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BTS Jungkook - Dreamers Lyrics (FIFA World Cup 2022 Official Soundtrack)

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  • Opublikowany 18 lis 2022
  • Dreamers (Music from the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Official Soundtrack)
    • Artist: Jungkook (정국) BTS
    • Song ♫: Dreamers (World Cup 2022 Song)
    • Album: Dreamers (Music from the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Official Soundtrack)
    • Released: 2022.11.20
    • REQUEST SONG HERE: goo.gl/9G5rQx
    • No copyright infringement intended / Don't reupload
  • MuzykaMuzyka

Komentarze • 8 803

  • aRMy⁷
    aRMy⁷ 11 dni temu +21342

    I'm so proud of Jungkook that he's just 25 years old and he did all this and now he's the second Korean to perform the World Cup opening act (The first is BoA in 2002).

    • Savage bts army 7
      Savage bts army 7 11 godzin temu

      @Jungkook the best Don't think everybody is l!ke u mf

    • Savage bts army 7
      Savage bts army 7 11 godzin temu

      @Jungkook the best U accidentally wrote Taehyung instead ur name 🤡

    • Jungkook the best
      Jungkook the best 13 godzin temu

      @Savage bts army 7 sympathy gainer taehyung

    • Punya Kl
      Punya Kl 3 dni temu

      Angel my jk😘🤗💜

    • Savage bts army 7
      Savage bts army 7 5 dni temu

      @Jungkook the best You’re not even embarrassed by yourself.A pro slvt💀

  • Le Voyageur
    Le Voyageur 10 dni temu +1405

    Not a BTS Fan, but this is a great great song which deserves respect.

    • Omaima Naseem
      Omaima Naseem 4 dni temu +2

      @Karol Spociński I don't think someone with bad grammar should be talking. Also, the fact that you disrespect someone's achievement is another level of ignorance, and deserve no respect

    • francesca nappi
      francesca nappi 5 dni temu

      @Karol Spociński 🤩😍🥰🥰😍🤩🥰😍🤩❤❤❤😳👾🖤🤎💜💙💚🧡❤🤍💣💬✋💬💬💤💤💤💤🤌👌🦾🦾💪💪🧑🧑🧑🧑🧑🧑🧑🧑🦷🦷🦷🦷🦷🦷🧑‍🎤🧑‍🎤🧑‍🎤🧑‍🎤🧑‍🎤🧑‍🎤🧑‍🎤🧑‍🎤👏

    • BTS is MY OxyJIN
      BTS is MY OxyJIN 5 dni temu


    • Idk
      Idk 6 dni temu

      @Karol Spociński "definitione" "thonk" "cap"
      How about you go learn English, and the real definition of respect?

    • aporupa Habibi
      aporupa Habibi 7 dni temu +1

      humm umm

  • Durjoy Max
    Durjoy Max 9 dni temu +1588

    Not a fan of BTS, but I have to admire that this song has already made a huge impact in the shortest time. Respect.

    • Kadijat Afolashade21
      Kadijat Afolashade21 3 dni temu

      Borahae 💜💜💜💜

    • Idk
      Idk 4 dni temu

      @Might Guy kk idk

    • Might Guy
      Might Guy 5 dni temu

      @Swasti Jain hahahahaha "unlike you" hahahahaha please stop, it's so funny

    • Might Guy
      Might Guy 5 dni temu

      @Idk I am done here

    • So Ni
      So Ni 6 dni temu

      Maybe you'll become one now. 💜

  • Justin Seagull
    Justin Seagull Dzień temu +8

    The hype he gives from his voice and the music is amazing 💜

  • ♡CrAzY OvEr BtS ♡
    ♡CrAzY OvEr BtS ♡ 9 dni temu +256

    The 14 years old boy who said "Mom! I'm on TV" Has performed in front of 5 billion people ... Really proud of him ❤( Best FIFA song for all Armies 💜)

    • Rachel
      Rachel  3 dni temu

      best fifa song this year* and also check out ”dreamers thnked remix” its too good

    • BTS is MY OxyJIN
      BTS is MY OxyJIN 5 dni temu


    • aporupa Habibi
      aporupa Habibi 7 dni temu +5

      not you mee tooo

  • liquid
    liquid 10 dni temu +1987

    I'm not an ARMY but was blown away by his incredible telent. Also I love this song so much since it gives off a vibe that completely matches the excitement the competition has. He deserves love and appreciatian from all international soccer fans.

    • Ardian Areyan Rayyan
      Ardian Areyan Rayyan 8 godzin temu

      @liquid thank you so much for you love

      KIM SAMIYA AFRIN SADIYA 7 dni temu

      Wow talent dekhle sobai fida hoye jay

    • snehal mane
      snehal mane 9 dni temu

      @Karen Quansah thnx for reply 💜

    • Lalisa_M
      Lalisa_M 10 dni temu

      @Prabhuraj Hiremath I agree with youuu,like us,armies fall in love with them cause they're perfect the way they are:)))))))))

    • Dragon ball Is best
      Dragon ball Is best 10 dni temu

      Bro the song isn't written by him

  • sudhi sudhakar
    sudhi sudhakar 10 dni temu +164

    Not a fan of BTS, But this song has the feel of the world in it HATSOFF

    • sudhi sudhakar
      sudhi sudhakar 7 dni temu

      @God Le for sure, I'll take your word on that

    • God Le
      God Le 9 dni temu +3

      listen to em! Ul be surprised. They produced over 400+ songs of dif genres got smth for everyone

  • Senso
    Senso 9 dni temu +75

    Never heard of him, but this song gives me that WC feeling. That arabic bit was beautiful as well. Well done

    • Raffless Sadiss
      Raffless Sadiss 7 dni temu

      @kpopsicle #loonais12 thanks. Yeah Mr. Junkook. Just learn his name and bio after the worldcup opening ceremony.
      And yes. Respect.

    • kpopsicle #loonais12
      kpopsicle #loonais12 7 dni temu +1

      @Raffless Sadiss it’s jk from bts

    • Raffless Sadiss
      Raffless Sadiss 9 dni temu +2

      Same here.

  • King LeVeL
    King LeVeL 10 dni temu +310

    Not a BTS guy at all but this song is out of this world so so good. This competes with Waka Waka and Wavin flag definitely in my opinion. So so so good. The only fifa song from this world cup that gave me goosebumps 🔥🔥

    • Wesal Wesal
      Wesal Wesal 6 dni temu

      @Jiminie Paboş #btspavedtheway 4or3rgfffdcbgbvdxvx cccc

    • King LeVeL
      King LeVeL 8 dni temu

      @God Le oh alrightyyy I'll try to listen and try them out

    • God Le
      God Le 8 dni temu +4

      @King LeVeL il recommended my favourites first.
      Energetic songs like mic drop, fire, baepsae ,ugh ,dionysus and not today is what I usually vibe with.

    • King LeVeL
      King LeVeL 8 dni temu +1

      @God Le I can try tho

    • King LeVeL
      King LeVeL 8 dni temu +2

      @Explore. Express. Love. that's very true it's my top 3 for sure

  • Imane Sayarh
    Imane Sayarh 21 godzinę temu +3

    I love this music 02:11

  • Ashar Khan
    Ashar Khan 19 godzin temu +2

    Not a BTS Fan but this song is just amazing🎉

  • Laxman Laxman
    Laxman Laxman 21 godzinę temu +3

    I am so proud of my jungkook

  • Karthik Vs
    Karthik Vs 8 dni temu +9

    Best world cup song of 2022 hands down nothing comes close to this, not a fan of BTS but this is really good. Easily top 5 in world cup songs.

  • chimmyjimmie
    chimmyjimmie 10 dni temu +222

    It makes me even happier to an ARMY knowing my boys have achieved so much. I’m so proud of Jungkook and how much work he has put into where he is. This song is almost a reminder of that teenage boy who was still confused and shy, and now performing in-front of thousands 💜💜💜💜💜 thank you JK for this masterpiece.

    • God Le
      God Le 9 dni temu

      Try out their songs like mic drop, fire ,on ,war of hormone! TRUST ME

  • Tharushi Sathsarani
    Tharushi Sathsarani 11 dni temu +1308

    Jungkook debuting with" no more dreams " at 15
    Jungkook debuting his solo stage with "dreamers "song at 25
    From no more dreams to dreamers . He came a long way . Proud is an absolute understatement

  • Hala🔥💗
    Hala🔥💗 12 godzin temu +1


    COSMO-Q 9 dni temu +71

    I never understood BTS , but I love football, and this song is sooo good , and could be my path to enjoying their other songs.

      BTS FOR-EVR 6 dni temu +1

      When u a ready- seat at Army table for you.!!!!

    • So Ni
      So Ni 6 dni temu +1

      Epiphany, Love Yourself, Magic Shop, Idol, Cypher pt. 4 are all life saving, self-love anthems! 💜

    • So Ni
      So Ni 6 dni temu


    • Ema Sanif
      Ema Sanif 7 dni temu


    • simpan pic
      simpan pic 9 dni temu +3

      Jungkook - euphoria, my time, my you, stay alive
      Bts - mic drop, dope, fire, fake love, black swan, butterfly, let me know

  • Ismael
    Ismael 9 dni temu +54

    I never liked k-pop before but this song changed everything.

  • Rafif Akef Fneich
    Rafif Akef Fneich 10 dni temu +61

    I've never been a fan, but after hearing this and watching his performance, I will surely be! and the song is truly deserving of all the respect and admiration! I can't describe how much I loved his performance, will definitely add this to my favorite playlist 😍

    • mel Mohd Nor
      mel Mohd Nor 9 dni temu +2

      Respect and love your openess.

    • simpan pic
      simpan pic 9 dni temu +1

      You can watch his other peformance euphoria and my time

    • Raffless Sadiss
      Raffless Sadiss 9 dni temu +3

      Big ❤

  • Marisa
    Marisa 6 godzin temu +2

    The pride of being an Army😊Jungkook Hyungs be watching this with the proudest smiles. 💜

  • Chishi Pumi
    Chishi Pumi 9 dni temu +9

    I'm not a hater nor fan but he deserves a respect well done jungkook great song with great lyrics ♥️🥳🥳

  • Yeshika
    Yeshika 8 dni temu +5

    Not a fan of bts but damn this is such a powerful song, hats off to Jungkook for this amazing and heart touching song😭💜

  • Debanjana Debanjana’s space

    I have no words words for him , his voice, his everything, this song
    Because words are not enough to describe anything about him and this song
    Dreamers - A masterpiece 💜💜😊👍

  • Echo
    Echo 10 dni temu +285

    This sounds more like a world cup song than the other songs this year.

    • أغرب من الخيال
      أغرب من الخيال 9 dni temu

      @GEliteG this is the one they should have made a video clip for instead of the other 2 flop songs

    • GEliteG
      GEliteG 10 dni temu

      @أغرب من الخيال nope just the opening ceremony dance

    • أغرب من الخيال
      أغرب من الخيال 10 dni temu

      @GEliteG they didn't make any video clip for it right?

    • GEliteG
      GEliteG 10 dni temu +4

      @Anas Btr ❼ all of them are produced by RedOne.

    • Anas Btr ❼
      Anas Btr ❼ 10 dni temu

      Because Red One is the producer

  • Shahzad Ahmad
    Shahzad Ahmad 10 dni temu +83

    So many comments saying "Not a fan of BTS but Kookie nailed it"
    To all the ppl who got to find out abt them newly, do check them out, it's like walking into a house and realizing you are home~

    • SeokJin
      SeokJin 5 dni temu +1


  • McFlash
    McFlash 9 dni temu +57

    Not a BTS fan, but this is a good song. Congratulations Jungkook

  • byeolshiber
    byeolshiber 10 dni temu +18

    This song was perfect jungkook and BTS really are the dreamers that entered bighit and have only made it to where they are because they believed in themselves and never gave up I have been an army since no more dream and words cannot describe how proud I am of them I am so happy that jungkook was able to perform this wonderful song 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  • بَحر 🌊.
    بَحر 🌊. 9 dni temu +21

    I remember when Jungkook said, "I want to become a world famous artist," and here he is, moving towards the world and becoming more than famous now! I am very proud of it

  • hanyeul1
    hanyeul1 10 dni temu +695

    Don't you love the message the song conveys? it's not just saying "festival or having fun", but it's delivering "hope, dream, and respect others and differences."

    • Sydney Hyxx
      Sydney Hyxx 7 dni temu +2

      Fun fact: Jungkook is the songwriter of this song

    • Mania42
      Mania42 7 dni temu

      "Respect the love the only way" Actually this line seem like has hidden meaning for support LGBTQ+

    • Khalid Javed
      Khalid Javed 7 dni temu

      Exactly love this song love this concept

    • AB!HA♡♡
      AB!HA♡♡ 8 dni temu +4

      @Mom is Mary they say qatar dont respect human right but what these western countries are doing from centuries ? Are they following human rights?

    • Mom is Mary
      Mom is Mary 9 dni temu +7

      @Akira chan Qatar is probably a better place than ur country, bfr.
      Like??? In USA someone literally abused a child and she get pregnant, oh... just 6 years on prision and she was obligated to give birth.
      In Qatar a rape is punished by dead and an abused woman can abort.

  • Taehyung's Gucci shirt
    Taehyung's Gucci shirt 10 dni temu +20

    I've listened to this almost 100 tines in 12 Hours
    This song is so addictive!!!!!

  • ASA Brothas
    ASA Brothas 10 dni temu +27

    finally the song that fits perfect for FIFA WORLD CUP 2022

  • Eva Lili
    Eva Lili 9 dni temu +7

    Que adictiva canción, no dejo de escucharla!!!

  • Hammeda mustpha
    Hammeda mustpha 10 dni temu +62

    I'm not a bts fan but this song is so beautiful 🔥🔥

  • CelestialFCB
    CelestialFCB 10 dni temu +416

    I was not sure that it would be a good song, because as a football fan we're quite biased towards Waka Waka and Wavin' flag. This song has the potential to be iconic 10 years down the line. Respect to Jungkook 🇰🇷

  • Uchiha
    Uchiha 10 dni temu +50

    Not BTS fan , but this is best ❤️🔥

  • Eve
    Eve 9 dni temu +15

    Mad respect to the producer, it’s such an amazing song, and jungkook we all know he’s the golden maknae so ofc he’s the perfect for this song I’m proud of him

  • 하늘색
    하늘색  10 dni temu +28

    Finally my efforts of being an army of 6 years did not go to waste...stanning them inspite of all the hate I got from my family members....now I can be proud.

  • Sibuibo Daimai
    Sibuibo Daimai 10 dni temu +44

    I'm not BTS fan but Jungkook nailed it. Lots of respect ❤

  • Ikramul Islam
    Ikramul Islam 10 dni temu +813

    I never listen BTS songs. But from today I really got a lot of respect for them

    • jhope
      jhope 6 dni temu

      @Sahedul Hasan 🤦‍♂️😂😂

    • Sahedul Hasan
      Sahedul Hasan 7 dni temu

      @jhope Maybe the person said that because listening to or playing instruments is haram in Islam.

    • aporupa Habibi
      aporupa Habibi 7 dni temu

      ohh yeah

    • Mania42
      Mania42 7 dni temu

      @ليال ذهب He produce every Fifa song this year but only Jungkook's song success lol

    • Moni Afa
      Moni Afa 8 dni temu

      @Army Army yeah💜 💜💜💜💜💜

  • MD farid Khan
    MD farid Khan 2 godzin temu

    Lovely song jk💝

  • Nahid Farzana Chumki Chumki

    I am not a fan of BTS or a hater of BTS...But This song is really Beautiful ✌️❤️Love From Bangladesh 🇧🇩❤️

    • Nahid Farzana Chumki Chumki
      Nahid Farzana Chumki Chumki 8 dni temu

      @God Le hmmm

    • God Le
      God Le 9 dni temu +1

      listen to em! Ul be surprised. They produced over 400+ songs of dif genres got smth for everyone

  • ahsanullah ahsan
    ahsanullah ahsan 10 dni temu +8

    First time listening this boy songs, he is just wonderful

  • Salonsa Sangma
    Salonsa Sangma 9 dni temu +13

    Just some words for Jungkook- So proud of him even though he is already a well known singer + dancer but still singing a song for the World Cup is next level... I Hope and Pray that you'll achieve more blessings ❣️

  • Boo
    Boo 10 dni temu +522

    Not a bts fan but Jungkook made all of us so proud. This boy achieved so much at such a young age. He was perfect. Absolutely amazing performance.

  • Riya Sharma
    Riya Sharma 8 dni temu +5

    I fallen for him day by day and this makes me feeling so proud on myself cause ,I have crush like him ❤️🐰❣️

  • keksudosbd ejsosiejs
    keksudosbd ejsosiejs 10 dni temu +5

    this song haunts my mind 24/7 rent free ❤

    • Raffless Sadiss
      Raffless Sadiss 9 dni temu

      😂 thats a weird but cool way to put it out.
      Big ❤

  • 방태^(𝙱𝙰𝙽𝙶𝚃𝙰𝙴)^

    i don't have words to describe this song!!! i'm so proud to be an army, This is not just a song its a motivation for all the people out there! The way he performed, his vocals each and everything....THANKSS ALOT JUNGKOOK FOR THIS MASTERPIECE!!!!!

    • Raffless Sadiss
      Raffless Sadiss 9 dni temu +1

      Not an Army.
      Don’t even know the artist.
      Me too don’t have the word to describe it
      Love Respect and Believe all the way.

  • Joon's lost air pods☠️

    Dreamers gave the best hype of the world cup!!
    Jungkook gave a straight slap to the haters who said that it was the wrong decision to gave Jungkook (BTS) the opening song act cuz all of other songs are being trolled and here Dreamers gave us the hype of the world cup and now even haters are shut their mouth as they can't help but praised him😏

  • Maliq Abdullah
    Maliq Abdullah 10 dni temu +368

    Im not BTS fans, but Im proud HIM for his huge achievement 👏👏👏

    • ekineymenbilge
      ekineymenbilge 10 dni temu +1

      Thank you so much☺️💙

    • ♡Kim Y/n♡
      ♡Kim Y/n♡ 10 dni temu


    • 한 유하
      한 유하 10 dni temu +2

      You know I really really really appreciate your respect for them 🙏🙏☺☺☺☺😊😊😊😊

    • Ajani lynx23
      Ajani lynx23 10 dni temu +1


    • Solenne
      Solenne 10 dni temu +2

      Thanks you ✨

    ДАРИНА 10 dni temu +1

    Очень понравилось👍👍👍 жду клипа 😍😍😍😍😍

  • Lalhriatpuia Hauchhum
    Lalhriatpuia Hauchhum 9 dni temu +13

    I must admit he did a fine job with the world Cup song

    • Rin April
      Rin April 9 dni temu +1

      Awiii, i va ti lawmawm🤧.

  • Devil VYPER
    Devil VYPER 10 dni temu +29

    I am not a BTS fan but this song gives World cup vibes 💞💞

  • Sana Ibrahim
    Sana Ibrahim 9 dni temu +5

    I'm not a fan of BTS but this song is awesome

    • Tyler Helt
      Tyler Helt 7 dni temu

      I guess you are an ARMY now

  • Md Sazzad hossain
    Md Sazzad hossain 10 dni temu +161

    Not a BTS fan but Jungkook just save the world cup by this song❤

  • Rik Majumdar
    Rik Majumdar 9 dni temu +25

    What a song ❤🔥 well done BTS 👍

  • Saj far
    Saj far 9 dni temu +14

    Jungkook you are unstoppable,unbelievable,unpredictable and an angel on this earth you was only one, your are only one, and you will always be the one

  • Haramayn
    Haramayn 9 dni temu +53

    I am addicted to this song .
    I listened almost 100 times and again listening and his performance was mind-blowing.
    Proud be an army💜💜💜💜💜

    • Space Wolf
      Space Wolf 9 dni temu

      Watch ima invoke a war
      Bts is overrated

    • •Jᴇᴏɴ Isᴀʙᴇʟʟᴀ•  전 이사벨라
      •Jᴇᴏɴ Isᴀʙᴇʟʟᴀ• 전 이사벨라 9 dni temu +5

      1st time here, bcos i just dicovered this magestic song, jungkook's voice makes it more angelic! he is my bias for some reasong yk

    • Haramayn
      Haramayn 9 dni temu +2

      @Raffless Sadiss yeahh let's goo for more 💜💜

    • Raffless Sadiss
      Raffless Sadiss 9 dni temu +2

      500 times here.
      Big ❤

  • halyna zahorodnya
    halyna zahorodnya 8 dni temu +62

    Мне 67 лет,но я обожаю БТС и горжусь как детьми .Да хранит их Господь и даёт сил для новых работ ,не важно чем они будут заниматься в будущем.

  • Baidaa Farhan
    Baidaa Farhan 10 dni temu +1003

    I am not one of his fans but the song really deserves all the admiration and respect, all the love for him

    • yasiyorum ama bomboş
      yasiyorum ama bomboş 9 dni temu +2

      @Raffless Sadiss oh welcome 💗

    • Raffless Sadiss
      Raffless Sadiss 9 dni temu +1

      @Lee Noona Channel wow. Thanks. 🥹❤️ lets Unite with Respect and Believe.

    • Raffless Sadiss
      Raffless Sadiss 9 dni temu

      @Manglesh Jaiswal thanks. I am honored. 🥹❤️

    • Raffless Sadiss
      Raffless Sadiss 9 dni temu

      @chimmyjimmie thanks. I am honored. ❤️

    • chimmyjimmie
      chimmyjimmie 10 dni temu +2

      @Raffless Sadiss Welcome to the Magic shop 💜💜💜💜💜💜

  • Mr. Choi
    Mr. Choi 8 dni temu +5

    I'm so proud to say that's I'm an army. Finally you made it JK.. You're a really fire. Love you so much our golden maknae

  • Anneliese
    Anneliese 9 dni temu +8

    This song was so much better than what I expected it to be. The lyrics, melody, jungkook's voice, everything was on point ❤. I love it. I will remember 20th of Nov 2022 for the rest of my life.

    CRIC LOVER 16 godzin temu


  • Nicodimus Sebisha
    Nicodimus Sebisha 10 dni temu +14

    The minute I head the song during the 2022 world cup opening ceremony, I knew right away that I will buy it as well. It gave me goosebumps!!!

  • Sami
    Sami 10 dni temu +205

    I have always avoided K-Pop artists because of their fans, but World Cup has made me listen to this song and now I'm a fan 💜

    • Army
      Army 10 dni temu

      Welcome to our family💜

    • Natacha Domitro
      Natacha Domitro 10 dni temu


    • Julia Maria
      Julia Maria 10 dni temu

      The fans are pretty annoying some times, but i promise there are some nice ones! Hope you can enjoy his, or maybe even their, music in the future :)

    • violinist!
      violinist! 10 dni temu +1


    • rebrauhl
      rebrauhl 10 dni temu +2


  • Happiness Bassey
    Happiness Bassey 9 dni temu +4

    I'm a BTS fans and I'm proud of jungkook Congratulations I'm so happy for them 💯💯💯💯💯🎉🎉♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • sarin's vlogs
    sarin's vlogs 10 dni temu +58

    Im not an army but this song is the best song of jungkook..i cant believe that the age of 25 hese doing all of this .... He was able to get a chance to perform Infront of the whole world ❤️❤️❤️

  • Jesse Pinkman
    Jesse Pinkman 9 dni temu +22

    I'm not a BTS or K pop fan. But I'm a die hard football fan.
    Look, when they said that jungkook will make world cup song, I thought it's not gonna be good.
    But dammit I was wrong this was actually good! Going to my playlist

  • Keka Mirza
    Keka Mirza 9 dni temu +4

    Here is so much love in the comment section. This is so mesmerizing to see non-BTS fans praising them. I always felt sad about the hate comments they get for no valid reason. So proud of Jungkook for bringing so much positivity to people. Music unites.

  • Rahouma Riad
    Rahouma Riad 10 dni temu +194

    The amount of " i'm not a BTS fan but " Makes me so freaking proud of jungkook, that's his power right there!! T T He truly deserves this and even more

  • AST
    AST 10 dni temu +6

    Look who is he and where is he! He's the dreamer, he has the passion and he believed on that that's why he's there performing Infront of 5 billion people. I can't be more proud of him than this. He did great.

  • Indian🌹동생
    Indian🌹동생 9 dni temu +5

    Omg ....the amount of "I'm not a BTS fan but" is going crazy.... seriously i can't get enough of this song....this is just right.....for the youth.......
    This song is my all time favorite.......

  • Hadia Usman
    Hadia Usman 9 dni temu +3

    Really a great effort. It digs deep into your hearts.... look who we are...We are dreamers.... Really motivating...Good Job

  • Hadda Queen
    Hadda Queen 8 dni temu +4


  • Göksu kizgin7
    Göksu kizgin7 10 dni temu +300

    Jungkook who used to be the kid who trained hard while other kids his age partied, now at 25 he's making his solo appearance at one of the most prestigious moments, the World Cup 2022, I'm so proud of him and I am amazed by his unique and peaceful voice, we love you Jungkook

    • Lili Mix
      Lili Mix 10 dni temu +2

      @Pixie maybe in your area, because that wasn't the case for most people and I'm 1 month older than Jungkook and I've been seeing this since I was a kid, that almost everyone around me were trying to act grown-up and weren't innocent anymore and today is even more noticeable that before.

    • Pixie
      Pixie 10 dni temu

      @Lili Mix Im a year younger than Jungkook.
      So yeah, kids were innocent in 2011

    • Pixie
      Pixie 10 dni temu

      @Jesus Jesus, what's up with kids nowadays 😳

    • Pixie
      Pixie 10 dni temu

      @Adiline Barraza-Ochoa oh i see

    • huening hiyyih
      huening hiyyih 10 dni temu +1


  • Dr.Gigabyte
    Dr.Gigabyte 10 dni temu +5

    Give respect to this man. He did this for a huge event. I'll give hope and luck for the team who wins

  • Chilling Mood
    Chilling Mood 9 dni temu +6

    No puedo dejar de escuchar esta canción, ¡las vibraciones son demasiado buenas!

  • Jisoowps`💀
    Jisoowps`💀 8 dni temu +3

    I'm so proud of you Jungkook! He's just 25 years old!He is just perfect! Love you JK!🏆

  • Doris Caruana
    Doris Caruana 7 dni temu +8

    I am so proud to be an ARMY. This song has blown up and a boy which one day said " look mum i am on tv " he is now performing in all kinds of places in front of billions of people and ARMYS. He and BTS have gotten so far that I am so proud of them! Go BTS!!

  • LilJollyJoker
    LilJollyJoker 10 dni temu +332

    Not a BTS fan, but THIS IS A MASTER PIECE!

  • Vidge You
    Vidge You 10 dni temu +26


  • Yuaana
    Yuaana 9 dni temu +3

    Look who we are , we are the dreamers...
    We'll make it happen ' cause we believe it
    These lines....
    Proud of you bunny😘

    OYNURIM MUHABBATIM 9 dni temu +34

    Это отличная песня, отличное исполнение, не говоря уже о голосе, исполнении и всем остальном. Удачи участникам ЧМ-2022 в Катаре и привет из УЗБЕКИСТАНА🇺🇿🇺🇿🇺🇿🇺🇿

  • Roras Tube
    Roras Tube 10 dni temu +1

    Look who we are 🇶🇦

  • Patrick Goatman
    Patrick Goatman 11 dni temu +272

    Its actually decent song and i didnt know he had such melodious voice sad to see people hating him for no reason.

    • fouzia a.
      fouzia a. 10 dni temu

      not to worry really, haters are a really small group. His admirers run into millions around the world!

    • cou02key
      cou02key 10 dni temu

      @Maisha Tuan he's literally my idolo I'm spurs fan 😂

    • Maisha Tuan
      Maisha Tuan 10 dni temu

      Maybe your the one who hate him

    • cou02key
      cou02key 10 dni temu

      @Sophie MacDonald I meant the fanbase sorry

    • Sophie MacDonald
      Sophie MacDonald 10 dni temu +1

      @cou02key they aren't?? They love him lmao.

  • Jay Garcia
    Jay Garcia 9 dni temu +3

    I did not want this. I was against it. Yesterday during the opening ceremony. I loved what they put together and his song. 100/10. I take everything back. Good job !!

  • Pasupuleti Neeharika
    Pasupuleti Neeharika 9 dni temu +4

    So freaking proud of you Jungkook 😭😭💜

  • Dns Dns
    Dns Dns 9 dni temu +19

    Гуки стал просто прекрасным молодым парнем, на него не просто приятно смотреть, но и приятно слушать...!
    Он шикарен и великолепен!
    Очень зажигательная мелодия, в которую вплетается огненный голос нашего мальчика! 🔥🔥 Браво! Так держать!

  • Getting Bold
    Getting Bold 10 dni temu +34

    Vow, thank you for all these comments…I am not Army, I am not BTS fan, I am not his fan….but you all liked JK’s song, his performance.
    🫶👍🙏. Sometimes a voice, a tune, some lyrics just touch us.

  • soothing recitation
    soothing recitation 11 dni temu +410

    The Arabic instrument goes well with his beautiful voice😭
    This song really gives you a world cup vibe🔥🔥he nailed it imagine the live performance today at the cermoney😭💜this brought me tears really it's just beautiful💔and the lyrics are just perfect for an event that unites the world💜💜

    • Sarah Kenawi
      Sarah Kenawi 8 dni temu +1

      @yayayaon no it’s Arabic

    • Muna
      Muna 10 dni temu +3

      @yayayaon the background music and melody represent Qatar sea music that used to performed by sailors when they go peral diving. That's why I think the song's amazing it blended it beautifully with jungkook's voice.

    • 𝐉𝐔𝐍𝐄 ; 준
      𝐉𝐔𝐍𝐄 ; 준 11 dni temu

      Can't wait to see the opening.

    • yayayaon
      yayayaon 11 dni temu +1

      Isnt the instrumental african?

    • amy
      amy 11 dni temu +4


  • _wild army_
    _wild army_ 9 dni temu +11

    His voice + the lyrics + the beat + his lovely face + alone + cold breeze = heaven

  • Masked
    Masked 10 dni temu +4

    He sings amazingly

  • Somjana Subba
    Somjana Subba 9 dni temu +6

    Soooooooo proud of you Jungkook!!! Exceptional performance at the FIFA Stage. Words can't describe how proud I was as your fan since your debut days.🥲 continue to shine like the star that you are Kookie🙆‍♀️👑🥰🔥❤️💛💜

  • Krnkm.93
    Krnkm.93 10 dni temu +12

    This song is sooo soothing,motivating,encouraging and lastly Empowering each individual to never stop dreaming,anything is possible as long as you work for it✨💜 JK is the Living Proof of that! And I'm so proud as an Army 💜✨👏

  • Rah Ma
    Rah Ma 10 dni temu +540

    I'm not a BTS fan but really this song deserves everything 💙💙
    it's amazing 🔥🔥

    • Rah Ma
      Rah Ma 9 dni temu

      @An Phan I think it's the same but thanks I'll correct it 😊🌷

    • Rah Ma
      Rah Ma 9 dni temu +1

      @The man Made the riz yeah 🥰

    • Raffless Sadiss
      Raffless Sadiss 10 dni temu +1


    • An Phan
      An Phan 10 dni temu +2

      Recipe : not a BTS fan , but +

    • Ouidad Stitou
      Ouidad Stitou 10 dni temu +2

      Me too

  • Shumail Manail
    Shumail Manail 10 dni temu +3

    I am listening this song again and again. I am speechless about jk's voice, such an angelic voice. My universe jk💘💘. You are the king💖💖.

  • NIGΣL Ӝ̵̨̄
    NIGΣL Ӝ̵̨̄ 10 dni temu +19

    He literally gave us the world cup vibe that we needed ❤️🔥🔥

  • Mohamed Foued Slama
    Mohamed Foued Slama 10 dni temu +2

    My god this is amazing , can't stop listening to it. And cookie's performance was eve better. Feeling so proud of him.

  • halyna zahorodnya
    halyna zahorodnya 8 dni temu +6

    Прекрасное исполнение.Давно ждала именно такого,от него.Так легко,и натурально.

    BLOCKIFY 11 dni temu +543

    Jungkook never disappoints us

  • vanvlove 789
    vanvlove 789 9 dni temu +2

    Ok I thought that the other song was the only one. I'm here for this, I've watched BTS grow up & I'm am here for it. Congrats to Kookie.