cant make an argument, and that is why you attack me with insults.

    • FashionLoveSmile
      FashionLoveSmile 21 dzień temu

      Perfectly Balanced as All Things Should be 👏👏👏👏

    • FashionLoveSmile
      FashionLoveSmile 21 dzień temu

      I Know How You Feel You are a moron!!! Please crawl back under a rock and Don't come out!! 😂😂😂

    • FashionLoveSmile
      FashionLoveSmile 21 dzień temu

      Charlotte Katakuri No one said it wasn't you moron and that's not the movie is about. We are all human and should be treated as such! I often do you day it's okay to be black, Asian, Indeginous?? fool!

  • Ernest
    Ernest 24 dni temu

    this is crap! not original and limited in scope! race race race all the time! no spike no!

  • Anonymous ™
    Anonymous ™ 24 dni temu

    It's won an oscar!

  • jakedaniels 881981
    jakedaniels 881981 25 dni temu

    he really does sound like denzel.

  • TheBalls55
    TheBalls55 25 dni temu +2

    I knew there would be racist and anti-Semitic comments here .

  • DarkCode
    DarkCode 25 dni temu +3

    It's dirty to make a similar point to Trump putting America first and then trying to make a racist connection. Typical liberal. Boycotting

  • Multicultural Malignancy
    Multicultural Malignancy 25 dni temu +1

    Lee is a piece of excrement!

  • Marney Cohen
    Marney Cohen 26 dni temu

    I think this should be best picture...I am putting money on it!!!

  • Fmancillaz
    Fmancillaz 26 dni temu +3

    Cant wait for the next 1.000.000 race based movies nominated to the Oscars, thanks America!

  • Julián Suárez
    Julián Suárez 26 dni temu

    0:02 scene didn't appear in the movie?

  • enlightenedapple
    enlightenedapple 26 dni temu

    Nobody noticed his black skin?

    • enlightenedapple
      enlightenedapple 25 dni temu

      I didn’t. I just watched it now and it looks good.

    • M C
      M C 25 dni temu +1

      Did you not see the trailer?

  • Crow Whisperer
    Crow Whisperer 27 dni temu +2

    Probably one of the best movies I’ve ever watched with so much delight!

  • war collector 44
    war collector 44 27 dni temu

    What the movie tells us
    White power is wrong
    Black power is right

  • Big Country
    Big Country 27 dni temu

    And abracadabra.....Jussie Smollet. Any other divisive shit Hollywood can come up with would be great.(Heavy sarcasm)

  • NecromortisQc
    NecromortisQc 28 dni temu


  • Jennifer Peterson
    Jennifer Peterson 29 dni temu

    As a society, our country still has a LONG way to go.

  • Empty Dreams
    Empty Dreams 29 dni temu

    very good movie indeed

  • Infinite Plane of Existence

    So is BLM, and the BPP

  • Infinite Plane of Existence

    The KKK is controlled opposition

  • bruce march
    bruce march Miesiąc temu +1

    BlacKkKlansman, the Jussie Smollet Story.

  • Jesus Martinez
    Jesus Martinez Miesiąc temu

    Triggered stupid kkk racists, get a life

    • EsophagusEater67
      EsophagusEater67 21 dzień temu +1

      +Jesus Martinez fuck off. I haven't said fuck all about being racist. Its true that democrats think blacks cant be racist and as of now white straight males are the most oppressed people in america

    • Jesus Martinez
      Jesus Martinez 21 dzień temu

      +EsophagusEater67 Yeah I found the first racist snowflake, please keep responding to everyone's comments, I bet you'll feel accomplished being a keyboard warrior

    • EsophagusEater67
      EsophagusEater67 21 dzień temu +1

      triggered about the fact that people think white people are the most racist people today?

  • leumgui
    leumgui Miesiąc temu +1

    damn, lots of white offended americans in here

  • Bitch Lasagna
    Bitch Lasagna Miesiąc temu

    What Liz Toomes is really doing in Oregon...

  • sandra martinez
    sandra martinez Miesiąc temu +1

    now that they had the movie black clans men ,they need to make white panther

  • HoiPolloi
    HoiPolloi Miesiąc temu +1

    you guys do realize that this is a propaganda movie meant to PURPOSEFULLY DIVIDE people along race lines. it's a control & manipulation technique called DIVIDE & CONQUER. i guess it shouldn't come as a surprise being directed by spike lee who himself is a racist.
    the movie is also attempting to somehow say that jews don't control the media & banking? when in fact they actually do. EVERY US Politician has to bow down and pledge their undying support to Israel otherwise they'll never be elected. why has it suddenly become racist to STATE THE TRUTH?! because they don't want you knowing the truth, that's why.
    so the first thing they need to control is speech & communication. because if people get to talking and actually utilize their brains and not be ruled by emotions, they might actually start to figure things out, like who REALLY runs this country. and let me clue you in - it's NOT white people.

    • CJ
      CJ 23 dni temu

      Hilarious. We all know you’ve never actually watched the movie. Wanna know why?
      The main character flat out says race tensions need to be fixed peacefully from the inside and “saying kill whitey” won’t do any good
      Have fun with your baiting you fucking lunatic

    • HoiPolloi
      HoiPolloi 29 dni temu +1

      +D Jackson not opinion. FACT. do the research yourself. look up "new world order" and study it in depth. UNDERSTAND the bigger picture and AGENDA that is in play here. the TRUTH will NEVER appear to you on the surface brought to you via main stream media & hollywood. it must be SOUGHT OUT and PERSONALLY DISCOVERED. this is the ONLY way truth can be known. BEGIN YOUR JOURNEY and get RED PILLED. good luck brother.

    • D Jackson
      D Jackson Miesiąc temu

      +HoiPolloi Your opinion everybody has one!

    • HoiPolloi
      HoiPolloi Miesiąc temu +1

      +D Jackson so just take exactly what you said and flip it. it's exactly the opposite of what you think and believe. you have been conned. the system is about creating conflict. it's how they control us - by making us choose a side and then hating the other side. then they stand by and watch while we kill ourselves. do you see? do not fall for it. THINK for yourself. don't listen to propaganda movies that come out of hollywood.

    • D Jackson
      D Jackson Miesiąc temu

      Sorry you and many others can't accept the TRUTH great movie thanks Spike Lee for bringing this film to light!

  • nederlandFURgermanen 14
    nederlandFURgermanen 14 Miesiąc temu

    Doesnt every sane person dislike blacks and jews tho?

  • 1left2theright 4him
    1left2theright 4him Miesiąc temu

    If the biggest blue wave in decades didnt do it...This movie success .is a hint at ..2020

  • cpu554
    cpu554 Miesiąc temu +1

    Hollywood revisionist history at its finest.

  • mahsa kheradmand
    mahsa kheradmand Miesiąc temu

    send me an email if you want this movie for only 2$ instead of 15$. ""

  • VoSeMSoTy
    VoSeMSoTy Miesiąc temu +1

    Какое рассистское название, фу!XD

  • Magnum Ilirikum
    Magnum Ilirikum Miesiąc temu +2

    Spike Lee is a clown!

  • Killsocialmedia
    Killsocialmedia Miesiąc temu +1

    Another demonization of whites movie that is sure to get rave reviews regardless of its quality. I dont think blacks will ever actually accomplish much because they live in the past. Everyone hold onto your butts. Here comes the bs praise

    • EsophagusEater67
      EsophagusEater67 21 dzień temu

      +Katrina B piss off. they wouldn't do this to blm or bpp but only whites. its because left wingers hate whites.

    • Katrina B
      Katrina B Miesiąc temu +1

      Imagine crying over a film based on a true story from the 70s... about a literal white supremacist group. Fuck off you absolute gammon.

  • PBP
    PBP Miesiąc temu

    Great movie, I was just looking for something random to watch and going in I thought it was going to be just bashing white people and all whites are nazis but it surprised me in a good way. It showed what was really happening with KKK. The footage at the end kinda ruined the mood. I'm conservative and I'd vote for Trump but I don't give a shit who's your president because I'm not from USA. Liberal people need to understand that conservatives aren't nazis, we just believe in different things and believe me, every conservative loves all the people and doesn't care about your race and skin and religion but we don't want to be judged by that either. Everyone who judges you by your skin, race or religion is just a moron and you can be a moron no matter if you're conservative and Trump supporter or liberal and Hillary supporter. Not only white people can be racist, not only white groups are bad. If saying black lives matter is ok and it is then white lives matter should be no different. Extreme right and extreme left are equally bad for everyone. Conservative ≠ racist, pro white, just other beliefs but human life and freedom is important to every at least a bit inteligent person. News stations should be reporting news and not supporting groups

    • EsophagusEater67
      EsophagusEater67 21 dzień temu

      +JY RN Many democrats are also white supremacists and anti-white. So you can fuck off with that absolute shite mate.

    • JY RN
      JY RN 27 dni temu

      You can say that about yourself, but you should also realize that many of Trumps supporters are white supremacists. You are more of a centrist, but a lot of Trump supporters are just plain racist, and that is why there is so much opposition. Its not about him being conservative or republican. We have had many conservative presidents before and we may not like them but we accept them. Trump is different. He lies, defames, calumniates, and makes up facts to benefit himself. He says what his racists supporters want to hear and that keeps them loyal. Again, not all of them might be racist, but those who arent fail to realize that Trump is.

  • orthodox caucasian
    orthodox caucasian Miesiąc temu +2

    just fact co founder of KKK was Albert Pike was born on December 29, 1809, in Boston, and was the oldest of six children born to the Jewish family of Benjamin and Sarah Chase. It is unknown why Albert Pike's father later change his name from Chase to Pike, maybe to hide his Jewish identity. He studied at Harvard, and later served as a Brigadier-General in the Confederate Army and one of the major architect of the Civil War. After the Civil War, Pike was found guilty of treason and implicated in the assassination of President Lincoln, only to be pardoned by fellow FREEMASON President Andrew Johnson on April 22, 1866, who met with him the next day at the White House. On June 20, 1867, Scottish Rite officials conferred upon President Johnson the 32nd Freemasonry degrees, and he later went to Boston to dedicate a Masonic Temple. Albert Pike acting in behalf of the de Rothschild family, founded the KKK.

    • Andreas 13
      Andreas 13 12 dni temu +1

      Well duh! Most jews secretly hate black people.

  • Dill Pickle
    Dill Pickle Miesiąc temu

    i shook the REAL ron stallsworths hand

  • Vandelay Industries
    Vandelay Industries Miesiąc temu

    Tha fact that this movie got Oscar nomination is mind blowing!!! Went to see the movie last night and it was bigger disappointment then All eyez on me. Really poor movie. Ratings are hi because obviously you can't criticize this movie and somehow not end up racist in America, which so stupid, like the movie itself.

    • not a cop
      not a cop Miesiąc temu

      The movie was amazing