Game Theory: Exposing Destiny's LOST PLOT!

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  • Opublikowany 17 paź 2015
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    You think you know the story of Destiny, but do you really? Who IS the Traveler? What are you even really fighting for? This episode will shake even the most hardcore Destiny's fans' understanding of the game they're playing. Who's side are you on, anyway?
    Credit: A big thanks to Dmazzetti, ||Rantz||, and pbralek for lending their Destiny expertise for this episode!
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  • GryGry

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    YOUTUBER :P 6 godzin temu


  • Shotgun Customs
    Shotgun Customs 18 godzin temu

    What if the dreg was saying that we're the darkness because it thinks that it's the good guy and we're the bad, and vice versa we're good and they're the bad.

  • jljjkjgvghcfdgxdddsd
    jljjkjgvghcfdgxdddsd Dzień temu

    The fallen did have the traveler and did go Though the process that earth went through but it did not do it intentionally, the reason the fallen had to evacuate the planet was because the darkness invaded (oryx) and the traveler could not do nothing about it so he left, the traveler is not the darkness but the darkness is chasing after it and the reason you kill vex, fallen, cabal, taken, and the Hive, and the reason you vex god is because it is or would soon become a threat to the traveler which is he main source of your power, I would like to talk to you about it because you need to be informed pal

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    ᴵ ᴷᴵᴸᴸᴱᴰ ᵀᴴᴱ ᵀᴴᴿᴱᴱ ᵛᴱˣ ᴹᴵᴺᴼᵀᴬᵁᴿˢ ˢᴼ ᴵ ᶜᴬᴺ ᴳᴱᵀ ᴹᵞ ᴱˣᴼᵀᴵᶜ ᴱᴺᴳᴿᴬᴹˢ
    ᴵ ᴳᴼᵀ ᴬ ᶻᴴᴬᴸᴼ ˢᵁᴾᴱᴿᶜᴱᴸᴸ

  • Jakob 345
    Jakob 345 2 dni temu

    Hey mat pat the second card that shows guardians negatively is about the deep stone crypt which is where exos are made after their human minds are put into the machines and erased and every time it is erased they go through the long slow breath and that is what this card is mainly talking about and how he or she is killing people they know and don't know because they are remembering people from their past lives. Also exos where developed by cloves bray as killing machines to fight the darkness during the golden age because of time travel and such so certain people knew

  • Zacimus the master Shooter

    Plot twist!!!

  • Destiny's Destiny
    Destiny's Destiny 5 dni temu

    MAKE A DESTINY 2 one about forsaken and laviathin

  • ShuboxFilms
    ShuboxFilms 5 dni temu

    The “Legends” Grimoire card that you mentioned is about the Exo, who were designed to be war machines

  • Dedboii
    Dedboii 5 dni temu

    nolan north ruined ghost to this day

  • Destroyer9833
    Destroyer9833 5 dni temu

    Am triggered

  • LOLMan GamingYT
    LOLMan GamingYT 6 dni temu

    Well he plays xbox, I only have a ps3

  • Camille Olson
    Camille Olson 6 dni temu

    *GOLLUM IS NOT EVIL!!!!!* thank you for listening

  • John Ward
    John Ward 6 dni temu

    Wait wait wait wait! The quote you said about we kill people we knew and so on. That is about the exo programme and what an eco goes through when being rebooted.

  • noah smith
    noah smith 7 dni temu +1

    For all you watching after destiny 2 forsaken my opinion after watching this video is that the “darkness” that we are supposedly gonna fight after forsaken is the traveler... that’s my bet

  • Yoda Soda Gaming Channel

    The two grimore are about exos, they were guardians that were once human that went to an ice moon on encaledous to become robot. Scientist Clovis bray and the deep stone crypt found a way to put human consciousness into robots with the full intent of them being killing machines. When he mentions reboots, that refers to when they die and their ghost is still alive they are rebooted, reborn. When he says I knew them once before, it’s because their minds were rebooted too and all they know of this life is something called “fragments”. So since they are supposed to be killing machines, yet with human consciousness they have these reoccurring dreams. These dreams are them killing people they have once known in another life. They are fighting they way into a structure on the ice moon that is theorized to be encaledous, the location of the deep stone crypt. It’s not all guardians who are like this, it’s the exos that are like this. That’s why at the end of every exo’s name their is a number that represents how many time they have been rebooted. The recommended max is around 26. Sorry for adding this years after this vid was uploaded, it was just that I was rewatching this and that part bugged me.

  • Everyone Ever
    Everyone Ever 8 dni temu

    10:45 that's only the Exo

  • guillermoelias24
    guillermoelias24 10 dni temu

    So, I just got Destiny 2 and haven't played it yet. I've no clue on what happens in the sequel. But is there any chance of a theory on it? Because this has gotten me thinking big on whether or not the Traveler was really a force for good. I never would have known about the cards and side stories had it not been for this episode, and I'm really interested in whether or not the story continued down the way you predicted.

  • Cobb Guillette
    Cobb Guillette 10 dni temu


  • slime tunes
    slime tunes 10 dni temu

    6:05 - 6:10I thought of a good example of this. black butler, where the "devil" or Sebastian is the good guy, and the angel is the bad guy

  • Aidan Witters
    Aidan Witters 10 dni temu

    traveler reminds me of death star

  • warking 101
    warking 101 10 dni temu

    So is the road trip skin evil

  • TheArcWrenchYT
    TheArcWrenchYT 10 dni temu

    Make a destiny 2 theory

  • Neo
    Neo 10 dni temu

    wait wait wait you made a theory on destiny in 2015 but were almost in 2019 and still nothing on warframe

  • Blackout 15
    Blackout 15 10 dni temu

    Nice try mat pat but I heard the dreg say, "the darkness will provale," but nice try cuting it before it said will provale

  • Tasty Does Games
    Tasty Does Games 10 dni temu

    3 more DLC's and a sequel (with 3 DLC's as of now) later
    More traveler info lol.

  • samiul chowdhury
    samiul chowdhury 11 dni temu


  • Nightdash Moon
    Nightdash Moon 12 dni temu

    10:51 now that we have more info that lore card was meant for the exos before they come back into the exo body from the human body and reset is basically a memory wipe of the exos like cayde-6 and banshee-44. Now I kinda wonder how much of this theory would change with the new lore open now

  • Bec Sato
    Bec Sato 12 dni temu

    The traveler must pay for its sins

  • Meh Me
    Meh Me 12 dni temu

    Personally I think peter dinklage did a good job with what he was given. It's just the god awful material. Try to make this line interesting "The wizard came from the moon". (That's a real line from destiny that he had to say.)

  • Badboy DCX
    Badboy DCX 12 dni temu

    Lol🤣I’ll be like Pat ghost shut up already we know u know everything 😂😂

  • Darion Trueblood
    Darion Trueblood 12 dni temu

    You did consider that too much of a good thing can seem/become a bad thing

  • Justin Foley
    Justin Foley 12 dni temu

    Do a no man's sky vid. Also I would describe the traveler as a massive death sphere

  • electron tube
    electron tube 12 dni temu

    anyone wacting this in 2018 comptyly confused

  • Ank 57's new channel
    Ank 57's new channel 12 dni temu

    do not trust orang, the pillar, the speaker, or the traveller

  • OrdoARC
    OrdoARC 13 dni temu +1

    The card about killing everyone you knew from one reset or another was specifically about Exos and how their memory is wiped periodically, not about guardians in general.

  • Tom
    Tom 13 dni temu

    Probably one of the worst theory’s if you have actually played the game. The traveler is HUNTED by the darkness, it saw humanity as the best species or something. It gave us the golden age which helped us create engrams, 300 year old humans and exos. It fought the darkness to save us and in its last moments it created ghosts which searched for long dead humans/ exos/ awokens to wield the travelers light. The traveler fought the darkness to save humanity, when it could have run away. That is why I do not like this theory

  • Micheal Rix
    Micheal Rix 13 dni temu


  • Early Eduarte
    Early Eduarte 14 dni temu


  • HaterZgunnaLuvMe
    HaterZgunnaLuvMe 14 dni temu

    Speaking about this. Film theory on the movie Moon

  • Bit K
    Bit K 14 dni temu

    The Destiny story reminds me of the anti-Christ. Think about it the traveler come in and makes all these miracles and does all this good stuff for a while and then the Darkness a.k.a the Anti-Christ and kills everyone and destroys the world just like the biblical story. But hey that’s just a theory, a comment theory

  • Jacob Book
    Jacob Book 14 dni temu

    I’m convinced that the Traveler is evil but Bungie would be building up to the reveal if there were to be a reveal but there is not going to be one.

  • yenji tang
    yenji tang 14 dni temu

    make one on destiny 2!!!!!!!!!

  • ThunderTitan Animations

    Me: sees the theory

    Spits water*

    Plays forsaken

    Runs and switches cayde for the speaker

    Me: now kill him

    Uldren: uhhh

    Me: DO IT

  • Nerd Ninja
    Nerd Ninja 15 dni temu +1

    "The line between the light and the darkness is very thin. Are you sure what side your on? "- Uldren Sov's last words.

  • Ping on Vodka
    Ping on Vodka 15 dni temu

    That would have one awesome story.

  • Sora Donald & Goofy
    Sora Donald & Goofy 15 dni temu

    Is it time for another destiny theory

  • Jalapeño Jim
    Jalapeño Jim 15 dni temu

    Im pretty sure the traveler are just 2 rival forces and we were caught up in their war by our own choice. The traveler just showed up and terraformed planets, it was probably going to leave but we intercepted on mars and it “gave us technology” it doesn’t actually say how if gave up this technology but i think we just made a bunch of new tech and said the traveler helped us. And it was actually going to leave the system before the darkness got here most likely leading it away but Rasputin stopped the traveler from leaving.

  • Rev Funk
    Rev Funk 15 dni temu

    Oh to assume this much thought went into the story.....adorable

  • Infrequent Uploads
    Infrequent Uploads 15 dni temu

    We are evil- Game Theory 101

  • SCP -049 Im the cure
    SCP -049 Im the cure 17 dni temu +3

    Rip Cade-6

  • AndroidShelf 44
    AndroidShelf 44 18 dni temu

    The Traveller only stands for his own`s sake. He´s certainly scaping from "The Darkness", some kind of power wielded by certain entities revealed in TTK, the Worm Gods, who are the ones who give the Hive their power and curse (check the Pain Books). The plan of The Traveller is to go from civilization to civilization, giving them powers so they can defend him. If they could`t, He would leave them. That is what he did with The Fallen, and he was about to do that with the earth until the warmind Rasputin (insert- "ra-ra-Rasputin song xD), with his advanced armament and his high intelligence (so intelligent that he broke his programation and started to protect himself instead of humanity), aimed or even shot his weapons against the Traveller, who had to stay, create Guardians to protect him and stay until he´s in his full shape. Although, now that he has awoken and aknowledged the cappacities of the Cabal, our alliance with the Awoken and our new powers in Destiny 2, he has decided to stay so far things go right.

  • TTS Chin
    TTS Chin 18 dni temu


  • kissgirls?lolugaye
    kissgirls?lolugaye 19 dni temu

    Who calls legendaries purples?

  • Cosmic Salt
    Cosmic Salt 19 dni temu

    The guardians should imprison it to keep the light but this time it works for them

  • Ethan Boyer
    Ethan Boyer 19 dni temu

    Try talking to the lore masters of destiny

  • Ethan Boyer
    Ethan Boyer 19 dni temu

    14:15 yeah that’s the original destiny 1 story we never got

  • Neechi Man Gaming
    Neechi Man Gaming 20 dni temu

    D2 update please MatPat

  • Sir Dante the Dank
    Sir Dante the Dank 20 dni temu

    The vexs main function is to be the only entity in existance... So that bad kill the worm god they worship for power. The part about the scarred mind is referring to the exos and is about the rebooting of their memories

  • Ryan Löhrke
    Ryan Löhrke 20 dni temu

    the mindless killing things isn't for guardians its for exos

  • Amazing HT
    Amazing HT 21 dzień temu

    Pujari in Hindi means worshipper of the temple

  • Darth Vader
    Darth Vader 21 dzień temu

    Considering the traveler was going to leave from the earth in fear of the darkness before Rasputin stopped him I’m slightly suspicious

  • Krieg115
    Krieg115 21 dzień temu

    I look at this and become quite furious about how he interpreted the deep stone crypt so wrong

  • banshee53
    banshee53 21 dzień temu

    I hate the traveller. He doesn't do anything

  • George Karaiskos
    George Karaiskos 22 dni temu

    The darkness wanted to kill humanity too so that is why the guardians kill it

  • Frozen Alpha
    Frozen Alpha 23 dni temu

    I feel that he wasn't cut by a thorn but The Thorn

  • ProVision
    ProVision 25 dni temu

    Well, turns out that dude could have been on to something. The Spider (from the new Destiny 2: Forsaken expansion) is a Fallen who speaks English.
    (Edit) Also, I am hella convinced the Traveller is not entirely good if good at all.

  • Archetype1113
    Archetype1113 25 dni temu

    Make one on destiny 2 is cayde6 dead

  • Sylveon the Dragon Killer


  • al salazar
    al salazar 26 dni temu

    Coming back here and looking at destiny 2 forsaken and how Aldrich says at the end and saying “are you really guardians of light?”

  • William Engström
    William Engström 26 dni temu

    @13:13 The darkness barely had anything to do with the whirlwind, the one who was responsible for that was Oryx, The taken king.

  • Dread For Dead
    Dread For Dead 26 dni temu

    Yo game theory,you should like totally do a theory that you can find about transformers..... plez do

  • harley bowers
    harley bowers 26 dni temu

    So halo was the gold age and destiny is it dark age

  • Fiery Gazelle
    Fiery Gazelle 27 dni temu

    I heard The Darkness will win.

  • Noah Floyd
    Noah Floyd 28 dni temu

    Then destiny 2 hits and his theory is kinda ruined. Also now that the traveler is awake what now?

  • Christopher Fenton
    Christopher Fenton 28 dni temu

    Oh, and play a ful length sieries of destiny 2 to reveal the answer.

  • Christopher Fenton
    Christopher Fenton 28 dni temu

    In not trying to be a hater but if you didnt play destiny or destiny 2 enimies sometimes just talk randomly, but I like your theory.

  • Tinsel
    Tinsel 28 dni temu

    Lmao d2 forsaken really made me rethink this theory. I find it really plausible now.

  • Tenneth the last argonian

    The thing about killing the garden god...the vex are very destructive and kill humans and other races without thinking as well...maybe neither the vex OR the humans are evil...maybe none of the alive things are evil or the guardians but what is

  • Zack Deathreaper
    Zack Deathreaper 28 dni temu


  • kissgirls?lolugaye
    kissgirls?lolugaye 28 dni temu

    Its just a game,
    i just want to shoot stuf

  • MrChespy
    MrChespy 28 dni temu

    You forget the fallen want the traveller again for themselves. Also why would it sacrifice itself

  • Magical PikaChu
    Magical PikaChu 29 dni temu +1

    But, I love Destiny

  • GAMEplay 27
    GAMEplay 27 29 dni temu

    Weres destiny 2

  • WhnTehBtDrps
    WhnTehBtDrps 29 dni temu

    The Ghost’s voice should be something you want to hear, calming with humor... not obnoxious..... meh I dig it. #ghostpat (geez, I’m sooo late on this reply)

  • EternalFlare
    EternalFlare Miesiąc temu

    Please make a destiny 2 forsaken theory!!!

  • Conscious OUT
    Conscious OUT Miesiąc temu

    Still waiting for something to connect Destiny with The Darkness comics...

  • darĸ
    darĸ Miesiąc temu

    **gets gallajhorn**

    AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!1!1!1 OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!11!1!11

  • Mikiwiki 333
    Mikiwiki 333 Miesiąc temu

    Hi, here 3 years later #ghostpat

  • Cogapple 3
    Cogapple 3 Miesiąc temu

    Please do another one

  • Madyson Blanford
    Madyson Blanford Miesiąc temu

    To me it sounded like the fallen dreg said, “the darkness will open.” It couldn’t just said something in their language after he said, “the darkness” tho.

  • Mapleleaf AJPW
    Mapleleaf AJPW Miesiąc temu

    Destiny 2 kinda ruins it..

  • TheFloatingGoat
    TheFloatingGoat Miesiąc temu

    The Fallen love the Traveler. They don’t want revenge on it

  • Billybobjoe1365
    Billybobjoe1365 Miesiąc temu

    I still think the traveler is a good guy.

  • DeathWhitch
    DeathWhitch Miesiąc temu

    Yeah I'm crazy late finding this (thanks youtube algorithm) but it's Nathan Fillian that does the voice of the ghost not Norlan North (although North did replace Fillian as cayde in the forsaken expansion)

  • MakoThe Pickle
    MakoThe Pickle Miesiąc temu


  • Some1that Playgames
    Some1that Playgames Miesiąc temu

    So funny to watch this after forsaken in DESTINY 2🤣😂