Nitro Engine Cooling Head Modification

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  • Opublikowany 18 lis 2016
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    This is probably a 15 year old RC nitro engine that I found on ebay and bought it. It was really cheap so I thought why not. I'm planning to use it in an upcoming project, but it needs better cooling since it's going to be stationary. I had a cooling head that was bigger and that could work. I mount it on the lathe and brought it to the required dimensions and this is the result!
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Komentarze • 222

  • Yugendran duraisamy
    Yugendran duraisamy Miesiąc temu +1

    I get this mession please coll 7530004288I'm indian

  • Anja Geißer-Riemer
    Anja Geißer-Riemer 2 miesięcy temu


  • david hill
    david hill 7 miesięcy temu

    Way bigger chamber , i guess you can run much higher nitro content, the more nitro the cooler she will run also

  • Gavin Mcvey
    Gavin Mcvey 8 miesięcy temu

    Cool stuff

  • krishna kumar kushwaha
    krishna kumar kushwaha 9 miesięcy temu

    Engine kaha she late ho

  • ㅤWxlitiN_
    ㅤWxlitiN_ 10 miesięcy temu

    U can build a engine?

  • AS Bondhu Brand
    AS Bondhu Brand 10 miesięcy temu

    I am Bangladeshi. I liked this engine. Me buy engine. What is price please

  • Ranjan Chaudhari
    Ranjan Chaudhari 10 miesięcy temu

    Amzone par mil gayga kay

  • Taradอนุพงศ์ Mobile0830344439


  • Gaming Nepal
    Gaming Nepal Rok temu

    How can I get this kind of nitrogen engine

  • S. S. A. Maltimedia

    মিসিনটি কিনতে পাওয়া যাবে

  • Marc Leon Meyer
    Marc Leon Meyer Rok temu

    where are you getting your fuel

    • JohnnyQ90
      JohnnyQ90  Rok temu

      I can only get it from model shops.

  • saikumar. ch
    saikumar. ch Rok temu

    what is the price

  • saikumar. ch
    saikumar. ch Rok temu

    i want that mishen

  • Rylee Church
    Rylee Church Rok temu

    Converting a nitro engine to run on diesel would be definitely be cool.

  • dee bowen
    dee bowen Rok temu

    the kyosho GX-12 was made in 2002 the Engine was a verry fast nitro Engine back in the day

  • phucket01
    phucket01 Rok temu

    Yeah but us 1% percenters dont have a lathe smh

  • Reborn BMW
    Reborn BMW Rok temu


  • Venny Hernandez
    Venny Hernandez Rok temu +2

    Como puedo conseguir un motor como eso me interesa

    RAMAN OJHA Rok temu


  • amit chetry
    amit chetry Rok temu

    can you provide the details of work that u have done on lathe like how much facing how much turning etc?

  • TFP Productions
    TFP Productions Rok temu

    cooling head is often called heatsink btw

  • Dick Steel
    Dick Steel Rok temu

    Fantastic work.
    I'm in the process of figuring out how RC engines work and this helps. I've actually designed a .21 1/8th scale buggy engine in the quest to create more bottom end out of that .21 size
    Most are around 3hp and I would like to hit the 4.5hp range and set the Diffs up with heavier oil and gears. I just find these engines very interesting. Again great work you're doing. ;)

  • M Alldredge
    M Alldredge Rok temu

    2:00 is so satisfying OMG

  • A Cat
    A Cat Rok temu

    How about you make a dedicated water cooled engine with a radiator?

  • Lara Hadington
    Lara Hadington Rok temu

    So amazed

  • Kiel Erik Razon
    Kiel Erik Razon Rok temu

    idol send me one of your nitro buggy 😍😍

  • RC Shenanigans
    RC Shenanigans Rok temu

    I’m gonna take a gander guess, that your using a CNC lathe


    top of the top

  • sobre rodas
    sobre rodas Rok temu

    how do i get such a motor and how much does it cost ?? I am set in 3 units

  • sobre rodas
    sobre rodas Rok temu

    how do i get such a motor and how much does it cost ?? I am set in 3 units

  • Skott
    Skott Rok temu

    There’s a reason why nitro engines for planes last way longer than cars. Proper cooling from the prop. Higher oil percentages, 60%-90%. They also don’t require air filters or giant mufflers.

  • Prime_Kryo
    Prime_Kryo Rok temu

    Save time get a cooling fly wheel us 16%nitro if your going for cooling
    Also never ever run a nitro engine with a piss Willy little cooling block like that

  • omkar deshmukh
    omkar deshmukh 2 lat temu


  • Kaiden Stevens
    Kaiden Stevens 2 lat temu

    I want a lathe

  • TBlack ShouT Gaming
    TBlack ShouT Gaming 2 lat temu

    And i like your vedio toooo tooo too much

  • TBlack ShouT Gaming
    TBlack ShouT Gaming 2 lat temu

    Johnny Q90 brother can you plz show that how to make captain america friget spinner

  • Junior Reynoso
    Junior Reynoso 2 lat temu

    Hermano como puedo obtener un motorsito d esos

  • Yatin Kumar
    Yatin Kumar 2 lat temu


  • Yatin Kumar
    Yatin Kumar 2 lat temu


    SYAFIQ_REX # 2 lat temu

    what name background music

  • Muhibhassanshaikh Qureshi

    Ye khan milta hai

  • Felixsantiago Benitez

    como puedo conseguir un motor como ese?

  • Alexis Robles
    Alexis Robles 2 lat temu

    Como cuanto cues tauno motor asi

  • breezetix
    breezetix 2 lat temu

    you should build a rc engines from making parts

  • LIONGAME 450
    LIONGAME 450 2 lat temu +2

    These engines are very cool to lern As engines really work! But they have their price :(

    • TFP Productions
      TFP Productions Rok temu

      LIONGAME 450 well I wouldn't say they're that expensive I mean on china sites you could get them for 50$ and whole rc's for 150$

  • Yan Bouglie
    Yan Bouglie 2 lat temu

    What's the lathe you're using?

  • Jakob Campbell
    Jakob Campbell 2 lat temu

    You should turbocharge one ;)

  • Kow Too
    Kow Too 2 lat temu

    Can you make a beginner motor tutorial so we understand the basics of it being made to design our own

  • Rezt x Soldier
    Rezt x Soldier 2 lat temu

    What CC is this haha?

  • Nicolle Guerra
    Nicolle Guerra 2 lat temu

    hola soy de el salvador como hago para conseguir un motor de esos

  • Dzakwan Aufa Fikri
    Dzakwan Aufa Fikri 2 lat temu

    coeg abiss

  • Alba E-bikes
    Alba E-bikes 2 lat temu


  • Wanderson oliveira
    Wanderson oliveira 2 lat temu

    Onde você compra esses motores?

  • jmar1371
    jmar1371 2 lat temu

    I do hope you know that it's not good to run those un-loaded. Put a prop on that thing.

  • Alfred Sofia
    Alfred Sofia 2 lat temu

    Motor O.S. 3.5 cc 2.5cv 37ooo rpm! The King!

  • Cold Blooded Fasist
    Cold Blooded Fasist 2 lat temu +6

    make it water cooled!

  • joseph gecho
    joseph gecho 2 lat temu

    I miss the days when you channel had no music... now I have to mute these videos.

  • Cookie Singh Singh
    Cookie Singh Singh 2 lat temu

    how much money in these engine

  • Bayerische Motoren Werke Motorsport-Abteilung

    What if you put thermal paste between the engine and the head?