10 Things You Should NEVER Do On An Airplane

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  • Opublikowany 5 lip 2017
  • 10 Things you're not allowed to do on a plane.
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    Do you know the airplane etiquette you should follow to never get yourself kicked off a plane? If you’re not respectful enough, you might just end up on a passenger shaming website! From getting too drunk, playing loud music, being rude to the cabin crew, picking a fight, ignoring the safety rules and more, these are 10 things you should never do an airplane.
    Many people tend to have a glass or two to calm down their nerves when flying. But do you know your drinking limit? Before you decide to drink, make sure your body can handle the turbulences!
    We all play music for entertainment, especially during airplane flights. But sometimes, playing loud music can cause major disturbances to the people around you. And not to mention it can completely ruin your hearing!
    You can easily get yourself in trouble on a flight by picking a fight or being rude to cabin crew. Don’t forget that you’re in a small space with often more than 100 people. Be respectful to everyone, including flight attendants.
    And last but not least, you should never ignore airplane safety rules. Do you know what to do when you hear “brace, brace”? Or what you’re supposed to do if you sit in the exit row? Pay close attention to the rules to make sure your flight is as safe as possible.
    Have you ever seen people getting too drunk, playing loud music, being rude to cabin crew, picking a fight or ignoring safety rules on an airplane? Wait until you see five more things you should never do on an airplane!
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  • metube336
    metube336 20 godzin temu

    Keep your shoes on! That being said, if your feet stink, it's because yeast is growing in your shoes. Why? Unwashed feet and shoes that are not rotated with at least one other pair EVERY DAY. Wearing the same pair of shoes every day doesn't allow time for your shoes to dry thereby providing a nice dark, damp environment that all fungi ( yes, yeast is a fungus) love to be able to multiply like mad. There is no reason your feet should smell. ALTERNATE PAIRS OF SHOES EVERY DAY!

  • Hasna Smadi
    Hasna Smadi Dzień temu

    Hi random person srolling down the coments while the video is playing

  • basically cordelia
    basically cordelia 2 dni temu

    Dont take a middle row or a inside row of you have week bladder

  • Pina Peters
    Pina Peters 2 dni temu

    The seat only reclines a small percentage.

  • Bianca Loayza
    Bianca Loayza 3 dni temu

    FREE FOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ican Relate
    Ican Relate 9 dni temu

    This lol plclip.com/video/VF1i-pH-16I/wideo.html

  • Michael Davison
    Michael Davison 11 dni temu

    Free food cos I never recline my seat

  • MWB Gaming
    MWB Gaming 13 dni temu +1

    easiest ways to piss me off on a flight (from least annoying to most annoying)
    4: kicking my seat (i can tolerate it but it will probably result in us having a little chat outside when the plane lands)
    3: not letting me into the aisle when i need to take a piss (might start wearing depends with how often this one happens)
    2: screaming babies (thank fuck for noise cancelling headphones, its enough to drive a man insane)
    1: reclining your seat without warning (i have had 4 broken laptop screens because of inconsiderate cunts reclining their seats without warning, and i am now banned from 2 airlines for life after getting into a punch on with said reclining bastards after they refused to pay for repairs, which the judge forced them to pay for in court anyway) these days i fly with the knee defender seat lock, no more broken screens for me

  • Dave Pflieger
    Dave Pflieger 15 dni temu

    Traveling by airplane has its perks, but it certainly has its drawbacks. Thanks for sharing!

  • Anime Kitten
    Anime Kitten 15 dni temu

    Just put your feet up with socks

  • Musar  Mahalail
    Musar Mahalail 15 dni temu

    sobrang na kakatakot

  • mega gamer88
    mega gamer88 16 dni temu

    You know no one can open the side door on a plane because of the force

  • Mark Diment
    Mark Diment 18 dni temu

  • Kevin Ye
    Kevin Ye 19 dni temu

    Wow I am scared of germs thanks for the tips and plz do more travel tips✈️🤒👎🏻

  • Sharralynn Pierce Woolworth

    Why Let the seat to go down? Cause it to Stop after a few inches!

  • KawaiiGalaxy_ Gacha
    KawaiiGalaxy_ Gacha 21 dzień temu

    Thumbnail is totally fine...
    But why the hell were they hoverin* over the ocean?
    *dont correct me

  • Hillyslinky
    Hillyslinky 22 dni temu

    When you hate you me kid so much you put it in the locker

  • Noori Social
    Noori Social 23 dni temu

    must watch this video:
    air plane safety features, how to survive in air crash:

  • Circle the circle
    Circle the circle 25 dni temu +1

    I listened to the airplane rules 97 times already!

  • H Q 123P
    H Q 123P 25 dni temu +1

    10:07 find the mistake

  • Graby baby Plays
    Graby baby Plays 26 dni temu

    This is my first time watching a thethings video and I thought the intro was tseries

  • Saleha Begum
    Saleha Begum 29 dni temu

    If you wanna recline your seat demand the back seats. Nah joking [unless you think it's good advice].

  • Anime Kitten
    Anime Kitten Miesiąc temu

    Don't put you feet up without socks or shoes * puts feet up with socks *

  • allousha N
    allousha N Miesiąc temu


  • imygirl
    imygirl Miesiąc temu

    I’m going on an airplane in 2 hours

  • Kylie’s Fam
    Kylie’s Fam Miesiąc temu

    9:52 “ be sure to cover your hand with your hand”..... OKKKKKKK

  • Serena Alex Danielle Bunny

    this dude used my armrests as a frigging footrest and also the dude in front of me reclined the seat too far leading spilling my cola!!!!!!!!!!!! urgh it was bad

  • WillF40PH
    WillF40PH Miesiąc temu

    The airlines would be simply taking reclining "privileges" away because most of them already offer free snacks and drinks.

  • Berlin Beach
    Berlin Beach Miesiąc temu

    People who recline their seat are now known as DOGS. Say it loud "We've got a DOG on board".

  • YVRCasting
    YVRCasting Miesiąc temu

    WHO on earth takes off their socks? People don't need to take their shoes off either! Maybe if you bring soft bootee covers for yourself.. but good grief!

  • Galaxy_ YT
    Galaxy_ YT Miesiąc temu +1

    I never recline my seat.
    I never stay near the window.
    There was 1 annoying kid who kept making tantrums

    • Berlin Beach
      Berlin Beach Miesiąc temu

      PinkSis YT People who recline their seat are now known as DOGS.

  • Potato Pleb :p
    Potato Pleb :p Miesiąc temu

    Pause at.11:30

  • Romelia Telon
    Romelia Telon Miesiąc temu


  • Kpop army xx Kpop army xxx

    11:01 REALLY 🧐🧐🧐

  • Darine Rezwa
    Darine Rezwa Miesiąc temu

    Um....I think you’re a germaphobe

  • Elsa Redfern
    Elsa Redfern Miesiąc temu

    In England they never say brace they say heads down America is different 🤣🤣

  • your mom
    your mom Miesiąc temu

    how does the gum hack work for you guys? going on a plane tommorow.

  • Alice Angel
    Alice Angel Miesiąc temu

    listen, if I paid over 500 BUCKS to get on this plane you bet your sorry butt I aint missing it cause I got a flew or cough. listen, i'll cover my mouth and nose and try NOT to infect people but I'm not letting all that money just go to waste because I got a fever

  • Ey3dontkn0w
    Ey3dontkn0w Miesiąc temu

    The thumbnail says pointing at the wing through the window is something you should never do.

  • Jagods Dos santos
    Jagods Dos santos Miesiąc temu

    When I went on a plane I got really sick and felt dizzy

  • S
    S Miesiąc temu


  • Mariah :PP
    Mariah :PP Miesiąc temu

    8:44 LMFAOOOO shes such a dumbass

  • unicorns 1
    unicorns 1 Miesiąc temu


  • Sky 201
    Sky 201 Miesiąc temu +1

    1:17 *these are probably well trained yoga peeps for 20 years*

  • Macaj M
    Macaj M Miesiąc temu

    I'm my opinion they're trying to tell us to care more for others than ourselves. Excuse me?

    Btw this is all bullshit I'm all against these stupid rules "don't touch the window" duh
    Also I don't take off my socks but my shoes yeah and if I wanna be a little comfy I'll just try to sit somehow dude. Not thinking for other people before me.

  • Victor Garcia
    Victor Garcia Miesiąc temu

    Passengers should not take off their feet!!

  • SoxonaDuck
    SoxonaDuck Miesiąc temu

    And don't be blowing your nose every two minutes. At what point in history did society deem it proper to blow one's nose in public repeatedly? Jeezuz that's disgusting. Use nasal spray or go to the lavatory (especially the people that have the eagle beaks).

  • Sharon Durandt
    Sharon Durandt Miesiąc temu

    What is wrong with people. We need a war to clean society

  • Power Puff Zombie
    Power Puff Zombie Miesiąc temu

    People who recline their seat at all are the absolute scum of the Earth. The most inconsiderate selfish horrible people EVER.

  • Lesley Laurence
    Lesley Laurence 2 miesięcy temu

    Some people can be so rude!

    Please realise you have other people on the plane who want to relax as you do. Be respectful of others you are not the only person on the plane 😁

  • princess Alya jewel
    princess Alya jewel 2 miesięcy temu +1

    Hey random person scrolling down comments

  • Baby Alive
    Baby Alive 2 miesięcy temu

    I hate the cash me outside girl shes DUMB!!

  • Cherise Depeiza
    Cherise Depeiza 2 miesięcy temu


  • Seth P
    Seth P 2 miesięcy temu

    Yep I would rather have free food

  • Amy Jane
    Amy Jane 2 miesięcy temu +1

    I don't wanna fly on planes

  • Daicy Yang
    Daicy Yang 2 miesięcy temu +2

    10:07 is that a mistake?? Cover your hand when you cough???

  • Tony Ortiz
    Tony Ortiz 2 miesięcy temu


  • Chern Kiat Meng and Chern Lieh Yen

    My Father orange juice spilled because the passenger in front of him shook the seat

  • supercool_ me
    supercool_ me 2 miesięcy temu


  • Useless Virus
    Useless Virus 2 miesięcy temu +1

    T Gay

  • Mon B
    Mon B 2 miesięcy temu

    You cannot tell people not recline their seat.

  • XxNelaGamer MajXx
    XxNelaGamer MajXx 2 miesięcy temu


  • binoy thomas
    binoy thomas 2 miesięcy temu

    Um cover with your elbow because hands are getting dirty

  • Parma Andersen
    Parma Andersen 2 miesięcy temu

    Good tip: if you can, don't pack your stuff the day before flying day, pack 2 days before. Do what you want, get enough exercise, have fun the day before travel, then you won't be stressed right before flying and then stress about rules. Prepare early (I used to pack like hell in the last minute, lol)

  • Rebecca Stevens
    Rebecca Stevens 2 miesięcy temu

    Children screaming annoys me so much but I do cross my legs in my seat But it’s nowhere near the other person’s chair

  • yummycandy
    yummycandy 2 miesięcy temu

    Lol the guy that placed the kid in the luggage cabin 🤣😂😂

  • Mhaga81
    Mhaga81 2 miesięcy temu

    I was on a flight where the person behind me kept grabbing my seat EVERY TIME she got up for anything. My mom had a total hip replacement and knee surgery and even she doesnt do that.
    Also had an international flight where parents let their two year old run up and down the isle.
    Same flight different family...but they decided to change their baby on the seats...instead of the bathrooms. The poor attendants were trying to control the mess created.

  • Joolaykha Suliman
    Joolaykha Suliman 2 miesięcy temu

    Cover your HAND while you cough!???

  • pankaj sharma
    pankaj sharma 2 miesięcy temu

    I dont agree on the reclining of the seat. I dont recline on short flights. But I often travel long haul flights to Asia and US. Once the meal is done, and you need to like sleep a little, I DO recline back to max, to get a little sleep. I do make sure that the person behind me is also done With the her/his meal. If my reclining gets uncomfertable for them, well they are free to recline themselves.

  • BraveFox1207 Oof
    BraveFox1207 Oof 2 miesięcy temu

    I’ll just step on their feet is I see toes.

  • Igor Igor
    Igor Igor 3 miesięcy temu

    to say to stewardess that she is a BOMB

  • Rman Can
    Rman Can 3 miesięcy temu

    Once i was on a plane and this girl threw a temper-tantrum and kicked the seat in front of hers *mine*

  • Kathy Mcferrin
    Kathy Mcferrin 3 miesięcy temu

    Good God.. have none of these people ever been on a plane before? My grandkids know these basics.., how stupid are people?

  • Walid Kadir
    Walid Kadir 3 miesięcy temu

    I have a idea for for Airbus A380

    • Walid Kadir
      Walid Kadir 3 miesięcy temu

      First in every seat must be a parachute on it ,. Later ,in the exit door it will be a lifeboat also 3 lifeboats nice idea

  • Baby Aria
    Baby Aria 3 miesięcy temu

    I am going on a trip in a few months and I have been watching tons of these videos!!!😋

  • Stephen Ramsamooj
    Stephen Ramsamooj 3 miesięcy temu


  • Haris Iqbal
    Haris Iqbal 3 miesięcy temu

    I’m going makkah soon

  • alcyoneus14
    alcyoneus14 3 miesięcy temu

    Video for american and Chinese asshole?

  • emily cheetham
    emily cheetham 3 miesięcy temu

    On the people still board a plane when sick they do it because they don’t want to loose out on possibly thousands of pounds they spent on the holiday.

  • emily cheetham
    emily cheetham 3 miesięcy temu

    I hate people who recline their seats right back. Especially without asking. I don’t mind a little back but all the way is just annoying.
    Listening to music too loud is annoying at any time but especially in a confined space.
    I don’t mind kids waking around the plane and possibly running up and down the isle when it’s free as long as they aren’t screaming and shouting.

  • Snitchblasta Bullseye
    Snitchblasta Bullseye 3 miesięcy temu

    Most of what you saying is completely shit

  • James E Stubbs
    James E Stubbs 3 miesięcy temu

    Not recline my seat? Poppycock. I paid for it, I have a very bad back, I'm reclining thank you. One should simply expect that the person in front of you will do the same, so plan accordingly. If you're too tall for coach don't be an idiot cheap bastard, pay for coach plus. I usually do. The rest of the stuff? Totally unacceptable. Always carry the following: Cleaning wipes, Hand Sanitizer, Tissue, Cough drops & or Gum, Headphones & Ear Plugs, Bottle of water, Snacks (and some to share), Neck Pillow, Sleeping mask, face mask in case you're seating next to and sick passenger. #RoadWarrior

  • Bibi Hanifa Farid
    Bibi Hanifa Farid 3 miesięcy temu +1

    I hate when people are horrible to a kid on a plane. It is just a kid. Try being nice, and they might calm down and not cry.
    One time, me and my family went on holiday to Saudi Arabia, and my brother was 3, and he kept crying. He had run to this other passenger and the passenger was so nice. He picked him up and just played with him and talked to him until he calmed down and all the passengers took photos with my brother because he was really cute, and it just shows that a little kindness goes a long way.....

  • Bibi Hanifa Farid
    Bibi Hanifa Farid 3 miesięcy temu +1

    free food

  • Samantha lindgren
    Samantha lindgren 3 miesięcy temu

    Innocent mistake? How stupid can you be to try and open the plane door to get fresh air!?

    • Michael Harris
      Michael Harris 3 miesięcy temu

      Just like Peter Griffin from family guy, if you ever heard of or seen that cartoon show, ha.

  • Gavin Wendt
    Gavin Wendt 3 miesięcy temu

    I can't stand kids screaming!

  • Kasia
    Kasia 3 miesięcy temu

    Should I cover my right hand, left hand or both hands? Should I cover it from the side, from the top or bottom? What should I cover it with? With my leg, with my head or other body part?

    S.M BHANDARKAR 3 miesięcy temu

    Reclined seat

  • Victoria G
    Victoria G 3 miesięcy temu

    This is a “don’t be a jerk list”

  • Ryan Moore
    Ryan Moore 3 miesięcy temu

    THIS Channel IS SO DUMB

  • David Cordes
    David Cordes 3 miesięcy temu +1

    If they wanted us not to recline they should have not placed that option at our fingertips. If someone reclines in front of me I have no qualms about that person's choice to get comfortable.

  • Moto Moto
    Moto Moto 4 miesięcy temu

    I have ligma

  • ThE SNakE
    ThE SNakE 4 miesięcy temu


  • Edelweiss LeE
    Edelweiss LeE 4 miesięcy temu

    We had just came back from a trip oversea and while coming back in a night flight these chinese indonesian family in front of us just reclined their seats to the max !! We cant even eat or use the onboard entertainment properly because of them. I would root for banning of seat recline in a flight. Some passengers are so ignorant and selfish hence also hard headed to even consider others who are affected by their inconsiderate behavior. Imagine being jammed in your own flight seat for 7 hours.

  • Pius Emmanuel Wong
    Pius Emmanuel Wong 4 miesięcy temu

    I would chose free food.

  • Jenny Grant
    Jenny Grant 4 miesięcy temu

    Didn't even think passengers could open the emergency doors, thought they were securely shut after they board everyone...

  • Cool Profile picture
    Cool Profile picture 4 miesięcy temu

    Yayayayay Korean airport

  • Lisa Lentile
    Lisa Lentile 4 miesięcy temu

    FARTING dammit take beano

  • Loyne Sardon
    Loyne Sardon 4 miesięcy temu

    how amazing

  • Aviation Lover
    Aviation Lover 4 miesięcy temu

    something else not to do, fly ryan air or spirit.