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  • Meet the top 7 largest great white sharks found so far. The great white shark is imposing and dangerous, and some can also be giants.
    It happened on May 14, 1997 in Hualien County in Taiwan, when a large white was caught in a net game precisely in Seven Star Lake.
    In 2013, the images of this great white shark became viral all over the world. Therefore, because of its popularity, you should know that it is one of the largest specimens ever seen.
    The legend of a monster submerged in its waters was revealed as a gigantic 21 feet long white shark. Truly impressive!
    On a hot summer day in early August of 1983, Alberton native David McKendrick, along with his younger brother Steven and his crew, fished near the coast of Prince Edward Island in Canada. Suddenly, 12 miles from the beach, the nets began to stir as if someone were trying to get fish out. A huge shark was stranded there.
    In April 2012, two commercial fishermen named Guadalupe and Baltazar entered the Sea of ​​Cortez in search of what they normally caught, such as sole or other types of fish. What they never imagined was that they would encounter a huge shark off the coast of the state of Sonora, northwest of Mexico.
    The great white shark, also known as the "great white pointer", is responsible for the majority of sharks attacks recorded against humans.
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  • Dimple Min
    Dimple Min Godzinę temu

    It is a megdalon.

  • Lynden Bennett
    Lynden Bennett 9 godzin temu

    Fear the sharks, but respect them.

  • jofrejkd
    jofrejkd 10 godzin temu

    Thumbnail shows a mako, not a white

  • Pawwy _1097
    Pawwy _1097 11 godzin temu

    Whaaat Australia nooo nooo im from indonesia and noooo

  • Isidro Exposito
    Isidro Exposito 13 godzin temu


    DLFRGV 13 godzin temu

    Mexican shark? LMAO!

  • Arthur & Crystal Mitchell
    Arthur & Crystal Mitchell 13 godzin temu

    People think great white sharks are responsible for most deaths that's not true

  • Natalie Hopper
    Natalie Hopper 18 godzin temu

    How does a seal go in a great white shark because the great white shark was trying to eat them but the great white shark did not bite the seal

  • Maddison Bachman-Benbow
    Maddison Bachman-Benbow 19 godzin temu

    Listen ppl if u don't want to get killed do go swimming in the ocean/beach

  • Starlight Engram
    Starlight Engram Dzień temu

    Would you believe that sharks are descended from ocean worms? Giant carnivorous free-swimming predatory oceanic worms. The "worms" folded their scales in at the oral orifice to grasp their prey and to rasp their way into its body or to suck the fluids out of it. how yummy. Through millions of years they evolved the appearance of fishes but... they are not. You see they do not have vertebral bones and their jaws are not hinged onto a skeleton. Their spines are nothing more than a whip of cartilage and their skin is more like an exoskeleton that and actual hide.

  • Beijing Granderson
    Beijing Granderson Dzień temu

    GOD DOES NOTTTTTT make errors if he did no one would be alive

  • Anita Dick
    Anita Dick Dzień temu

    The shark killer is the actual austrailan monster

  • Yushamen Thari
    Yushamen Thari 2 dni temu +1

    I love the the guy his right .

  • Brett Curtis
    Brett Curtis 2 dni temu

    Well that was a load of sensational bollocks....!!!

  • Deadly Kitty & Kyron

    Does anyone know the Megalodon???

  • Wildcat Cowboy
    Wildcat Cowboy 2 dni temu

    This goes out to that guy Vic or anybody else who thinks the same way he does sharks don't come in our yard and start shit with us so stay out of theirs if you're worried about getting eaten

  • L.A. Hensley
    L.A. Hensley 2 dni temu

    God don't make errors -.-

  • preacherspy Gaming
    preacherspy Gaming 3 dni temu +1

    the biggest great white shark is megalodon lol

  • preacherspy Gaming
    preacherspy Gaming 3 dni temu

    the biggest great white shark is megalodon lol

  • Adam Demirs
    Adam Demirs 3 dni temu

    Sumbitches caught a megalodon on a trout line.

  • Vanessa Chin
    Vanessa Chin 3 dni temu

    Is that fucking real dude

  • Kekistani Help Desk
    Kekistani Help Desk 3 dni temu

    Click baiters are beneath paedophiles in the social hierarchy.

  • GSXBros
    GSXBros 3 dni temu

    Tigers bulls and oceanic white tips are the most dangerous sharks not great whites. Great whites are actually less likely to attack

  • Pete Turner
    Pete Turner 3 dni temu

    There is a lot of shark pics here than have been "Enhanced" Lot of film as well,

  • mr rebel
    mr rebel 4 dni temu

    wrong.. bull sharks and white tip reef sharks are responsible for most attacks than any other species.

  • 『 CheaNoobieKH 』

    Always Australia!!

  • Kyun 18
    Kyun 18 5 dni temu

    you suck

  • Mert koçak
    Mert koçak 5 dni temu

    ignorant video. Full of shit information

  • G Spark
    G Spark 6 dni temu

    So much bullshit....

  • John Smith
    John Smith 6 dni temu

    you spelt 'john' wrong. you spelt it 'jhon'

  • rafael pinnix
    rafael pinnix 6 dni temu


  • MrMichaelflynn
    MrMichaelflynn 6 dni temu

    It is 80

  • MrMichaelflynn
    MrMichaelflynn 6 dni temu


  • Zoey Tan
    Zoey Tan 7 dni temu

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  • Oh Yeah Yeah Army
    Oh Yeah Yeah Army 7 dni temu +2

    Oh yeah yeah

  • I forgot my name
    I forgot my name 7 dni temu

    I get it, it’s part of the food chain ect, but we’ve gone way too far. Since we have started to kill animals, it’s scary that so many animals are now extinct or about to be... It’s the little things we can do to fix this but no, us humans can be so fucked up.

  • Daniela Aguilar
    Daniela Aguilar 7 dni temu


  • Stacey Chisholm
    Stacey Chisholm 7 dni temu

    Love this video

  • Eric Arbuckle
    Eric Arbuckle 7 dni temu

    I have eaten shark it was good black top tiger and bull sharks not no more to much mercury in them today Kroger's sold it years ago.

  • DeluxPlays
    DeluxPlays 7 dni temu

    Who else laughed at 4:46 lmao just caught me off guard

  • David Chittum
    David Chittum 7 dni temu

    you can really tell he put alote of work on the thumbnail (not)

  • Dakota_Dreamz _Gacha

    2019 anyone?

  • Suman Gupta
    Suman Gupta 9 dni temu +1

    megdolons are the biggest

  • Keirnon Grainger
    Keirnon Grainger 9 dni temu +6


  • Anton Skippy
    Anton Skippy 9 dni temu

    "Bloody squalor"? "Transcendental event"? Someone needs to work on his diction.

  • Viperbronco aka Almasty

    Majority of shark attacks against humans is the Bull Shark. Not the great white

  • Amy Jayne
    Amy Jayne 10 dni temu

    First shark shown found in Western Australia. Explains the length in only feet. Good job -.-

  • Dead by Dawn
    Dead by Dawn 10 dni temu

    'Conservationalists' lol 😆

  • Ahmed Hussein
    Ahmed Hussein 10 dni temu

    Human r fooked the earth

  • lizard rock
    lizard rock 10 dni temu

    The largest one isn't even in the video which was 37 feet caught in Canada in the 1930s

  • Warren Lightning
    Warren Lightning 11 dni temu +5

    Looking forward to the day when all humans stop killing animals.

  • t b
    t b 11 dni temu

    Sharks on average kill 15 people per year globally! Now if they sold cigarettes which kill 7 million people a year I'd be worried.

  • luke hannath
    luke hannath 12 dni temu

    shark gonna eat me selfies

  • simone babar
    simone babar 12 dni temu

    🐋🐬🐳🐟🌈The deep blue sea aint for us to see so if itbites ha ha hold tight and prray

  • Tapper HD
    Tapper HD 12 dni temu

    The great white shark is not the most dangerous shark in the world

  • Nora Sanosa
    Nora Sanosa 12 dni temu

    Great white shark vs megalodon who Wind?

  • Reezy_Bad
    Reezy_Bad 13 dni temu

    I thought bull sharks killed more humans than great whites

  • Νατάσα Στ.
    Νατάσα Στ. 13 dni temu

    And personally I think..just my idea,that sharks and other animals that kill people..only kill bad people. 😕😐

  • lil_raptor blue
    lil_raptor blue 13 dni temu

    Ya know the uhhmmm the Canadian shark pic you showed was actually a.. A uhh a juvenile megalodon. Hehe

  • Adam Sternberg
    Adam Sternberg 13 dni temu

    Booooooo that’s bad

  • I Polar
    I Polar 13 dni temu

    My dicc is bigger If you know what I mean 😏

  • Auto Body Team
    Auto Body Team 13 dni temu

    I'm more into the megladon

  • Grannymomo 123
    Grannymomo 123 13 dni temu


  • Brandon_The Crow
    Brandon_The Crow 13 dni temu

    Most dangerous of all? Uh no, that would be the bull shark. They're the most aggressive, have been known to actively attack humans for food rather than just a test bite, and they can and do inhabit salt as well as fresh water.

  • Finnley Rimell
    Finnley Rimell 14 dni temu +1

    Deep blue was very calm

  • Ava C
    Ava C 14 dni temu

    The great white shark is Bigger

  • Mjstic Art
    Mjstic Art 14 dni temu

    bull sharks

  • thomas
    thomas 14 dni temu

    Not largest acording to the greatest great ever caught. Not weight verified , but a few was 0ver 25 feet largest was 27 Feet. Had one filmed in water Honolulu estimates 17 feet. Guy on the said was tiny

  • Milana gamer22
    Milana gamer22 14 dni temu

    Adult great whites can grow up to 20ft

  • Rossmy Ordonez
    Rossmy Ordonez 14 dni temu

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  • L&D Pur
    L&D Pur 14 dni temu

    Relay on the meg!!!!!!😎

  • Herby Hannan
    Herby Hannan 14 dni temu

    Tiger sharks have attacked more humans the great whites.

  • Benito Scelza
    Benito Scelza 14 dni temu

    Dude fuck the feet use metres you dumbass

  • 半田朋子
    半田朋子 14 dni temu


  • 半田朋子
    半田朋子 14 dni temu


  • 半田朋子
    半田朋子 14 dni temu


  • Andrew King
    Andrew King 14 dni temu

    Bull sharks attack most people

  • Patricia Baltasar
    Patricia Baltasar 15 dni temu

    Tiger sharks (Galiocerdo cuvier) responsible for the most human attacks yearly, not the Whites (Carchorodon carcarius). Sorry if the Latin has typos. I wrote it from memory

  • trisha blankenship
    trisha blankenship 15 dni temu

    These people are cruel

  • Tala Qawasmeh
    Tala Qawasmeh 15 dni temu


  • Eric Hierro
    Eric Hierro 16 dni temu


  • Sawlog Jones
    Sawlog Jones 16 dni temu

    Sharks are useless,there like skunks,opossums and mosquitoes

  • Crystal Fagerstrom
    Crystal Fagerstrom 16 dni temu +1

    Ee. Scary

  • Laura Darnell
    Laura Darnell 16 dni temu

    Stop killing great whites pigs😡

  • justin hayes
    justin hayes 16 dni temu

    I think people should be nice to sharks and let them go

  • Gnew Hamtig
    Gnew Hamtig 16 dni temu +5

    Not real the great white shark is not the dengorous shark and strongest shark is the megalodon

  • TheTrollfromOz 872
    TheTrollfromOz 872 16 dni temu


  • Punk Røck
    Punk Røck 17 dni temu

    That's gay

  • tonu monu
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  • Michael Lewis
    Michael Lewis 17 dni temu

    Who cares about facts

  • Fortnite squad
    Fortnite squad 17 dni temu +1

    This is amazing

  • Sandy P
    Sandy P 17 dni temu

    The "Canadian" shark shown in this clip is not a Great White, it's a Mako and it was caught in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia in 2004 during their annual Shark Scramble. :(

  • lonelyboyys
    lonelyboyys 18 dni temu

    dude sharks are in danger

  • Patsy Faulkner
    Patsy Faulkner 18 dni temu

    ohh that shark have bad teeth, did this shark ever brush his teeth, don't be worry about his teeth what your teeth is like right now, have you ever gone to your dentist?

  • 2 TO 8 CA
    2 TO 8 CA 18 dni temu

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  • Robin's Harris
    Robin's Harris 18 dni temu

    Dang... !!!😱😬
    BIG... SHARK 🦈
    I ate.. get on Ride BOAT
    BIG Ships Vac...

  • whiskers catto
    whiskers catto 18 dni temu

    noo vick everything has a purpose in life sharks eat dishes so that they don't take over the ocean and they keep us in check so that we don't think that we own the whole ocean

  • Jenny Marie
    Jenny Marie 18 dni temu

    U know the beginning isn’t true
    1.great whites are not the biggest the biggest animal in the sea is the giant squid which (DOES)exsist
    2.the bull shark is the most aggressive shark
    Nice try this is fake