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  • The Ultimate Battle of Evil vs Evil! ALL the Movie Villains - MARVEL, DC, STAR WARS, X-MEN, LORD OF THE RINGS, HARRY POTTER, THE MATRIX and so much more - Slashers, Monsters, Witches, Demons, Vampires, Aliens, Robots, Clowns - the Best of the Worst are all here! Which Villain will have the last maniacal laugh? Place your bets and sharpen your claws for the Biggest and BADDEST Battle of ALL TIME!
    This is the SEQUEL to SUPER-HERO-BOWL - The Ultimate Battle of Good vs Good! Make sure you've seen it first:
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    Harley Quinn, Apocalypse, Jadis the White Witch, Nosferatu, Red Skull, Nebula, Hela, Ultron, Zod, Lex Luthor, Enchantress, Steppenwolf, Xenomorph / Alien, Darth Maul, Freddy Krueger, Davy Jones, Imperial Stormtrooper, Agent Smith, The Queen of Hearts, The Wicked Witch of the West, The Riddler, O-Ren Ishii, Bellatrix LeStrange, Deadshot, The Witch King, Catwoman, Bane, Poison Ivy, Two-Face (Aaron Eckhart), Captain Phasma, Boba Fett, Kylo Ren, Azog, Lurtz, Elle Driver, Gazelle, Predator, Venom, Velociraptor, General Grievous, Loki, Zemo, Malekith, Aldrich Killian, Abomination, Whiplash, Kaecilius, Darren Cross / Yellowjacket, The Vulture, Ronan the Accuser, The Joker (Jared Leto), The Joker (Heath Ledger), The Joker (Jack Nicholson), Hans Gruber, Ghostface (from Scream), Michael Myers, Leatherface, Norman Bates, Patrick Bateman, Jack Torrance (from The Shining), Jason Vorhees, Pamela Vorhees, Chucky, Voldemort, Sauron, Darth Vader, Gollum, The T-1000, Dracula, Mr Freeze, The Night King, Fell Beast, Fenris Wolf, Sandman, Imhotep, Ahmanet, Pennywise, The Penguin, Annie Wilkes, Toad, Max Shreck, Dr Evil, Psylocke, Jean Grey (Famke Janssen), Saruman, Thanos, Dietrich, Toot, Belloq, Walter Donovan, Irina Spalko, Battle Droid, Lady Deathstrike, Mola Ram, Hannibal Lecter, Khan, The Rancor (audio only), Jabba the Hutt, John Doe, Scarecrow, Two-Face (Tommy-Lee Jones), Sabertooth, Eye of the Adversary, Emma Frost, Queen Ravenna, Grendel’s Mother, Rita Repulsa, Maleficent, Archangel, Green Goblin, The Sarlacc, The Headless Horseman, Jareth the Goblin King, Shelob, Katana, El Diablo, Amanda Waller, “Independence Day” Alien, ‘Mars Attacks” Martian, Seth Brundle / The Fly, Edgar the Bug, “Starship Troopers” Warrior Bug, Electro, Carrie White, Betelgeuse, Regan MacNeil (from The Exorcist), Margaret White (i.e. Carrie’s Mom - audio only), Annabelle, Tiffany (Bride of Chucky), Medusa, Dog Alien (from Alien 3), The Newborn (from Alien: Resurrection), Warrior Alien (from Aliens), The Alien Queen, King Kong, Facehugger, TIE fighters, Flying Monkeys, Koba (from Dawn of the Planet of the Apes), Alonzo Harris (from Training Day), Gozer & Slimer (from Ghostbusters), Supreme Leader Snoke, Emperor Palpatine, Count Dooku, Zorg (from The Fifth Element), Tripod (from War of the Worlds), Sentinel (from the Matrix), Doctor Octopus, Joffrey Baratheon, Cersei Lannister, Tywin Lannister, Captain Barbossa, Lawrence Talbot / The Wolfman, Akasha the Queen of the Damned, Vincent (from Collateral), Lestat (from Interview with the Vampire), The shark from Jaws, Tony Montana, Killer Croc, The Lizard, T-Rex from Jurassic Park, Smaug, Godzilla, Ernst Stavro Blofeld, Oddjob, Hans Landa, Roy Batty, Walter White & Jesse Pinkman, Neil McCauley, Vincent Vega & Jules Winnfield, Don Vito Corleone, Magneto, T-X, Colonel Miles Quaritch, Iron Monger, Megatron, Mary Shelley /Bride of Frankenstein, Frankenstein’s Monster, Pinhead, Anton Chigurh, Sebastian Shaw (from X-Men: FC), Dalek, HAL 9000, The Thing, Sentinel (from X-Men: DOFP), Doomsday, Batman (Ben Affleck), Jean Grey (Sophie Turner), Deadpool, Indiana Jones, Rey, Batman (Christian Bale), Professor Charles Xavier, Dr Manhattan, Vision, Nightcrawler, Hulk, Gandalf, Hellboy, Ash Williams, The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Rafael, Donatello, Leonardo & Michelangelo, Doctor Who, Spider-Man, Luke Skywalker, Yoda, Superman, Marty McFly, Iron Man, Wolverine, Laura / X-23.

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  • trizzythagod _
    trizzythagod _ 23 godzin temu

    On 8:12 Poison ivy and Medusa is gay

  • Kyan Flowerprice
    Kyan Flowerprice Dzień temu

    And King kong is a good guy not bad

  • Kyan Flowerprice
    Kyan Flowerprice Dzień temu +1

    Wacth Jurassic world: fallen kingdom and Godzilla king of the monsters and the movie Venom

  • Kyan Flowerprice
    Kyan Flowerprice Dzień temu

    T-Rex,Raptor,Venom and Godzilla are super heros not super villians

    DEVINNATER100 Dzień temu

    You guys forgot The Grudge and the liitle kid and The Ring, they are pretty much in the same species.

  • My Gmail Account
    My Gmail Account Dzień temu

    I feel bad for sand man

    He was just making sand art

  • Unknownn
    Unknownn Dzień temu

    Where’s Kacileus?

  • Jerry Lopez
    Jerry Lopez Dzień temu +1

    I meant bad

  • Jerry Lopez
    Jerry Lopez Dzień temu +1

    Godzilla and king Kong aren't bar

  • Roasted Chicken
    Roasted Chicken Dzień temu +1

    Red skull isn’t a one time villain anymore

  • Kayleen Moua
    Kayleen Moua Dzień temu

    Some look like good guys

  • box runner
    box runner Dzień temu

    Part 3

    Like if you agree

  • Elementer
    Elementer Dzień temu


  • James Gamer
    James Gamer Dzień temu

    Why thanos didnt just snap he have all the infinity stones

  • Lorena Silva
    Lorena Silva Dzień temu

    im waenting so long when is prat 3 comeing out

  • Galaxy Beast
    Galaxy Beast Dzień temu

    Why isn’t dark Phoenix here

  • Милана Арабаджиян

    15:00 зачем опять его убивать!!!!!Бедный Локи😭

  • Godzilla Master
    Godzilla Master Dzień temu +2

    13:02 say Ello to my little frien ( gremlin ) Cracked me up 😂😂

  • Buffet Segawa
    Buffet Segawa Dzień temu

    a de,ddcsde.

  • Noa Brugere-sicsic
    Noa Brugere-sicsic Dzień temu +1

    And dragon ball?

  • Just A Rock
    Just A Rock Dzień temu


  • Thomas Lynch
    Thomas Lynch Dzień temu

    Who got all villain references

  • Indie Game Oyuncusu
    Indie Game Oyuncusu Dzień temu

    how face sucker can get the darth vader ?....

  • ambrose descheny
    ambrose descheny Dzień temu +1


  • Thefrox [TF2] [FR]
    Thefrox [TF2] [FR] Dzień temu

    where is Bowser :(

  • The real Jericho Kyle
    The real Jericho Kyle Dzień temu +1

    Sauron- PLAGIARISM!!

  • Nate Anunciacion
    Nate Anunciacion Dzień temu

    Battle royale: villain edition

  • The real Jericho Kyle
    The real Jericho Kyle Dzień temu

    Loki is the shit lol

  • Dewanshu Jain
    Dewanshu Jain Dzień temu


  • Özgür Çelik
    Özgür Çelik Dzień temu +2


  • Karla Christensen
    Karla Christensen Dzień temu


  • Rick Hernandez
    Rick Hernandez Dzień temu

    Missing slenderman

  • Stacey Chyr
    Stacey Chyr Dzień temu

    Smith is a program he can only be defeated when his code chooses to be deleted in The 2nd movie he said he will never choose deletion!

  • Lego Art boy
    Lego Art boy Dzień temu +1

    You guys are the best I don’t like hishe but you guys definitely deserve more credit then then I’m really glad I found really great PLcliprs in a age where PLclip is just a brand thank you guys so much you guys are really talented in your voice works u guys can even make the corniest jokes work thank u!!!

  • Griffen Kennedy
    Griffen Kennedy Dzień temu

    5:47 crazy

  • The Boom guy
    The Boom guy Dzień temu

    13.44 what is the movie name? Can someone tell me?

  • deadly jeff
    deadly jeff Dzień temu +1

    how could Harley Quinn win if Dr. Evil was never killed?

  • 心之魅
    心之魅 Dzień temu


  • Fro Al
    Fro Al Dzień temu

    Wait predator isn't a villain

    IRON FIRE Dzień temu



  • ΛYΛTO I Tobi
    ΛYΛTO I Tobi Dzień temu

    where is the big thing from? 12:06

  • Anderson Takashi Yamamoto

    Harley queen 12BBY
    Deadpool 12BBY

  • Big Smoke
    Big Smoke Dzień temu

    Wait Where Is Ryder And Big Smoke?

  • Harry DaBeast34
    Harry DaBeast34 Dzień temu +1

    Bad vs good bowl pls

  • Vivian Lunar
    Vivian Lunar Dzień temu

    Noooooo Godzilla

  • Vivian Lunar
    Vivian Lunar Dzień temu

    Man I thought malefecent was alive

  • ACB_72
    ACB_72 Dzień temu

    Davy jones should die too, he cant land feet on the ground(?)

  • Juan Li
    Juan Li Dzień temu

    Plz do scp bowl

  • winson winson
    winson winson Dzień temu

    Wait you forgot the villian
    1 chara from undertale
    2jevil from deltarune (jevil is the secret charachter from deltarun or searh "jevil"
    3coin man from somethingelseyt's video that called "marvel recap 2" or "just be yourself"
    4 skell (ithink its wrong) from megatale or just click this->#megatale

  • winson winson
    winson winson Dzień temu


  • Ren DL Lee
    Ren DL Lee Dzień temu +3

    But I thought Godzilla is a good monster :(

  • Peter Leong
    Peter Leong Dzień temu


    SILVESTRE DEMON Dzień temu

    Me gusto que ganara harley aunque no vi a carnage o la mascara me hubiera gustado verla

  • athak
    athak Dzień temu

    Part 3

  • athak
    athak Dzień temu

    Awesome video, effort appreciated

  • snippeeefeuer msp
    snippeeefeuer msp Dzień temu


  • Ryan TheRys118
    Ryan TheRys118 Dzień temu

    8:11 best part lol

  • When the world is wrong Make it right

    Plz make a sequel to this

  • Krystle April Afereti
    Krystle April Afereti Dzień temu +2

    Viif this was real life we would all be dead and cool and funny video plus bowl

  • JIGsaw KING of Horror
    JIGsaw KING of Horror Dzień temu

    Подайте мне третью часть!🗣👏✌️👍😊☺️

  • Divine_ Lily
    Divine_ Lily Dzień temu +1

    Part three pls!!!

  • Sunrise TV
    Sunrise TV Dzień temu

    Power stone is at ronan and space stone is at Loki but how Thanos have all Infinty stone

  • sony bagaskara
    sony bagaskara Dzień temu

    Where john wick???

  • Randomness with Caden :/

    8:34 wait vulture got shot in the background earlier

  • Mix Master Irod
    Mix Master Irod 2 dni temu

    that joker x agent smith part didn't made sense to me

  • Alfonso Camarena
    Alfonso Camarena 2 dni temu +1


    Si te soy sincero quiero likes :V

  • I am frankie and Descendants Fan for ever

    Nebula is not a villon

  • Julie Geiger
    Julie Geiger 2 dni temu

    I'm not from DC, i'm from T2.

  • Lego Art boy
    Lego Art boy 2 dni temu +1

    Vulture just died and after that he was nest to maleficent

  • Lego Art boy
    Lego Art boy 2 dni temu +1

    Have Ironman 2 whiplash go against transformers 2 rampage

  • Tony Z
    Tony Z 2 dni temu +5

    Dog:woof woof
    Cat:meow meow
    Retards: 2019? 2019?

    • julia wessel
      julia wessel Dzień temu +1

      Exactly what I was thinking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Aubrey Tucker
    Aubrey Tucker 2 dni temu

    OMG GODZILLA Is In There y'all know theres A new one

  • Andre Dongelmans
    Andre Dongelmans 2 dni temu

    When will this trilogie be complete!!!! I can't wait for the conclusion!!! This is so awesome!

  • Gryphon Liter
    Gryphon Liter 2 dni temu


  • david vasquez
    david vasquez 2 dni temu

    Dark Vader:Welcome to the familly

    • Rogue_K 2
      Rogue_K 2 Dzień temu

      Um uh sorry I have to be that guy but um it's Darth not Dark. I mean no malice by correcting you.

  • Lisa Eames
    Lisa Eames 2 dni temu

    F*** you Harley Quinn godzilla's the best thing to come out of cinemas meanwhile you were just stuck girl that was implemented into a cartoon

  • That Black Creature Palios

    Stan Lee: infinity wars is gonna be the best crossover ever
    This vid by toon Sandwich: *HOLD MY BEER!!!*

  • Callum Dooner
    Callum Dooner 2 dni temu +2

    13:52 basically marvel vs dc at the moment

  • sankeboy _
    sankeboy _ 2 dni temu

    How thanos can have power stone but ronan got power stone also

  • weberton Figueiredo
    weberton Figueiredo 2 dni temu

    So excited for part 3

  • Derpboy
    Derpboy 2 dni temu

    5:49 ya look like Shreak

  • Elsa Samuel
    Elsa Samuel 2 dni temu

    13:17 Godzilla isn’t a fucking villan you should’ve put king ghidorah instead

  • hector velasquez
    hector velasquez 2 dni temu

    Who is the girl from 12:18

  • Cornel Henning
    Cornel Henning 2 dni temu


  • Geoff Speedie
    Geoff Speedie 2 dni temu +1

    this is fucking insane. the way yall bring the characters together about random plot points is truly genius

  • robert zink
    robert zink 2 dni temu

    Will you guys ever going to make a 3rd one?

  • Niamh Holmes
    Niamh Holmes 2 dni temu


  • Ankur Saikia
    Ankur Saikia 2 dni temu

    "All five of them" 😆😆

  • i am voice actor !
    i am voice actor ! 2 dni temu

    Make part 3

  • MiguelAN
    MiguelAN 2 dni temu

    Rip David bowie

  • The Ultimate Fan
    The Ultimate Fan 2 dni temu

    How does loki and thanos both have the mind stone

  • Aishwary Awasthi
    Aishwary Awasthi 2 dni temu

    Dark Wader Xenomorph and thing Joker pun epic

  • toff toff
    toff toff 2 dni temu


  • Fire Shock Gamer
    Fire Shock Gamer 2 dni temu

    Magneto is god here but he took to long lol

  • Xavier Atwood
    Xavier Atwood 2 dni temu

    the kitanna girl from suicide Squad was never a Villain

  • Hannah Norman
    Hannah Norman 2 dni temu

    Anime brawl

  • Lyra 2007
    Lyra 2007 2 dni temu

    I like Deadpool lol

  • Chris Hwang
    Chris Hwang 2 dni temu

    why is Nebula here?!

  • WeGoBoom
    WeGoBoom 2 dni temu

    So many references

  • Phu Nguyen manh
    Phu Nguyen manh 2 dni temu

    10:45 thanos