HOMME (옴므) 'It Girl' Official Teaser #2 (homme ver.)

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  • Opublikowany 21 lip 2014
  • HOMME - It Girl will be released on 23rd. July!
    Let's get together with HOMME this summer!
  • MuzykaMuzyka

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  • a
    a 2 miesięcy temu


  • mel xx
    mel xx Rok temu

    Tf? BTS gets like millions of views, and HOMME gets like 10k views. Goddd

  • 후지몽타
    후지몽타 Rok temu


  • Aunyae Thomas
    Aunyae Thomas Rok temu

    I stan

  • ŇÇŤëă
    ŇÇŤëă 2 lat temu +2

    it's not that new anymore black people are becoming quite popular in Korea and luckily in a good way😘😌

  • Widy Dib
    Widy Dib 4 lat temu +3

    Black girl... White girl... Hmmmm it girl :)

  • yurina salam
    yurina salam 4 lat temu +2

    Cute Oppas

  • KIPONee
    KIPONee 4 lat temu

    Shorter one looks like a grown up Kyungsoo with more defined features

  • Stephany Ivette
    Stephany Ivette 4 lat temu

    so excited for this c:

  • Dana Almarri
    Dana Almarri 4 lat temu

    Omg I can't wait ♥♥♥♥

  • itsmelue
    itsmelue 4 lat temu

    2AM and 8eight (and HOMME in this case) are big sunbaes of BigHit artists, so I hope people can respect them in their own rights instead of associating them with their more popular hoobaes for example. Anyway, HOMME IS BACK!!! :D

  • Aligirl8
    Aligirl8 4 lat temu

    are their camouflage suits to represent that they've both completed their service?

    • Widy Dib
      Widy Dib 4 lat temu +1

      maybe...because both of them are free now :)

  • i. Raa
    i. Raa 4 lat temu +2

    Wow the girls look so young!

  • Amélie Nalina
    Amélie Nalina 4 lat temu

    Ooooh good ! J'ai hâte *^*

  • Nabil Way Iero
    Nabil Way Iero 4 lat temu

    Finally a new MV after their "I was able to eat well" MV lastime!! Can't wait for Homme comeback!! 이창민 & 이현 오빠, 화이팅!!

  • Nabil Way Iero
    Nabil Way Iero 4 lat temu

    Finally a new MV after their "I was able to eat well" MV lastime!! Can't wait for Homme comeback!! 이창민 & 이현 오빠, 화이팅!!

    • Widy Dib
      Widy Dib 4 lat temu +1

      after I Was Able To Eat Well they comeback with Man Should Laugh. have you watch it?

  • samuri2011
    samuri2011 4 lat temu +16

    i saw that small booty thumbnail and i knew it i knew she was black yES!!!! i can smell out my ppl. hahahahhaaa thanks big hit for entertaining diversity ^^* it makes me encouraged to lovekpop even more

  • Sasha97233
    Sasha97233 4 lat temu +3

    "Homme"? je pense qu'il y aura de plus en plus de mot français pour les noms des nouveaux groupe kpop

    • oh ha
      oh ha 4 lat temu

      c'es une sub-unit pas un nouveau groupe mais bon on voit de plus en plus de mots français en k-pop

  • zynbw
    zynbw 4 lat temu +13

    Finally big hit remembers they have other artists besides BTS. Wow! I hope this means GLAM can have a comeback soon.

  • Rachel Tong
    Rachel Tong 4 lat temu

    is that Changmin??

  • bebe8bobo
    bebe8bobo 4 lat temu

    Gosh why does these teasers give me the Blurred Lines vibe >_

  • Reham Fahad
    Reham Fahad 4 lat temu

    Good luck on the comeback ♡♡

  • 101paramoreluver
    101paramoreluver 4 lat temu +71

    OMG a black girl surprise surprise. That's something I thoguht I would never see cause kpop is all like "white skin ftw" but wow!
    (I'm not saying this in a badway)

  • imichelle
    imichelle 4 lat temu +4

    all 2AM members have solo activities now yay

  • Hung Mai
    Hung Mai 4 lat temu +1

    Homme fighting

  • tenzin278
    tenzin278 4 lat temu +2

    LOL is it just me or they even look alike? They could pass for brothers

  • fiorela anco
    fiorela anco 4 lat temu


  • Rydoboy94
    Rydoboy94 4 lat temu +51

    wow a black girl as the love interest in a kpop mv this is new. things are changing in kpop for the better

  • byul bet
    byul bet 4 lat temu +15

    Seems like kyungri changed into a black girl

  • leprincessuu
    leprincessuu 4 lat temu +25

    wow diversity +1

  • -
    - 4 lat temu +5

    haha all of the related videos on the right are of BTS, you can clearly see that bighitE cherishes them. But I am glad that other amazing artists from bighit also can have a comeback!

  • ming
    ming 4 lat temu

    oh finally!!!!

  • Nadh
    Nadh 4 lat temu +7


  • sevenyi926
    sevenyi926 4 lat temu +30

    Blurred lines?!

  • aeoeaooae_
    aeoeaooae_ 4 lat temu +6

    Sounds like an interesting song

  • richzero0
    richzero0 4 lat temu +1

    So excited! ♥