Cyanide & Happiness Compilation - #15

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  • Opublikowany 11 lut 2017
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    Smoke Signals
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  • ŚmieszneŚmieszne

Komentarze • 4 696

    THADZ 3 godzin temu

    5:00 hahahahaha holy shit though

  • Ariana Shandling
    Ariana Shandling 7 godzin temu

    I give a Thump down I hate this show
    my little brother like it
    my brother mama hate that part private part

  • Michelle Williams
    Michelle Williams 9 godzin temu

    Ik this vid is for jokes but I hope they know that the baby is technically an Canada citizen cuz he was pushed out in Canada

  • Mark Abkemeier
    Mark Abkemeier 15 godzin temu

    Guy:I want to buy your exit singhns. Waiter:hold on. Guy gets manager. Maneger:I can't sell you those they aren't for sale. Guy:I'll give you 100 dallors.Maneger:ok guy: buys exit.guy:*leaves*sets place on fire.6:20

  • Maria Salinas
    Maria Salinas Dzień temu +1


  • Cyber Wolf
    Cyber Wolf Dzień temu

    According to the gravestone, Martha was born in 1947 and died in 2016. Martha was 69. What a way to go.

  • Black Sasuke
    Black Sasuke Dzień temu

    I rate John Batman 5/5

  • NightBot !
    NightBot ! 2 dni temu

    ⚫️ ⚫️


  • HeartOf Gold
    HeartOf Gold 2 dni temu

    Okay, but the black dude shot at him too🙄

  • Chanthakhath Inthavong

    The old store one is sad

  • Douglas Bobby
    Douglas Bobby 3 dni temu

    Uh3u2uh2j2h2wigan and then the rest is the best to make a big part in a

  • plush springtrap24
    plush springtrap24 3 dni temu

    Why are they people so gross and discusting

  • louloufabulous
    louloufabulous 4 dni temu

    I am a Nole

  • Moose
    Moose 4 dni temu +2

    When you think you walking to comic-con but you actually walk into furry-con.

  • Christopher Lucas
    Christopher Lucas 4 dni temu

    No don’t poke him rob-

  • Watchdog Fan2211
    Watchdog Fan2211 4 dni temu

    If you pause at 8:58 you can see the plaster

  • S p a c e K i d
    S p a c e K i d 5 dni temu +8

    Son:*sees dad kill woodpeckers from smashing his head*
    Son:*opens book*......*thinks if I smash my head I will kill homework*.....*smashes head*

  • Ozmataz Groves
    Ozmataz Groves 5 dni temu

    As a man that has a log home and deals with woodpeckers, I have to say I dream of being able to headbutt one to death. Remember if you have the chance to kill a woodpecker, it's illegal but you would make my day if you went ahead and pulled the trigger.

  • Abdulkadir Özgencıgor

    Bu videoyu çevirenin amk...

  • Andrew Knowles
    Andrew Knowles 6 dni temu

    ☂️That guy is stupid.✂️💦🥧8:20😐

  • Gaming Nate & Some Marble Runs

    Anyone notice 80085 at 0:20?

  • SlothKidHero
    SlothKidHero 6 dni temu

    11:54 .... Chad Bradley ...

  • Gugus et son chat
    Gugus et son chat 6 dni temu

    Je suis français

  • Cheese poofs8
    Cheese poofs8 6 dni temu


  • Draws Stuff234
    Draws Stuff234 6 dni temu


  • Ogi
    Ogi 6 dni temu

    if you see this comment press ctrl + F4

    • Ogi
      Ogi 4 dni temu


    • Buzzy Bland
      Buzzy Bland 5 dni temu

      Ogi I’m on a phone. What do I do now?

  • ITsJustPain
    ITsJustPain 7 dni temu

    Just trying to keep your jobs at this point. Most of this didn't even make sense.

  • Lonely Lobster
    Lonely Lobster 7 dni temu

    Why is the butler hittler

  • SkippyGh0st24
    SkippyGh0st24 7 dni temu +6

    10:10 the subtle harmonizing of the monitor is a great detail

  • Ten-ka
    Ten-ka 7 dni temu

    He's reading off of a teleprompter.

  • AlCubing 7
    AlCubing 7 7 dni temu


  • Lily MSP
    Lily MSP 7 dni temu

    2:34 wow.

  • Lily MSP
    Lily MSP 7 dni temu +5

    12:45 how people study in 2019 📚

  • Ivan ferdinand Laurel

    9:45 why that video had no nose super like lickers 🙂

  • qToby
    qToby 8 dni temu

    4:40 the real crime is, the skater pushes mongo...

  • N V
    N V 8 dni temu

    In the skateboard part he mongo pushed now that is a crime

  • Tristan TaHj M.Mcdonald.

    When he sat up I could see the bandage

  • Tristan TaHj M.Mcdonald.

    Rich Customer: I’ll give you Ten Thousand Dolllaarrssss!
    Manager: sir we can’t ... what!😳

  • Tristan TaHj M.Mcdonald.

    I’m prepared to make an Offaaaaaa!!!

  • Tristan TaHj M.Mcdonald.

    How Much !!!! With that fancy accent 😂

  • Austin Nelson
    Austin Nelson 8 dni temu

    Did you see his face 7:33

  • Phoenix Studios
    Phoenix Studios 8 dni temu

    The Canadian part was offensive fucker

  • Shanae Buck
    Shanae Buck 8 dni temu +1

    This is how many people love this shit

  • Harley Ferareza
    Harley Ferareza 9 dni temu

    Mobile legends Bang Bang

  • Jayden Tran
    Jayden Tran 9 dni temu


    Bee noises

  • Excellent Egg
    Excellent Egg 9 dni temu

    11:53 Harry the handsome butcher!

  • god slayer
    god slayer 9 dni temu

    0:24 it says boobs on the cash register

  • Lanette Greenleaf
    Lanette Greenleaf 10 dni temu


  • john ouren
    john ouren 10 dni temu


  • -_-____________________

    The taxi one tho😂😂

  • Elias Libonati
    Elias Libonati 11 dni temu +5

    I failed my science test, put a light in a cloud.

  • Kim Taehyung
    Kim Taehyung 11 dni temu

    No one is stronger than jhon battman.

  • xxJello gacha DE
    xxJello gacha DE 11 dni temu


  • Frost Rock
    Frost Rock 11 dni temu

    The monitor fucking shifted

  • betito sólo
    betito sólo 11 dni temu

    martha * farts* and the guy is happy 😆 lol

  • Gabriel Miller
    Gabriel Miller 12 dni temu +1

    15:15 lol

  • Ellecra Eam
    Ellecra Eam 12 dni temu

    1:01 almost made me cry but tf. His wife is soo.

  • Royalseeker8188 YT
    Royalseeker8188 YT 12 dni temu

    Does this happen every week 0:36

  • Awi Sintaro
    Awi Sintaro 12 dni temu

    7:30 MrBeast animated ?

  • Awi Sintaro
    Awi Sintaro 12 dni temu

    0:19 find BOOBS

  • Jak A-R
    Jak A-R 12 dni temu


  • jonathan sauceda
    jonathan sauceda 13 dni temu +1

    I'll give you ten thousand dollars

    • A fork
      A fork 10 dni temu

      jonathan sauceda um ok.

  • Harambe
    Harambe 13 dni temu +1

    I'll go get my ladder

  • Eddie nieto
    Eddie nieto 13 dni temu

    0:38 should of say “ that’s one sticky situation”😃

  • Federal Bureau of Investigation

    8:58, he got a band-aid on his dick

  • Malachi best
    Malachi best 13 dni temu

    He. Squirted god no

  • lalayne Collier
    lalayne Collier 13 dni temu

    im sorry, can I have some ketchup?

  • Demi human
    Demi human 14 dni temu

    they should make a movie👌


    11:50 is harry the handsome butcher the secretary of nap time?

    • A fork
      A fork 10 dni temu

      ᏝᎥᎶᎷᏗ ᏰᏗᏝᏝᏕ I think he is.

  • Wolfie Plays
    Wolfie Plays 14 dni temu +1

    Um I thought the John Batman suit was the but for broot

  • Devin Ladouceur
    Devin Ladouceur 14 dni temu

    So do Americans just cum in there pants from bring so retarded they think every Canadian is dome qliche jack off

  • Vicki Adams
    Vicki Adams 14 dni temu


  • Stupid Cinnamon Roll :P
    Stupid Cinnamon Roll :P 14 dni temu +7

    The cop in the beginning was punder arrest.
    *gets beheaded*

  • Onis Knight
    Onis Knight 14 dni temu

    8:58 loo down

    1B views 14 dni temu

    0:32 i just heard “F*ck this sh*t im out”

  • Tashigami Du Lys
    Tashigami Du Lys 14 dni temu

    10:45 what... *WHY IS THE SIGN IS IN WRONG FRENCH ?*

  • Catster The Gangster
    Catster The Gangster 15 dni temu

    12:42 I guess you could say he was

    • Gabe Cooke
      Gabe Cooke 14 dni temu

      entire pun-cop sequence plays out

  • mark plaku
    mark plaku 15 dni temu

    smoke signals is actually smoke sex

  • Cold Boy
    Cold Boy 15 dni temu

    5:50 i love this part XD :D

  • DeathBlades
    DeathBlades 15 dni temu

    0:56 Skyrim reference?

  • Huskymrbigfoot
    Huskymrbigfoot 15 dni temu


  • Mauri Cobian
    Mauri Cobian 15 dni temu

    Lmfao the CPR one did it for me

  • Parker Huggins
    Parker Huggins 15 dni temu

    Still find it weird he wasn’t allowed to skateboard in what looks like a skate park

  • big nut
    big nut 16 dni temu

    Makes Bad Pun You have committed crimes against skyrim and her people what say you in your defense

  • Doctor Bright
    Doctor Bright 16 dni temu

    Put a light in a cloud

  • Tylerthe Guitarking627
    Tylerthe Guitarking627 16 dni temu +1

    9:15-9:39 how did this guy not notice his wife chopping off his balls dick and ass

    Mr SOMTHING 16 dni temu +4

    "YoU gOt NiCe TiTs"
    "OH NOHOW"

  • Wesley Goldsmith
    Wesley Goldsmith 16 dni temu +1

    When you realise the entire quartet was 1 man

  • Pewsepticplier 7
    Pewsepticplier 7 16 dni temu

    So let me get this straight....
    The exit sign guy buys the exit signs from buildings so he can then burn it down and since no one can get out because they don't know where the exit is so since everyone dies in it, the company that originally owned it loses it since it had no exit sign and since no one will know that the exit sign guy bought it, he then gets to purchase the lot for profit.
    I think I understand it.

  • daz man
    daz man 16 dni temu

    The border got me laughing made in the USA 🤣

  • RumblingPie57
    RumblingPie57 16 dni temu

    4:40 anybody else notice he is pushing mongo

  • Mario Arcos
    Mario Arcos 17 dni temu

    8:19 this room is highly radioactive

  • Ollie Zamora
    Ollie Zamora 17 dni temu

    5:08 to 5:34

  • Marker Films
    Marker Films 17 dni temu

    John battman has the most deluxe ass crack chin ever

  • OmegaChase1002
    OmegaChase1002 17 dni temu

    technically, the baby was still born in canada.

  • Meow Meow
    Meow Meow 17 dni temu

    Why are you not allowed to skate in a skatepark

  • THICC DADDY Madara
    THICC DADDY Madara 18 dni temu

    John batman goes ape shit because people are still in bird cages

  • Xx p s y c h o d e m o n xX


  • Weronika P
    Weronika P 18 dni temu

    Who's from Poland

  • rosie rabbeth
    rosie rabbeth 18 dni temu

    Rated 18 and cotains mordentrate bad words blood strong violence mild horror.