Dreamville - Under The Sun ft. J. Cole, DaBaby & Lute (Official Music Video)

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  • Opublikowany 16 wrz 2019
  • Dreamville - Under The Sun ft. J. Cole, DaBaby & Lute (Official Music Video)
    Listen - smarturl.it/ROTD3
    Directed by: Scott Lazer, Aisultan Seitov, David Peters, Chad Tennies
    Director of Photography: Taylor McIntosh
    Producer: Tripp Kramer
    Editor: Roberta Spitz
    Colorist: Kath Raisch
    Revenge Documentary - dreamville.lnk.to/REVENGEdoc
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    #UnderTheSun #Dreamville #ROTD3
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  • 잊지마
    잊지마 53 minut temu +1

    개목줄 하고 다니는거봐 우리 옆집 아줌마보다 개념이 잘차있네

  • Raxxys Szn
    Raxxys Szn 3 godzin temu

    Dabaly Cole

  • Satrio Dwi Ahmadan
    Satrio Dwi Ahmadan 8 godzin temu

    You miss me
    And you
    Can't find
    Me nowhere
    I done seen it all, oh my God
    I done seen it all, oh my God, I swear
    Uh, uh
    Nothing new under the sun, nobody fucking with son
    I got a couple of sons, a couple of guns
    A couple of niggas that bust up the party and fuck up the fun
    She digging me and I'm cuffing her friend
    She ig'ing you while we fucking for fun
    I got her suckin' her thumb, that's my lil' baby
    She call me daddy like grandmama baby
    If this Sunday dinner, my hand on her gravy
    I been on the craziest wave, if I'm on the stage
    An M is my minimum wage
    This ain't no kennel, behave
    Niggas is with all that barking, we send 'em a stray
    So in a way we the dogcatchers
    How many bullets your dawg catchin'?
    Sawed-off, raw dog fashion
    Hauled off, hope God catch him, damn
    I woke up for some money, ay, lil' bitch
    Too many opps in here, tell me who you with, ay
    Potato over my gun
    I move in silence 'cause niggas be clocking my funds
    When they should keep eye on they bitch 'cause baby girl coming with son
    Niggas be judging my moves, but please tell me, what have you done?
    My cousin'll air out the party for fun
    Pistol grips get to squeezing
    Wish a nigga would like Liam Neeson
    I don't even need a reason, loyalty over treason
    Bitch nigga, come and see me
    Put some respect on my name
    West side of my city I claim
    I try to stay in my lane
    Took my advance and put a Caprice on them thangs
    I'm Beatties Ford 'til the wheels fall
    Know some niggas probably pissed off
    Who would thought I made it this far?
    Gold Mouf, bitch, fuck 'em all
    I woke up for some money, ay, lil' bitch
    Too many opps in here, tell me who you with
    I just put diamonds on all of my teeth
    Now they probably think I ain't intelligent
    In the homicide unit interrogation
    Asking questions, you know I ain't tell 'em shit
    Bitches call me a jock, all-American
    I'm at the top of my class with my letterman
    I remember back in college, bitches knocking on my dorm door
    I ain't never let 'em in
    Now you know that that's cap, know I hit a few
    Ain't no job, I'm selling gas like I'm Jiffy Lube
    I had a freak, used to fuck while her boyfriend in class
    I hit her from the back from like ten to two
    No back and forth with these rappers
    They mention me, dissin' me
    No talkin' back, I won't mention you
    Watch, when I come put that iron on your ass and I dip
    They gon' want me to snitch in my interviews
    I'm on fire, bitch, I'm lit, but I'm really cool
    Don't acknowledge the shrimps when they ridicule
    They don't come out after dark, bitch, I swim with the sharks
    You ain't got enough heart, get a bigger pool
    Wanna fight but he bigger, I ain't really trippin'
    I reach under my shirt, grab a bigger tool
    I got a Glock with a dick, let's get physical
    They gon' be hollerin' out, "RIP, " and they missin' you
    They got me started, I might as well finish (talk your shit, nigga)
    I'm from Charlotte, you know how these niggas do, Baby
    I woke up for some money, ay, lil' bitch
    Too many opps in here, tell me who you with

  • Xquavius Ellison
    Xquavius Ellison 9 godzin temu

    *K-Dot* isn't offically on the song because he was late to the sessions & he isn't from *North Carolina.* But then again *Cole* is actually from *Germany* but raised in NC so idk man lol

  • Diego Nava Sanchez
    Diego Nava Sanchez 9 godzin temu

    This beat is fire !!!

  • DustyFpv
    DustyFpv 10 godzin temu

    Man someone put the Oreos in the Pepperidge Farm stand😒😒

  • Akira Kamisaru
    Akira Kamisaru 10 godzin temu

    Lol, The Way Cole Yamming On That Sandwich.
    Lute Went Hard, Though DaBaby SNAPPED!!

  • Nicolas Lopez
    Nicolas Lopez 11 godzin temu

    Lute def had the best verse

  • Jackson Thornhill
    Jackson Thornhill 11 godzin temu

    Da baby actually has a good verse? I’m shocked

  • biggerthan life
    biggerthan life 11 godzin temu

    lute has the hardest part debate me about it

  • Mau_Riz D’realest
    Mau_Riz D’realest 11 godzin temu +1

    Uncle Lute lyrics is 🔥🔥🔥
    I can relate to his verse the most. I give big props to J cole and DaBaby thou.

    • Marcus Lovelace
      Marcus Lovelace 8 godzin temu

      Mau_Riz D’realest thought i was the only one

  • alex hogan
    alex hogan 12 godzin temu


  • elfsbane
    elfsbane 12 godzin temu

    DaBaby short asf😂😂

  • Just Zee
    Just Zee 13 godzin temu

    Debaby killed it

  • Young Black Socialites
    Young Black Socialites 13 godzin temu +1

    so glad that da baby got barz!!! so people can stop hatin on new rappers so much.

  • treee gordon
    treee gordon 13 godzin temu

    They all are from NC btw

  • Gspadez tooreal
    Gspadez tooreal 13 godzin temu

    Tell da baby the jersey don’t need a undershirt though

  • Jack Lyn
    Jack Lyn 14 godzin temu

    Just starting listening to this lute bruddas old stuff, dunno how this guy never blew up, shits fire, on that old school vibe

  • TheReclessReviewer
    TheReclessReviewer 14 godzin temu

    J Cole is the only light skin that can rock nappy hair....

  • J. Thompson
    J. Thompson 14 godzin temu

    Video should have over 100 million videos at this point

  • GABE
    GABE 14 godzin temu

    2:10 dababy face: when u bothering ur bro in class and hd raise his hand to tell on u...

  • spicy ma
    spicy ma 16 godzin temu

    NC baby

  • Jonathan Hernandez
    Jonathan Hernandez 16 godzin temu

    This is the best song I've ever heard

  • Jake Sherman
    Jake Sherman 16 godzin temu

    Is Lute like Kota The Friends taller cousin?

  • Ayive Mpulu
    Ayive Mpulu 17 godzin temu

    Beat dropped harder than my marks

  • Zorgo Xd
    Zorgo Xd 18 godzin temu

    Jesus christ #JCole is taller than #UncleLute and #DaBaby

  • sahsa pasha lopa
    sahsa pasha lopa 19 godzin temu

    I think music in itself is healing. It's an explosive expression of humanity. It's something we are all touched by. No matter what culture we're from, everyone loves music. Go for *AUTHENTICVIEWS D O T C O M*

  • Dharshan Lakha
    Dharshan Lakha 19 godzin temu

    i played this song while i was playing bloodborne it was awesome

    ACAEDEN LEE 20 godzin temu


  • Novacy C-OPS
    Novacy C-OPS 20 godzin temu

    0:02 My mom, me and my sister at the store

  • iTzHibba 69
    iTzHibba 69 21 godzinę temu +2

    2:15 best part

  •  21 godzinę temu +1

    NC stand up, we got real talent💯💯💯💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿

  • T. Mabotha
    T. Mabotha 22 godzin temu

    Really wish Kendrick had a verse here . 💔

  • Robert Willis
    Robert Willis 22 godzin temu


  • Matylda Piotrowska
    Matylda Piotrowska Dzień temu +1

    Stupid rappers : flexing with girls, cars, watches, clothes
    Smart rappers : flexing with sAnDwIcHeS

  • Brian Burns
    Brian Burns Dzień temu

    Did yall see Kendrick Lamar in the far back on the red bike #Classic💯💯

  • Isis Fargo
    Isis Fargo Dzień temu

    I woke up 😴👀for some moneyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy💪🏽💸💰💵💴💷
    Ayeeeee lil bxtch ......

  • Malik Watkins
    Malik Watkins Dzień temu

    Who you with

  • Nathaly Gonzalez
    Nathaly Gonzalez Dzień temu


  • Wyatt Hartley
    Wyatt Hartley Dzień temu

    DaBaby as tall as a baby

  • Somethingclassy
    Somethingclassy Dzień temu


    when you say sum gay and your friend thought you where serious

  • Casual_DropoutYT
    Casual_DropoutYT Dzień temu +1

    Nobody fucking with sun

  • Sunny Boy
    Sunny Boy Dzień temu


  • nick james
    nick james Dzień temu

    fuck jcoke

  • nick james
    nick james Dzień temu +1

    dababy bodied everyone

  • nick james
    nick james Dzień temu

    yall fr suck

  • Kahm :
    Kahm : Dzień temu

    Song starts at 2:07

  • Mahlatsi the reporter Sethojane


  • magestic *
    magestic * Dzień temu +1

    So we gone act like we just didnt see a baby and 2 homeless people walk into a store eat some sandwiches and walk out without paying?

    • Epixploits
      Epixploits Dzień temu

      this definitely deserves more likes

  • Abdul Bey T.V.
    Abdul Bey T.V. Dzień temu

    Why are these grown ass men calling themselves BABY???? WTF is that corny ass shit about, someone please help me overstand. Smh

  • John Phillip II
    John Phillip II Dzień temu

    lute had the best verse imo

  • Stephanie King
    Stephanie King Dzień temu


  • Tay Tay
    Tay Tay Dzień temu +1

    I woke up for some moneyyyyyyyyyyy

  • Squiggly Piggily
    Squiggly Piggily Dzień temu

    But jiffy lube doesn't sell gas

  • kKiNGfFERG 2000
    kKiNGfFERG 2000 Dzień temu

    Potato over my gun 😂😂 great line

  • EzEkIeL
    EzEkIeL Dzień temu


  • Z-FLO
    Z-FLO Dzień temu

    2:31 Anyone else catch that DaBaby grabbed his CAP at the same time that he said "Now you know that that's CAP, know I hit a few"

  • Rick Sanchez
    Rick Sanchez Dzień temu

    🔥 FIRE🔥

  • jeremy
    jeremy Dzień temu

    Spit falling out of DaBaby's mouth at 2:38

  • Jennifer Ramirez
    Jennifer Ramirez Dzień temu

    this song will not get old. i listen to it before i go to work sometimes