Game Theory: Doki Doki's Buffest Meme EXPOSED (Doki Doki Literature Club Memes)

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  • Opublikowany 24 cze 2018
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    Doki Doki Literature Club has spawned many creative fan interpretations since it's release. It's a game that really was able to write it's way into your heart, so to speak. One of the most...interesting memes to come out of the game is that of "Buffsuki". The meme where tiny, fierce Natsuki is transformed into a MUSCLE MACHINE. What I wanted to know is, could that really happen? How BUFF could Natsuki REALLY GET? Today, Loyal Theorists, we find out!
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  • GryGry

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  • Tekle Kesete
    Tekle Kesete 4 godzin temu


  • yocauseimadove s
    yocauseimadove s 9 godzin temu

    Out of all fnaf and horror games. Glitching is the most scary idk why.

  • KAI// that weird guy
    KAI// that weird guy 12 godzin temu

    oh god IT'S HORRORFYING those of you who know what I know what I meant

  • Emaile Boerner
    Emaile Boerner 13 godzin temu

    Do a video on sonic.exe

  • MeowshMalow Z
    MeowshMalow Z 20 godzin temu +1

    Geez mat thought you were better than this
    Lol jk

  • Damian McGill
    Damian McGill Dzień temu


  • Mahmoud Keshtta
    Mahmoud Keshtta Dzień temu

    Yeahhhhhh I like the normal natsuki

  • SumSandGaming
    SumSandGaming Dzień temu

    Oh... We're doing this again

  • Zachary Mikhailov
    Zachary Mikhailov Dzień temu +1

    *square up, macho matt*

  • birb is cool
    birb is cool Dzień temu

    Make Monika edit her files, easy.

  • Arimation Productions
    Arimation Productions Dzień temu

    I feel like hinting out... I feel kinda late... But Doki Doki relates to someone's heart beating fast. Irregular heartbeat and etc.... I read a lot of manga Doki Doki is reference in most if it when a characters heart goes "bu-dum bu-dum" same syllables and such
    I'll be surprised if no one else has mentioned this but I hope it's noticed anyways

  • Mc Rib
    Mc Rib Dzień temu

    5:25 MATPAT WHY DID YOU HAVE TO OUT ME LIKE THAT! I was literally eating Popeyes when you showed that picture.

  • Dylan Warner
    Dylan Warner Dzień temu


  • diamond_10 _w
    diamond_10 _w Dzień temu

    With her codes and that

  • diamond_10 _w
    diamond_10 _w Dzień temu +1

    When you said she could get some help i thought you meant monika

  • midnight stars
    midnight stars 2 dni temu

    I feel so sorry for you

  • chow cow gamer I.E
    chow cow gamer I.E 2 dni temu


  • Maria Barajas
    Maria Barajas 2 dni temu

    Mitsuki:WANA GO CUP CAKE

  • CoolGuy 101
    CoolGuy 101 2 dni temu

    You should have a channel called Meme theory

  • CoolGuy 101
    CoolGuy 101 2 dni temu

    Lol your face a in the intro

  • natalie wichester
    natalie wichester 2 dni temu

    Is anyone else watching these in 2019 and is still waiting for the next game from team Salvato?

  • Jacko Reece
    Jacko Reece 3 dni temu

    I'm no cupcake! I'm a muffin!

  • Electric Ethan
    Electric Ethan 3 dni temu

    I saw your reaction to natsuki snapping her neck and I feel so bad

  • VT LegacY
    VT LegacY 3 dni temu

    “Square up, THOT” 😂

  • Galaxy Girl
    Galaxy Girl 3 dni temu

    Natsuki isn’t the same age. She’s the youngest. The game stated she was a first year, and Yuri was the oldest being a senior. Just wanted to tell you Mat! Luv U Lots! Always come to you for theories!

  • High Voltage
    High Voltage 4 dni temu +1

    Roses are red
    MatPat is great
    Blood will fall
    Monika will come
    As the walls come closer
    Yuri will too,
    Signaling your doom

    I have no idea what came over me while I wrote this

  • Steve Wyble
    Steve Wyble 4 dni temu

    Me and my friends howled whith laughter whence we saw sans and Papyrus

  • Alexis Alfaston
    Alexis Alfaston 4 dni temu

    wtf is this intro lmao

  • Alan Brooks
    Alan Brooks 5 dni temu


  • lilly B
    lilly B 5 dni temu

    "with the right amount of.........................Chemical help"
    Me: "DRUGS!!!"
    Mom: "why did you yell drugs?!"
    Me: "ummmmMmMmMmMMMMMMMMM-"
    Mom: *walks away wondering what she did wrong*


  • Jun July Channel
    Jun July Channel 5 dni temu

    I am ashamed eventhough i Eat more , Natsuki is still "buffeir" than me.

  • fnafy deMeow
    fnafy deMeow 5 dni temu

    Yuri got super disappointed when Sayori said they ain't usin knives

  • Piper Woods
    Piper Woods 5 dni temu +1

    i had the opening on full blast save me

  • Tomato king YT
    Tomato king YT 6 dni temu +1

    What was the music at the start of the video?

  • Frisk Dreemurr
    Frisk Dreemurr 6 dni temu +1


  • Yoshi Plays225
    Yoshi Plays225 6 dni temu

    What does multiplying your self at the speed of light squared (E=Mc2) have to do with body building?

  • 刀is_尺andom_刀ude : ᖘ

    Well this got added in meme city

  • Øreo the Oof
    Øreo the Oof 6 dni temu


  • Debra Stevens
    Debra Stevens 7 dni temu

    I,m 4'11 and I'm 11. And I'm short compared to the other kids. Yikes. She needs a biscuit. And butter too.

  • Pixel Gabriel
    Pixel Gabriel 7 dni temu

    natsuki was my waifu. now, now im dead inside to what i saw...

  • Motiejus Valiunas
    Motiejus Valiunas 8 dni temu

    4:50 xD

  • anime lover
    anime lover 8 dni temu +1


  • Jeon Jungkook
    Jeon Jungkook 9 dni temu

    *Cupcake left the chat*

  • :/ Bekfest
    :/ Bekfest 9 dni temu

    Last time I ate ice cream was over half a year ago I miss it but I’ve eaten less and lost 11 pounds

  • :/ Bekfest
    :/ Bekfest 9 dni temu

    A question for you guys how tall are you guys I’d like to know the average for an age for a project
    I’m 10 years old and 4 foot 10 inches which I’m told is above average also are you make or female

  • Aloha chips Blah blah blah blah blah blah

    I thought this was a theory
    Not a Physical Education lesson

  • go away
    go away 9 dni temu

    that model of mat...

  • Ashda Sheppp
    Ashda Sheppp 9 dni temu

    From these girls are from a horror game and one of them wants to kill everybody to dis mem irl

  • The Random
    The Random 10 dni temu

    Oh no 2019 and no new game by DDLC ;)

  • Pwixo Pwixa
    Pwixo Pwixa 10 dni temu

    In the 2nd act natsuki say mibulls sailcloth blindsight lifeline anan rectipetality faultessly offered scleromalacia neighed catholicate for whats?

  • Lane Smith
    Lane Smith 10 dni temu

    Omg when Natsuki said lets go cupcake i died😂😂😂😂

  • COOLBOY 7371
    COOLBOY 7371 10 dni temu

    Hey in part 2 monika say that tell them ahead .think you can. you can tell by
    1. Convert text into base64
    2. Add to monika chr file

  • Cleffa Star
    Cleffa Star 10 dni temu


  • duckle 199
    duckle 199 10 dni temu

    *l E T S G O C U P C A K E*

  • Pisica Războinică
    Pisica Războinică 10 dni temu

    3:56 "Omoară-te,îi un sfat, nu un vers,
    Nu însemni nimic păntru univers"
    Sorry,I always listen to Bazooka and my brain was set on "Balada Depresiei", when I heard that music I needed to say that.

  • Maya McCullough
    Maya McCullough 11 dni temu 4'11 I've found my waifu ; v ;

  • Melanie Schulze Miller

    I'm 10 and I'm taller than Natsuki..

  • rinq1
    rinq1 12 dni temu


  • DDLC Yuri
    DDLC Yuri 12 dni temu

    Dam boi

  • MrYogan GT
    MrYogan GT 12 dni temu

    Umm the meat u showed us came from ark survival

  • MrYogan GT
    MrYogan GT 12 dni temu

    Never happened matpat!

  • JasonStarRising
    JasonStarRising 12 dni temu +1

    The game creators are probably like “What drugs are these guys on”

  • MewMewThe1AndOnly
    MewMewThe1AndOnly 12 dni temu

    It's..... It's just...... A meme............. O_O

  • Gaming First
    Gaming First 13 dni temu

    2:05 "square up THOT"

  • Gaming First
    Gaming First 13 dni temu

    2:40 he turned into the koolaid man🤣

  • your majestic foxy boi

    *lets go cupcake*

  • Lyric The Nokia
    Lyric The Nokia 13 dni temu

    When You get to the part where yuri Kills herself
    Shes done it so many times
    *Monika* idk yuri do we
    have to kill you again?
    *Yuri* i guess your right...
    *Matt* >=/

  • Violet Animations or LaLaKittyLOL

    And now Buffsuki can beat up her daddy

  • Master Freddy
    Master Freddy 13 dni temu

    Let's go cupcake

  • Cassidy Mills
    Cassidy Mills 13 dni temu

    Thank you

  • green been
    green been 13 dni temu


  • tea- cup
    tea- cup 13 dni temu


  • WillowWispp
    WillowWispp 13 dni temu

    What the honk! I’ve never seen this before!! I have no idea where this came from!

  • Natsuki
    Natsuki 14 dni temu

    Anime mat was weak as stick
    And I’m all in for #matsuki :)

  • scrap baby is cool
    scrap baby is cool 14 dni temu


  • Markenzo ShukShuk
    Markenzo ShukShuk 14 dni temu

    so i just bumped my stomach on a wall today...
    well know i know how fat people work

  • Allison B
    Allison B 14 dni temu

    2:41 cool aid man

  • Gia Neely
    Gia Neely 15 dni temu

    Me and my bun were jammin to the glitchy intro music

  • Gia Neely
    Gia Neely 15 dni temu

    Macho Mat- I did not see that coming but it is great.

  • Oyuncu25 ve Bilim
    Oyuncu25 ve Bilim 15 dni temu +3

    What the hell did I watch?

  • Oyuncu25 ve Bilim
    Oyuncu25 ve Bilim 15 dni temu

    0:44 LET'S GO CUPCAKE!

  • Gacha Parker
    Gacha Parker 15 dni temu

    ''THAT INTRO'' xD

  • coder totem
    coder totem 16 dni temu

    When you want to find if memes could become canon

  • ThunderKatBay
    ThunderKatBay 16 dni temu

    Hello MatPat, i AM from Channel of Huestation, And i love your vídeos now.

  • Anime Boi
    Anime Boi 16 dni temu

    At 0:52 if you listen closely,it sounds like "just Monika."

  • Milky Way
    Milky Way 16 dni temu

    MatPat teaches me more science then my science teacher

  • Kitty Tom
    Kitty Tom 16 dni temu

    0:12 Calm down Yuri.

  • друг
    друг 17 dni temu

    *L E T S G O C U P C A K E*

  • Cinimod
    Cinimod 17 dni temu

    3:42 Soda fountain machines cost approximately $3k on average. For a PLclipr with multiple channels whose videos each take at least a million views, shouldn't be that hard to acquire.

  • caprisun
    caprisun 17 dni temu

    Why do I weigh less than Natsuki?

  • chungi fungi
    chungi fungi 17 dni temu

    Maybe there is something with the intro of Doki-Doki literature club notice that the two o's make an eight maybe that has to do something with the game

  • FoldingComet :3
    FoldingComet :3 18 dni temu +1

    I laughed so hard

  • Shelley Griego
    Shelley Griego 19 dni temu

    Well back on more watch lists by more than the government have fun

  • Minamii Lucatorta
    Minamii Lucatorta 19 dni temu

    This is the quality content I was looking for

  • Minamii Lucatorta
    Minamii Lucatorta 19 dni temu

    *Lets go cupcake*

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  • Bob Leonard
    Bob Leonard 19 dni temu

    Matpat do you know about the ddlc happy ending

  • Ms. Vanilla
    Ms. Vanilla 19 dni temu