How Marvel Fixed a Franchise - Spider-Man: Homecoming

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  • captainmidnight
    captainmidnight  8 miesięcy temu +152

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    • Katelyn Murray
      Katelyn Murray 14 dni temu

      Simply the best- you are only sort of right. You see, Spiderman Homecoming was especially unique in the sense that, at first, Peter is just wearing sweats, a sweatshirt, and a ski mask with crude goggles I mean, do you really expect a teenager to make the Spiderman suit we see in most versions of spiderman? True, Spiderman does sort of become an iron man jr, but that was because a) marvel wanted a different sort of father figure for Peter (Tony stark) and Tony can't resist the chance to make a different sort of suit without being unrealistic, and b) Tony stark mentoring peter / Peter getting a high-tech new suit was the perfect
      Way to incorporate Spiderman into the mcu. Sorry if this comment is obnoxiously long or whatever, I am a huuuge Tom Holland can 😁

    • LetsTerriblyPlay
      LetsTerriblyPlay Miesiąc temu

      Good god. This series is no better then garfields...

    • Dylan McVillian
      Dylan McVillian 2 miesięcy temu

      you want to like marvel but you constantly say through the video that you have criticism for the franchise yet you never say it ... sounds like a hipster to me... jk

    • Shayed _666
      Shayed _666 2 miesięcy temu

      Andrew Garfield was way better that is all

    • Magics
      Magics 2 miesięcy temu

      Good video but It'd be nice if you didn't transition with tv noise. Pretty distracting and just irritating to see/hear. Not a fond memory lol. Anyways keep up the good work.

  • GentleChrs
    GentleChrs 3 godzin temu

    Marvel did the Spider-man franchise right, respect to the trilogy of the old Spider-Man but the "Amazing Spider-Man" franchise? its trash, considering the theme applies to an a-hole teen who clearly just got out of his cage and into college, didn't really like the actor as well, he just got this weird smug look on his face whenever he actts like he's obviously acting and forcing himself to smile.

  • Colette Pohl
    Colette Pohl 9 godzin temu

    disagree the movie is AMAZING

  • xX8Bit- RaptorXx
    xX8Bit- RaptorXx 9 godzin temu +1


  • Derrick Tan
    Derrick Tan 10 godzin temu

    Literally 70% of the comments are about whether Tobey Maguire or Tom Holland did Spiderman/Peter Parker better.

  • Stephen King
    Stephen King 12 godzin temu

    It needn't to be fixed, it was just put apart for other franchises. Sam Raimi did a Fantastic damn Job with it.

  • Keith Varley
    Keith Varley 17 godzin temu

    I've never really been a fan of Spiderman, but Homecoming and Tom Holland are beginning to change how I think about the character. Tom is by far the best Peter Parker/Spiderman to grace the Silverscreen. And the constant visit of his origin story we had in the past and remakes of remakes were getting boring and repetitive. Luckily Homecoming managed to revive Spiderman, in part by doing away with the origin... Which I'm certain everyone knows by now, after being thrown in our faces enough times.
    Homecoming and Far From Home, could potentially make me a fan. If they don't mess it up.

  • SniperGamesOP
    SniperGamesOP 19 godzin temu

    You do realize that Marvel didn't make the first two spiderman movie series, right? It was Sony. Marvel sold spiderman and a lot of other characters to Sony and they made those. Sony is now sharing spiderman with marvel for Homecoming, Far From Home, Avengers: Infinity War, Avengers: Endgame, and Captain America: Civil War. After these movies, Tom Holland's contract with marvel will end and spiderman goes back to Sony.


    R.I.P. Stan Lee

  • drawpool
    drawpool Dzień temu

    how marvel destroyed spider man

  • Cosmic Armor Superman
    Cosmic Armor Superman Dzień temu

    Well marvel didn't fixed him. Fox did.

  • smashed Hitler
    smashed Hitler Dzień temu

    "fixed" I liked the original better

  • Fabricio Jara
    Fabricio Jara Dzień temu

    Another "expert" here

  • NuclearBookery ASMR
    NuclearBookery ASMR Dzień temu

    Many comments are mentioning how spiderman seemed to start out young and then age in the comics, I wonder if they’ll attempt something similar with this version and how that would work with Tom Holland

  • he knows nothing of nothing he knows

    I have a question though, like, he can still shoot webs, but can he still do it with out the technology, like does he still have it naturally in his wrists, it's just been bugging me

  • Elvie Rose Robinson
    Elvie Rose Robinson Dzień temu

    Mr stark to Peter: if you're nothing without your suit then you shouldn't have it.
    Me: ".........But wait a minute........ironman would be nothing without his suit. Yeah he's still popular and smart but without his suit he can't do anything.....
    Whaaaaat? 😁"

  • Otti
    Otti 2 dni temu

    They didn't spiderman is still a twat

  • Vova Syhin
    Vova Syhin 2 dni temu

    I wouldn't say they fixed him, as he resembles iron man, more and more with each consecutive film. I'd say he has an identity crisis, as of Homecoming moving forward.

  • Nicholas Samuel Stember

    Been a Spider-Man fan since I was old enough to really start reading super heroes (which was the early 70's....and I shudder now thinking about some of the Spider-Man issues I once had ... but are long gone .... and are now treasures). When Sam Raimi, brought us his version of Spider-Man I was thrilled. I thought Tobey Maguire was charming and fun as Peter and decent as Spider-Man, and loved Kirsten Dunst as the famous MJ. Loved the second movie and wanted to love the third.... but as I watched the cocky Tobey in SM3 I started to realized something was missing. It definitely didn't appear in the Andrew Garfield reboots, and I kept thinking Tobey was going to remain my favorite Peter Parker.....Until CA: Civil War. Tom Holland's cameo was brief but I was nailed it. Then Homecoming came out and I realized Tobey wasn't my favorite Peter Parker/Spidey anymore.... but I didn't put together just *why* until I watched your video. You nailed it too..... Tom Holland reminds me of all the reasons I identified with, and loved Spidey as a kid. SPOILER if you haven't seen Homecoming: As Peter remarks at the end, he fine helping, and he's fine letting the Avengers do the big stuff, he just wants to remain a "friendly neighborhood Spider-Man", and that's what Spidey always was. Sure, over the decades he's helped out the Avengers, the Fantastic Four, he's even helped out Wolverine. But never has he forgotten his roots. Thanks for helping me put a finger on just why I was thinking this was the new "Spidey Bar" to be set.

  • drexviathen
    drexviathen 2 dni temu +1

    This is a great video and I’m going to let you finish but Into the spider vers is one of the greatest super hero movies of all time.

  • Elk Lord
    Elk Lord 2 dni temu

    Enter stage left Miles Morales...

  • LoneWolfAlpha
    LoneWolfAlpha 3 dni temu

    spiderman is trash BRING BACK ANDY GARFIELD

  • minty
    minty 3 dni temu

    It's good, but Zendaya's character is pretty cringey.

  • hydrolito
    hydrolito 3 dni temu

    Talking to much would give away who Spider-man was based on his knowledge and accent also they didn't even disguise his voice how does his same voice come out when he is wearing a mask shouldn't it at least be muffled, hows he going to fool anyone when he speaks with the same voice as Peter Parker?

    • ShadowSonic2
      ShadowSonic2 2 dni temu

      Same way he always fooled them in the comics.

  • hydrolito
    hydrolito 3 dni temu

    They went backwards and Spider-man was known in the comics before encountering Ironman so back tracking Spider-man making Aunt May younger than in any other version did not make sense. Also he did not look like a 15 year old why another reboot?

  • Matt Keith
    Matt Keith 3 dni temu

    "Or Bruce Willis now." I loled

  • niizzy a
    niizzy a 3 dni temu

    Homecoming sucks. Yeah, the movies sucks. Nobody can deny it.
    But Tom was a good Spidey, sad that the writers fucked up real bad.

  • deejayxcrypt
    deejayxcrypt 3 dni temu

    Wait... did Homecoming steer the Spider-Man "back on track"? As in what track? The sh*tty post 2005 track or the better one that met it's end after the original Clone Saga? Oh, I answered it already. Silly me...

  • Renegon !
    Renegon ! 3 dni temu


  • BaBin Channel
    BaBin Channel 4 dni temu

    And yet people would still insist Tobey is the best spidey not realising its just because of reminiscing. Hahahahaha!

  • rockanne
    rockanne 4 dni temu

    one major criticism i had with the film was that aside from comic book violence and peril making it pg it did not have to be pg-13 with perhaps 2 or 3 vulgar lines that were completely unnecessary and even out place (totally shoehorned in). it should have been pg. we have deadpool for R, avengers and all of their films for pg-13 but Spiderman, my childhood love, should have been PG.

  • Josh Deaton
    Josh Deaton 4 dni temu

    simple answer: tom holland

  • Guille Chemo
    Guille Chemo 4 dni temu

    Agreed 9:00

  • Red Beryl
    Red Beryl 4 dni temu

    Old spider-man is better but the new spider-man is cooler because he is in the MCU naow

  • Marc Lussier
    Marc Lussier 4 dni temu

    Marvel movies are just powders in the eyes, the best super hero movie i saw in a long time is spider verse

  • Stepperot
    Stepperot 4 dni temu

    Homecoming is bad first and foremost because it took away the core of what we like to see from spiderman. I want to see him swinging around not falling on his face like an idiot.
    Movie was a joke. The Lame Buggling Spiderman

  • Mark Welch
    Mark Welch 5 dni temu

    They made Flash Tompson a Bully nerd hybrid!

    • ShadowSonic2
      ShadowSonic2 2 dni temu

      The old meathead Flash Thompson would be out of place in modern society.

  • Mark Welch
    Mark Welch 5 dni temu

    Homecoming was really bad and inaccurate.

  • AlreadyWon
    AlreadyWon 5 dni temu +1

    It didn't fix shit. It was the worst Spider-Man movie with the least amount of action

    • ShadowSonic2
      ShadowSonic2 2 dni temu

      They wanted to focus on more than just action.

  • AlreadyWon
    AlreadyWon 5 dni temu +1

    Bullshit. The movie was GARBAGE, Andrew Garfield version was better

  • Pokemon gamer The 3th

    Lol this video has 3 million views

  • Freeze Motion
    Freeze Motion 5 dni temu


  • Xgamingchicken Fart
    Xgamingchicken Fart 5 dni temu

    Marvel fix Spidey cuz Sony can’t make a good movie Sorry Vemon

  • Colinchannz
    Colinchannz 6 dni temu

    god, thank Marvel and Roblox for fixing him! (I also included Roblox because spiderman homecoming was also sponsored for Roblox as where you play as 4 spidermen, (all are suits included in the movies) but they have the same abilities, it's where you fight Vulture but very buggy that most people couldn't get the badge (and one of them was me) because that game was heroes of robloxia and we can't play as him again FOREVER!!)

  • Milktraap
    Milktraap 7 dni temu

    I liked Spider-Man’s pseudo Iron Man suit, my only problem is that ugly ass HUD. When they do first person shots inside Peter’s suit it looks like a damn Call of Duty parody like how are you gonna fight when the suit is trying to sell you DLCs lmao

  • Daniel Antoniio Morales Vizcaino

    Fixed??????? Dude this shit is not spider man, is shit only shit.

  • DarkByke Twitch
    DarkByke Twitch 8 dni temu

    Not sure what needed "fixing" as they were all enjoyable.

  • Arachni-Notion
    Arachni-Notion 8 dni temu

    7:17-7:78 You said, "Homecoming is first movie in the franchise that seems to understand this, and is willing to follow Peter through the every process of being Spider-Man"
    I would argue against that, "Spider-Man from (2002) was the first. As we get to see him stop robbers at night, we get to know what the people think of him, and we get to see him rescue a baby from a burning building." Now if you were to say that it seems along the way, the movies have forgotten about that and that Marvel helped bring it back, then okay.

  • Mike Tyson
    Mike Tyson 8 dni temu

    I think you misspelled 'fucked'.

  • The Monopoly Guy
    The Monopoly Guy 8 dni temu

    They kinda wrekt him at the same time

  • Luka Godec
    Luka Godec 9 dni temu

    If anything, Marvel ruined Spider-man. Tobey’s spidey is the only one I will ever care for. It has hands down the best character development over all characters, it has soul, it makes me care for the characters, Tobey as spidey or Parker that has real life problems is relatable so yea, there is literally nothing that homecoming or TASM did better than Sam Raimi’s spidey.

    • ShadowSonic2
      ShadowSonic2 2 dni temu

      Beh, Raimi's take was over the top camp.

  • Abdulla Mother
    Abdulla Mother 11 dni temu

    They made him tony’s bitch. Even Dr. Strange asks tony if peter is he’s ward. Another thing is they use to much cgi, homecoming feels like a video game.

  • Avery Robinson
    Avery Robinson 11 dni temu

    It’s important to know there are different Spider-Man. The suit given by tony makes him the iron spider and that is why he has the things he does.

  • Simo Simo
    Simo Simo 11 dni temu

    How Marvel ruined a Franchise not fixed it, do you seriously think that they got Spider-Man right with this movie ? Overall the movie is good, but if you tell me that it's a good SPIDER-MAN movie, it's not.
    1. They completely ignored Uncle Ben who's a big & an important character, it didn't have to be another death scene though.
    2 . Tony Stark baby sitting Peter, seriously ? Peter is a genius & a bad ass he can take care of his own he's called Spider-MAN not Spider-BABY.
    3. The high tech suit can do more things than what Spider-Man can actually do, a fucking AI that gives him directions, Parachute, Trackers, 500 Web combinations, taser web, training wheels protocol ???
    4. Peter's high school friends are completely useless & u just don't care about them, my god Ned Leeds was soo annoying & yeah he's literally 'Ganke Lee' Miles Morales friend from the comics, Liz Allen is one of the worst love interests i've ever seen on film, Michelle was just there, Flash Thompson sucks.
    5. The lack of consequences, everything Peter does has no consequence, when he blew up that guy's grocery store his way of income & livelihood, everything's fine like he just doesn't give a shit. He ditches his friends that's completely fine, he hangs up on Aunt May, he's completely reckless & annoying sometimes, nearly killed his friends & civilians at the Washington monument & he doesn't feel guily or regret.
    6. Peter's main goal & motivations are impressing Iron Man & The Avengers.
    7. 2 god damn Shockers, Shocker is really cool & a badass character why fuck him up so badly, such a wasted potential.
    8. The Rubble scene, when Peter looks at his reflection on the water & we hear Tony Stark voice over, seriously ? Tony fucking Stark, whatever happened to Uncle Ben & 'With great power comes great responsibilities' ???. Ben Parker is literally the only & the main reason why Peter became Spider-Man, he blames himself for the death of his uncle, you see the burden of responsibilty here ? You never felt that in Homecoming.
    9. And don't get me started on the SJW PC bullshit they crammed in there & the terrible castings.
    By the way Tom Holland gave an amazing performance, Michael Keaton was the best part of the movie for me, Marvel you messed this up so bad. Spider-Man is my favorite Marvel character & i hated what you did with him. I loved him in Civil War with the 'looking for the little guy' thing and that he rejected Stark's proposal of going to Germany because he has homework & has to take care of Aunt May, but i have no idea what the hell happened with Homecoming.

    • ShadowSonic2
      ShadowSonic2 2 dni temu

      Oh God, another guy complaining that if everyone isn't white then it must be an SJW plot...

  • grenas1995
    grenas1995 12 dni temu +1

    Jesus christ people in this comment thread really don't know and understand Spider-Man/Peter Parker's character. Ya'll don't know shit about Spider-Man. Tom Holland executes the portrayal of the character perfectly. its not bias, its not personal preference, it's definitely not "fanboyism", its just the truth. Tom being the young man he is, has the personality that almost directly mirrors that of Peter Parker/Spider-Man. It sickens me that people are literally hating and discrediting Tom's version of Spider-Man just cause he's not papa Tobey Maguire. It's very distasteful. I grew up with Tobey Maguire and I loved him as Spider-Man, but he is not, I repeat, NOT the Spider-Man I wanted.

  • Manek Iridius
    Manek Iridius 12 dni temu

    Nope. Nope nope nope. All my nope.

    ILOVEPIE 12 dni temu

    YEEESSSS Spiderman 33!

  • jdgx95
    jdgx95 12 dni temu

    maybe im just weird but this is the 1 spider man movie i like less each time i see it ..i get it was intentional but they changed so much it was kinda a lot to take in this was the least spider man feeling movie of all of them the AI making him basically iron kid flash and mj being radically changed no uncle ben or big skyscraper webswinging i guess im just not burned out on basic spider man stuff like other ppl >.>

  • Aa CPT
    Aa CPT 14 dni temu

    you sound like tobey maguire

  • Krk Patterson
    Krk Patterson 14 dni temu

    You got a new subscriber with you TNG ref. (:

  • mstf-Z waytroz
    mstf-Z waytroz 14 dni temu

    They didn't fix . They make it worse.

  • King Kong Balls96
    King Kong Balls96 16 dni temu

    Ninjas coming for them Spiderman emotes

  • 11sdownie
    11sdownie 16 dni temu

    I think Homecoming is the worst. It’s just so bland and Tom Holland is beyond annoying.

  • Nick Tsarnas
    Nick Tsarnas 17 dni temu

    This movie is just ok. It probably should have been renamed Iron Boy

  • Gxyzyes 12
    Gxyzyes 12 18 dni temu

    Spiderman homecoming ia worts movie ever

  • Justin Carroz
    Justin Carroz 18 dni temu

    A+ essay. You seem to capture my feelings for the movie point for point.

  • meme master32
    meme master32 20 dni temu

    Wait a minute I just realized something so you know how Marvel's movies are awesome and DC's movies suck(no offense) but DC's shows are amazing it actually makes alot of sense

  • Aya29jaila7
    Aya29jaila7 20 dni temu

    who would ever thought spider man having a different character other than tom holland

  • Michael Haflich
    Michael Haflich 23 dni temu

    I love how marvel made SpiderMan swing around the place more realistic instead of the cliche swinging with skyscrapers

  • Washing Machine 洗濯機

    i feel like the spiderman in the sam raimy series and this one in the MCU are both different, and they both have different worlds theyre in. sam raimy's spiderman trilogy is a stand alone series based solely on spiderman, while in the MCU hes along side with the avengers and marvel shaped this spiderman in a way that would shape the universe that he is in and in a way that would adapt with the rest of the avengers. if you think about it, a lot of the changes of the spiderman in the MCU makes sense in the universe hes in.
    the sam raimy spiderman and the MCU spiderman are both uniquely great in their respective universes and we can all appreciate them in their own unique way without comparing the two so hard because i dont think thats what marvel wanted. just enjoy the two different spidermans for what they are and where they are.

    *except for the sony spiderman, ehhhh im sure andrew garfield is a great actor but the spiderman in that movie is not as great imo*

  • XxHandsomeMagicXx
    XxHandsomeMagicXx 26 dni temu +3

    The Amazing Spider-Man are the best ever

    • Caesar
      Caesar 15 dni temu +1


  • LeonX
    LeonX 27 dni temu +1

    i think if this movie was made and it wasn t apart of the mcu every body will say that its a bad spiderman movie

  • Esteusuarioteparece
    Esteusuarioteparece 27 dni temu

    Spiderman 2 "the great one"?? Just because one scene?? That is like saying Matrix reloaded is the great one just because the chase in the autopiste. Come on, both of Amazing Spiderman are better than Rami's.

  • john silcox
    john silcox 28 dni temu

    He acted like Miles Morales .

  • john silcox
    john silcox 28 dni temu

    You stupid people , it's Miles Morales dressed up to look like Peter Parker . Homecoming is a good MCU movie .

    • Caesar
      Caesar 15 dni temu

      Homecoming is a trash dumb kiddi Movie

  • play back
    play back 29 dni temu

    Um, WHY does your voice sounds like toby mcguire?

  • Low-Top.
    Low-Top. 29 dni temu

    this is why i think spider man should be a netflix show not movies

  • UKMikey
    UKMikey Miesiąc temu

    They should've called the movie RaimiFans: Incoming. A year later and they're still arguing over whether Spider-Man 2 or this is the best movie.

  • Earthyrium
    Earthyrium Miesiąc temu

    (Sorry for my english, it's not my native tongue)
    I really enjoyed your video but I think you just missed a point, the relation between Spider-Man and Tony Stark. I think that if they don't need to explain again the death of spider-man's uncle is beacause we have this new father figure with Tony Stark. Moreover, Tony Stark is Iron Man, a man more able to help another super-hero, and a young one, to grow because he's an old super-hero and he mades mistakes, and he has experience.
    I personally think that Stark should die in the next Avengers IV in front of Spider-Man eyes to 1- conclude the story of Iron Man, maybe with a sacrifice and 2- to launch a new phase for Spider-Man where he must lives with Tony's death in mind and must learn to go behind this event.

  • helium73
    helium73 Miesiąc temu

    I'm glad they fixed it and rebooted it right this time. Now we finally have a Spider-Man that wont need to be rebooted ever again and will last us many years to come.

  • tk1528
    tk1528 Miesiąc temu

    Are you kidding with this? This was movie was god awful. Even Michael Keaton’s amazing performance as Vulture couldn’t save it. Popcorn fluff and that’s it. That’s what Marvel is now.

  • Luka Milic
    Luka Milic Miesiąc temu

    The franchise is not fixed it all ! Everything is messed up : from the characters,the MCU`s involvement,to the f***ing suit ! Its all ruined !

    • Luka Milic
      Luka Milic 16 dni temu

      +-Sᴏɴɪᴄ Tʜᴇ Hᴇᴅɢᴇʜᴏɢ- Thats good because i encounter a lot of people who think the opposite.

    • -Sᴏɴɪᴄ Tʜᴇ Hᴇᴅɢᴇʜᴏɢ-
      -Sᴏɴɪᴄ Tʜᴇ Hᴇᴅɢᴇʜᴏɢ- 17 dni temu +1

      +Luka Milic I'm Not Butthurt...
      You're Allowed To Have Your Own Opinion-
      IWasJustAskingASimpleQuestion- *

    • Luka Milic
      Luka Milic 29 dni temu

      +-Sᴏɴɪᴄ Tʜᴇ Hᴇᴅɢᴇʜᴏɢ- No. I honestly think Homecoming is a piece of trash movie. When a movie is released, people do have different opinions so don't be butthurt.

    • -Sᴏɴɪᴄ Tʜᴇ Hᴇᴅɢᴇʜᴏɢ-
      -Sᴏɴɪᴄ Tʜᴇ Hᴇᴅɢᴇʜᴏɢ- 29 dni temu +1

      You Just Watched That "Why Spider-Man Homecoming Is A Bad SPIDER-MAN Movie" Video, Didn't You?-

  • Rafiki Of The Flock
    Rafiki Of The Flock Miesiąc temu +1

    Rip Stan Lee

  • ThatRipOff
    ThatRipOff Miesiąc temu

    Holland's performance in that rubble was amazing. Maybe even some of the best in the whole MCU when it comes to emotion. You can really feel the panic and terror in his voice, as he literally gasps for breath and stutters through the fear.

  • John Paul
    John Paul Miesiąc temu +1

    R I P Stan The Man

  • Pep & Lemonade
    Pep & Lemonade Miesiąc temu

    I agree. I loved the comics spiderman, and the last iteration if it portrayed it a lot better.

  • Gus Maia
    Gus Maia Miesiąc temu +2

    DC should've learn from this by now: we've seen Bruce Wayne's parents dying more then enough times

  • Aeriozz
    Aeriozz Miesiąc temu

    you sound so much as toby spiderman wtf

  • Madison Myers
    Madison Myers Miesiąc temu

    Does anyone else sometimes just talk to themselves or am I simply just crazy? In public I'll mostly just do it in my head but leave me alone and I'll have a full on monologue with myself especially when you leave me with the VR and no one to talk to and it just got creepy or even just semi creepy so I distract myself by talking to myself and keeping my mind off the monsters I'm battling which seem so real in VR.

  • fadl masri
    fadl masri Miesiąc temu

    RIP Stan Lee

  • Gavin's Friend
    Gavin's Friend Miesiąc temu

    Rest in Peace Stan Lee

  • Jeet Pancholi
    Jeet Pancholi Miesiąc temu

    Understanding the character is more important!

  • Wolf By Night
    Wolf By Night Miesiąc temu

    Holland isn't any Spiderman or Peter I've ever read.

  • TheDanimator's Channel
    TheDanimator's Channel Miesiąc temu

    I see some strong points for homecoming but I personally think its a pretty mediocre movie overall.
    I am not a fan of ned and the lame jokes the movie tries to force on you with their friendship. I felt like some of the movie played out like a bad teen drama (Teen drama's can be great don't get me wrong)
    I felt like spidermans suit was too powerful and for me detracted from the actual skill of peter parker himself being spiderman.
    I also thought the casting choices were a bit weird (For example MJ)

  • AJ G
    AJ G Miesiąc temu

    They didn't fix him.. he was never broken. People just kept trying to make him into someone he wasnt.

  • Buddy Nelson
    Buddy Nelson Miesiąc temu

    Im sorry i hate to break it to you cause Marvel never owned the rights to spider man sony has always had the rights to that chatcter and Marvel might have made the movie but never made cent on that movie cause of the deal that sony has with marvel

  • Frozen RED sperm
    Frozen RED sperm Miesiąc temu +4

    He's still an inaccurate version of the character

    • K A R V O
      K A R V O 19 dni temu

      Frozen RED sperm
      Look at the comics he is the most accurate version

  • Rik Wilkinson
    Rik Wilkinson Miesiąc temu

    Homecoming was one of the worst Spiderman movies after Spiderman 3. He is so watered down in the MCU. Sony will take him back for the Venomverse sooner or later.

  • DrakaSAN219
    DrakaSAN219 Miesiąc temu

    While you are right about the Vulture being a great villain, I think you have the wrong reasons.
    For the Vulture, what the writer got right is not that they are related somehow, it s how their choice and philosophies differ.
    Peter Parker is young, naive, ideallistic, believe the Avengers is the *best* thing ever, and is almost worshipping Iron Man.
    The Vulture is a old, cynical, disillusioned man, hating the Avengers and Iron Man especially.
    Where Spiderman believe good will can save the world, the Vulture don't give a damn about morality as long as his family is cared for. Their antogonism criticize both point of view.
    The other good point about that movie is that it has the only good tie in to the MCU: Vulture's backstory. Avengers actions have consequences, and it pain me when they try to tie it in even further.
    Now for the bad parts:
    Spiderman: They don't know which version they want, and constantly go back and forth. One minute we have the usual awkward Peter, the other he talk back to a almost stranger. One minute he is stressed out because he is late, but then you see him spending half a day saving everyone. And the forced "I will film Tony Parker offering me a new Spideman suit" scene, boy is that scene bad, it is even cringier than Emo Spidy from Spiderman 3, unneccessary, visually bad, and make no sense whatsoever, what is he filming for? His Instagram? When he is caring about his secret identity right after?

    It's also a missed opportunity for a Miles Morales movie, this version of Spiderman *is* Miles. Living in the immigrant part of New York? Check. Still in high school? Check. Trying to do the good thing for others (Iron Man approval and entry into Avengers) and not just because you can? Check. With a younger family and more afraid of being grounded by his parents than Aunt May having a heart attack? Check. And we already had two Peter Parker movie interpretation, why a third?
    Then, we have the usual MCU problems: narrative structure so established you just need to look at the clock to know what will happen, action scenes that have more cuts than a cutboard, forced tie in to tease the next movie, forced apparition of other heroes...
    It's not a bad movie, and probably not the worse Spiderman movie either, but it's a missed opportunity for a great movie, and I blame the MCU for that.

  • Devin Holmes
    Devin Holmes Miesiąc temu

    I hate the rubble scene. Now new fans all think he is the amazing Spider-Bitch. Peter, have some dignity for fucks sake!