15 Small Beauty Tricks That Make French Women So Charming

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  • Opublikowany 26 kwi 2019
  • In every country, women have their own secrets on how to stay young and beautiful. But French women have the most natural charm in the world because they somehow manage to look 18 at the age of 42, like Audrey Tautou. Of course, there are no universal tips that can help everyone, but French women definitely have some useful habits that help them stay charming at any age.
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    Say “no” to contouring 0:23
    Embrace your imperfections 0:43
    Choose red lips 1:13
    Go for a simple manicure 1:37
    Stop damaging your hair 2:04
    Improve the quality of your sleep 2:37
    Keep your makeup bag light 3:10
    Use your perfume correctly 3:49
    Splurge on a good haircut 4:23
    Stick to a simple skincare routine 4:53
    Give yourself facial massages 5:23
    Leave your eyebrows alone 5:55
    Forget about strict diets 6:26
    Try cold showers 7:03
    Work on your confidence 7:32
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    Eva Green au photocall de 'Based On A True Story' pendant le festival de Cannes 2017 le 27 mai 2017 au Palais des Festivals a Cannes, France. Eva Green attends the 'Based On A True Story' photocall during the 70th annual Cannes Film Festival at Palais des Festivals on May 27, 2017 in Cannes, France: By KCS/East News, www.eastnews.ru/pictures/picture/id/56326342/i/3/t/127
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    - Contouring takes over the world these days, but French girls aren't that into it. French beauty is all about showing the natural features of the face, not hiding them and drawing new ones.
    - French women don't style their hair that much, choose unpopular vintage accessories, and don't make obvious outfit choices. And that's exactly why you can't take your eyes off of them!
    - If you're looking for a quick way to upgrade your look, take it from French women and put your favorite red lipstick on.
    - Crazy colored nails or even the style that we, for some reason, call French manicure are too much for French women. They love to stay natural.
    - All these hair dryers and flat irons destroy the structure of your hair big time. French women know this and choose to splurge on expensive hair products instead.
    - Believe it or not, the pillow you sleep on can really affect your skin and hair. And if you want this effect to be good, follow French women's footsteps and buy yourself a silk pillow!
    - Most women's makeup bags are a mess - numerous lipsticks, contour sticks, highlighters, and eyeshadow palettes. French women, on the other hand, only carry the essentials.
    - Coco Chanel once said “A woman should wear perfume wherever she wants to be kissed,” and French ladies follow this simple tip.
    - French beauties follow one simple principle - you can wear 10-dollar clothes and nobody will ever know but get a cheap haircut and your look will instantly be ruined.
    - “Less is more” is their true motto, so they don't need much - just a good face cleanser, sunscreen, and moisturizer.
    - Regular facial massages can completely transform your skin. And you don't have to go to pricy beauty salons for that!
    - It's hard to find a French woman with heavy and unnaturally dark eyebrows. Drawing them for half an hour just isn't their thing!
    - Women from France have their own opinion about hot new diets. Sure, losing a couple of extra pounds is cool but the lack of vitamins and minerals can make your system weaker.
    - French women aren't fans of plastic surgery, so you won't find many women with fake noses, cheekbones, or lips on the streets of Paris. They accept themselves as they are.
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    BRIGHT SIDE  6 miesięcy temu +162

    Hey, who´s your beauty role model? Let's share our preferences in the comments.

    • Zsuzsanna de Rothschild
      Zsuzsanna de Rothschild 2 dni temu

      this is really the European woman, not just french...

    • Mimi Sunshine
      Mimi Sunshine 6 dni temu

      Moi, Mimi & MYSELF

    • Wulan Suci
      Wulan Suci 12 dni temu +1

      Penelope Cruz & Marion Cotillard

    • Laura Coleman
      Laura Coleman 13 dni temu

      BRIGHT SIDE @Justine Leconte! She is perfectly imperfect. Such a beautiful and brilliant woman.

    • Mcm Rvr
      Mcm Rvr 16 dni temu

      Isabelle Huppert, my all time favorite

  • sushi roll
    sushi roll 3 dni temu

    As a french woman I can tell you that this video is pretty wrong and very cliché lol

  • Senhorita Estressadinha

    A “francesa” da capa parece auma noiva fantasma

  • Zeenat Khan
    Zeenat Khan 6 dni temu

    Drinking water every morning

  • Karma Karma
    Karma Karma 8 dni temu

    Now i feel Fenchh.

  • KeYZio_ wolffou
    KeYZio_ wolffou 12 dni temu

    C'est nul

  • Leucci11
    Leucci11 13 dni temu

    "WORLD" = USA ... *eyeroll*

  • Shristi Gupta
    Shristi Gupta 15 dni temu

    Cold showers, it snows half the year here

  • Chantel Wensley
    Chantel Wensley 15 dni temu

    I look aweful in red lipstick ..

  • Ashley Kraus
    Ashley Kraus 15 dni temu

    This is so funny, I am French and I do everything in this video haha ;)

  • guiguijol
    guiguijol 15 dni temu

    Women Cosmetics are used to enhance in France, not to hide.

  • Elisha
    Elisha 15 dni temu

    Many Indian women does all these too.. theres a lot beauty in India!

  • Cans
    Cans 15 dni temu

    Not all french girls/women look like that. Tough it’s true less is more is a thing. I don’t wear tons of makeup but I feel like it when I see how they wear 0 makeup, and still have a flawless skin.
    The red lipstick sounds very cliché.

  • Thillaye Marie
    Thillaye Marie 17 dni temu

    loooool we simply don"t follow any guidelines

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    Arabian Layla 17 dni temu

    I wish to marry French man . To live all this life style with him 💙🇫🇷❤️

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    Ohh my. I am such a French lady. 😂😂😂😂

  • Garance
    Garance 18 dni temu

    as a french woman, the key is to always look like you had something better to do and you really don't care

  • Mincir Beaute Bien Etre Institut M B B

    I'm french...this vidéo is just Fake. French women are white, Brown, black and loves wigs, make up etc...all of us don't look like Marion Cotillard!!!

  • Claire Ying
    Claire Ying 18 dni temu

    Always had red lipstick makes me feel more confident.

  • Art Factory
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    She has jaw jobs . Nose jobs..lips suction....idk who out her face on the thumnail

  • Lucy Dyamond
    Lucy Dyamond 20 dni temu

    If ever I had such a basic skincare routine I wouldn’t need a fancy facial peel, my skin would just peel off on its own. If I’m wearing no foundation I gotta overdo it with the skincare.

  • Binga Bookielee
    Binga Bookielee 22 dni temu +1

    OK but Eva Greene in the thumbline looks like Snape with lipstick

  • chat noir
    chat noir 23 dni temu +94

    spoiler alert in Paris only americans girls wear a beret, its like screaming "im a tourist!!!"

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    I dont use contour but It looks like i do

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    contouring doesn’t hide your natural features and if anything just makes them more prominent

  • Rosillaz
    Rosillaz 28 dni temu

    Hello ! Im a french model and I can confirm ; all of this is true, especially the red lips : I would never go out without my red lipstick on, ready to slay the world

  • Masa Tanael
    Masa Tanael 29 dni temu +1

    "If you dont believe in your own. beauty, who will?" 😊👌👍

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    No thanks. The frence are One of the rudest people I have ever come across .

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    For the world we have a certain idea when we say French look...so its easier for us to search in PLclip how to get the look.....so please don't get so offended saying all French women don't look the same

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    Sorry but not all French women are beautiful in appearance

  • Yunita Satrianti
    Yunita Satrianti Miesiąc temu

    Not all French. I’m in France

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    So, I'm from Bangladesh and according to this list, I'm a literal french woman.

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    NEVER EVER USE ESSENTIAL OILS ON YOUR FACE! They are for diffusers, not skin.

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    Good tips thank you from Nz :-)☆

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    SoJeoung CHOI Miesiąc temu

    Also Sophie Marceau is beautiful

  • Ellie Sva
    Ellie Sva Miesiąc temu

    I'm French and I'm very sorry to say that it is ALL LIES. This is so cliché! Not even close to the truth!

  • LaWendeltreppe
    LaWendeltreppe Miesiąc temu

    The main thing why French women maybe look more b'ful than the usual American woman does is because they tend to be more on the darker side when it comes to hair and skin tones. they are less pale by nature and have nicer looking eyebrows and lashes.

  • Anne Bourgeois
    Anne Bourgeois Miesiąc temu

    Less is more

  • Katheryn
    Katheryn Miesiąc temu

    Kylie Jenner =/= World 🤦‍♀️

  • Tina Bella
    Tina Bella Miesiąc temu

    After watching this video I realize the way I do makeup has been the French Style because I am lazy and don't know how to contour or use bronzer or omg false eyelashes, microblading and fake anything. My emphasis is skin care and live a healthy lifestyle. Oh I have expensive perfume!

  • Andishae Haasan
    Andishae Haasan Miesiąc temu

    French women are all Geminis and so am I 😂

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    Why to compare...... French Grls r beautiful..... It doesnt mean others r not prty

  • Nice little buddy Fuck you asshole

    So cliche 🙄
    This video is just bunch of stereotypes

  • Nice little buddy Fuck you asshole

    This has a pressure on me

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    Ivana Bonačić Dorić Miesiąc temu

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  • _ I’m a cold elf _
    _ I’m a cold elf _ Miesiąc temu

    I have natural red lips dose that count? :’)

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    Tae Yoon Miesiąc temu

    Why does the thumbnail says world? That just represents Hollywood

  • cocooooamamam
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    I am French but most of the things told here are so wrong !

  • Μαρια Κασουλιδου

    What about Italian women

  • Kat
    Kat Miesiąc temu

    Don't use the perfume on your skin and avoid nail polish and all chemicals. You should only buy makeup once every few years per item. If you have to buy more your wearing too much. Spend the extra price for natural products. Stay away from scented lotions too.