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  • Opublikowany 10 lis 2011
  • The Mercedes Benz E350 is luxurious and quiet inside. Unfortunately, controls are complicated and the steering feel detracts from the driving experience.
    See how the E350 compares to other Luxury Sedans: bit.ly/NElr2n
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  • suhail ahmed
    suhail ahmed 2 dni temu

    Interior design is preety ugly compared to previous gen or a similar bmw model

  • Justin Santo
    Justin Santo 5 dni temu

    Helps if you're stupid

  • dublin shea
    dublin shea 7 dni temu

    That shifter is for Americans in case they have to reach down to much efford

  • Mir S
    Mir S 29 dni temu

    I just bought e350 2010 distronic plus 20k euros

  • Stephen Cannon
    Stephen Cannon 2 miesięcy temu

    I will admit that the electronically controlled Column shifter takes some getting used to I like it more space for cup holders and gives it some uniqueness to the vehicle. The BMW shifter is basically the same concept except it takes up valuable real estate in the center console. Space that could be used for.....let’s say........Cup Holders! I had a 528i X Drive and the major feature I liked was the X drive. Decently equipped but no NAVIGATION or back up camera. I would find a 92 Chevy Barrett’s before I tried another Bimmer.

  • Stephen Cannon
    Stephen Cannon 2 miesięcy temu

    The attention assist is a joke. You need to set it to enable....if your driving drowsy your probably ignoring the warning anyway. It needs to be automated and set to activate on certain conditions....Example a Tahoe I rented a couple of years ago the coffee cup icon flashed after four hours of solid driving regardless of how safe you were. My Explorer activates after four hours or certain conditions like after a series of lane departure warnings. It will basically tell you....Take a break not a request.

  • Joe Quagliata
    Joe Quagliata 4 miesięcy temu

    He doesn't know how to use the gear indicator so to him that makes it a bad car. To me, that makes him an idiot. Not feeling comfortable or personally preferring the technology in the car means one thing. He should go buy a TOYOTA! Mercedes is by far one of the finest automobiles and the amount of car you get in even a 10 or 11 eclass is superior to comparable mid size cars 3 and 4 years newer. Not to mention their safety ratings are impeccable. My life and safety is more important to me than the location of a knob or switch. I'm tired of Lexus and Infiniti getting the spotlight all the time and it's the same old saying. "Mercedes is to expensive to fix." That doesn't make it a bad car, it simply means that person can't afford to own one. Furthermore, it's worth the money just owning a vehicle with the structural soundness and quality integrity of Mercedes.

  • Danial Kurashi
    Danial Kurashi 4 miesięcy temu

    Most beautiful design, super comfortable. mine is a sports package, blutec with panoramic sunroof. Love every bit of it.

  • LethalCookieMonster
    LethalCookieMonster 6 miesięcy temu

    The stupidity of the reviewer, complaining the car won't go into park when the cars moving! Unbelievable. He might as well also complain that the fuel cap won't open at motorway speeds

  • Magnolia
    Magnolia 6 miesięcy temu


  • Ujjwal Halder
    Ujjwal Halder 6 miesięcy temu

    What a cheap ass shitty video quality, my cellphone takes better video.

  • TheDavinci314
    TheDavinci314 8 miesięcy temu +1

    I can't believe Mercedes stuck the shifter on the steering column. Are we in the 70's?

  • oriri ona
    oriri ona 8 miesięcy temu

    Who does that where did you learn how to do drive most of the people in this country can’t even drive before you put a car in park put on the parking brakes before you put it in park so the car don’t roll again you guys always complain this is by far one of the best E class produced very reliable I have never heard people complain about it

  • paul yancey
    paul yancey 8 miesięcy temu

    I own the e550 with brembos and renntech r1 tune and exhaust set up......and I have no troubles in any area with this car that was mentioned.....handling is not Porsche due to engine placement....but is good at low and higher speeds for a front engine v8 car......there are settings that were not mentioned for ride feel and performance feel ...on the "empty center console"....push them and notice the difference,..one of the best low cost cars for some go fast and mid class luxury....now....I'm also assuming he's testing a e350 with much lower output too.....now...my gripe for this car is the lack of rear seat entertainment on the headrest on mine and costly process to make the front video screen vim capable...and lack of factory posi rearend for 550 as standard option....id give the car a 9.5 of 10....I know this is an old review for when it was new...but anyone looking to buy a used one should know from a real owner vs. One guy who had maybe a weekend at best in it...also parts now to tune and upgrade it are more readily available since the w212 car shares the performance parts of mercedes siblings ....basically a good buy for a budget entry level Mercedes....(and also great fuel mileage I didn't mention earlier )

  • Mir S
    Mir S 9 miesięcy temu

    The car is perfect ur dumb

  • Nashua Amis
    Nashua Amis 10 miesięcy temu +5

    I own a 2010 E350 . The radio controls are right where you want them to be. 28MPG highway I love it! The controls on the steering wheel are perfect. I'm not sure how they are distracting or complicated. This car is built around the driver. Mercedes are designed by engineers with advanced college degrees and are very smart. This guy got his journalism degree at deVry night school and thinks he's a hero bashing the Benz. HAHA Also a footnote, the "steering feels numb in the corners"? This guy is a driving sport luxury sedan. I shouldn't have to worry about the steering all the way through a curve. I know the car is doing its job. I'm sure it's more distracting than the Corolla this guys drives on the daily, Probably his car NOT backfiring is lack of feedback haha

  • Spencer Mclaughlan
    Spencer Mclaughlan 10 miesięcy temu

    I’m not really a fan of the column shifter. I want something substantial to put it in gear with. If I had to have that column shifter, it would be on a 2018 E-Class

  • Mustafa Nazar
    Mustafa Nazar Rok temu

    would you recommend audi A6 over this beast?

  • Lets Go Flying
    Lets Go Flying Rok temu

    Don't think of this as a shitty review.
    This of is as a repository for your good review.
    If you're an owner, know that people looking to buy the car, read the comments.

  • MihMVM
    MihMVM Rok temu

    Oh God....! Everything it's pretty confortable and pretty good....This guy so annoying...

  • shwndh
    shwndh Rok temu

    In his defense, I kinda agree with some of his review. It was very honest about the shortcomings but that does t mean that the E350 is not a great car. First of all the car should be completely stopped before you shift into any gear though, and that goes for ANY car. The menus require you to keep switching to do basic things like changing the radio preset after using a different source or checking the coolant temp which should always be visible, but it’s hidden in a menu. Germans have never been known for good tech anyway but the ride quality is supreme. That’s why you buy this car and you just live with the small imperfections which are few.

  • ARDIIN _
    ARDIIN _ Rok temu +3

    I’ve had a 2011E350 for 4 years and had 0 problems with the car. If you need a nice reliable car to use I highly recommend it. Don’t listen to this moron

  • jason rothfeld
    jason rothfeld Rok temu +3

    Consumer reports hates luxury cars, they constantly recommend Mazda and Kia over Mercedes or Lexus.

  • Militant
    Militant Rok temu +5

    This is my wife's car and it is absolutely AMAZING! Don't know what this BUM was talking about! WOW!!

  • Nigel Tabb
    Nigel Tabb Rok temu +1

    Very poor review. Thumbs down and wont be watching again.

  • Radeonradeon Radeon

    It's a Booooringgg car..I like Merc's but this one is the most boring car they made everrr.

  • Oliden Izquierdo
    Oliden Izquierdo Rok temu +3

    This car is amazing, I personally own one, Great car

  • Lps2005
    Lps2005 Rok temu

    Complains complains complains fuck u

  • Niklas Niklasson
    Niklas Niklasson Rok temu +1

    This dude is a joke

  • Anting Chang
    Anting Chang Rok temu

    Reviews are for people who want to buy the car. I want to know every flaws before i figued it out after a year i brought it. For the good stuff? I can experience it myself.
    I dont know why so many people hate this review.

  • Kris Schobben
    Kris Schobben Rok temu

    Those ugly orange indicators you get in the US versions ... wtf. :)

  • Tujay 2jz
    Tujay 2jz Rok temu

    I love my e350 Check it out lots of mods

  • Mark Bulgarin
    Mark Bulgarin 2 lat temu +4

    sure....this car is so bad...that must be the reason it is the no1 taxi in most european countrys.

  • Bottled_Air
    Bottled_Air 2 lat temu

    Wanted one but I'm not sure now because of the gear stick, like its easy to accidentally hit it and change gear.

    • Mohammed Rahman
      Mohammed Rahman Rok temu

      I own one and the gear stick is very easy to get used to and will not pose any issues. just read all the other comments.

  • Tony Lau
    Tony Lau 2 lat temu

    safety feature, put into Park while still moving, something will break! that why it's still moving, Park has not been engage, cant be engage while still moving. Imagine driving at 50km/h and you accidentally press Park! this guy need to think!
    This car is designed for people who don't want to feel the road, they won't push their car, even with feedback they won't know what it means.

  • Hel Seng
    Hel Seng 2 lat temu

    the radio volume is controlled on the steering wheel, no need to fiddle with the dash. Shit review/er.

  • obi Jude
    obi Jude 2 lat temu

    Everything you said about it is True, that last generation is way better than that shit.

  • Konstantine D.M.
    Konstantine D.M. 2 lat temu

    God I can't stand his teeth and how he talks

    • Alan Mccartney
      Alan Mccartney 2 lat temu

      TheKoons IsMe you've enough teeth for 2 though.....

  • David Sisung
    David Sisung 2 lat temu

    How bout the diesel version any good?

  • phylecia rhodes
    phylecia rhodes 2 lat temu

    love my 2010 E350 Coupe nice leather seats ride like a Queen no problem I also loved my CLK 320 got over 260.000 miles still drives good just old now! Mercedes are good cars all you have to is keep up with maintenance.....

    • Seth Budkofsky
      Seth Budkofsky 4 miesięcy temu

      phylecia rhodes what year is that CLK320?

  • Ville Juntunen
    Ville Juntunen 2 lat temu

    Maybe this channel is biased because of sponsorship. Happens a lot on youtube. However, most of the critics are spot on. For some reason they ephasize on the negatives with the car that really is not that bad. - Thoughts of an owner.

  • mikey77224
    mikey77224 2 lat temu +6

    I have a 2011 E350 for 3 years now. Got it with a 3 year manufacturers warranty unlimited mileage. This car runs like it's brand new and "0" problems. As for this really bad, stupid review...I had an Audi S8, great car, an Audi A6, great car, several BMW's...all great cars, but this is the most fun reliable car yet. Sure...other's may break better or run faster, but overall...I'll take this any day. I also get just about 30mph at 85mph cruise control. And for the record...the computer system is easy, unless yo;re an outright moron.

  • IceColdViking
    IceColdViking 2 lat temu +2

    wtf did he just say that the menus is hard to navigate trough well i learned the menu system in just 10 min the only thing this guy is doing is just complaining

  • Nain Ortiz
    Nain Ortiz 2 lat temu +9

    yeah stop the car dummy before you put in park

  • Nain Ortiz
    Nain Ortiz 2 lat temu


  • Johnny HighRoller
    Johnny HighRoller 2 lat temu

    no Leather seats I don't want it

  • glincho
    glincho 2 lat temu +2

    I own this car, and for years never had an issue with the shift lever coming off park. I actually like the shift lever on the steering wheel.

  • Robert Sanchez
    Robert Sanchez 2 lat temu

    You can't judge a car that you drive once or twice! I have mine for a while and can't find anything wrong with it. I love it. Great on fuel economy and luxury!

  • Robert Sanchez
    Robert Sanchez 2 lat temu +1

    I was going slowly uphill and I let the pedal off for a second and instead of rolling back it put itself on park! How about that!

  • Travis Clarke
    Travis Clarke 2 lat temu

    omg i wanted this car i thought the gear shifter was that knob in the center i could live with that. nut wtf on the wheel what am i driving a old time car !

  • Justin Grindley
    Justin Grindley 2 lat temu

    Consumer Reports is very biased towards Tesla, unfortunately.

  • travel around the world

    sub please!

  • DigitalYojimbo
    DigitalYojimbo 3 lat temu

    If review sites/shows only praised the cars you all would still be driving model Ts.

  • Adam Bernard
    Adam Bernard 3 lat temu +17

    my advice to Consumer Reports: stick with a base Corolla. Maybe you'll like it more! :P

  • Kevin Metz
    Kevin Metz 3 lat temu +12

    And that, children, is why you watch Motor Week! ;)

    • Mario Torrez Quant
      Mario Torrez Quant 11 miesięcy temu +1

      Driven with Tom, Carbuyer, Steve Hammes, and several others :)

  • Angry Whale
    Angry Whale 3 lat temu +37

    All they do is complain, Unless it's boring, they complain.

    • Justin Grindley
      Justin Grindley 2 lat temu +2

      And they suck Tesla's dick lmao.

    • Angry Whale
      Angry Whale 3 lat temu +4

      +Uncle Corky Yeah they always recommend pieces of shit like Camry's and Pruises

    • Unkle Corky
      Unkle Corky 3 lat temu +1

      +Angry Whale lol unless it's a Lexus LS

  • Apex Predator Chris Hansen

    "put it in park and car's not completely stopped..." how about stop the car? What you really mean to say is "this isn't exactly like my garbage 1990 chrysler town and country and I'm sad."

  • lil jon
    lil jon 3 lat temu +16

    He's just mad because he can't affoed one working for consumer reports.

  • David Smith-Cooper
    David Smith-Cooper 3 lat temu +7

    sorry but your logic makes no sense.

  • Hediye Bedir
    Hediye Bedir 3 lat temu


    • Can Anna Huuty
      Can Anna Huuty Rok temu +3

      I agree with your comment, but look at who is calling the kettle black. You can't spell correctly in your own post. Hint: It's 'barely', not 'barley'. Barley is a grain. Just sayin'.

    • Angry Whale
      Angry Whale 3 lat temu +1

      +Hediye Bedir Says the guy who can barley speak English.

    • Jeremiah Anthony
      Jeremiah Anthony 3 lat temu +8

      it's a fucking foreign car . the fuck you expect $500 repairs. luxury don't come cheap . Mercedes Benz is a great cat company and make some of the nicest cars . you luxury autobahn hating people need to just stop talking shit about Mercedes Benz BMW and Audi

  • Marino Alberti
    Marino Alberti 3 lat temu +17

    take it to the autobahn at 250 kmh and see how the steering wheel feels....after that try with a lexus and see if you come out alive.....

  • LuxCruiser818
    LuxCruiser818 3 lat temu +42

    Complain...complain...complain. Gosh you guys are annoying!

    • DigitalYojimbo
      DigitalYojimbo 3 lat temu +3

      He does praise the car, however if complaints are all you hear, then you should go see a psychologist.

  • Jason Adrian
    Jason Adrian 4 lat temu +9

    I hate the 'Takes some getting used to' comments from you guys. They come up on the BMW 5 Series review too.
    If you purchase a car, you 'get used to' these things after a couple weeks. Unless you're a short-term car reviewer with a car for just a few days, learning the controls on a car doesn't even register as a minor annoyance.

    • dupont jean
      dupont jean 4 lat temu

      +Jonathan Ongman lol
      This nation is powerful cause spoliation of lands slave free workers slave energetic oil gaz people Who came got the love of gold and ambitious people

    • Astellos Veveous
      Astellos Veveous 4 lat temu +3

      +Jonathan Ongman Nice ignorant statement on your part. Maybe you should learn a thing or two about America before spewing such ignorance.

    • J. Ongman
      J. Ongman 4 lat temu +3

      Americans... They hate learning. Lol

  • Mauricio Razo Cortez

    Were is The leather ???

  • Mario Comparan
    Mario Comparan 4 lat temu

    who stops a car when its not stoped?

  • Nightbird
    Nightbird 4 lat temu +5

    Horrible reliability & electronics. Ugly exterior styling. Complicated controls. Bad steering wheel feel. Bad ride on the bumps. Poor headlights. And extra charges for safety features other car brands include as standard. It's no wonder all my friends have dumped their MB's for Lexus. And I can't wait to get rid of my S Class and do the same thing. The glory days of MB are over. Only people who don't do their homework and buy into their "prestige" ads still buy this brand. If you want a car with all these bad features and that will become a money pit for you in repairs then go ahead and get it. Never again for me.

  • Bilb Ono
    Bilb Ono 4 lat temu +13

    atypical seat control placement AND you have to stop the car before putting it in park? wow, what a piece of garbage. Thank's for the heads up consumer reports!

  • Faraz Nabibaksh
    Faraz Nabibaksh 4 lat temu +44

    My 2011 is amazing , this guy needs to find a new job.

  • Hollywood Diesel
    Hollywood Diesel 4 lat temu

  • Chris McManus
    Chris McManus 4 lat temu

    To change the radio station while on the Nav mode you just push the buttons next to the power button that turns the screen on

  • ItsInTheDetails
    ItsInTheDetails 4 lat temu

    Hold ON!!! So..... You pay a premium price for a Mercedes and you get PLEATHER!? WTF!!! what is this a Chrysler?!

    • Richard Rush
      Richard Rush 4 lat temu +2

      +noe name Still very good, and cleans better than leather

    • Michael Y.
      Michael Y. 4 lat temu

      Daimler Chrysler. Daimler Benz..

  • John Li
    John Li 4 lat temu +20

    This guy is a joke.

  • Ian Parkinson
    Ian Parkinson 5 lat temu +7

    What about the volume controls on the steering wheel?

  • Texas longhorn
    Texas longhorn 5 lat temu +20

    Go Find Another Job Dude!!

  • Scott Walper
    Scott Walper 5 lat temu +16

    this a real car, not a Lexus, stop comparing all these real cars to a friggin lexus....

    • Tommy Brown
      Tommy Brown 4 miesięcy temu

      Im from Miami everyone has a Mercedes BMW Audi etc.. Not everyone is rich though

    • CastrejonHDTV
      CastrejonHDTV 11 miesięcy temu +4

      Lexus is more reliable.

    • julini
      julini Rok temu +4

      Dude, a lexus would retain a higher resale value over a mercedes, I am not on any side here, just pointing out the truth. Was shopping for a lexus, but switched to mercedes because comparatively it is cheaper when getting used.

    • Joseph Smith
      Joseph Smith Rok temu

      There all real cars you fucking idiot😂

    • Mark Bulgarin
      Mark Bulgarin 2 lat temu +1

      John Doe rather a 10 year old mercedes then a new lexus.

  • branded
    branded 5 lat temu +78

    I just bought this car this week .I love it the handling and very smooth ride . This moron reviewer is simply unreliable .only a idiot will put to parking mode while the car still moving .

    • Joe Quagliata
      Joe Quagliata 4 miesięcy temu

      So true. Best of luck with the car. You will love it

    • Altin Ademi
      Altin Ademi 4 miesięcy temu

      How much did you pay for it , if you dont mind me asking

    • Uak Fam
      Uak Fam 9 miesięcy temu +1

      branded I agree but I don’t like the interior it feel really out dated compared to the a6 and 5 series I’m buying a6

  • Brad Arnison
    Brad Arnison 5 lat temu

    And finallllllly they review it with sports package, sick of seeing people talk bad about this cars handling when all they ever review is the luxury versions which naturally have soft suspension!finally they review one with sports suspension

  • Brad Arnison
    Brad Arnison 5 lat temu +1

    This car is never reviewed with the 7g tronic and it should be because its the best gearbox in its class. Godknows why they dont use that gearbox for the reviews and the steering dosnt lack feedback, its just very light which is lovely and is very sharp and respinsive.

  • Ed Sanford
    Ed Sanford 5 lat temu +9

    I just bought this car.... It does take some "getting used" to... After that, it is nothing short of marvelous.....

  • jstoner6
    jstoner6 5 lat temu +15

    I'm confused about my sexuality and some road noise and a bumps in the road alarms me. I'm a delicate girl man

  • jstoner6
    jstoner6 5 lat temu +17

    Why the fuck would you put in park while rolling? This moron shouldn't be doing reviews. Maybe if you're an uptight pillow bitter. Mecerdes Benz, a car for heterosexuals.

  • David Joe
    David Joe 5 lat temu

    Can't hear anything dude !!!

  • nickolas
    nickolas 5 lat temu

    Audi A6

  • Jason Adrian
    Jason Adrian 5 lat temu

    I hate how you guys complain about 'complicated controls' on these German cars. If you buy and live with the vehicle, these controls are quickly learned.

  • TheIceBreaker90
    TheIceBreaker90 5 lat temu

    It's just you. They look completely different..

  • Behrad Kheyri
    Behrad Kheyri 5 lat temu +2

    Terrible review!

  • Trades46
    Trades46 5 lat temu

    Cheaper brands (*cough*BMW*cough) that promises 'real leather' usually is of inferior quality and feels super thin and un-durable.
    My grandmother complained that the old 740i she drove leather was cheap and the smell was usually enough to make her sick. Not so of Mercedes E500.

  • Edward Qin
    Edward Qin 5 lat temu +1

    This car is crap. Should have got a BMW.
    1. You have to hold the mem seat button to adjust. BMW, you just push it once and let go.
    2. Reading lights are on the rear view mirror. You have to hold stuff directly under the mirror to read.
    3. Rear shade takes forever to go up and down.
    4. No rear passenger side shades.
    5. Can't change nav when the car is moving? It'll be nice if the passenger can change it.
    6. HDD feature is hard to use. It only moves CD files over.It'll take 100 CDs to fill it

    • Stephen Cannon
      Stephen Cannon 2 miesięcy temu

      Edward Qin BMW doesn’t tell you about the Electric Water Pump and NO Coolant temperature gauge to warm you of overheating. By the time you realize your overheating it could be too late. Also not BMW that the company totes safety and to prove it they put the cup holder as cheap plastic slide out holders. Take a guess at what the first thing in the path of a Airbag will be? That’s right your hot coffee. In addition to Possible bruising by the Airbag you also have to deal with spilled coffee all over the place. Nothing says safety like reaching across the car at interstate speeds for your mocha latte. MB has center console mounted cup holders and column mounted shifter. Leave the center console space enough for a decent size storage compartment and decent cup holders. Like the good lab coated, safety goggled, design engineers in Stuttgart intended it to be. Although not totally 100% perfect there is a lot more that I can do myself instead of sending to dealer. So far for European vehicles that I have owned The Volvo, Audi and Mercedes are my top three.

  • Edward Qin
    Edward Qin 5 lat temu

    This car is crap. Should have got a BMW.
    1. You have to hold the mem seat button to adjust. BMW, you just push it once and let go.
    2. Reading lights are on the rear view mirror. You have to hold stuff directly under the mirror to read.
    3. Rear shade takes forever to go up and down.
    4. No rear passenger side shades. WTF.
    5. Can't change nav when the car is moving? It'll be nice if the passenger can change it.
    6. HDD feature is hard to use. It only moves CD files over.It'll take 100 CDs to fill it

    • Mir S
      Mir S 29 dni temu

      Ure stupid

  • Great Basin Benz
    Great Basin Benz 5 lat temu

    CR cry babies.

  • Kj Hammerman
    Kj Hammerman 5 lat temu

    he didn't give a very good review.. damn!

  • Yazeed Dahleh
    Yazeed Dahleh 6 lat temu

    for sure merc is the best

  • fsimpro
    fsimpro 6 lat temu +1

    leatherette in a car at this price point is unacceptable.

  • Brandon Bailey
    Brandon Bailey 6 lat temu

    BMW shall always be the BEST

    INTREPIDNICKY 6 lat temu

    what about CLS? you jealous because u are poor person

    INTREPIDNICKY 6 lat temu

    I don't think so, 5 is disappointing actually, not sporty at all and not as smooth and comfortable and roomy as E class or A6

  • 95thRiflesOCI
    95thRiflesOCI 6 lat temu

    Is it me or all Mercedes sedans look the same. Just a bit bigger here and their.

  • Towards The Sunset
    Towards The Sunset 6 lat temu

    Amen!!! I love the sportiness of Bimmers (and especially the manual transmissions), but there's a reason a Mercedes-Benz with the same performance costs more than the equivalent Bimmer ie: Better car!! I would take an E550 over the V8 5 series any day, and the E350 over the V6 5 as well.

  • Brandon Bailey
    Brandon Bailey 6 lat temu

    nice review