Matt Ox Is More Intelligent Than You Think

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  • Opublikowany 3 lip 2019
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    Philadelphia rapper Matt Ox shares how he got his rap name, the biggest misconception about him, the story of how he linked up with Chief Keef to record and more in XXL's 'Who Am I?' series.
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  • MuzykaMuzyka

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  • XXL
    XXL  2 miesięcy temu +548

    What's your favorite Matt Ox song?

    • Kyree
      Kyree 2 dni temu

    • CallMeTony
      CallMeTony 10 dni temu

      Why would you pimp this trash? XXL editor looks like a fugly middle aged man who is in the process of transitioning to a woman. There are so many gifted rappers grinding out there and you fools forcefeed me a "rapper" who doesn't even know how to talk. I'm starting to think that XXL puts this shit out on purpose because they'll get more views by people like me who are outraged and look at this as disrespecting the game.

    • Gm Gaming films
      Gm Gaming films 13 dni temu

      @Shyvizzle shut the fuck up

    • Shyvizzle
      Shyvizzle 13 dni temu

      @Gm Gaming films ur trash

    • Shyvizzle
      Shyvizzle 13 dni temu

      @erik young ox is on it to RETARD

  • Scarecrow Studios
    Scarecrow Studios Godzinę temu +1

    Matt Ox looks likes Bruce’s doppelgänger off of Gotham

  • Desaree Yarbrough
    Desaree Yarbrough 15 godzin temu

    Does he wash his hair jw

  • Alabama 100
    Alabama 100 Dzień temu +1

    Imagine a bull actually saying "ox" lmao that would be funny asf

  • Lucas Cruz
    Lucas Cruz 2 dni temu

    Everyone: matt ox sucks, no one likes him, his hair is a mop
    Also everyone: X had the best taste as a rapper, he was the best, #RIPX
    *X was good friends with matt, matt showed him a song and x liked it so he put it in the album with him rapping a verse that another guy rapped in the original version*

  • Nathan Perrin
    Nathan Perrin 2 dni temu

    Yo why the fuck does this kids mother not smack the shit out of him and tell him to stop acting like he someone out the streets! And I'm not saying there is anything wrong with people from the"streets" but I can promise that the goal isnt to stay in the streets it's to make it the fuck out and grow.. this kid and many others are moving backwards! Why why why why why..if I seen him in person I'd talk to him and in the middle of the conversation I'd hem his little ass up and beat the streets out of him..and fuck his age..if he doesmt want to be judged he needs to stop the acting and grow the fuck up..

  • This bitch Arii
    This bitch Arii 3 dni temu

    His voice 😍😍😍🤤🤤🤤

  • Aalijah•̫͡ Strayhorn

    He thinks he’s from the streets ok 👌🏾

  • SoaR Ervz
    SoaR Ervz 5 dni temu

    What did he do to himself I remember 2 years ago when he dropped that fire song

  • U w U
    U w U 5 dni temu

    People really be hatin on a lil kid

  • Alexys Meza
    Alexys Meza 6 dni temu

    His hair look like a mop

  • Forgett
    Forgett 8 dni temu

    Remember when this mf made a song with fidget spinners?

  • HIRQ
    HIRQ 8 dni temu

    He really out here looking like the rug rats😅😂😂

  • Glenda Peach
    Glenda Peach 10 dni temu

    He coped a dick lmao

  • Diego Gil sanchez
    Diego Gil sanchez 13 dni temu

    This nigga remind me of riley off boondocks😂

  • Malcolm Alvarez
    Malcolm Alvarez 14 dni temu

    What did h do for fun as a nigaa he is a kid

  • Living with Perks
    Living with Perks 16 dni temu

    0:33 For Fun as a Kid? This dude is still probably going to the park.. hes like 10 lol 😂

  • M S A H 97 4 7 & 0
    M S A H 97 4 7 & 0 17 dni temu

    Just shut the fuck up

  • ROXY
    ROXY 18 dni temu

    XXL:What did you do when you were younger
    Matt Ox: Go to Park
    XXL: what do you do now
    Matt Ox: Go to Park still.

  • Duckie Reaper93
    Duckie Reaper93 20 dni temu

    Jesus Christ more kids ruined

  • journalsfromdavid
    journalsfromdavid 22 dni temu

    Looks like a white younger fucked up version of swae lee

  • Grim Sleeper
    Grim Sleeper 23 dni temu

    If downs syndrome had a pure human for it would be Matt cox

  • Selena Hernandez
    Selena Hernandez 24 dni temu

    I didn’t know 🤷🏻‍♀️ Not brushing your hair was a style⁉️ 😂😂 ❌❌ WHY ?? 🤡🤡

  • Kyree
    Kyree 25 dni temu +1

    Is this nigga homeless now?

  • user name
    user name 26 dni temu

    ok now i think this crusty gremlin is even dumber then i originally thought

  • YaBoiAlex
    YaBoiAlex 26 dni temu

    Lol he looks like lil mosey

  • Tony James
    Tony James 27 dni temu

    *Matt ox is more intelligent than you think*
    Me: ok
    Matt ox: so i jajwns notepad sjd
    Me: huh?

    Edit: matt ox isnt dumb if he was, he wouldnt be successful or if he dumb was everyone would be successful

  • H B
    H B 27 dni temu

    He pretending to be off the pills lol

  • Ramo
    Ramo 27 dni temu

    What did he say? 🤷🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

  • XxYoloboyxX Μαειος
    XxYoloboyxX Μαειος 28 dni temu +2

    Bro is this kid cracked, or he has communication issues

  • paul deneno
    paul deneno 29 dni temu +1

    intelligent? He cant form a sentence🤣

  • VeryRare Vinny
    VeryRare Vinny 29 dni temu +1

    Why y’all niggas hating on youngbull

  • Young Mula
    Young Mula Miesiąc temu

    This nigga look homeless

  • Buns & Bass MYFHC
    Buns & Bass MYFHC Miesiąc temu

    This guy is an actual little idiot. And his music is so bad

  • Zgunny's game clips
    Zgunny's game clips Miesiąc temu

    This dudes hair look so nasty lice ain't wanna get up in that shit they be like aw heel nah fu da shi 🏎 racing out of those nasty ass dreads

  • CC The Curry God
    CC The Curry God Miesiąc temu

    Brooooo me and Matt OX are a day apart I can’t make this up

  • Nolan Bean
    Nolan Bean Miesiąc temu

    Does this nigga brush his hair? 😂

  • Luis Mateo
    Luis Mateo Miesiąc temu

    "What did you like to do as a kid?" He is a kid!!

  • Kar3c -
    Kar3c - Miesiąc temu

    Why is he on XXL

  • lego obi-wan
    lego obi-wan Miesiąc temu

    making it look like you can’t talk doesn’t make you bad kid

  • Hunter Smith
    Hunter Smith Miesiąc temu

    Barber: So what ya want?
    Matt Ox: You ever seen a squirel that got electricuted?
    Barber: I gotch ya bro.

  • Romantis Anon
    Romantis Anon Miesiąc temu

    No. No he’s not.

  • CaliRail
    CaliRail Miesiąc temu

    Why did they bring a homeless man into this?

    GOG ALMIGHTY Miesiąc temu

    Title: “Matt ox is more intelligent than you think”
    MattOx: “this is Matt Ox for XXL and this is Who I Am”
    *Title reads “who am I”*

  • Dominic Ramirez
    Dominic Ramirez Miesiąc temu

    I found woahvickey Little brother

  • Yblovesangel 23
    Yblovesangel 23 Miesiąc temu

    Bruh he still is a kid wtf talking ab what u did for fun as a kid

  • starboy530
    starboy530 Miesiąc temu +1

    He look like the mop from the game kindergarten 1 and 2 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    MR KOOLAID Miesiąc temu

    I love how he says that back then when I was a kid and he’s still a kid

  • Jeremy Laing
    Jeremy Laing Miesiąc temu

    This dudes moms must've dropped him on his head a bunch of times as a child

  • yeeet yeeet
    yeeet yeeet Miesiąc temu

    im loosing brain cells listening to this kid trt to sound black

  • Simple Cell Fu
    Simple Cell Fu Miesiąc temu +1

    He came up here looking like a caveman

  • SPOOKYxDAx Scary
    SPOOKYxDAx Scary Miesiąc temu +1

    This kid says the n word and hes white.

  • onim26
    onim26 Miesiąc temu

    who is this infant

  • Princess Vane
    Princess Vane Miesiąc temu

    He would actually be hot if he cut he’s hair tho 😂👌🏼

  • Monkey2942
    Monkey2942 Miesiąc temu

    The way that kid is talking is the most cringe shit I’ve seen in a minute. And it’s painfully obvious he’s doing it on purpose too💀💀💀

  • Godly
    Godly Miesiąc temu

    Nigga, an Ox is an ANIMAL.

  • Saibot
    Saibot Miesiąc temu

    What creature died on his head ?

  • Juan Felix
    Juan Felix Miesiąc temu

    Gtfo and go get yo self a haircut

  • riskrask leo
    riskrask leo Miesiąc temu

    The beat in the background louder than him

  • shockwavettv
    shockwavettv Miesiąc temu

    This man rly on drugs