Rap Monster x Warren G 'P.D.D' MV

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  • Opublikowany 5 mar 2015
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  • Htut Yan Zaw
    Htut Yan Zaw 5 godzin temu

    I wish for more Vi3ws Guys TT

  • OLLIE army
    OLLIE army 6 godzin temu

    Kim namjoon

  • Htut Yan Zaw
    Htut Yan Zaw 11 godzin temu

    4 years ago but 1M views 🙂
    Thanks ☹

  • Htut Yan Zaw
    Htut Yan Zaw 11 godzin temu +1

    1M 🙂

  • Justyna Ratajska
    Justyna Ratajska Dzień temu +1


  • Any Lestari
    Any Lestari 2 dni temu +2

    My little brother Namjoon...
    Ganbatte ne!!

  • Owl House
    Owl House 2 dni temu

    Just heard this first time today 🤔
    Ooooooh this has the chillest vibe & Namjoon sounds smooth af 🔥💜 though he’s roastin haters!

  • Irene Labra
    Irene Labra 3 dni temu

    Why am i only seeing this today

  • mirinae salanghada
    mirinae salanghada 4 dni temu

    I'm sorry, but - CUTIE

  • isa sunshine
    isa sunshine 4 dni temu

    Please don't kill me.

  • Janubeary
    Janubeary 5 dni temu

    How is it my first time knowing about these solos?

  • fatikcatik
    fatikcatik 5 dni temu

    This deserves more likes and views :(

  • fatikcatik
    fatikcatik 5 dni temu +1

    This is masterpiece. It is really comfortable to listening and watching

  • Sevda Mustafazadə
    Sevda Mustafazadə 6 dni temu

    RM ilysm

  • Nyny Lewis
    Nyny Lewis 6 dni temu

    I really like dis💜💜💜💜💜💜

  • Anna belle
    Anna belle 7 dni temu

    Yeah it's sad and hurts me a lot that his solo songs and raps doesn't get many views.They are soooooooooooo awesome but not everyone really appreciates it. But I have you read the lyrics in his song and what he says in live and interview??No matter what,he has such amazing confidence and optimism,he disses the haters and moves forward full on ahead.He has always given this positive vibe to us that no matter what,just do what you wanna do.Can you believe this guy??If you can't appreciate this man I don't what you will.BTS would not be what we see today if it wasn't for his most part!!
    While thinking all this,I also do know he gets sad or depressed from time to time,it's part of life but still,Namjoon if you ever come across this ( one in billion chances),you need to know that you have done great,you are awesome,you should always give a pat on your back,you have given so many people so much hope and strength to go forward.Always love yourself,don't ever give up(i know you won't) then there will be no one to look after us,take a break if needed.We always love you and look up you.I love you!!

    I hope my words don't seem cliche or corny,just my inner thoughts!

  • Trà My Đinh
    Trà My Đinh 8 dni temu

    The only song ever

  • O O P S I E D O O P S I E

    I feel sad for all the armys that didn't know that this beautiful song exists. This is so underrated ;_;

  • LessWRU
    LessWRU 8 dni temu +1

    RM while I'm planking: Please don't die

  • Geri Romero
    Geri Romero 9 dni temu

    I love you RM!

  • skim bl3
    skim bl3 11 dni temu +1

    This is art!

  • Eliah Villahermosa
    Eliah Villahermosa 12 dni temu

    RM King of fashion...no ones gonna argue bout that

  • Rizka Novitasari
    Rizka Novitasari 13 dni temu +1

    보라해, 남준 !!!!!💜💜💜💜💜💜💜. We'll keep supporting U, Joon.
    🇮🇩 indomy

  • jung shook
    jung shook 13 dni temu

    Barely 1 million views? Cmon now A.R.M.Y dont let this song get slepted on

  • BTS Rose kpop fan
    BTS Rose kpop fan 15 dni temu

    Only 1 million views there so more many ARMY
    that don't know about this song they are missing out

  • Any Lestari
    Any Lestari 16 dni temu


  • Kim Mariiih
    Kim Mariiih 17 dni temu


  • Min Suga Swag
    Min Suga Swag 17 dni temu

    I listen to regulate (also by warren g ft Nate dog) and now I’m listening to this

  • Mimosa pudica
    Mimosa pudica 18 dni temu +2


  • Ahn Rhea
    Ahn Rhea 19 dni temu

    Why R19 though? I'm underage but doesn't follow rules so it's gwaenchana. But stilll........

  • Moonchild93 Namjoon
    Moonchild93 Namjoon 19 dni temu

    I just listen this masterpiece this year😍😍😍

  • Camilla Sthefany Vieira
    Camilla Sthefany Vieira 19 dni temu +1

    I really not knowed they had a song together 😪, but now I always go hear. 2 masters of good Hip hop 👌😙

  • Olivia
    Olivia 20 dni temu

    I have not listened to this in such a long time ^^ RM you're such an amazing and an inspiring artist, I admire you so much

  • Marou
    Marou 22 dni temu +2

    i'm shook and disapointed af about how are underrated rm's solo. he deserves so much more.

    • Moonchild93 Namjoon
      Moonchild93 Namjoon 19 dni temu

      This is BTS back then.. In 2015😢 they're not been recognised so much in their country

  • Diana Lopez
    Diana Lopez 25 dni temu

    Kim Nam Joon💜😔

  • Mimosa pudica
    Mimosa pudica 26 dni temu +2

    Uri Moonchild!!

  • BTS paved the way The Fact

    Namjoon fucking underrated last 6 years!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mariana González
    Mariana González 27 dni temu

    Neta gente , solo 1M ? :c si esto es una joyaaaa

  • Nurul Afida
    Nurul Afida 28 dni temu


    I felt betrayed by yt?😭😭💔💔💔💔whyyyyyy they only recomment this to me only now
    This mv should receive more love😖😖😖

  • Rania Shérine
    Rania Shérine 29 dni temu +1

    Me : RM lets me introduce you To you from 2015
    RM : ...

  • julieta gallardo
    julieta gallardo 29 dni temu


  • dearyouni
    dearyouni Miesiąc temu

    넘 좋다

  • Choi SoobinIssaBunny
    Choi SoobinIssaBunny Miesiąc temu +2

    If RM’s songs were dropped at 2019, he would destroy the world

  • Tanya Vidushi
    Tanya Vidushi Miesiąc temu

    This deserves more views....army stream this video

  • Luh Eka
    Luh Eka Miesiąc temu +1

    If bangtan bomb has many vi3ws, why not we give this mv many vi3ws too?

  • Vkook Cristino
    Vkook Cristino Miesiąc temu

    no puedo creer que esta increible cancion de RM tenga solo 1 millon de v1stas

  • Suga kookie Sunshine
    Suga kookie Sunshine Miesiąc temu +1

    I am so late
    Where the heck I have been
    How I missed this song
    TT TT and now I am crying

  • Shayestha Ahmed
    Shayestha Ahmed Miesiąc temu +1

    Can we treat this as a comeback and reach it to

  • suzana rodriguez
    suzana rodriguez Miesiąc temu

    When I started listening it was at 34 million now 1 million this song deserves to be higher

  • 30VANTE
    30VANTE Miesiąc temu +1


  • Saz monster
    Saz monster Miesiąc temu +2


  • Christine Angel Robles
    Christine Angel Robles Miesiąc temu +1


  • violete rumy
    violete rumy Miesiąc temu

    Lets promote this song , this masterpiece

  • Link?? Description
    Link?? Description Miesiąc temu +1

    2019??why (ToT)

  • creamy kr
    creamy kr Miesiąc temu

    Soooooooooo underrated😭ma bias RM💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  • cutie patootie
    cutie patootie Miesiąc temu

    Underrated masterpiece

  • Kim Edlyn
    Kim Edlyn Miesiąc temu


  • Ehkugay Taw
    Ehkugay Taw Miesiąc temu +1

    RM: please don't die
    MY PHONE ON 1%
    ME: please don't die on this masterpiece

  • Nēkö._.dëmoîsełłe
    Nēkö._.dëmoîsełłe Miesiąc temu


  • 민소피
    민소피 Miesiąc temu +1

    Te amo Namjoooooonnnnn!!!!!!!

  • YUMYUM l
    YUMYUM l Miesiąc temu +4


  • Lexx A.L
    Lexx A.L Miesiąc temu +2

    1,047, 152, views...
    IDK este vídeo está aquí siendo arte y mucha gente lo está ignorando, por el bien de la humanidad compartamos esta joya.
    (Es en serio amixes, RM es muy talentoso, démosle más reconocimiento a su hermosa música)

  • Rym Boughamsa
    Rym Boughamsa Miesiąc temu +2


  • i should be sleeping
    i should be sleeping Miesiąc temu

    why tf am i only seeing this now??????????this is a masterpiece???????????

  • Apologize Min
    Apologize Min Miesiąc temu +1

    This song is amazing omg

  • Apologize Min
    Apologize Min Miesiąc temu +1


  • Apologize Min
    Apologize Min Miesiąc temu +1

    Just 1M WHY? WHY?! This deserves more

  • Taehyung's Gucci Girl
    Taehyung's Gucci Girl Miesiąc temu +1


  • Mimosa pudica
    Mimosa pudica Miesiąc temu +2


  • Vanessa ü RM
    Vanessa ü RM Miesiąc temu +1

    RM lo amoooo😍

  • Dragoon Crab
    Dragoon Crab Miesiąc temu +1

    I love you RM, you're my bias, i admire you so much. I love your lyrics, rap, your mind, personality, your dimples, smile, etc. You're amazing

  • Rachel Griffin Sugaa.k.aAgust D

    I just found out about this! *jungshook*

  • Rifa Rafifah
    Rifa Rafifah Miesiąc temu +2

    *RM : Please don't die*
    *ME : I can't die before I meet BTS*

  • Arifah Misut
    Arifah Misut Miesiąc temu +1

    okay im crying cuz i just know this song this year!!! namjoon im sorry :(

  • Tan Feli
    Tan Feli Miesiąc temu +1

    This deserves better

  • Rea _97
    Rea _97 Miesiąc temu +1


  • karely tiu
    karely tiu Miesiąc temu +1

    Le pueden dar amor a nuestro líder ? Gracias :')

  • Baby Bunbun
    Baby Bunbun Miesiąc temu +4

    Namjoonaaa...the sky is blue!!

  • zerya kelesh
    zerya kelesh Miesiąc temu +1


  • Кэти Пак
    Кэти Пак Miesiąc temu

    1 040 610)

  • Jimin Park
    Jimin Park Miesiąc temu +1

    Lindo ;)

  • Rhonda Ratt
    Rhonda Ratt Miesiąc temu

    This is so underrated:((

  • Louisa fitzgerald
    Louisa fitzgerald Miesiąc temu

    um......when did this happen?

  • Kathe Chorlango
    Kathe Chorlango Miesiąc temu


  • Jeonji y chung-hee
    Jeonji y chung-hee Miesiąc temu +1

    Como han pasado los años!!😭😭 para mi todas sus canciones tanto como viejitas o nuevas para mi son joyas !!!💖😭😭😭

  • Aera
    Aera Miesiąc temu +4

    So glad this masterpiece finally has 1M🙌 Congrats RM!💜💜

  • Aera
    Aera Miesiąc temu +1

    2015: please don't die
    2019: or do you wanna die?
    Me: * dead * RM how'd you know your awesomeness was gonna kill me? :o

  • Phoo Ngon
    Phoo Ngon Miesiąc temu

    it s finally 1m!!

  • Wendy Aguilar
    Wendy Aguilar Miesiąc temu

    2019 y aun amo esta canción ❤

  • Кэти Пак
    Кэти Пак Miesiąc temu

    1 039 001)♡
    2. 5. 2019 | 16:58)))

  • Yulia Gee
    Yulia Gee Miesiąc temu

    Oooooh😍 mum, I love him 😅😍❤

  • MEMI
    MEMI Miesiąc temu +1

    Es de mis favoritas de RM.

  • mrs bts
    mrs bts Miesiąc temu +1

    My fav song why is this so UNDERATTED

  • Chichi Kent
    Chichi Kent Miesiąc temu +1

    I will resurrect for you Namjoon

  • Namjoon is my sun
    Namjoon is my sun Miesiąc temu

    I don't know how this video has only 1M views, bunch of hipocrytes, ARMY ISN'T A FANDOM WHO LOVES ALL MEMBERS, ALL HAS PREFERENCES. FUCK THEY AND THEM CHILDS.

  • Cirque du Creep
    Cirque du Creep Miesiąc temu

    legendary collaboration, namjoon resembling a pimp 🙄 and now im thinking of jimin wanting to beat that hovering airplane kid 💭

  • Nomjoon
    Nomjoon Miesiąc temu


  • Nadia Alegría
    Nadia Alegría Miesiąc temu +3

    *RM = ARTE*

  • hearts for yoogi
    hearts for yoogi 2 miesięcy temu

    “You can’t fuck with me”😳😳😳

  • Jimin Baby1022
    Jimin Baby1022 2 miesięcy temu +1

    Namjoon has come so far and achieved so much, yet his old bops are always so underated that you can't help but come back and listen.