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  • Opublikowany 19 maj 2019
  • Elliot Pants (Kenan Thompson) hosts a game show where contestants (Paul Rudd, Aidy Bryant, Pete Davidson) struggle to guess what's wrong with a series of photos.
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  • RozrywkaRozrywka

Komentarze • 1 920

  • DLC
    DLC 20 godzin temu

    Ha, god weiner

  • BigLion
    BigLion Dzień temu +2

    Is that Bobby Newport

  • old account
    old account Dzień temu

    date tent 😂😂

  • Elmo9001
    Elmo9001 2 dni temu

    "She just did blackface and got away with it. The only problem is, she got the job! Now what?"

  • Meleewulf
    Meleewulf 2 dni temu

    I never knew I needed to hear Kenan Thompson say “Toyota Beef: The first car for THICC bois”

  • Kartik Gupta
    Kartik Gupta 2 dni temu

    This is one of the funniest snl sketches

  • Street Food
    Street Food 2 dni temu

    If you look at the shadows on the first one the boy is floating

  • Tristan Möller
    Tristan Möller 2 dni temu

    Great sketch idea. Can do so much with it

  • Frizzy Frank
    Frizzy Frank 2 dni temu

    am i the only one who thought the little boy floating was wrong with the first picture??

  • BTF
    BTF 2 dni temu

    me: "..."
    indian scammer: "hello and yes I am work for the microsoft and I am the very sorry to be have to tell you but your computer is have virus and it is have AIDS. I am charge you for the AIDS on your home computer and I am charge you."

  • BTF
    BTF 2 dni temu

    I think they were allhigh

  • BTF
    BTF 2 dni temu +7

    therapist: "something is missing in the picture."
    me: "love."

  • Two Water Guns
    Two Water Guns 2 dni temu +1

    4:01 - 4:12 When someone tells me about their "waifu"

  • Jake Schneider
    Jake Schneider 3 dni temu +1

    This tested my sanity

  • Thanosetalgia/ThanossGaming

    2:07 i got it then

  • k meeker
    k meeker 3 dni temu

    Me to Paul Rudd: "DADDY"

  • iamtheiconoclast3
    iamtheiconoclast3 4 dni temu

    "A date tent?" Beautiful.

  • Ngokeswang Mpom
    Ngokeswang Mpom 4 dni temu

    I don't know why I laughed so hard at this

  • KentGoSuzuki
    KentGoSuzuki 4 dni temu +8

    These “what’s the” game show series is the most chaotic thing I have seen. They all feel like fever dreams

  • Jack The Jok3R
    Jack The Jok3R 4 dni temu

    Did nobody notice the boy was levatating

  • DaleJrFan_62
    DaleJrFan_62 5 dni temu

    I'd love a Toyota *_B E E F_*

  • a croissant
    a croissant 5 dni temu

    Y E S D A D D Y

  • a croissant
    a croissant 5 dni temu

    0:21 The first car for
    T H C C B O I S

  • HaasKage
    HaasKage 6 dni temu

    I wanna take Aidy on a romantic date in my Toyota Beef.

  • piezkiz
    piezkiz 7 dni temu

    i legit see the shrimp hair

  • Matthewjim
    Matthewjim 7 dni temu

    I love Paul Rudd

  • Maddison Langdon
    Maddison Langdon 7 dni temu +1

    You can tell the late Millenials are starting to get into the writing room and I love it.

  • Keanu reeves
    Keanu reeves 8 dni temu

    Is the last guy ANTMAN!?!?!?!?!

    I know that’s the actor. Dummie

  • Ross Well
    Ross Well 8 dni temu


  • Gerald Hard
    Gerald Hard 8 dni temu

    Crazy funny game show holy crap .

  • Asbjørn Christensen
    Asbjørn Christensen 9 dni temu +87

    "Are you ready?"
    "Yes Daddy"
    "... Don't like that"

  • Anandi Ganguly
    Anandi Ganguly 9 dni temu

    Luis=Bobby Newport

  • Bakambi
    Bakambi 9 dni temu

    Damn Kenan lost some weight. Looking good

  • Kelsey Wood
    Kelsey Wood 10 dni temu

    she just did black face and got away with it. the only problem is she got the job. now what?

  • Abde manaf Hamed
    Abde manaf Hamed 10 dni temu

    Retard people 😂😂😂

  • dharmallars
    dharmallars 10 dni temu +1

    There’s too many shrimp in her hair

  • Erica K
    Erica K 10 dni temu

    'Date Tent' is the best thing I heard today!

  • Liana H
    Liana H 10 dni temu +5

    Paul Rudd makes me believe that perfect men exist

  • Aayush Varma
    Aayush Varma 11 dni temu

    A meek ending to an exceptional sketch!

  • Adam Young
    Adam Young 12 dni temu

    but if the roller blade wheels were pizza cutters.... **thinking emoji**

  • Mikey Buchholz
    Mikey Buchholz 12 dni temu

    She just did black face and got away with it. Only problem is: she got the job. Now what??

  • zsorens
    zsorens 12 dni temu

    Honestly I enjoyed finding the things wrong with the picture more than the sketches.

  • LishAnn Alexandra Bethea


  • Not Illegal
    Not Illegal 13 dni temu +105

    "the objects come to life at night, but the only problem is, they're poor"

  • Doc Xen
    Doc Xen 13 dni temu

    did anyone else think the boy was floating in the first picture

  • Doritos :space jam flavoured

    I wish this was a real game show

  • Forgotten King
    Forgotten King 13 dni temu

    Also the hands were wrong

  • Dil Pickle
    Dil Pickle 13 dni temu

    Anyone else think the boy was floating in mid air

  • Mai Nem
    Mai Nem 13 dni temu +2

    There's 2 things wrong with the second one.

    The hat is not reflected in the correct direction

  • Jusuf Mujevic
    Jusuf Mujevic 13 dni temu

    The belt

  • Mia A
    Mia A 14 dni temu +10

    “I didn’t come here to make friends but I’d like it to happen” is my new motto

  • Lauren Jewel
    Lauren Jewel 14 dni temu

    Thee first car for thick boys. This is amazing wtf

  • webriz
    webriz 16 dni temu

    Kenan plays the best game show hosts and judges.

  • Alex Hohnsen
    Alex Hohnsen 17 dni temu


  • Awkward Ducks club
    Awkward Ducks club 18 dni temu +4

    "the swing is missing a rope" the kid is floating the in the air (the one pushing the swings)

  • Beverli Collins
    Beverli Collins 18 dni temu

    This has to be one of the funniest skits ever..couldn't stop laughing!!!😂😂😂

  • maxyourmusic
    maxyourmusic 19 dni temu +392

    "Alright contestants, are you ready to play? Gina?"
    *_y e s d a d d y_*

  • Jennifer Kozlik
    Jennifer Kozlik 19 dni temu

    I'll watch anything with Pete Davidson in it.

  • Sofia Rosier
    Sofia Rosier 20 dni temu

    His is such an underrated sketch I’m fucking crying

  • The Ask Trixie Channel
    The Ask Trixie Channel 20 dni temu +2

    No single sketch has ever summed up the Internet so, so beautifully.