The Best of "5 Seconds Rule" on Ellen Show

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  • druggedflowers
    druggedflowers 15 godzin temu

    The 2nd one !😂

  • Cole Inman
    Cole Inman 20 godzin temu

    Vermont was not one of the original 13 colonies

  • basic bich
    basic bich 22 godzin temu

    Today I learned that Chris Pratt has a foot fetish. I am now deceased.

  • Margareta Kackova
    Margareta Kackova Dzień temu

    Kanye is horrible embarrasing.

  • barry wilson
    barry wilson Dzień temu

    Very funny.

  • Caitlin Carder
    Caitlin Carder Dzień temu +1

    “name three bad words” in my head:fuck! shit! bitch!

  • bacon not cripy
    bacon not cripy Dzień temu

    im a boob person but I love Kate blanchet

  • A. Amanda Roberts
    A. Amanda Roberts 2 dni temu

    Kanye though😂😂😂😂

  • Brage Gundersen
    Brage Gundersen 2 dni temu

    @27:14 laughed so hard when she was yelling like Sofia !

  • Baby Potato
    Baby Potato 2 dni temu

    When she said three things you can lick I thought penis vagina and a finger 😂 I’m a KID😭

  • Alvin Wiguna
    Alvin Wiguna 2 dni temu


  • David Syriac Iraq
    David Syriac Iraq 2 dni temu

    This video is.....

    See more

  • 4elovechishe
    4elovechishe 2 dni temu

    Kayne is so stupid....

  • 4elovechishe
    4elovechishe 2 dni temu

    condoms and Bible lol

  • Haylee McCallister
    Haylee McCallister 2 dni temu

    "Name three of your favorite body parts of the opposite sex."
    "Uum lungs, uh, nipples and FEET!"
    Looks like Star Lord has a foot fetish😂😂

  • sabizeze
    sabizeze 2 dni temu

    ben affleck's one thing to keep hidden: your sexual orientation!!! Who knew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • JazzTheARMY
    JazzTheARMY 2 dni temu +1

    Jojo Siwa would be great at this game

  • Fiona Morris
    Fiona Morris 3 dni temu

    chris pratt likes feet im cryibg

  • Wayne Thomson
    Wayne Thomson 3 dni temu

    Any reason why Ellen is obsessed with the word 'Alright'?

  • Lindsey Hodge
    Lindsey Hodge 3 dni temu

    I love how Ellen laughed at 4:39 because she thought she wasn't gonna know any of the original 13 colonies LOL

  • Skyscraper
    Skyscraper 3 dni temu

    17:41 lo I laughed so hard when I realized that he was technically correct

  • Queen Abiola
    Queen Abiola 3 dni temu

    alison had me dead at the kill your mother.

  • Jazmin Rocha
    Jazmin Rocha 3 dni temu

    twitch : justin name 3 celeb crushes

    justin: ‘beyonce, rihanna, ...’

    me: SELENA GOMEZ 💀

  • Ivan Patrick
    Ivan Patrick 3 dni temu

    Alec Baldwin,1:My ass is sore 2:I am out of lube 3 I don't have change for 5 bucks

  • XProject13
    XProject13 3 dni temu

    Who puts toothpaste in their nightstand

  • Allison Pham
    Allison Pham 4 dni temu +3

    Was kanye high?

    • Starring
      Starring 15 godzin temu

      when is he not?

  • Roy Galvan
    Roy Galvan 4 dni temu +1

    21:43 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Siboney Voss
    Siboney Voss 4 dni temu

    some of these people do not understand the 5 second rule or the buzzer 😭😭😭

  • Johanne E.
    Johanne E. 4 dni temu

    lol, thanks for sharing

  • Froggele
    Froggele 4 dni temu +2

    Oh man watching Demi Lovato is actually pretty sad!

    • Froggele
      Froggele 10 godzin temu

      BEN 10 Nothing to apologize for;)

    • BEN 10
      BEN 10 11 godzin temu

      Oh sorry mahn I didn't know..Thx for the info

    • Froggele
      Froggele 11 godzin temu

      BEN 10 Nothing „happened“ but it‘s just so obvious that she is heavily on drugs here. I just find it sad when stars go on tv like that and can‘t even comprehend such a simple game. Must be hard for them to watch it back later, too. I‘m not saying this to be mean (I myself am battling addiction for years), it‘s just hard for me to watch.

    • BEN 10
      BEN 10 Dzień temu +1

      Why what happened

  • Grandmas Boy
    Grandmas Boy 4 dni temu

    Justin is certified special needs 😗

  • interrobang?!
    interrobang?! 4 dni temu


  • Dave Holden
    Dave Holden 4 dni temu +1

    Ricky Gervais pretty much nailed it every time! Some of the others.... shows you they cannot think & respond unless they have a director, script or cue card in front of them.

  • hannah nma
    hannah nma 4 dni temu

    kiss, have sex, smile.

  • jisele_pw
    jisele_pw 4 dni temu

    uhhhhhhhhh my car won't start, i don't feel well, there's an emergency.

  • Aang
    Aang 4 dni temu

    Haha David Spade so funny anyway.

  • Kyungsooism
    Kyungsooism 4 dni temu

    the sexual orientation one had me deaaaddd😂😭💀

  • Aaro Hellen
    Aaro Hellen 4 dni temu

    20:14 it started at 7

  • Barry John
    Barry John 5 dni temu +17

    Sex, Love, and Politics sounds like a TV show I'd watch

  • Matilda Teo
    Matilda Teo 5 dni temu

    meryl streep meryl streep meryl streep 😂

  • d0mm3y1
    d0mm3y1 5 dni temu

    Diddy promoting his drinks is so poor 😂

  • Kaitlandia
    Kaitlandia 5 dni temu


  • SMarsh
    SMarsh 5 dni temu

    Kill me now please.

  • SMarsh
    SMarsh 5 dni temu

    Boobs boobies *CHIMICHANGAS*

  • SMarsh
    SMarsh 5 dni temu


    LAMIRE 5 dni temu

    Funniest thing!!!!

  • KingOf. Neets670.
    KingOf. Neets670. 5 dni temu

    What do u do 3 am in the morning?
    *mind* don't say it...


  • Torafaruga
    Torafaruga 5 dni temu

    jIM IS SO SOFT!!!!

  • Sana Khan
    Sana Khan 5 dni temu +2

    8:14 😂😎

  • Michael Georgopulos
    Michael Georgopulos 5 dni temu fast

  • Michael Georgopulos
    Michael Georgopulos 5 dni temu

    Ellen get John Mayer on this snow. Dude is quick.

  • Billy Cai
    Billy Cai 6 dni temu

    That’s sad 348 comments but no subs

  • Christopher Sorensen

    Vermont isn’t one of the 13 colonies

  • Ying Huynh
    Ying Huynh 6 dni temu

    I love Adele, Justin is quick with is answer and Kayne is funny.

  • kay manning
    kay manning 6 dni temu

    This isn’t funny

  • TheAprilWitness
    TheAprilWitness 6 dni temu

    Ok, officially no one is funnier on this show than Kanye. He should do this full time. He’s found his one true thing here.

  • Sandy Gallegos Valdez

    2:00 if they killed my mother i would beat the sh*t outta them 😂😂😂😂

  • Heart lady
    Heart lady 6 dni temu

    what's the name of the woman who had the nipple ant question?

  • Jacob Canady
    Jacob Canady 6 dni temu

    Massachusetts wasn't a colony

  • Sniper NoSniping
    Sniper NoSniping 6 dni temu

    br-ush ( Sofia Vergara )

  • allie zarek
    allie zarek 6 dni temu

    I like how I can see what celebrities are actually witty and which aren’t funny at all 😂

  • seraphic
    seraphic 6 dni temu

    galadriel's got a naughty streak 🤨

  • Kelly Patrick
    Kelly Patrick 6 dni temu

    Vermont is wrong

  • Ahmed Ahmed
    Ahmed Ahmed 7 dni temu +4

    why is diddy so close to the other dude!

  • Gabriella Howlter
    Gabriella Howlter 7 dni temu

    Ellen: "Name three people who are known just by their first name"
    Luke: ...will smith

  • terre planetes
    terre planetes 7 dni temu

    I think you putted two times the Justin Bieber's one ''You're funny, you're smart, you're charismatic.'' :) lol

  • John Smith
    John Smith 7 dni temu +1

    "Demi name three ways you can make Camp Rock R rated."


  • Mark Sabaduquia
    Mark Sabaduquia 7 dni temu

    Justin Bieber has very high IQ and Adele

  • Brynleigh Hill
    Brynleigh Hill 7 dni temu


  • Adil Rehman
    Adil Rehman 7 dni temu

    'Kiss' 'Sex' 'Smile'

  • Sandra Scarlet
    Sandra Scarlet 7 dni temu

    Adele and sofiaa♥️♥️ ...simply would have been my fav video of the day if it weren't for Kanye

  • abishay forys
    abishay forys 7 dni temu

    "reaches out for me" awww i need that

  • abishay forys
    abishay forys 7 dni temu


  • Kris Marie
    Kris Marie 7 dni temu

    Ricky vs Adele please
    And Ricky vs Justin

  • Diana 0000
    Diana 0000 7 dni temu

    Sofia cracks me up..

  • Bored
    Bored 7 dni temu

    4:22 they audience said Selena

  • Hot Rod
    Hot Rod 7 dni temu

    demi lovato is the dumbest bitch of all time. first ballot hall of fame

  • lneibbles
    lneibbles 7 dni temu

    Wait is that Michael b Jordan? Cuz I actually can't tell

    • lneibbles
      lneibbles 7 dni temu

      Oh shit it's Nick Cannon

  • Richard Jones
    Richard Jones 7 dni temu


  • Susana S. G. Leygonier

    Don't you think Adele and Sarah Paulson kind of look alike? So beautiful!!!

  • Nick Lopez
    Nick Lopez 8 dni temu

    “Name 3 ways to make camp rock R rated” “heroin overdose scene!”

  • Pubtomfoolery
    Pubtomfoolery 8 dni temu +1

    26:36 - She genuinely looks proud XD lol

  • suraj jarus
    suraj jarus 8 dni temu

    ricky is just too smart for this game

  • Aaliyah Lacole
    Aaliyah Lacole 8 dni temu +9

    this would have been HILARIOUS with tiffany haddish😂😂

  • c a r l y
    c a r l y 8 dni temu

    Lol 13 colonies, Vermont isn’t one of them 😂

  • Niall Stole My Heart
    Niall Stole My Heart 10 dni temu

    harry wouldnt get any because no matter how fast he thinks he talks to slowly

  • joshua cabrillas
    joshua cabrillas 10 dni temu

    Kanye : "The internet"
    Then he LTFO.

  • Über Babe
    Über Babe 10 dni temu

    What's the name of actress at 3:30?

  • Twisted86
    Twisted86 10 dni temu

    1:40 should have said Clayne Crawford because w/o him you're just some lame ass actor.

  • Izzy Woods
    Izzy Woods 11 dni temu

    My balls ✌🏽

  • Izzy Woods
    Izzy Woods 11 dni temu

    JB said Beyonce and Rihanna😯. Interestin

  • Martin Tamayo
    Martin Tamayo 11 dni temu

    sofia Vergara is a dumb bitch just like Kanye

    CRAB JAB 11 dni temu

    Americans are not very intelligent are they?
    Five second rule!!!
    It’s in the name of the game. Yet none of them have the brain cells to know what five seconds is. Kanye the so called genius shows he is a fraud. A man with brain cells can THINK

  • sadprt
    sadprt 11 dni temu

    I LOVE Kaney West 😂😂😂

  • Giovanni De La Rosa
    Giovanni De La Rosa 11 dni temu +2

    I was waiting to comment on the funnest one but OMG

  • Mia Tijerina
    Mia Tijerina 11 dni temu

    Diddy gay

  • Trevon Best
    Trevon Best 12 dni temu +3

    Kevin Hart had me rolling around and crying...lung, kidney.....THIGH!!!!! LMAO

  • Susan Weisheit
    Susan Weisheit 12 dni temu

    Vince Vaughn he’s the master at talking fast and wit.

  • Alex dolan
    Alex dolan 12 dni temu

    does chris pratt have a foot fetish???

  • Andrew Think
    Andrew Think 12 dni temu

    The fact that people believe it's not all scripted is genuinely sad