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  • Meet the top 7 largest great white sharks found so far. The great white shark is imposing and dangerous, and some can also be giants.
    It happened on May 14, 1997 in Hualien County in Taiwan, when a large white was caught in a net game precisely in Seven Star Lake.
    In 2013, the images of this great white shark became viral all over the world. Therefore, because of its popularity, you should know that it is one of the largest specimens ever seen.
    The legend of a monster submerged in its waters was revealed as a gigantic 21 feet long white shark. Truly impressive!
    On a hot summer day in early August of 1983, Alberton native David McKendrick, along with his younger brother Steven and his crew, fished near the coast of Prince Edward Island in Canada. Suddenly, 12 miles from the beach, the nets began to stir as if someone were trying to get fish out. A huge shark was stranded there.
    In April 2012, two commercial fishermen named Guadalupe and Baltazar entered the Sea of ​​Cortez in search of what they normally caught, such as sole or other types of fish. What they never imagined was that they would encounter a huge shark off the coast of the state of Sonora, northwest of Mexico.
    The great white shark, also known as the "great white pointer", is responsible for the majority of sharks attacks recorded against humans.
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  • Supaooze
    Supaooze 4 godzin temu

    A great white’s mouth ain’t nothing compared to the missus’s huge loud gob 😱😱 (just don’t tell her lol 😵🤕)

  • XXXGachalifeXXX GALAXY!!!!!

    Bull shark or tiger shark they have the worst bite i really dont care of the measure

  • wendy pearson
    wendy pearson 15 godzin temu

    How sad to kill a mighty apex predator bc you can! That's slaughter!

  • Kaiden Pitzenberger
    Kaiden Pitzenberger 17 godzin temu +2

    The Canadian shark only eats maple syrup

  • Aroha Gaia
    Aroha Gaia 18 godzin temu

    That psycho at 6:00 with his inbred hillbilly excuses to kill sharks. Fucking muppet

  • Christine Whinnery
    Christine Whinnery 23 godzin temu

    Theres no such name as a mexican or a canadian shark hahah thats just the conutry there found in hahah

  • Joey Canicos8i6l
    Joey Canicos8i6l Dzień temu +1

    More terror megalodon

  • Joey Canicos8i6l
    Joey Canicos8i6l Dzień temu +1

    It's the meg

  • Trisha Valencia
    Trisha Valencia Dzień temu

    Why am i watching this while im on the toilet

  • Cathie Guiffrida
    Cathie Guiffrida 2 dni temu

    I passed out

  • Oliver Juby
    Oliver Juby 2 dni temu

    stop killing white sharks

  • Trizzie Trippa
    Trizzie Trippa 2 dni temu

    Fun fact I grew up in vics home town and saw that shark in his freezer at the museum which was dubbed " the shark show". Vic Hislops son Craig moved in with us when he was 16 because his father didn't like him being gay. So my mum fostered him. Moral of the story is. He is indeed controversial. Not only did he murder sharks but he is also homophobic.

  • Ernest Roe
    Ernest Roe 2 dni temu

    im mad at him because sharks think that a serf board is a seal so its are foult

  • Syam Mirza
    Syam Mirza 2 dni temu

    People's are just fukin idiot's

  • Jason Swift
    Jason Swift 2 dni temu

    Sum them could b a medloan ment b extinct but ocean very big and still could b sum left

  • S K
    S K 3 dni temu

    I hope that evil man gets lost at sea (eaten) and no one ever figures out what happened to him. God doesn’t make mistakes he’s just an evil freak of nature. People like him need to be eradicated.

  • Luna Bella Moreno
    Luna Bella Moreno 3 dni temu

    The most dangerous shark is a bull shark or tiger shark dumass

  • msuacci
    msuacci 3 dni temu

    I hate people who kill sad animals I love sharks

  • msuacci
    msuacci 3 dni temu

    ........ weird

  • Benjamín Lavezzari
    Benjamín Lavezzari 3 dni temu

    In the first place should be "the Submarine" the 10 meter great white

  • paul carlozzi
    paul carlozzi 3 dni temu


  • Lori Armanovo
    Lori Armanovo 3 dni temu

    That looks like a megalodon

  • The Gam3fr3ak
    The Gam3fr3ak 4 dni temu

    The guy at no2 can rot in hell. Such a fucked up thing to do and say

  • Jessica Diaz
    Jessica Diaz 4 dni temu

    Just leave the animals alon

  • kathy Turner
    kathy Turner 4 dni temu

    Why do they always have to kill it. You are in the territory leave them alone.

  • q8 toota
    q8 toota 4 dni temu

    Yeah this is kinda cool but I felt bad the entire duration of this video. We're the intruders here as we often forget if we're in the sea/ocean or whatever, it's THEIR home we're in. How about we stop killing animals man

  • Toby's Channel :D
    Toby's Channel :D 4 dni temu

    Lol jaws was 30 feet xD

  • Stuarticus86
    Stuarticus86 5 dni temu

    These fish hugging losers need to get lost. Yea we get it but my goodness stfu!

  • dinho BRASIL
    dinho BRASIL 5 dni temu

    Queria saber qual a finalidade de ir no lugar do animal pra matar e tirar foto !humano e um animal cruel mesmo.pqp 👎👎👎

  • Enrique Treviño
    Enrique Treviño 5 dni temu

    Jaws of the mediterranean ( malta 1987) thats the biggest ever GWS , 7.5 m

    ZOOT CHANNEL 5 dni temu


  • Mike Emmons
    Mike Emmons 5 dni temu

    Great Whites gestate for a year and give birth to a max of 12, usually far less. where did you get 200 from?

  • silver fox
    silver fox 5 dni temu

    Isn't it just fucking great that we killed these magnificent sharks .. Well done humans..scared an cut to bits from crashing into the cages with the dumb an dopey humans in them..

  • Zakaria Muhammad
    Zakaria Muhammad 6 dni temu

    Not my proudest fap

  • Antisocial Media
    Antisocial Media 6 dni temu

    Click bait!

  • Zander Holtzhausen
    Zander Holtzhausen 6 dni temu

    Hi nr 6 is in South africa cauth i also had an picture of the news paper

  • Lance Allen
    Lance Allen 6 dni temu

    Great white shark found in a lake? Welp never going to the lake again.

  • Michael Harris
    Michael Harris 7 dni temu +2

    Baby shark doo doo doo doo sorry

    December 2018

  • CRAZY SLIME XD slime

    I have seen bigger sharks

  • The Joker
    The Joker 8 dni temu

    So the 25 foot shark in Jaws was an exaggeration. Though Hooper said it was 20 footer. Guess Quint wanted it to be bigger.

  • mariejol nugas
    mariejol nugas 8 dni temu

    Anyway! The sharks are dying..why cant u just stop doing a mess! it's God creations

  • Antonio de padua Forriol campos

    Para mí se estinguio el megalodon no existen

  • Antonio de padua Forriol campos

    Si tanto hablan del megalodon porque no cogen uno y lo meten dormido en un acuario gigante tanto hablar de él y poco hacer

  • viol8r007
    viol8r007 8 dni temu +2

    Did you know a 28 footer got disqualified in Australia from the Guinness book of records for using baby seal as bait in the 90's the guys went to jail for doing it and all records were struck .I beleive it was caught off a jetty in South Australia . Maybe you could dig up the records by trolling the newsapers from the day

  • David Campbell
    David Campbell 8 dni temu

    Bloody amazing the great white but terrifying

  • Robert Smith
    Robert Smith 8 dni temu

    19.8 feet=2000lbs
    21 feet=7000lbs ..........
    You sr. Are a dumbass.

  • Robert Smith
    Robert Smith 8 dni temu

    #1 great whites are not responsible for the "majority or attacks on humans"thats the bull shark. 42 secs in and already spewing lies and miss truths..... not looking good for you!!!

  • JojoboyPlayz
    JojoboyPlayz 8 dni temu

    Pushed that 10 min mark woohoo

  • The Zombie Kid
    The Zombie Kid 8 dni temu

    I know sharks aren’t supposed to hurt people, but we need them for the world to survive!

  • Sian Roberts
    Sian Roberts 8 dni temu

    Can people stop killing sharks

  • Adrian Bates
    Adrian Bates 9 dni temu

    Stop killing animals because some animals are in danger and people hunted some animals into not even living anymore 😡😡

  • lebolyon 69
    lebolyon 69 9 dni temu

    Everybody know the most dangerous creatures in the planet are the humans

  • he he man
    he he man 9 dni temu

    The real most biggest shark is the megalogon

  • Brandon Anolin
    Brandon Anolin 9 dni temu

    I love sharks

  • Vladimir Cankov
    Vladimir Cankov 10 dni temu

    I'm getting sick of the Imperial-only units videos. Not gonna watch this shit

  • old silas
    old silas 10 dni temu

    This script sounds like the gibberish ramblings of a forum bot.

  • Bad Mako
    Bad Mako 10 dni temu

    I approve of this topic.

  • sarah frost
    sarah frost 10 dni temu

    What about megalodon

  • Shark_Lover
    Shark_Lover 10 dni temu

    The more you understand the less you fear. Humans kills what they don't understand, and what you don't understand you fear. Sharks are beautiful creatures that are super intelligent and they are at the top of the food chain along with killer whales and salt water alligators. They are almost harmless to humans. The only reason they'd attack you is if you are intruding into your home or if they mistake you for something else. Sharks don't deserve to go extinct and killed they keep the oceans safe from over populations. They are what keep coral reefs alive. Without sharks the ocean would be even more dangerous than it was with them. Fun fact: the person right next to you is more dangerous to you than a shark ever will be.

  • sUN fLOWER
    sUN fLOWER 10 dni temu

    So great white sharks look like bulldogs is it just me?

  • Taryn McMullen
    Taryn McMullen 10 dni temu

    Dam them for killing them!

    THỦY ĐỖ 10 dni temu


  • Archie Gamer
    Archie Gamer 10 dni temu +1

    ITS THE MEGLODON !!!!!!!

  • John mclaughlin
    John mclaughlin 10 dni temu

    What about the 35' human killing shark called submarine?

  • Cara Hartzell
    Cara Hartzell 10 dni temu

    See I don’t believe in going into the sharks homes capturing them that’s like someone walking into your front yard breaking into your house and capturing you just take the pictures and leave them alone

  • CRASH1011
    CRASH1011 10 dni temu

    Great whites HATE the taste of humans that's why when they bite humans they let go cause they realise that what they just bit is not a seal or a what they were wanting to eat

  • Donnie Hoppes
    Donnie Hoppes 10 dni temu

    Your a

  • Itabuna Ilheus
    Itabuna Ilheus 10 dni temu

    belo documentário like irmão abraços...!!!👍

  • What The Duck
    What The Duck 10 dni temu

    Dumb ass, sharks aren’t the biggest sea animals, tumble weeds are

  • Jack Wagner
    Jack Wagner 11 dni temu

    its sad how they killed the great white with their nets.

  • Jack Wagner
    Jack Wagner 11 dni temu

    the facts about the mortality rate are ridiculous

  • Jack Wagner
    Jack Wagner 11 dni temu

    as humans who first evolved on land, we have no right to swim in the water and act like victims of sharks, who have been traveling in our oceans for millions of years.

  • Jack Wagner
    Jack Wagner 11 dni temu

    great white sharks are not the largest contributor to all shark attacks. if you had done any research, you'd know that the title belongs to the bull shark, which also has the most testosterone of any animal species. sharks are also greatly misunderstood and they are not mindless killers like we think they are. they are predators and it is natural for them. sharks also mistake humans for other animals when they attack. the great white does have the most killing potential of all sharks, but it certainly isn't responsible for the majority of shark attacks and its also an vulnerable species.

  • Webb walle
    Webb walle 11 dni temu


  • gtds Muñoz
    gtds Muñoz 11 dni temu

    Ok gracias

  • danielabc mączyński
    danielabc mączyński 11 dni temu


  • matt s
    matt s 11 dni temu

    Deep blue was 20’, the Cuban shark isn’t verified and was NOT 7k lbs, the Australian caught a 19’ white, etc.
    this video exaggerates every shark story. Waste of time

  • Courtney Lunsford
    Courtney Lunsford 11 dni temu


  • Paul Goldsmith
    Paul Goldsmith 11 dni temu

    This video is a disgrace and the people who kill sharks for their own sport. These animals need to be left alone. It's people who get themselves hurt or killed by these animals because they ignore the safety measures and advise from marine specialists. The sea belongs to them not us.

  • TsarSamuil
    TsarSamuil 12 dni temu

    Learn the metric system u barbaric cunts!

  • Richard Clay
    Richard Clay 12 dni temu


  • Wak3NBak3 420
    Wak3NBak3 420 12 dni temu

    Chinese and people like that who make shark soup is just dumb shot your killing a live thing just for fins like i could take you daughter and cut her legs off and throw Jer out like she nothing see how you would feel

  • msathenna
    msathenna 12 dni temu +8

    You know………… men kills what is not needed to do………………animals are actually not the mean ones …WE ARE!!!!!that is because we are breaking the nature up and ruining the food chain and Mother Earth ……please spread this message 🙂🙂🙂I am counting on you to help and save this nature ! We all must do our part!!!!!!

    • The Dragon with the Girl Tattoo.
      The Dragon with the Girl Tattoo. 7 dni temu

      Have you ever seen a weasel in a hen house. I grew up on a farm I know. A weasel will go in and kill every chicken and partially eat one. Ever see a cat play with a mouse. I've watched my cat play with a mouse until its almost dead, stop and wait till the mouse tries to get away then attack again. Ever see a killer way flick a seal around for awhile before they kill it. You dont know what you are talking about.

    • viol8r007
      viol8r007 8 dni temu +1

      Really that isn't true and you know it inst true, Lions kill hyenas needlessly, Chimps kill other Chimps , the list goes on and on in nature we just do it so much more efficiently , Orcas do dolphins do the list goes on and on Cats play with their food dogs often kill and just walk away just for the sake of killing the animal . I do understand what you mean but please do not spread misconceptions about nature

  • Kuwi Dewi
    Kuwi Dewi 12 dni temu

    This is fake

    The shark is a paid actor

  • Greg Andris
    Greg Andris 12 dni temu

    I have diarrhea

  • Winnie Pulido
    Winnie Pulido 12 dni temu

    that megalodon like if you agree

  • Jorge Perez
    Jorge Perez 12 dni temu


  • Micky Fan
    Micky Fan 13 dni temu

    Taiwan No.1

    G JOHNNY 13 dni temu

    The aussie man needs to know this: GOD DOES NOT make MISTAKES!!! man does. Hopefully he'll get that straight, soon.

  • Mohammad Shoaib Dar
    Mohammad Shoaib Dar 13 dni temu

    11.3 meters
    Size record

  • Ray Lewis
    Ray Lewis 13 dni temu

    Click bait

  • James Lee
    James Lee 13 dni temu

    Sorry, dont like them!

  • frankenpope
    frankenpope 14 dni temu

    don't catch sharks you losers they are there to clean the oceans of everything that dies!
    these scum Chinese and Japanese people eat everything they feel nothing about protecting nature!

  • Mary Banks
    Mary Banks 14 dni temu

    Games of thrones

  • marco urelio
    marco urelio 14 dni temu

    Cuando hasta los comentarios estan en ingles, todo es mentira wasabi

  • bobo jepeny
    bobo jepeny 14 dni temu

    Kinda looks like G.H.W. Bush, the Cuban Cojimar monster.

  • Morten Berg
    Morten Berg 14 dni temu

    Wauu - only an american narrator can sound that ignorant ..... 😳

  • XX Danrockgod4 XX
    XX Danrockgod4 XX 14 dni temu


  • Strange Hornet
    Strange Hornet 14 dni temu

    So wrong to kill anything just because it exists and is capable of causing harm. They are such magnificent creatures!

  • Sizwe Ndlanzi
    Sizwe Ndlanzi 15 dni temu

    For me to believe that humans are GODS greatest creation, is absolute bullshit!