5 Monster Attacks That Happened in Real Life.

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  • Opublikowany 12 sie 2018
  • The public loves terror, and the industry doesn't stop producing because of it. Stories and their monsters are repeated over and over in books and movies. However, what if, beyond the fun, you find out that some of those characters you enjoy so much, are real and fearsome, and have already made terrifying attacks in real life.
    Get ready, because this time, we will review those monster attacks that, believe it or not, happened in real life.
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  • ahmed hussain
    ahmed hussain 2 dni temu

    Wtf is it totally fake

  • Lanu Teka
    Lanu Teka 2 dni temu

    Watching alone in night !隆only me not scary 馃槉

  • GreenHouse ExoticX
    GreenHouse ExoticX 2 dni temu

    So much bullshitt, funny or sad . I dont know

    MPVJ JYOTHISH 3 dni temu +1

    Am watching this alone

  • Aku Mereka
    Aku Mereka 3 dni temu

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    Kuala Lumpur is a city

  • Flutterby Angel
    Flutterby Angel 3 dni temu

    Watches at 3AM home alone, hehe

  • masira abid
    masira abid 3 dni temu

    The third one can someone contact the river monster team

  • A MjN
    A MjN 4 dni temu

    All I thought was watching dark side of PLclip.

  • Izekor Jeffrey
    Izekor Jeffrey 4 dni temu

    We know this video might be fake, but monsters do exist.... Have seen skeleton carrying a cross that was turn upsidedown

  • Abs Ashraf
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  • Malvinder Limon
    Malvinder Limon 5 dni temu

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  • bob santos
    bob santos 5 dni temu

    I haven't finished watching but I think it's a lie, very stupid

  • Francis Gaerthe
    Francis Gaerthe 5 dni temu

    Yeah what a crap video ridiculous

  • Guest 666
    Guest 666 6 dni temu

    G: How to destroy *ANY* monster
    A: Throw it in Black Hole

  • Ruku K.C
    Ruku K.C 6 dni temu

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  • No2Blame
    No2Blame 6 dni temu +1

    selling bullsh!t TheTopMan 2.0 ha? good for you

  • paul palomo
    paul palomo 6 dni temu

    this sucks

  • Steve Amistoso
    Steve Amistoso 6 dni temu

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  • Dark heart
    Dark heart 6 dni temu


  • Damien Ferrer
    Damien Ferrer 7 dni temu

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    DEMON IN HELL 7 dni temu

    Who else watched this alone?

  • Armigeri Defensores
    Armigeri Defensores 7 dni temu

    i scared of my mother and sisters also girlfriend not monster

  • 釒嘉眤喂懈gd蠀ll伪h

    If I see monster I'll never lie

  • Scarlet O'Hara
    Scarlet O'Hara 7 dni temu

    Watching this alone anyone?

  • Poisonix
    Poisonix 8 dni temu

    I can watch this alone because I don't have nightmare

  • macvon bulac
    macvon bulac 8 dni temu

    Fuck this video

  • Dark Silver
    Dark Silver 8 dni temu

    Big foot/yeti still same

  • Freefire Nepal
    Freefire Nepal 8 dni temu

    Sorry but
    Most of them are FAKE

  • Soon Teck
    Soon Teck 8 dni temu

    Lol fake all fake

  • sen rana
    sen rana 9 dni temu


  • Phantom Scarlet
    Phantom Scarlet 9 dni temu

    I know you are trying to tell me that Big foot,small foot,500 feet long Anaconda and Dinosaur still exists.Sorry but I cannot accept it.

  • Pangeran Zomblo
    Pangeran Zomblo 9 dni temu


  • Myan Whale
    Myan Whale 9 dni temu +1

    Stop talking and just show the video

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  • Uchiha Madara
    Uchiha Madara 10 dni temu

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  • Stephan Hanafi
    Stephan Hanafi 10 dni temu

    Wasted my time

  • Matua Yiannis
    Matua Yiannis 10 dni temu

    Oh my myyyy...i watch it alone....what go to happen to me now??? Pls help...helppppp...

  • superbassie nl
    superbassie nl 10 dni temu

    I just think its all fake

  • Srdjan Savic
    Srdjan Savic 10 dni temu

    Not sceri

  • Mr John
    Mr John 10 dni temu

    Hi from Sweden

  • sheik abdulla
    sheik abdulla 11 dni temu

    No 5 is from film mummy 3

  • Ha GAY
    Ha GAY 11 dni temu

    i live in malaysia ...he is lying -,-

  • Pik Nik
    Pik Nik 11 dni temu

    Children story get lose fuck you

  • Peter Jones
    Peter Jones 11 dni temu

    "They Melted" that is why it is so hard to get a good pic of these things ? This is not a joke.

  • segundina casumpang
    segundina casumpang 11 dni temu

    So scary hooooo.

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  • Sagar Bhatt
    Sagar Bhatt 12 dni temu

    Bogus.. Just piece of s***

  • Rochelle Eskue
    Rochelle Eskue 12 dni temu +1

    I'm sorry but without proof of any of these stories, I just can't believe them. They make for great folklore though.

  • iKhmerReaper
    iKhmerReaper 12 dni temu


  • paris saayman
    paris saayman 12 dni temu

    There's no such thing as a monster

  • Amethyst Jade
    Amethyst Jade 13 dni temu

    Click bait ass

  • Harry Bennett
    Harry Bennett 13 dni temu

    All of these sound like bullshit

  • yogi baba
    yogi baba 13 dni temu

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  • John Kenneth Mogar
    John Kenneth Mogar 13 dni temu

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  • Bulelwa Jwambi
    Bulelwa Jwambi 13 dni temu

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  • materialgod666
    materialgod666 13 dni temu

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    no need for my name 13 dni temu +2

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    Snikey_ 13 dni temu

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  • Mohd Najib
    Mohd Najib 14 dni temu

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    The title dont even describe the video

  • Sandesh Yaka
    Sandesh Yaka 14 dni temu

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  • Rigam Kakar
    Rigam Kakar 14 dni temu

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  • Kagura Seime
    Kagura Seime 14 dni temu

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  • Dr kiran
    Dr kiran 14 dni temu

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    Dr kiran 14 dni temu

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    Dr kiran 14 dni temu

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  • Dr kiran
    Dr kiran 14 dni temu

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  • Finn Phinney
    Finn Phinney 15 dni temu

    Where's the proof aka pictures???? Fake bullshit. Not worth the time.

  • Sohail Blushi
    Sohail Blushi 15 dni temu

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  • Bass Huntet
    Bass Huntet 15 dni temu

    The last words: NOBODY BELIEVED THEM

  • Jenny Adames
    Jenny Adames 15 dni temu

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    David Bov 15 dni temu

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  • Lyric Ribbons
    Lyric Ribbons 15 dni temu

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  • Mako TRG
    Mako TRG 16 dni temu

    Just a bunch hearsay . Nothing really proven in this video

  • Panzer Priest92
    Panzer Priest92 16 dni temu

    There are some of these creatures that I believe are real. However, I only watch these PLclip videos for laughs

  • michael mac texas william baum

    Shaw so were is the real footage? All i see is all here say like you say the story that is all it is

  • Matt DeWitt
    Matt DeWitt 16 dni temu

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  • Aerrone Jacob Mercurio Marollano

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  • Meliodas Assault Mode
    Meliodas Assault Mode 16 dni temu

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  • Piyali Banerjee
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    Raihath YaaRav 17 dni temu

    So much of talking it's irritate proof is not clear

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  • Novie Jame Blanco
    Novie Jame Blanco 17 dni temu

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    Monika plays 17 dni temu

    2:46 Skyrim XD

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  • Christy Brandt
    Christy Brandt 18 dni temu

    For one thing, squatch and Yeti go out of their way to avoid people... Get educated guys!!