Game Theory: Super Mario's BIGGEST Secret.....Literally

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  • Waluigi
    Waluigi 2 miesięcy temu +29888

    Oh well, it doesn’t matter if I am not a playable character in smash, as long as I am the healthiest in the mushroom kingdom because of my sport habits! WAH HA HA HA!

  • CalmManiX [GMD]
    CalmManiX [GMD] 2 godzin temu

    I just saw a SSB Ultimate ad

  • Wario is 10 feet tall
    Wario is 10 feet tall 5 godzin temu

    6:48 *how COULD YOU !*

  • Freddie DeCamp
    Freddie DeCamp 6 godzin temu

    In a previous odyssey video didn't you determine that Mario Jumpman Mario's world has a higher gravity than our own shouldn't you take that into account because gravity goes a long way in shaping physiology and healthy for us may not be healthy for them.

  • Arlekienen
    Arlekienen 6 godzin temu +1

    Man, seeing Rosalina, one of my favourite characters ever and one I relate to a lot, being calculated as tall and around the same weight as I am, after being called ugly for having those traits most of my life, felt magical. Thank you, MatPat, I truly needed this today. Soothed an ache that I've had for years.

  • Shockwave MK1
    Shockwave MK1 8 godzin temu

    Does The Game Theorist have a discord server???

  • Codebreakerblue
    Codebreakerblue 10 godzin temu

    Terrorist merch-erm, theorist merch. Yeah. That one.

  • the awesome gamer//tag//graeme

    Wario and waluigi are brothers

  • ButterFoox
    ButterFoox 20 godzin temu

    Waluigi? Buffluigi you mean?

  • Loralei's Nature Show
    Loralei's Nature Show 21 godzinę temu

    I saw you’re cheeky undertake sans word search funny thing is the only reason I spotted it was because I was playing undertake earlier......😐

  • osQ Sauce
    osQ Sauce 21 godzinę temu

    i have a bmi of 21 yay

  • MrMustaceGamer
    MrMustaceGamer Dzień temu


  • The rejects Club
    The rejects Club Dzień temu

    Sorry about the theory wear thing and how you want to brighten our wardrobe but we just want to burn lemons

  • Lps Gacha
    Lps Gacha Dzień temu

    You don’t even know us but stayed
    * Gives that thing from MLP of loyalty *

  • Hunter Hajaistron
    Hunter Hajaistron Dzień temu

    Today I learned that I'm the exact height & weight of peach and daisy
    What a time to be alive

  • Neko
    Neko Dzień temu

    DAISY IS PRINCESS OF THE FLOWER KINGDOM, SHE IS FROM THERE. (lol not actually mad, just found it funny.)

  • BecauseMyPikachuSaidSo


  • Zuzia13puppylove
    Zuzia13puppylove 2 dni temu

    I got an ultimate smash bros ad... :/

  • Ian Laughlin
    Ian Laughlin 2 dni temu

    Ah I laughed flavored water through my nose it stings big time that cat thing was to much!

  • Castle of Fiction
    Castle of Fiction 2 dni temu

    They call him Waluigi

  • Abomination 999
    Abomination 999 3 dni temu

    14:00 collars would "probably" be best

  • HighFive Dog
    HighFive Dog 3 dni temu

    Waluigi needs to make a healthy eating and exercise booklet

  • Stealth Stingray
    Stealth Stingray 3 dni temu

    Waluigi got his waluweenie stuck in the garbage disposal

  • Isaac Lee
    Isaac Lee 3 dni temu

    Um... Yeah. I was expecting Rosalina to be healthy.

  • Anthony Anderson
    Anthony Anderson 3 dni temu

    0:08 Ooh, a singsongy mama mia!

  • Kelly Hogan
    Kelly Hogan 3 dni temu

    You used fin wrong you use it le fin that means the end fin means end

  • tateanna proctor
    tateanna proctor 3 dni temu

    do a theory on the crash games

  • Bendy Brofit
    Bendy Brofit 3 dni temu

    What about his hat or without his hat.

  • Photo Channel
    Photo Channel 3 dni temu


  • Darian Sugarman
    Darian Sugarman 4 dni temu

    BMI is not an accurate reading for health. It doesn't take into account muscle mass (which is heavier than fat), or anything but your weight and height. You can be really healthy but not in the healthy range in a BMI test.

  • Frizzil
    Frizzil 4 dni temu +1

    MatPat you silly goose, models can be scaled, and their animation bones can be displaced. A valiant effort, though! :^)

  • Joshua Levy
    Joshua Levy 4 dni temu

    Hey did anyone notice that the tallest characters were the ones that had a healthy BMI score

  • LethalButters
    LethalButters 4 dni temu

    My two favorite Mario characters are healthy!!!!!!

  • Stonchman
    Stonchman 4 dni temu

    theres no such thing as a healthy "body type" and bmi is not an accurate measurement of health

  • Alain .M
    Alain .M 4 dni temu

    what the song at 6:47

  • PurplePanther Productions

    Pink by chapters are exclusive bullies

  • Tom Johnson
    Tom Johnson 4 dni temu +3

    7'7" is big for Waluigi but 10 ft for Wario is just fine?

  • detective Eevee lol
    detective Eevee lol 4 dni temu

    O no I'm the last Eevee

  • Andrea Ferguson
    Andrea Ferguson 4 dni temu


  • Gilbert Acosta
    Gilbert Acosta 4 dni temu

    I hate that walughi is not in ultimate

  • naomi schulz
    naomi schulz 4 dni temu

    I'm relieved to know our boy Waluigi is safe

  • sculpta
    sculpta 4 dni temu

    Who cares?

  • Auto herself (Arose927)

    I physically cringed at your pronunciation of Robert Wadlow.... It's WAD low, like a WAD of gum. Not WADE low, like Mark's friend.

  • Leo Potter
    Leo Potter 4 dni temu


  • Bored Brains
    Bored Brains 4 dni temu

    Why does it sound like dutty moonshine the big band as the opening

  • Casey Conroy
    Casey Conroy 4 dni temu

    Your gay for him


  • Christy Wong
    Christy Wong 5 dni temu

    Nintendo craft

  • Cube MAster 9X
    Cube MAster 9X 5 dni temu


  • Zerum
    Zerum 5 dni temu

    No surprise there, health is beauty, and I guess Rosaline is cute or something, but Waluigi... OH BOI THAT MAN IS HOTTER THAN THE CORE OF THE SUN!

  • Farfetched4 !
    Farfetched4 ! 5 dni temu

    It would be awsome if a mario game let you make your own power ups

  • Caleb _
    Caleb _ 5 dni temu

    Interesting, but BMI isn't exactly accurate.

  • Starz Videos
    Starz Videos 5 dni temu

    You forgot about yoshi's weight and BMI. Y u no love the prehistoric green bean

  • Pastel Princess Gracie

    The princesses are underweight but as the exact same height they just need an extra ten pounds. 140 pounds.

  • losar ha ha ha
    losar ha ha ha 5 dni temu

    Lazerbeam outro in the video?

  • drakis50
    drakis50 5 dni temu

    How many ads were in this video, Mat? I liked your old videos when they didn't have an ad every 2 minutes

  • Stephanie Lader
    Stephanie Lader 5 dni temu

    I can’t buy any thiiiiiiing. *lE cRi*
    ;w ;
    And I can’t get online and stuff either.. maybe..

  • from my tablet
    from my tablet 5 dni temu

    Near the end I heard loverloving Wasatch if that's how it spelled from Markiplier

  • FlamingoSpaghetti
    FlamingoSpaghetti 5 dni temu

    6:39 Mario are you t-posing?

  • Luna Flurry
    Luna Flurry 6 dni temu

    im 10 and i weigh more than mario (runs away crying)

  • Vim -Tan
    Vim -Tan 6 dni temu

    I knew Waluigi was perfect all along

  • Cutie Narwhal Tv
    Cutie Narwhal Tv 6 dni temu

    Dat waa one thicc bih

  • gabriel mellino
    gabriel mellino 6 dni temu

    Isn’t the song playing at 12:00 the outro from lazerbeam

  • eddeadus _
    eddeadus _ 6 dni temu

    Can anyone hear lazerbeams theme toon

  • Quark 1010
    Quark 1010 6 dni temu

    Isnt there less gravity in the mushroom kingdom?

  • Brandon Martinez
    Brandon Martinez 6 dni temu

    Cough trying to hit 10 minutes cough still love ya tho

  • Emma Maroun
    Emma Maroun 6 dni temu

    Koizumi.... LIKE MAHIRU KOIZUMI?!

  • Eevee_12131
    Eevee_12131 6 dni temu

    wait you have a kid matt patt!??!?!!?!??!

  • Asuna Skits
    Asuna Skits 6 dni temu

    You should do a theory about baldis basics about if baldi qualifys for a real teacher

  • Nx & Kw
    Nx & Kw 7 dni temu

    You did this for no reason Matt you could've just looked at the Nintendo switch parental control trailer and it shows the game controller measure that and you could see bowser and bowser juinor on the switch just measure the control then compare it to bowser juinor and then compare it to Mario and the other characters

  • Adrian Peak
    Adrian Peak 7 dni temu

    I wish I could get some merch but I can't

  • Alan D
    Alan D 7 dni temu

    12:33 this chart really makes you wonder if it is possible for Wario and Waluigi to actually be biological brothers. BTW sometimes underweight or overweight can be caused in ones life because of genes. If both of your parents were majorly overweight at any time in their life there is a good chance you might be too. Also Wario is probably Obese because of the insane muscle mass he has. To be honest I think that Wario's body could be made more out of muscle than fat. I mean just look at his arms.

  • Td Smith
    Td Smith 7 dni temu

    im also healthy( 18.7)

  • sans the skeelaton
    sans the skeelaton 7 dni temu

    all hail waluigi meme king

  • Thefunguy 1065
    Thefunguy 1065 7 dni temu

    And Luigi floats from 3 balloons

  • TwinTails100
    TwinTails100 7 dni temu

    12:58 And that, gentlemen, is why you always go for the big girls. 😘

  • Debz Baumaus
    Debz Baumaus 7 dni temu

    Creepy to know I'm only 1 inch taller than Mario...

  • Blapperture Mesa
    Blapperture Mesa 7 dni temu


  • FantomNova
    FantomNova 7 dni temu

    Yoshi healthy too

  • Clone199Trooper
    Clone199Trooper 7 dni temu

    And then 100% cringe 😂

  • KubloxJakub
    KubloxJakub 7 dni temu

    0:58 that tail reminds me of the tail from 1 od the roblox imagination events

  • pepper_pepper_5678
    pepper_pepper_5678 8 dni temu

    This makes me go watch the Rosalina videos. If Rosalina is Peach's daughter... maybe she is Peach's dead daughter... because Rosalina is floating, not walking, all the time although she has legs. the Galaxy or her planet may mean heaven. Maybe it's not Peach to be buried under the tree, but Rosalina herself. She died young so she couldn't see her mother. It's just... my theory XP

  • Amy Perry
    Amy Perry 8 dni temu

    waluigi!!!!????? how did you get here???!!!

  • Pixl
    Pixl 8 dni temu

    Now this I agree with

  • Fnaf Animal
    Fnaf Animal 8 dni temu

    I have an question can you do an theory on animal crossing?????? PLSSSSS

  • Luctlapt
    Luctlapt 8 dni temu

    Now we just need a video just fixing the older mario videos where you used other heights... You know... Just for the fun...

    And/or your suffering

  • SlimeLime Jones
    SlimeLime Jones 8 dni temu

    11:57 lazarbeams outro lol

  • Drswag 007
    Drswag 007 8 dni temu

    congrats on the new baby maybe you could have little mat pat JR collab with you

  • Voltek Armada
    Voltek Armada 9 dni temu

    11:20 it’s laser beams outro song

  • OwenBoy08 And Gaming

    0:10 is when intro starts

  • RobertYo125
    RobertYo125 9 dni temu

    That's why he isn't in Smash, he would kick the living crap out of everyone else.

  • Madeleine Russell
    Madeleine Russell 9 dni temu

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  • Voch 123
    Voch 123 9 dni temu

    But MatPat! These ratings are incorrect!
    bb Peach & bb Rosalina are listed with
    a w8 value of 0! Clearly they have MASS!

  • Mitchel Conner
    Mitchel Conner 9 dni temu

    Reggie and the blu group helpin out those poor theorists out there

  • krish chandel
    krish chandel 9 dni temu +1

    Wii fit it’s good enough for mii?

  • ItzOnions
    ItzOnions 9 dni temu

    Lazerbeam outro?

  • Macaroni and Cliches

    BMI is useless

  • CrescentRay
    CrescentRay 9 dni temu

    Omg what's that song at 0:33, I know it but can't remember it's name.

  • GoldenPIXEL 105
    GoldenPIXEL 105 9 dni temu

    But doesn’t his shoes and cap add height? Why don’t you measure the naked Mario in odyssey

  • TNT365
    TNT365 10 dni temu

    Why yes I do watch Dunkey 😂