The sheriff had to stop the train so we can save a badly injured PitBull.

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  • Jesse Keaton
    Jesse Keaton 11 minut temu

    What happened to hulk, but how did he get to that place I love pit bulls so much

  • Lala fuka
    Lala fuka 55 minut temu

    Bravo et merci être la pr eu...

  • jun lizada
    jun lizada 7 godzin temu

    I think hulk is an american bully dog. He is handsome quality dog. Bless you all for saving, rescuing hulk.

  • kimberly recoter
    kimberly recoter 11 godzin temu

    omg thank you so much for doing this kind of stuff all of you are angel godbless

  • David Grimes
    David Grimes 17 godzin temu

    Im. Crying now 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😞😞😞😞

  • Mike Johnson
    Mike Johnson 18 godzin temu


    God bless the dog

  • Writers FengShui
    Writers FengShui 19 godzin temu

    Has Hulk been adopted since?

  • The Athletic Queen
    The Athletic Queen 20 godzin temu

    He's so cute and a good,brave,and strong dog

  • Dave M
    Dave M Dzień temu

  • Jake Richer
    Jake Richer Dzień temu

    I would adopt all those dogs if I could

    MOHAMAD ALHDAD Dzień temu


  • goofyassc _
    goofyassc _ Dzień temu

    What a strong and beautiful dog 😭❤❤

  • cupcake cake
    cupcake cake Dzień temu

    I cried for day my friends said whats wrong and I told them they cried too

  • meliquoi
    meliquoi Dzień temu

    Bless you and thank you for helping him

  • Crystal Jurik
    Crystal Jurik Dzień temu

    What happen to him

  • Diamond ringg Diamond
    Diamond ringg Diamond Dzień temu

    I cried sooooooooooooooooo hard when I seen this

  • Emilie Harmsen
    Emilie Harmsen Dzień temu

    I’m so 😭

  • MayaAzranChannel
    MayaAzranChannel Dzień temu

    Can i adopt from israel?

  • Smiii Smith
    Smiii Smith Dzień temu

    Good job,saved his life👍👍👍

  • Julie Zoric
    Julie Zoric Dzień temu

    Those damn onions 😭

  • Rapz Weezy Palz
    Rapz Weezy Palz Dzień temu

    He's so calm

  • TTV Yubzie
    TTV Yubzie Dzień temu

    What state did you find this dog because I have a pitbull and when we adopted her she had a brother and the brother looks almost exactly the same as this dog they could be related idk

  • ArnaldoJ
    ArnaldoJ 2 dni temu

    I was crying

  • Breach Arce
    Breach Arce 2 dni temu

    Poor dog,whoever did to this poor dog.😢

    PRIME GAMING PH 2 dni temu

    I will gonna adopt him if i can.

  • Eldred Brown
    Eldred Brown 2 dni temu

    us humans are so cruel sometimes to do this type of hurting and abuse and abandonment to these poor dogs

  • Isis Gervacio
    Isis Gervacio 2 dni temu

    I have a pit bull but people don’t really like him cause they say that there aggressive

  • Velma McGlothin
    Velma McGlothin 2 dni temu

    You people re AMAZING and thank you for what you do!!!!

  • Doge War
    Doge War 2 dni temu

    When I first saw the cut I was like oh it’s not that big but when it opened I nearly fainted

  • Mia Vallance
    Mia Vallance 2 dni temu

    Did you name him hulk after the worlds biggest pit bull hulk?

  • Infinity Girl
    Infinity Girl 2 dni temu

    Omg this is the best channel ever!

  • mike- rayner-videos
    mike- rayner-videos 3 dni temu +1

    love you guys ❤️

  • Pujan Karn
    Pujan Karn 3 dni temu

    You guys are truly awesome....

  • B lee
    B lee 3 dni temu


  • kishor kalkur
    kishor kalkur 3 dni temu

    i love this girl

  • friendly April friendly

    Thank you for saving and rescuing that pitbul
    Your so very very kind

  • Tania Dhingra
    Tania Dhingra 3 dni temu +1

    I love dogs

  • Matthew Stein
    Matthew Stein 3 dni temu

    Nice snag Loreta.

  • Isabel Head
    Isabel Head 3 dni temu


  • 韩红
    韩红 3 dni temu


  • Jayden Carroll
    Jayden Carroll 3 dni temu

    My heart just melted

  • Linda Sneed
    Linda Sneed 3 dni temu

    😭😭😭😭😭😥😥😥😥😥awwwwwww so sad!!!!!!! It’s so cute!!!😢😢😢😢😢😢

  • Samantha Wassink
    Samantha Wassink 3 dni temu

    Why did Hulk have a yellow thing in his arm for a while in the video?

  • Louise Poulpie
    Louise Poulpie 3 dni temu

    Is it possible to know what is his race?

  • Louise Poulpie
    Louise Poulpie 3 dni temu

    His little ears are sooo cute😭♥️ Good job👍🏻

  • custodian File
    custodian File 3 dni temu

    When we learn to help animals just image how much more we will learn to help each other.

  • Robert Bznuni
    Robert Bznuni 4 dni temu

    thank you! evribody very good

  • Dáithí Ó Pléimeann

    Wonderful.. Well done!

  • bunnymcboo 22
    bunnymcboo 22 4 dni temu

    Omg he’s so cute just look how much of a sweetheart he really is! I want to go hug him

  • S Creep
    S Creep 4 dni temu

    Thank you, that is a good thing you got the Sheriff to stop the train and you worked together to save him. Looks like a new dog now that his injury is fixed and he is no-longer in pain.

  • julielianna do
    julielianna do 4 dni temu +1


  • Channie L
    Channie L 4 dni temu

    I hope we also have a 'Dog Rescue ' here in the Philippines.

  • 957master
    957master 4 dni temu

    классный пёсик:)

  • jayde s fam
    jayde s fam 4 dni temu

    Keep helping the animals thay need your HELP

  • RiDz DUKEz
    RiDz DUKEz 4 dni temu

    Yep that is the face of a killer 😔😔

  • Jessica Luedeman
    Jessica Luedeman 4 dni temu +1

    1 like 1 sign of love for Halks bravery

  • Bernie The Beagle
    Bernie The Beagle 4 dni temu

    Hulk is so cute. Thank you for saving him!

  • NyanCat 123
    NyanCat 123 4 dni temu +3

    Hulk is such a brave dog I hope he gets adopted very soon ..

  • EPIC shark dude
    EPIC shark dude 4 dni temu

    What’s with the paper in his arm?

  • marshmello doggo
    marshmello doggo 4 dni temu

    do not vote for band pitsbulls

  • marshmello doggo
    marshmello doggo 4 dni temu

    i think its time for hover transport

  • Stephanie Lundell
    Stephanie Lundell 4 dni temu


  • Stephanie Lundell
    Stephanie Lundell 4 dni temu

    Welp My Plans Of Getting A Pure Bread Dog Is Off The List..Im Gonna Get One From The Pound

  • Asmot Ali
    Asmot Ali 4 dni temu

    awwww he is so cute i LOVE HIM

  • Benjamin Park
    Benjamin Park 4 dni temu

    I bet Hulk got snapped up for a foster home right away.

  • Jenny Mathew
    Jenny Mathew 4 dni temu

    ALWAYS ADOPT A PUPPY/DOG. This is so heartbreaking! i wish i could adpot another one

  • r. adnan
    r. adnan 4 dni temu

    god bless you ..... great job ... you are angels ...

  • r. adnan
    r. adnan 4 dni temu

    god bless you ..... great job ... you are angels ...

  • Mary A R
    Mary A R 5 dni temu

    I am so glad this dog was found and by the right people. Thank you Hope for Paws!

  • Mary A R
    Mary A R 5 dni temu

    He is a beautiful sweet boy. I wish society would stop giving this breed such a bad rap. It is the way they were handled and raised that brings out the good or bad in any dog.

  • Karsen Kidder
    Karsen Kidder 5 dni temu

    That happened to my dog

  • Mr. Hobodoc
    Mr. Hobodoc 5 dni temu

    you guys are the best.

  • GoldenChokk [PikoPixieHolol]

    Man, he's gorgeous. Beautiful. Magnificent. I wish to have him..

  • Алекс Д
    Алекс Д 5 dni temu


  • Kristy Letch
    Kristy Letch 5 dni temu

    Pit bulls are banned in my country, its a shame as on this channel, even though they have been through so much even as bait dogs they are still loving to humans.

  • Kristy Letch
    Kristy Letch 5 dni temu

    Awe my favourite video so far 😊

  • linda booy
    linda booy 5 dni temu

    Omg so sad. What a gentle dog is he. Hope he gets a loving home

  • Mac Dog lover
    Mac Dog lover 5 dni temu

    So good my aunt also save a Pitbull in the same condition is so bad that the people don’t care about the dogs I also save a baby Pomeranian it was going to died and I save it

  • Ruth Thomas
    Ruth Thomas 5 dni temu

    What a sweet, gentile dog! Poor thing must have belonged to someone who was caring.

  • lilyana bs
    lilyana bs 5 dni temu

    Thanks for saving the dog it touched my heart and I hope the dog has a good home and it looks like the dog did not get a lot of love until now :-)

  • CGi
    CGi 5 dni temu

    You guys are to each and every one of you.

  • matt edwards
    matt edwards 6 dni temu

    I love you people for caring for these beautiful abused animals.

  • Caylus Losi
    Caylus Losi 6 dni temu

    we only have 5 years left to save the world.......

    What i mean is that the nature have been so bad this year and thats beacuse of us humans
    And its a report on news that we only have 5 years to save the nature befor its to late......

    I know many people thinks that, why should just helping and nobody else what would even make it better?
    If all of you who thinks that trying to help anyways it will make sense for nature! it i,ll be better! 1 person is more then 0💚

    What u can do is
    Cleaning and taking up trash in the nature
    Dont buy things whit much plastic on it
    Dont buy things that is bad for the nature or buy less
    Buy more wood stufs and make new things of old things
    Just to think and change a little can be much for the nature if 1 do it probbbably more do it

    Talking about it can help



  • Alexis Skalina love
    Alexis Skalina love 6 dni temu

    I'm a puppy lover I have a dog of my own .When ever I see these videos I cry

  • Janice Saunders_Quinones

    Such a beautiful dog I have a rescue dog, she's a maniac, aggressive an food, toy aggressive but I love her with all her faults and she loves 💘 me right back!

  • Toni Luna
    Toni Luna 6 dni temu

    I would love to adopt him but my mom said no

  • Castri playz
    Castri playz 6 dni temu

    😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭. Beautiful pitbull

  • Slomofogo
    Slomofogo 6 dni temu

    Thank you!

  • Miranda Mabry
    Miranda Mabry 6 dni temu

    I. Wold rather send 100dollors instead of 5

  • Brooke Wheaton
    Brooke Wheaton 6 dni temu

    I love pit bulls so much I have 2 of them myself and hate how people misjudge them my blue nose male looks like the one that you rescued and is just the sweetest he would never hurt anyone and will cry if I leave him in the car lol but as for a pit I tried rescuing because of her pore conditions and with me having other animals and my older brother beating her whenever she did something bad as I was her 5th home that I know of within a year I couldn’t keep her but luckily she was good with younger children I found someone with no pets to take her and it worked out perfectly she loved to cuddle and sleep with me and also play fetch and go for walks but at least her new owners love her and are now her forever home but really with any dog it just depends on there past and how they where raised as my rescue pit has never been around other animals and my older brother not really knowing the responsibility of having a dog

    • Brooke Wheaton
      Brooke Wheaton 6 dni temu

      Sry for my rambling I often do that when it comes to animals as I love them vary much

  • nevaeh griffin
    nevaeh griffin 6 dni temu

    he loves that girl who saved him

  • Brianna Dominguez
    Brianna Dominguez 6 dni temu +4

    I cried when I saw that huge cut on him

  • Richard Naylor
    Richard Naylor 6 dni temu

    you guys are life saver you are amazing people i love your videos even though they make me sad i know they will be safe all because of you xxx

  • Pearl Petry
    Pearl Petry 6 dni temu

    I have a feeling a different dog came and tackled him and bit him because the bite marks he has looks like dog bites. Or the broken jaw and torn muscles could've been a cruel human with a cold heart...

  • Micah Redmon
    Micah Redmon 7 dni temu

    WAIT THAT WASS HULK THE BIG GINORMOUS PIT BULLLLLL, if that is the hulk I remember the it probably tour open from muscle training and gurd dog training

  • B T
    B T 7 dni temu

    This made me cry because I love dogs

  • Jorge Banadera
    Jorge Banadera 7 dni temu

    I Love Loreta😍

  • H Can
    H Can 7 dni temu

    WHAT POOR DOGGY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cooper Jones
    Cooper Jones 7 dni temu

    He's brave

  • Cooper Jones
    Cooper Jones 7 dni temu

    That's so sad