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  • Opublikowany 17 lis 2018
  • Billie Eilish | Before They Were Famous | EPIC from 0 to Now
    Billie Eilish is a singer/songwriter hailing from Los Angeles and a girl who deserves that epic intro. She and her brother Finneas have been creating music together since they were just little. The daughter of two performers, singing had simply been a part of her life. Since uploading her music online had simply become a form of expression she wasn't expecting much clout when dropping her Soundcloud single Ocean Eyes. The girl thought it would be a song for her small circle of friends but it has since gone on to clock in 40 million views on PLclip and 71 million Soundcloud streams at the time this recording launching the young girl to superstardom. Now touring all over the world, Billie Eilish has amassed a fanbase spanning from the U.S. of A, all the way down to New Zealand. The girl's Instagram following went from 257 thousand to over 6.3 million in the span of just a year. At a show, a fan asked if Billie could sign her inhaler for her. Billie agreed to as long as the fan signed hers in exchange. Since blowing up she has unleashed several more hits on our ears including Bellyache and Lovely as well as dropping two Extended Plays in 2017. With a sense of humour that blends perfectly with her unique style, Billie is a breath of fresh air for anyone looking for a self-aware young artist with no shortage of personality. As for her singing, Billie Eilish has been praised for her abilities, even drawing some comparisons to Lorde. And she's only sixteen. Let that sink in.
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    EDITOR: Ryan Hookway
    WRITER: Alex De Witt
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    Dobre_ fangirl Miesiąc temu

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