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  • Opublikowany 26 wrz 2016
  • It's time for some high-flying Trampoline Charades!
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Komentarze • 33 319

  • Daniel Rami
    Daniel Rami 11 godzin temu

    Ekshlli aj don't not nou uat sei

  • Rohan George
    Rohan George 13 godzin temu

    break a knee lmko (laughing my knee off)

  • Colin Lewis
    Colin Lewis 17 godzin temu


  • Epic Things2018
    Epic Things2018 Dzień temu

    I guessed Lord of the Rings faster

  • Greg Falcione
    Greg Falcione Dzień temu

    i have told my friend that if she got a bee bee gun she ould shoot her eye out

  • Haddon Schroeder
    Haddon Schroeder Dzień temu

    i got lord of the rings first man coby is bad at guessing lol

  • Dawson Leith
    Dawson Leith Dzień temu

    I have

  • Jaikobsky Catabay
    Jaikobsky Catabay Dzień temu

    I guess the last part what ty did faster than Cory

  • Isaiah Prom
    Isaiah Prom 2 dni temu

    Christmas story, its iconic

  • Minty_Frost _Green
    Minty_Frost _Green 2 dni temu

    Wait... did... did I just see the purple hoser (Garret) wear... green? OMG I DID WHAT ARE YOU THINKING

  • haidee toribio
    haidee toribio 2 dni temu

    Hi dude perfect

  • Meli_ Melon
    Meli_ Melon 2 dni temu

    2:16 - 2:18 Tyler the rage monster

  • Rron Disha
    Rron Disha 2 dni temu

    I got THE HUNGER GAMES in the last one

  • K.Olton The king
    K.Olton The king 3 dni temu

    I got lord of the rings 1 second before Cody

  • Lincoln Sears
    Lincoln Sears 3 dni temu

    I got lord of the rings faster than cory

  • MadnessMedia
    MadnessMedia 3 dni temu

    beat him on jaws

  • MadnessMedia
    MadnessMedia 3 dni temu

    beat him on lord of the rings

  • Aayden Cox
    Aayden Cox 3 dni temu

    I got cars faster than Cory

  • Gilgurt 09
    Gilgurt 09 4 dni temu

    “Mind grenadine”

  • SCL Cosplay Weaponry

    I got Lord of the Rings faster than Cory

  • DarkKitty Gaming
    DarkKitty Gaming 4 dni temu

    I guessed the Hunger Games right when he shot an arrow... You can probably tell im obsessed from my profile pic XD

  • Emma Bledsoe
    Emma Bledsoe 4 dni temu

    Jaws was the fastest I got

  • Coby Vlogs
    Coby Vlogs 4 dni temu

    Broken finger coming soon to a theater near you

  • Makayla Sejkora
    Makayla Sejkora 4 dni temu

    Chad and Tim are innocent!

  • POWERMAN 003
    POWERMAN 003 4 dni temu

    I got JAWS faster than Coby and Gar

  • Katrina Gardner
    Katrina Gardner 5 dni temu

    Should of bean a tie

  • Isabel Lovetinsky
    Isabel Lovetinsky 5 dni temu

    6:49 The rage monster is coming out!

  • Jon Jano
    Jon Jano 5 dni temu


  • Jon Jano
    Jon Jano 5 dni temu

    Lord of the reins

  • Frances Garcia
    Frances Garcia 5 dni temu

    I like cory and Tyler

  • Kayden Leow
    Kayden Leow 5 dni temu

    It should be 6-6 cuz Cody did not jump once when he is doing flying a kite

  • gameplayer flame
    gameplayer flame 5 dni temu


  • Naomi Box
    Naomi Box 5 dni temu

    Cody! You should watch a Christmas story! Then you would get the reference. It is a classic

  • Alpha Wolf
    Alpha Wolf 5 dni temu

    Who hasn't said that

  • XxFearExemptxX
    XxFearExemptxX 5 dni temu

    Mom: I hope I get the job
    Me: *Break a knee*
    Mom: wait what...

  • Benjamin Hanson
    Benjamin Hanson 6 dni temu

    Cody you have never seen "A Christmas Story"

  • Victoria Turk
    Victoria Turk 6 dni temu

    A Chrismas Story

  • Joe Abbott
    Joe Abbott 6 dni temu


  • STGwafflesss
    STGwafflesss 6 dni temu

    its christmas story how do you not know that?

  • Callum Robertson
    Callum Robertson 6 dni temu

    I got lord of the rings before cory

  • Liv B
    Liv B 7 dni temu

    cars and lord of the rings was easy

  • Kristen Casilac
    Kristen Casilac 7 dni temu

    I got finding Nemo faster

  • Greenie Fortnite Memes

    I’ve heard of shoot your eye out

  • CobraPlayz MC
    CobraPlayz MC 7 dni temu

    I got JAWS before Garrett

  • Evan G
    Evan G 7 dni temu

    I got jaws

  • Huey Robinson
    Huey Robinson 7 dni temu


  • Nithin Vaidir
    Nithin Vaidir 7 dni temu

    Nope nope nope

  • Ryland Ryland
    Ryland Ryland 7 dni temu

    Lord of the rings is one

  • Nyreesh Beagley
    Nyreesh Beagley 7 dni temu

    Hello I love you I watch you everyday I can’t stop watching you 🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼

  • Galaxyalphawolf Gurls

    You'll shoot you're eye out is from a Christmas story

  • Richie Williams
    Richie Williams 8 dni temu +1

    Find different
    Round 2

  • Ean Caesar
    Ean Caesar 8 dni temu

    that means you take your eye out cody

  • gt 2
    gt 2 8 dni temu

    i have

  • Kutler McLean
    Kutler McLean 8 dni temu

    I got lord of the rings the second he started

  • Macdaddy 11101
    Macdaddy 11101 8 dni temu

    the Christmas story said it

  • Charles Riley
    Charles Riley 8 dni temu

    Cody is my favourite dude perfect person

  • Muqtadir Abbas
    Muqtadir Abbas 8 dni temu

    I have never seen Tyler rage so much.

  • Debbie Williams
    Debbie Williams 9 dni temu

    Soooo many times you'll shoot your eye out

  • kingkhiroya
    kingkhiroya 9 dni temu


  • Ayden Thompson
    Ayden Thompson 9 dni temu

    I did

  • Leo Cosentino
    Leo Cosentino 9 dni temu

    OMG cody lol You'll shoot your eye out is from Christmas Story the protaginest of the movie wants a gun and everyone was saying "You'll shoot your eye out"

  • Skylar Reyes
    Skylar Reyes 9 dni temu

    I beat CORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Michael Matthews
    Michael Matthews 9 dni temu

    That WAS easy

  • Jon Smith
    Jon Smith 9 dni temu

    YES I have heard that a lot

  • Gabriel Brower
    Gabriel Brower 9 dni temu

    i gest the jaws and the hunger games first

  • ronnie vail
    ronnie vail 9 dni temu

    I did lord of the rings before cory

  • NCB Gaming
    NCB Gaming 9 dni temu

    i guessed cars and lord of the rings before cory

  • Dr. Bagel
    Dr. Bagel 9 dni temu

    i guessed it faster

  • ink boy
    ink boy 9 dni temu

    wut? i'm an inkling (from a game I play called splatoon 2) not a person with a billion eyes....

  • Brayden Ross
    Brayden Ross 10 dni temu

    I got Lord Of The Rings before cory did.

  • TheRed EmeraldGamer
    TheRed EmeraldGamer 10 dni temu

    At least coby couldn't lose.

  • Elijah Lafolafo
    Elijah Lafolafo 10 dni temu

    he droped his hotpocket

  • Marc Khalil
    Marc Khalil 10 dni temu


  • Rachel Otremba
    Rachel Otremba 10 dni temu

    6:50 "I realize life is not fair.. but life is not that unfair." 😂

    MALLORY FARRIS 10 dni temu

    I have heard the phrase you’ll shoot your eye out

  • yakob thedog
    yakob thedog 10 dni temu

    team green I guessed the second one

  • yakob thedog
    yakob thedog 10 dni temu

    I guessed the third one right

  • Guillermo Paz
    Guillermo Paz 10 dni temu

    Haven’t ever heard of “You’ll shoot your eye out”

  • Hero_ shariq
    Hero_ shariq 10 dni temu

    I have watched all of ur vid in one day i cant stop watching it i love it keep it up soon you will hit 50 million subs very soon.

  • Ellen Szynal
    Ellen Szynal 10 dni temu

    I Beat Garret two times on finding nemo and Space jam!!!!!!

  • Jonathan Stanley
    Jonathan Stanley 10 dni temu

    5:52 I soooo got the Hunger Games movie before he did!

  • Rick Phelps
    Rick Phelps 11 dni temu

    i beat cory on all of them

  • tokyo ghoul
    tokyo ghoul 11 dni temu

    Nope I have never heard that before

  • Luke Adair
    Luke Adair 11 dni temu

    green team would've had 6 points because the "flying a kite guess" they cheated

  • Erin Howard
    Erin Howard 11 dni temu

    I got it before the guessers

  • Erin Howard
    Erin Howard 11 dni temu

    He stoped

  • Peter C
    Peter C 11 dni temu

    7:33 me. Freaking died laughing bro! I mean censored!!!!!!!!

  • awesome big reds
    awesome big reds 11 dni temu

    😀💩 I guessed cars

    LUIS CASPER DIAZ 11 dni temu


  • Victoria Dobbyn
    Victoria Dobbyn 11 dni temu

    A Christmas story

  • Anirudh Joshi
    Anirudh Joshi 11 dni temu

    I beat all of you for the movie round

  • Robert Crabtree
    Robert Crabtree 11 dni temu

    Got lord of the rings

  • Jennifer Brill
    Jennifer Brill 11 dni temu

    No. No I’ve never said that.

  • Joshua Garner
    Joshua Garner 11 dni temu

    I’ve heard it

  • Balairdy
    Balairdy 11 dni temu

    Tyler’s reaction to the last round after screaming at the editors “moe mah hoooooh”

  • Balairdy
    Balairdy 11 dni temu

    How does he not know you’ll shout your eye out is from Christmas story

  • Randall Ashley Espiritu

    Coby is the host

  • Braedan Farabaugh
    Braedan Farabaugh 11 dni temu

    Lord of the rings is the one I got faster then the twin. I also got Jaws before Garrett.

  • The diamond Slayer
    The diamond Slayer 11 dni temu

    I’ve heard it

  • Jarian Long
    Jarian Long 11 dni temu

    got lord of the rings first