How to Embarrass Supercar Owners: BRING TEN HYPERCARS

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  • Exolette
    Exolette 5 godzin temu

    "Oh yeah, that's where the penis goes, ehh *awkward laughing* that's not going on the videos"

  • Tyrese Richards
    Tyrese Richards 8 godzin temu

    Thanks man

  • TheSlainRebel
    TheSlainRebel 8 godzin temu

    stunt on em with my fully stock Saturn Ion

  • Joshua Allison
    Joshua Allison 15 godzin temu +1

    I guess only gay guys own hyper cars.

  • ndy1211
    ndy1211 17 godzin temu

    Is this GTA VII?

  • Shivam Tyagi
    Shivam Tyagi Dzień temu

    4:00 what's the name of the bike. Please tell me.

  • Jdor D
    Jdor D Dzień temu

    Cool cars for sure, cali looks delightful..."Yeshua (Jesus Christ) is the way the truth and the life"

  • Steve Mclean
    Steve Mclean Dzień temu

    Fat dudes with cameras and weener dicks get excited by noisy cars.

  • mark johnson
    mark johnson Dzień temu

    I have all those cars in gta online

  • Sharing Lungs
    Sharing Lungs Dzień temu

    Seeing a car not driven but carried just makes me so sad.

  • Joe Lancaster
    Joe Lancaster 2 dni temu

    How to embarrass 10 hypercar owners: Bring a Tesla Roadster 2020

  • mike cee
    mike cee 2 dni temu

    9:08 green pinto

  • Mr Marrow
    Mr Marrow 2 dni temu

    Hilarious video... 10/10 !

  • therealknapster
    therealknapster 2 dni temu

    The more they cost the horribly there are 😕

  • Parker Danny
    Parker Danny 3 dni temu


  • Justin Wagner
    Justin Wagner 3 dni temu

    What's the point of having the car if you don't drive it?

  • Cosmin C.
    Cosmin C. 3 dni temu

    "oh an p1"

  • Knight Glint
    Knight Glint 3 dni temu

    How to embarrass hypercar owners: bring a Chick-fil-A food truck. Watch as everyone flocks to the truck and forgets about the hypercars.

  • Jagmok Dugmok
    Jagmok Dugmok 3 dni temu

    People around the area are so funny . . comments are also funny . . all in all . . it made my day :D

  • The Main Event
    The Main Event 4 dni temu +1


  • yea bouy
    yea bouy 4 dni temu

    That's like $35 mil in cars

  • Night Watch POV
    Night Watch POV 4 dni temu

    I was about to say a 175,000 dollar jag isnt a hypercar buddy, but then I saw the towtrucks... WTF !!!

  • Amirstylo99
    Amirstylo99 4 dni temu

    Ìm jealous

  • tuc ruiz
    tuc ruiz 4 dni temu

    Bring a Tank instead haha

  • Scam Buster
    Scam Buster 4 dni temu

    Forza horizon 3

  • Pagliacci
    Pagliacci 4 dni temu

    I’m surprised that the Libtard Socialists didn’t show up to protest the environmental consequences of having all that muscle there. Nevermind, looks like they did at 9:50. 🤣😂🤣😂

  • Meepo Pro
    Meepo Pro 4 dni temu +1

    How to embarrass supercar owners the right way: bring a rolls Royce

  • ramesh ravikumar
    ramesh ravikumar 4 dni temu

    Bring skyline they'll be pissed

  • Couckey
    Couckey 5 dni temu

    Can we use phone at petrol station?

  • hamidi hadi
    hamidi hadi 5 dni temu


  • Suprememan
    Suprememan 5 dni temu

    The audio on this video is making me crazy...

  • Sam Sin
    Sam Sin 5 dni temu +1

    Materialistic things.. and we r runnin behind em

  • Peaces
    Peaces 5 dni temu

    Heck, Get some solar panels, make a bunch of hydrogen oxygen, and put a turbine engine in your car. Never pay a fuel bill again, And it may cost 3 times as much to fill a hydrogen tank as it does a battery, but a hydrogen tank can be recycled where as a battery... not so much.

  • Peaces
    Peaces 5 dni temu

    Such old gass farts.

  • Peaces
    Peaces 5 dni temu


    ALPHA WOLF 5 dni temu

    If they worked for the money for the cars, I’m proud. If they inherited money from their parents or family, I’m jealous.

  • Thats It
    Thats It 5 dni temu

    Bule norak2 amat lu pada

  • Mad Elephant
    Mad Elephant 5 dni temu

    it's like children ran to ice cream truck. and way they take pictures ? i mean i love cars to but what is this ?

  • triton starts
    triton starts 5 dni temu

    hunington beach

  • guiter mawng
    guiter mawng 5 dni temu

    Where.js this place

  • Alexander Chrystall
    Alexander Chrystall 5 dni temu

    Those Koenigsegg’s making my California T look like an Uber.

  • Entertainment Destination

    6:08 the BUGATTI SECTION !😱

  • Entertainment Destination

    4:52 the car on the image of the video

  • Entertainment Destination

    4:52 is there a HELICOPTER ? 😳

  • Entertainment Destination

    2:33 what ! You got to be kidding me !😵😵

  • Rainbow Six siege life

    This guys life is gta

    NOXOT 5 dni temu

    I'm poor

  • hue white
    hue white 6 dni temu

    Hypercars are overdone..supercars are more elegant

  • Dave Dankness
    Dave Dankness 6 dni temu

    Look how many of these dudes got stiff peens standing around gawking at these overpriced hunks of shit.

  • TypicalBlank
    TypicalBlank 6 dni temu


    *steal all the cars*

  • Caleb Jones
    Caleb Jones 6 dni temu

    In the philippines, we just smash these cars

  • nathan mccoy
    nathan mccoy 6 dni temu

    8:08 Car reminds me of a Lamborghini Jalpa

  • Sherman Choo
    Sherman Choo 6 dni temu

    wheres bumble bee...

  • N Walker
    N Walker 6 dni temu

    How are they fuckboy cars....

  • PirateSteve
    PirateSteve 6 dni temu

    thats a lot of helicopters

  • adam rush
    adam rush 6 dni temu

    curious if he cut out whittesse on purpose

  • LofiBoi
    LofiBoi 6 dni temu

    where the fucks the transformer at

  • where is my wall
    where is my wall 6 dni temu

    these fucking cops had to ruin the video ...

  • Damien Camacho
    Damien Camacho 6 dni temu

    What show is this ?

  • Sol_Rak
    Sol_Rak 6 dni temu

    unbeliveble estupid people

  • MrDaavee
    MrDaavee 6 dni temu

    so depressing...all these cars that are unreal and meant to be driven....owned by pussies that trailer them every where. what is the point in even having them if they dont get driven? what a waste.

  • JokerAlwaysJokes
    JokerAlwaysJokes 6 dni temu

    I've seen a lamborghini hurracan and it was in Hatfield. WTH

  • Craig R
    Craig R 6 dni temu

    @5:38 A more fitting title would be "How to impress 14 yo boys and 40 yo men"; Not exactly booming with variety of people.

  • Erick de viking
    Erick de viking 6 dni temu

    Los Santos?

  • Chaos Murder
    Chaos Murder 6 dni temu +3

    7:55 no love for the viper ?

  • The Great Leviathan
    The Great Leviathan 7 dni temu

    You should really update your title to How to make supercar owners jealous and embarrassed 😂😂😂

  • Tsering Norbu Sponbo

    Your Blue car is cool bro 👍🏻👌🏻

  • Nation
    Nation 7 dni temu +1

    I feel like sh*t now

  • Nayan truong
    Nayan truong 7 dni temu

    GTA 5 car shows end with a Big Bang from a sticky bomb or the one person who “accidentally ” crashed a plane

  • Alex Hall
    Alex Hall 7 dni temu

    Take a shot whenever he mentions Monaco

  • Steal Hart
    Steal Hart 7 dni temu

    I will bring my godfather's 1966 Corvette Sting Ray to them hahahaha

  • Noah Hammerstad
    Noah Hammerstad 7 dni temu

    Where this takin place??

  • Feidhlim Harrington
    Feidhlim Harrington 7 dni temu

    So many fucking GTA cars like the coquette, turismo r, T20, etc.

  • Fin Taylor
    Fin Taylor 7 dni temu

    Can you imagine the inflated ego's of these guys sat in their cars while less fortunate people take pictures of them in awe. These hypercar owners and supercar owners know these people taking pictures are here because they cant afford it

  • EmptyNone
    EmptyNone 7 dni temu

    The engine sounds are just beast.

  • Aizza Biel
    Aizza Biel 7 dni temu +2

    All cars are so absolutely damn amazing but I watchin and listening to those dudes talkin about bicycle on their hands. Damn!!!

  • Krzysztof Zołotar
    Krzysztof Zołotar 7 dni temu

    well, you began good, whith crosing the red light, mooran

  • Old Ben
    Old Ben 7 dni temu

    Love that blue Bronco and the dog

  • Ted Van Matje
    Ted Van Matje 7 dni temu

    Hope you guys brought enough tissue paper along with you ;)
    Lots and lots of exotic things to wank over.
    I'm definitely in the wrong line of work to even afford a wheel-nut for a posh motor, but the guys who own them obviously deserve to have nice toys
    Interesting video fellas...thanks for the porn :)

  • Zedrick Marquez
    Zedrick Marquez 7 dni temu

    If only Car town is still alive...

    II GETBODIED II TM 8 dni temu

    Lol my race bike is really light as well

  • VidFUNNYVid !
    VidFUNNYVid ! 8 dni temu

    I had no idea what he was saying...

  • Iigy Gonzalez
    Iigy Gonzalez 8 dni temu +1

    How to embarrass supercar owner bring all over seas car to USA and trash talk later

  • Mikey AND Maggie Vlogs


  • Jorge
    Jorge 8 dni temu +1

    Am I the only one who started thinking of gta?

  • Arjun
    Arjun 8 dni temu

    How to own supercar owners: bring a vintage v12 F1 car 😁

  • Dennis Nedry
    Dennis Nedry 8 dni temu

    Dam did daddy let you borrow his car?

  • Luke Williams
    Luke Williams 8 dni temu

    8:29-8:31 I didnt know decepticons were alive

  • Kent Barnes
    Kent Barnes 8 dni temu

    In gta 5 ull a be dead when i bring my oppressor

  • Penguinz 9000
    Penguinz 9000 9 dni temu


  • Omar Garcia
    Omar Garcia 9 dni temu

    Just show up in a 4runner 😎

  • Ahmad Aldhaheri
    Ahmad Aldhaheri 9 dni temu

    كانه ربيعنا هاذا ولا اتخيل ؟ 9:12

  • Rob Jaz
    Rob Jaz 9 dni temu

    Truck your car to cars and coffee? I'm guessing it's to not smoke the clutch or catch on fire. If I had that kind of money, I would spend 2/3rds on tools and the last 1/3 on my build.

  • Mateo Austin
    Mateo Austin 9 dni temu

    That si
    Ver car was a saleen

  • Takumi Fujiwara
    Takumi Fujiwara 10 dni temu

    4:18 Subiegang UNITE!

  • Jimin Lifue
    Jimin Lifue 10 dni temu

    When you bring a Honda and park next to supercars Me: my favorite car is the Honda it’s so beautiful

  • Zoey Tinley
    Zoey Tinley 10 dni temu

    So, we are all just going to ignore the fact that someone just got arrested?

  • LegitCatcher21
    LegitCatcher21 10 dni temu


  • Cejay Mc Neil
    Cejay Mc Neil 10 dni temu

    Why did they arrest that guy

  • Gaming with Adrian HQ
    Gaming with Adrian HQ 10 dni temu

    Who else thought their was ganna be a transformer because of the thumbnail 😂