5 Monster Attacks That Happened in Real Life.

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  • ephraim omudaki
    ephraim omudaki 4 godzin temu


  • Missy Montana
    Missy Montana 7 godzin temu

    Im a native Texan and have never heard the werewolf story. Besides we all know werewolfs are fake. Bad video!

  • Julie Cureton
    Julie Cureton 15 godzin temu

    Yetis are not reall so this is clickbait

  • Tony Finley
    Tony Finley 17 godzin temu


  • Vegito31 the Boss
    Vegito31 the Boss 20 godzin temu


  • Michael Mahon
    Michael Mahon Dzień temu


  • Chase Wilson
    Chase Wilson Dzień temu

    This boy actually put 0 as the final one

  • Micaela Horton
    Micaela Horton Dzień temu

    Wow how shitty

  • Joshua Morrison
    Joshua Morrison Dzień temu

    Prison is scarier

  • BrendaPaola
    BrendaPaola 2 dni temu

    well guess what IM WATCHING ALONE BITCH😂😂😭

  • Drixler Nabua
    Drixler Nabua 2 dni temu +1

    No point showing these videos if you're not gonna show a real video/clip.😐
    EDIT: I gtg like my comment real quick. 😂

  • I like Whydontwe
    I like Whydontwe 2 dni temu

    But isn’t it always after midnight

  • Ray cabrera
    Ray cabrera 2 dni temu


  • Gacha Grayson
    Gacha Grayson 2 dni temu +1

    You Know How These Monster Become Real?
    Beacause Of Us..
    Ok None Of These Things Would Be Real If We Did Not Invent These Horryfying Things

  • Shrene Hardig
    Shrene Hardig 2 dni temu


  • Christy Brandt
    Christy Brandt 2 dni temu

    Well that was a waste of time and data!! WTF???

  • Tins Desi
    Tins Desi 3 dni temu

    my sister is more scary than this

  • Andre Lohmer
    Andre Lohmer 3 dni temu

    The yellowstone park mystery is chilling. Kids and older folks go missing and often found great distances away.

  • Leena D'Souza Nadar
    Leena D'Souza Nadar 3 dni temu

    I watched alone nothing happened even I didn't get frightened.

  • Berenice Gonzalez
    Berenice Gonzalez 3 dni temu

    This is so fake

  • XIII Channel
    XIII Channel 3 dni temu

    Do you know the definition of "real"

  • XIII Channel
    XIII Channel 3 dni temu

    Aww geez another fake video yet again.

  • fame blame
    fame blame 3 dni temu +1

    I watch it alone but nothing happened

  • john Phillips
    john Phillips 3 dni temu

    so just the other day i was out for a walk
    when all of a sudden a t-rex walked passed
    talking to none other than bigfoot.
    trying as hard as i could to blend into my surroundings
    as i did'nt want to be noticed by the two i decided to followed them
    as they walked through the forest with me not to far behined
    i could hear them talking about all the B.S on you tube these days
    and after watching this i agree with them....
    and yes bigfoot is blurry looking in real life

  • manuel muniz
    manuel muniz 3 dni temu

    So baby Groot is scary?
    Cause he my fav?!

  • 1m Baka
    1m Baka 3 dni temu

    This is so gay

  • Dat Old Meme
    Dat Old Meme 3 dni temu


  • Yash Mahalle
    Yash Mahalle 4 dni temu +1

    Yetti is nothing more than a ice golem(coc)

  • cash brown
    cash brown 4 dni temu

    The big hair ugly one,,I no who that is its my ex mother in law,u can tell she hasn't had hear morning coffee that's all,,

  • Ticci Toby
    Ticci Toby 4 dni temu

    Anybody watched the movie called The Nun?

  • Sanjay Kumar
    Sanjay Kumar 4 dni temu

    These are from movies

  • Kenneth Rocero
    Kenneth Rocero 4 dni temu

    This is fake guys

  • Rozlan Abd Majid
    Rozlan Abd Majid 4 dni temu

    Your report is not creditable with so many insertion from movies. Totally Craps !

  • Ema larY
    Ema larY 4 dni temu

    This video too scary...i call all people in my country watching this video😂😂😂

  • Travelogue, Ecstatic channel

    Stupidity, they dnt have real film footage, all these are rumors 😈who believe those things in 21 st century... We have advanced satellite image maping, CCTV cameras, signal detectors....

  • •Cherry• Plays
    •Cherry• Plays 4 dni temu

    I juat now clicked on this video IN WHATCHING IF ALONE WHATCHA GONNA DO :3

  • TS Binarundingdua
    TS Binarundingdua 5 dni temu

    What you mean ...... malay

  • jdkevin wheesk
    jdkevin wheesk 5 dni temu

    A Sasquatch attacked me once, he was really pissed off when I caught him masterbating, lol jk

  • Alex Skowronski
    Alex Skowronski 5 dni temu

    I broke the rules and watched this alone!!

  • Crimson Bear
    Crimson Bear 5 dni temu

    No pic/video = no proof. Click bait. But a lil entertaining.

  • Glenn Ward
    Glenn Ward 5 dni temu

    sorry to add to the scorn already heaped upon you but this is crapola

  • MrWolf Player
    MrWolf Player 5 dni temu

    I seen better from chills

  • joneth piptne
    joneth piptne 5 dni temu +1

    That's the reason that I unsubscribed from this channel....new ass bullshit...where the video?????

  • Analilia Gracia
    Analilia Gracia 5 dni temu

    I dont feel like i belive the story until i see the video

  • Typical Bros
    Typical Bros 5 dni temu

    You think my bitch ass is scared of this

  • Fernando Quinteros Amaro

    My mom is scary then anything I get scared when she gets the o belt or the chunky shoe

  • Songs By Lance
    Songs By Lance 5 dni temu

    That first clip of Bigfoot has been proven to be fake, not a good start!

  • Anna Tu
    Anna Tu 5 dni temu

    The scariest thing is when your parent say your full name

  • YouTube movies
    YouTube movies 6 dni temu

    A YETI!

  • Yo Hon
    Yo Hon 6 dni temu

    Thanks for wasting my life

  • Drake Mangune
    Drake Mangune 6 dni temu

    I see a monster, she swallow another monster !

  • Epic noob Gamer
    Epic noob Gamer 6 dni temu +1


  • sKummToons '66
    sKummToons '66 6 dni temu

    Yea, pointy hat and feet off the ground?. Blair witch idea seems like. False!! No real video either. 2 👎👎

  • sKummToons '66
    sKummToons '66 6 dni temu

    Yea, pointy hat and feet off the ground?. Blair witch idea seems like. False!! No real video either. 2 👎👎

  • Asaad Allyjaun
    Asaad Allyjaun 6 dni temu

    I watch it alone

  • Mastyllie
    Mastyllie 6 dni temu

    These videos are fake but at least it's the only thing I can do xd

  • Msta Msta
    Msta Msta 6 dni temu +1

    Anyone know where the legend of vampires began? I just wonder who ever came up with that idea to write stories and make movies about them.

  • wide awake
    wide awake 6 dni temu

    This is absolute shite. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME ON THIS RUBBISH!.....SHITE!

  • John Lipford
    John Lipford 7 dni temu

    are you a fuckin idiot

  • Jerecho Salde
    Jerecho Salde 7 dni temu

    its not a real!!!

  • Don Jjones
    Don Jjones 7 dni temu

    Just wasted 8 minutes

  • Whatcha Want
    Whatcha Want 8 dni temu

    Yo say I won't get in the ring with a yeti you right I won't 1: I'm a pussy 2: they ain't real

  • Ajaz Aslam
    Ajaz Aslam 8 dni temu

    Still fake I know fake

    I.D.S CATHURANGA 8 dni temu


  • Rajkumar Masne
    Rajkumar Masne 8 dni temu

    Okay I don't watch this video

  • Sabrina Cozens
    Sabrina Cozens 8 dni temu


  • darius mahatti
    darius mahatti 8 dni temu

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  • Henry Kelly
    Henry Kelly 9 dni temu

    Well... cute

  • Steven Scott
    Steven Scott 9 dni temu

    Weak ass video, fix your approach or quit making videos.

  • Elianna Huerta
    Elianna Huerta 9 dni temu

    who else is watching this alone

  • Jimmy Valencia
    Jimmy Valencia 9 dni temu +1


  • Jimmy Valencia
    Jimmy Valencia 9 dni temu +1

    5:38 IT PINOCIO

  • Senior the Gaming Cat
    Senior the Gaming Cat 9 dni temu +1

    I love how he has to specify that it's real life in the title

  • Einar Jr
    Einar Jr 9 dni temu

    Screw it I am watching alone at night

  • TheMexicanJesus
    TheMexicanJesus 10 dni temu

    He forgot to include when Hispanic mom's get mad

  • TipsMenarik 99
    TipsMenarik 99 10 dni temu

    I think not real or fake

  • spud spud
    spud spud 10 dni temu

    BS video if it were paper I'd use it to wipe my ass

  • Lorne Okemau
    Lorne Okemau 10 dni temu

    I got bit by one too

  • CrazyWhytMan
    CrazyWhytMan 10 dni temu

    Nothing more than CLICK TROLLING!! 👏

  • Thug Life
    Thug Life 10 dni temu


  • madison weeks
    madison weeks 10 dni temu


  • Jacob alonzo the animal lover


  • Edmilson Fernandes
    Edmilson Fernandes 10 dni temu

    I am alone 😢😢😢😢

  • Milissa Zack
    Milissa Zack 11 dni temu

    Wheres ACTUAL VIDEOS of ghosts were u can see the ACTUAL VIDEOS

  • Techno Gaming
    Techno Gaming 11 dni temu +1

    Im a savage i watched alone

  • zoe foster
    zoe foster 12 dni temu

    So you mean 5 story’s that I believe happened in real life , even though these story’s are just that STORYS ,fuck me when will I stop clicking on these silly videos

  • L3oNy El Majadero
    L3oNy El Majadero 12 dni temu

    Where is the fucking footage I don’t see no monster but clips from movies smh 🤦‍♂️

  • Puppy _triggered
    Puppy _triggered 12 dni temu +1

    Guys, for the people who believe this is real, I am sorry but, these videos and pictures are fake. I hope you understand I’m not trying to ruin this.

  • Seacret Agent45 Sam
    Seacret Agent45 Sam 12 dni temu

    Where ? Do you Think All the story's Come from >Legends< Duh!

  • Andres Mata
    Andres Mata 12 dni temu

    Who thinks if the story of Merlin is true I do

  • Barakian Queen
    Barakian Queen 13 dni temu +1

    Crap crap crap

  • Sillious Slicous Chico Sluttious

    We watched it anyway and nothing's happening.

  • Saula Tuinatewa
    Saula Tuinatewa 13 dni temu

    I don't believe in this video

  • Jua'n Marque'z
    Jua'n Marque'z 13 dni temu

    Well run to Baltimore canada theres a jetty

  • Jua'n Marque'z
    Jua'n Marque'z 13 dni temu

    As seen monsters are real

  • Beverly Dreemurr [married to asriel]

    The money shown at the beginning might be a monkey finally evolving

  • Daren Stroud
    Daren Stroud 14 dni temu

    The scariest thing about this video is realizing you have been sucked into another "BAIT CLIP" that is all 🐂💩!
    I have lived in Texas all my life with almost 50 years in Universal City which nearly surrounds Convers. Have spent considerable time in Convers through friends and business associates. Have stepped in just about every square yard of this small city. Not one single time did myself or those I know see anything resembling this reported sighting or any evidence that might lead us to such a conclusion. Nobody I know, myself included, has ever even heard of such a creature. Never received any warnings not to go into the woods were we spent considerable time in when we were teenagers. Total BS!
    I have also taken many trips to Guadalupe were this "WITCH" has supposedly been seen. You guessed it! No sightings, no evidence, no warnings.
    I feel dumber just for watching this video! 🤪

  • Clever B’stard
    Clever B’stard 14 dni temu

    😧. NO .... I watched it alone

  • Piedone21
    Piedone21 14 dni temu

    You forgot to mention the BS monster