Game Theory: Doki Doki's Buffest Meme EXPOSED (Doki Doki Literature Club Memes)

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  • Opublikowany 24 cze 2018
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    Doki Doki Literature Club has spawned many creative fan interpretations since it's release. It's a game that really was able to write it's way into your heart, so to speak. One of the most...interesting memes to come out of the game is that of "Buffsuki". The meme where tiny, fierce Natsuki is transformed into a MUSCLE MACHINE. What I wanted to know is, could that really happen? How BUFF could Natsuki REALLY GET? Today, Loyal Theorists, we find out!
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  • GryGry

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  • Nashi Dragneel
    Nashi Dragneel 5 godzin temu


  • Keith64 _
    Keith64 _ 9 godzin temu

    Buffsuki in smash ultimate dlc

  • Silvia Moan
    Silvia Moan 13 godzin temu

    it almost sounds like HRT in away plus with the PTSD that she would most likely have it seems like it’s going to have huge effects on the mental heath witch that’s no laughing matter

  • Agent Smiley :D !
    Agent Smiley :D ! 14 godzin temu

    @The Game Theorists
    You`re really, really stupid
    Natsuki is :
    Sweet, cute, nice, funny and she made cupcakes for us!
    And her is not a creepy BUFFSUKI!!!

  • Taylor's world
    Taylor's world 16 godzin temu

    She's my height and I'm 11

  • Itz Caleigh Teng
    Itz Caleigh Teng 18 godzin temu


    Me: WT heck Nati?

  • Sergent Xcovd
    Sergent Xcovd Dzień temu

    Your muscles get stronger by ripping? **gets ideas** You want to be stronger? **picks up scapel**

    • Sergent Xcovd
      Sergent Xcovd Dzień temu

      Um... didn't work, egor bring me one more human

  • Charlotte Mythical
    Charlotte Mythical Dzień temu +1

    #matsuki ship squad!

  • Ionuț Buşu-Mic
    Ionuț Buşu-Mic Dzień temu

    2:55 I love how it's writed the word *SCIENCE*

  • Lieutenant Keef
    Lieutenant Keef Dzień temu

    That matpat anime sprite. 👌 Mwah. Amazing.

  • Perri Loveland
    Perri Loveland Dzień temu

    "*Lets go, cupcake*"

  • Martin Smouter
    Martin Smouter Dzień temu

    It can also be that her meme form suffers from a super orginal named condition Muscle hypertrophy.
    That's a condition that has basicly the same effect as your steroid except that it's caused by a lack of a specifick hormone instead of a surplus.

  • CantChooseAbais. org
    CantChooseAbais. org 2 dni temu +1

    I learned more in this video than I ever had in my 7 years of school. Damn.

  • Witthawin Waemama
    Witthawin Waemama 2 dni temu


  • kixich
    kixich 4 dni temu

    I suffered uncountable laughter for a good 12 minutes and the line
    "LeTs Go CUpCaKe"

  • Rainbow Playz
    Rainbow Playz 5 dni temu

    Oof by the time I’ve been to the ranch for my horseback riding lessons like 10 times my body will get used to carrying my saddle YAYYYYYYyY! (:p)

  • Serendipity Films
    Serendipity Films 5 dni temu


  • Hey Eaglet
    Hey Eaglet 6 dni temu

    Me: Wheres natsuki?
    (3 secs later)
    Me: oh..

  • 意粉GachaEvanBoi
    意粉GachaEvanBoi 6 dni temu

    MattPatty in ddlc looks so good

    MAC MILLER 6 dni temu

    Thanks for this informative video.

  • Rat King
    Rat King 6 dni temu

    *SquARe UP ThOT*

  • Catalan _Spammer
    Catalan _Spammer 6 dni temu

    4:50 my favourite part

  • purin07112
    purin07112 7 dni temu

    when something was meant to be funny gets explained...

  • Yuri '
    Yuri ' 7 dni temu

    Dear God wtf is MatPats character

  • Nakari Moon
    Nakari Moon 7 dni temu

    ....can anyone tell me why i learn more here then i do in school

  • Lucy Schraff
    Lucy Schraff 8 dni temu

    What is hilarious to me is how much my parents warn me about drugs when I started getting into sports when I have an intense fear of needles to the point of near inability to look at them

  • RingMug Studios
    RingMug Studios 8 dni temu +2

    How about she just do that thing Steve Rogers did

  • PedroRD
    PedroRD 8 dni temu


  • Rrrush
    Rrrush 8 dni temu

    Its 2019 game?

  • I drink milk, yes i do

    Matty Patty is a Yaoi?

  • SuperKawaiiKitten
    SuperKawaiiKitten 10 dni temu

    I came to this video for dank memes.

    It turned out to be a science video

    Edit: OI i aint giving no hate, i dont hate matpat! Xd i just said leh truth

  • X MARK X
    X MARK X 10 dni temu

    2:11 found illuminati...illuminati confirmed

  • Alessandro Huaman
    Alessandro Huaman 11 dni temu

    0:34 Look At Yuri, She Has A Knife!

  • Little Eli Guy
    Little Eli Guy 11 dni temu

    10:51 I’m small and I look younger.
    Because DNA.

  • salem thanatos
    salem thanatos 12 dni temu +1

    L E T S G O C U P C A K E

  • gorilla gameing
    gorilla gameing 12 dni temu

    # anima pat

  • Aurora Gray
    Aurora Gray 13 dni temu

    13mins of memes

  • Reese B
    Reese B 13 dni temu

    Young small girl named Natsuki says in a very deep voice: LETS GO CUPCAKE!!!!!

    Me: Choking on air and trying to laugh laugh to loud so I don’t wake my dad lol haha

  • Reza Koplak406
    Reza Koplak406 15 dni temu

    Where is Austin?

  • Keira Acker
    Keira Acker 15 dni temu

    Buffsuki looks like hulk

  • Elodie Abran
    Elodie Abran 16 dni temu +1

    I'm french and it's sooo hard to understand everything !!! :(

  • Dr.Garcia09 _
    Dr.Garcia09 _ 16 dni temu

    Ya no game

  • Fino Senf
    Fino Senf 17 dni temu +1

    The problem when it comes to Natsuki is 1. she is a girl
    Me: *Do i want to start this war?*...
    "IS sHE thO?!"

  • Christopher frtd
    Christopher frtd 18 dni temu +1

    I know near of buff dookie this will take me awhile to be as strong as Bouzouki from Doki-Doki

  • The Wolf
    The Wolf 18 dni temu +1

    I’m the same size as natsuki

    But I’m ten

  • Satellitev19
    Satellitev19 19 dni temu

    4:50 NyAm

  • Coral reef gamer Lol
    Coral reef gamer Lol 19 dni temu +2

    Dude chill.. it's just a meme

  • Natalya Witkowski
    Natalya Witkowski 19 dni temu

    Welcome back to the show, *Games no one at my school knows*

  • OnlyN8iv
    OnlyN8iv 19 dni temu +1

    I'm here with all my AthleanX knowledge

  • Vonnie 8623
    Vonnie 8623 20 dni temu

    My poor waifu 😰

  • Dylan Richey
    Dylan Richey 20 dni temu

    The scariest intro 😱

  • Its Sean
    Its Sean 21 dzień temu

    So 150 calories isnt that much???

  • Lachlan Osborn
    Lachlan Osborn 21 dzień temu

    if natsuki took testosterone she would essentially make her a a trans. huh

  • James Reese
    James Reese 21 dzień temu

    Poke poke poke poke pop!

  • primeguy 98
    primeguy 98 21 dzień temu

    Omg that intro was hillarious

  • Cat The Catolic
    Cat The Catolic 22 dni temu

    Im watching this coz i got scared from hidden secrets vid

    now im only sad

  • Jackson George
    Jackson George 22 dni temu


  • Mitomon 1
    Mitomon 1 22 dni temu +3

    But Sayori is the one who ate Natsukis cookie, not the other way around

  • Gaven Kurt Gamboa
    Gaven Kurt Gamboa 22 dni temu +3

    Me:Sees *Possible baldness*
    Me:*whispers it at saitama*

    • The EXAM
      The EXAM 16 godzin temu

      Hold on a second...

  • Railroad Million
    Railroad Million 23 dni temu

    Sometimes the scrawniest type of person can be stronger than you think... or maybe I’m just weak.

  • Nebojsa Jankovic
    Nebojsa Jankovic 23 dni temu


  • Something even more simple

    video pls

  • PixelaGames2000
    PixelaGames2000 24 dni temu

    Hmmm well sense I have low musical tone and basically do nothing should I take tastoterion

  • Anne M
    Anne M 25 dni temu +1


  • GGsuper64
    GGsuper64 25 dni temu


  • Melissa Whelan
    Melissa Whelan 25 dni temu

    WTH the into!!!!😳

  • Evie Jensen
    Evie Jensen 25 dni temu

    I actually laughed really hard at the beginning

  • Marek Miklenda
    Marek Miklenda 25 dni temu

    Thanks for putting ARK meat as a protein symbol

  • Azul Gaming And Friends

    Best girl?


  • LPS Popcorn TV
    LPS Popcorn TV 26 dni temu

    I love how two of the theories are dark and mysterious and about how many mysteries this game holds, and then this one is about how to become Buffsuki.

  • Mariam Cooney
    Mariam Cooney 27 dni temu

    boooooo do Monica is god

  • unigamer nya nya nya
    unigamer nya nya nya 27 dni temu +2

    Buffsuki: let's go cupcake
    Me: *dies of so mush of laughter and dosent stop laughing*
    Edit: no likes? Ok ;-;

  • Spider Gamer
    Spider Gamer 27 dni temu


  • Cromwell Castaneda
    Cromwell Castaneda 27 dni temu +1

    While ya'll makin' theories, I'm over 'ere wondering who are the voice actors

  • SomethingTabz AJ
    SomethingTabz AJ 28 dni temu

    Matpat taught me how i can (without steroids) fix my malnutrition
    no one else i know was able to make it easy for me to understand what i need to do
    thank you Matpat!
    imma go drink water and have an apple eating competition with my friends

  • Stuffs and Things
    Stuffs and Things 28 dni temu +2

    1:50 What Matsuki??!!
    Matpat confirmed natsuki behind the scenes

  • Stuffs and Things
    Stuffs and Things 28 dni temu

    1:50. #Matsuki

  • Victoria Dare
    Victoria Dare 28 dni temu

    . Don’t use steroids
    .listen to mat pat

  • Cord 346
    Cord 346 28 dni temu

    Why are you making a theory on a MEME???!?!

  • Milk Milkthegod
    Milk Milkthegod 29 dni temu

    im 4'11

  • Sweet Honey And Sugar
    Sweet Honey And Sugar 29 dni temu


  • Epic Girls
    Epic Girls 29 dni temu

    monika:(bla bla bla)win an arm wrestling match againest Natsuki
    mattypatty:really?thats all?uhh,okay
    me:thats not NATsuki... its BUFFsuki!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    UWU BRENDON UWU Miesiąc temu

    Thanks again and have a good luck to you and your username and password for the computer and I said I would do not know what I need to about me but I don't think I can do R A G or did you have a good day off tomorrow so I wanted to make a payment on the Y T H A T Y O U C A N T a good day and time to go to the store to get a plastic bag in the car ho the best of the best things to be loved in a church that I meant to ask if I were going keeping the house and the other one is a little more ua and then the other.

  • DeskApple
    DeskApple Miesiąc temu

    So basically, I spent my time watching MatPat telling me I'm weak?

    Well I'm Weak!
    And What's wrong with that?
    (AJR - Weak)

  • Gacha Melonz
    Gacha Melonz Miesiąc temu +4

    MatPat: Well that sounds easy!
    Natsuki: *LETS GO CUPCAKE!*

  • Karam Malke
    Karam Malke Miesiąc temu

    I am almost as tall as her at 4,11

  • Tatsuokuki Bruh I'm tired af


    Me: *Suddenly chokes on air from laughing*

  • Susan Snell
    Susan Snell Miesiąc temu

    MatPat:a whole lot of drugs

    Me: why not steroids (I don’t know a lot of things SO DON’T JUDGE ME MR. KNOW IT ALL)

  • Dark Overlord of Gaming
    Dark Overlord of Gaming Miesiąc temu


  • Trenton Jolly
    Trenton Jolly Miesiąc temu

    Wow Matt Pat Great message illegal drugs can get you more buff wow.

  • Chris Oberg
    Chris Oberg Miesiąc temu

    comment about last doki video that i forgot to put there: Sayori would be a character with a whip for her weapon =) (cause of her death)

  • I am a bich hilde Beck
    I am a bich hilde Beck Miesiąc temu

    I HATE the intro

  • Death Playz
    Death Playz Miesiąc temu

    Sound like coolaid man

  • Adam Edge Copeland
    Adam Edge Copeland Miesiąc temu +2

    The secret to Bufftsuki is her stand, Cupcake Platinum

  • life outside the box health


  • Ash Leey
    Ash Leey Miesiąc temu +1

    This might be the the most normal a Matpat theory Video can get

  • BrandonNightingale 101
    BrandonNightingale 101 Miesiąc temu

    Lets go cupcake😂😂😂😂

  • Joe Memes! UwU
    Joe Memes! UwU Miesiąc temu

    I really wanna fix mattpatts lack of a nose and animie features

  • PewdieCat -.0
    PewdieCat -.0 Miesiąc temu

    Greeeeeeeeat now she can


  • Miguel Cervantes
    Miguel Cervantes Miesiąc temu

    For your thumbnail natsuki has red string in the same place as a character in a show named tokyo ghoul. Can you also make a tokyo ghoul theory?