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  • Opublikowany 13 wrz 2013
  • Mercedes E-Class saloon 2014 review:
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    "Impressive comfort and quality help make the Mercedes E-Class one of the world's best-selling executive cars."
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Komentarze • 597

  • Bazziwe Noah
    Bazziwe Noah 16 godzin temu

    Mat can make you fall in love with something you never intended to do love.

  • Henry Discipline
    Henry Discipline 19 dni temu

    OM642? No thanks, terrible engine.

  • Abdul Waseh
    Abdul Waseh Miesiąc temu

    Chinese. Are. Amazing. !!! Even. Mercedes. Is. Made. In. China. !!! It. Says. A. Lot. About. The. Chinese. !!!

  • Stelios Vlassopoulos
    Stelios Vlassopoulos Miesiąc temu

    Tsose cars are used as taxis, here in Greece.

  • Kevin Mchugh
    Kevin Mchugh 2 miesięcy temu

    Only two trim levels wtf ? Do u know anything about this car there is avantgarde, executive, Amg line and designo

  • Irfan Aslam
    Irfan Aslam 2 miesięcy temu

    i see Matt I Click !

  • Fabulous
    Fabulous 3 miesięcy temu

    I wish more cars had regular clocks in them, most of my friends dont know how to read them :/

  • Seb Stefan
    Seb Stefan 4 miesięcy temu

    Mercedes looks horrible compared to Audi and BMW.

  • Jac X
    Jac X 5 miesięcy temu +1

    Matt you are completely wrong about the pontoon arch.

  • B Muss
    B Muss 5 miesięcy temu

    A few years later, do you still love your c class? Should I wait another year to buy a 2015 c class? I'm trying to time the depreciation right! Any opinions on buying a used 2015c300 ?

  • Roger Newman
    Roger Newman 6 miesięcy temu

    Sorry i love the clock after 74000 mile now will keep my jag very comfy ..

  • Janitra Falvierna
    Janitra Falvierna 7 miesięcy temu +1

    That Headlamp are so Elegant 😍

  • stumaclean111
    stumaclean111 7 miesięcy temu

    My 2011 E550 has a brake assist whereby you can push the brake pedal or stab it with your foot and it acts as a hand brake. Works great on hills; just push the accelerator and off you go without sliding backwards.

  • 백태안
    백태안 9 miesięcy temu

    벤츠 e클래스 보니
    마치 토스카 타는듯한

  • Spencer Mclaughlan
    Spencer Mclaughlan 9 miesięcy temu

    *Mercedes* and *Faux leather?* In the same sentence??

  • Fernando Stanic
    Fernando Stanic 10 miesięcy temu

    robert lesnik stole my desing that i had sent to mercedes for C class w205 and applied it to w212 facelift e class model. I have prof that i have sent e mail with desing in mid 2011.

  • Uzi Game GP
    Uzi Game GP 11 miesięcy temu

    Watching this in 2018, E class has come a long way.

  • Driver 81 Porsche

    I bought the cheapest E Class in the country and the faults it had were pretty comical - I made a video about it here

  • Brandon Le Tran
    Brandon Le Tran Rok temu

    This is basically showcasing features that have been around since previous generations

  • ` Stjernberg
    ` Stjernberg Rok temu

    Mercedes: The oldpeoples car

  • open defecation
    open defecation Rok temu

    It is not the Chinese, it was designed for Arabs you moron.

  • Naveed
    Naveed Rok temu

    W140 S Class

  • William Wallace
    William Wallace Rok temu

    Terrible car

  • collegejus
    collegejus Rok temu

    Feminine looking. BMW is masculine. And I am for gender equality I'm just calling it's car looks how I see it.

  • Frederico Puannez
    Frederico Puannez Rok temu +1

    I love the clock. Because today just everything fucking over electric shitted and at least is looks little bit classy..

  • Vojislav Šimun
    Vojislav Šimun Rok temu

    More or less same interior and options like my 2012 w204, but 10k more expensive.I'd expected much more of e class.

  • Vincent Gatiba
    Vincent Gatiba Rok temu

    Good videos but very short..

  • Nafiz C
    Nafiz C 2 lat temu

    Lol UK version are ugly ass hell our us sport e-class looks way better with different front bumper and stuff lol

    • Thorbjørn Madsen
      Thorbjørn Madsen Rok temu

      Nafiz C That's because you live in American. Cars in America have ugly side marker, red indicators in the taillights, and no front license plate.

  • Q Laher
    Q Laher 2 lat temu +1

    I have this car ....E250 64 plate .love it

  • Jahnupriyaa Kardnanithi

    Better than the 5 series

  • Aryan Sharma
    Aryan Sharma 2 lat temu +1

    Am I the only one who has this car?

    SWE_BMW 2 lat temu

    Is it possible to get air suspension like "Magic body control" or something on this E-class?

    • Alexander Infante
      Alexander Infante 2 lat temu

      SWE-BMW-E90 I was told that the E550 has air suspension but the E350 does not. I have not double checked this personally though.

  • Fayeshadow
    Fayeshadow 2 lat temu +16

    Wheel on the right side is just so looks absolutely weird. Glad to live in Germany.

    • Thorbjørn Madsen
      Thorbjørn Madsen Rok temu +3

      Fayeshadow It's England and they're used to drive on the left side and having the steering wheel on the right side. Look at cars in Australia, Hong Kong (part of China) or Japan. They're also used to drive on the left side and having the steering wheel on the right side.

  • Gao Ryan
    Gao Ryan 2 lat temu

    I can tell you the Chinese don't like this dash-mounted clock.........Fugly

  • Leslie Chow
    Leslie Chow 2 lat temu

    I wonder if u can steer while adjusting the steering wheel

    • G Simsek
      G Simsek 2 lat temu +1

      Leslie Chow I wouldn't try

  • Nikolai Bobanov
    Nikolai Bobanov 2 lat temu

    Is there full manual transmission for this car(2013,2014) (not semi automatic, I mean (H-shift).

  • Μαρια tino
    Μαρια tino 2 lat temu

    it is ugly

  • Phantom Gaming
    Phantom Gaming 2 lat temu

    Does it have standard rear view cameras and/or 360 view and/or parking sound assist?

    • CJP
      CJP 2 lat temu

      no its optional extra

  • DL
    DL 3 lat temu

    where is the latest review on eclass 2016

  • Joshua Dowson
    Joshua Dowson 3 lat temu

    I think the Audi A6 and the Jaguar XF look better than this Mercedes

    • takemeonajetplane
      takemeonajetplane 3 lat temu +1

      +Joshua Tay well at least i dont suck like you

    • Split2nd Reality
      Split2nd Reality 3 lat temu

      +takemeonajetplane the produced a limited ediion sedan version. Know your fact first before you comment.

    • takemeonajetplane
      takemeonajetplane 3 lat temu

      +Joshua Tay rs6 comes only as an estate

    • Split2nd Reality
      Split2nd Reality 3 lat temu

      Ive been in all 3 and they are all good. My dad has an XF. The RS6 sedan with a V10 is a beast. But im a merc guy.

  • MrHasss
    MrHasss 3 lat temu

    why isit that i can't find 13 plate , with the same led headlights?

    • ian laws
      ian laws Rok temu

      MrHasss no idea. Mine is a 13 plate and has the exact same headlights with led turn signal too.

  • fauxhawkmullet
    fauxhawkmullet 3 lat temu

    Wait it not real leather?

  • Felix Chan
    Felix Chan 3 lat temu +3

    Well I think the foot-operated handbrake and that gear lever makes it feel like a taxi, which let's face it, we want something different from a cab. And that clock, it's a bit gay, if we're honest. Apart from the E-class' image, there's nothing else wrong with it.

    • Costel Coaie
      Costel Coaie 8 miesięcy temu

      AncaMoldovan91 ce faci frumoaso vrei sa ne futem

    • AncaMoldovan91
      AncaMoldovan91 3 lat temu +12

      +lukStSerb maybe he has a similar one

    • lukStSerb
      lukStSerb 3 lat temu +18

      How do you see that clock being homosexual? LoL

  • Jack Caskie
    Jack Caskie 3 lat temu

    he fucking hates mercedes fuck sake😂😂

  • Lawa_S3XR
    Lawa_S3XR 3 lat temu

    +carbuyer can u do a Lexus land cruiser

  • scotie690
    scotie690 3 lat temu

    I have the 250 cdi and it's a great machine to cruise. Great interior quality and smooth riding. Also drove the 5 series. Great car as well, little more sportier and great handling. Didn't get the opportunity to try the Jag. But also looks fantastic.

  • jebojsa
    jebojsa 3 lat temu

    Track name playing in the background? Anyone?

  • Hediye Bedir
    Hediye Bedir 3 lat temu


    • CY
      CY 3 lat temu

      +Dave Well how's the reliability and maintenance costs of your Mercedes E class?

    • Nick C
      Nick C 3 lat temu

      Would rather fuck yours tbh and i already did thank him.

    • Nick C
      Nick C 3 lat temu

      Aww did daddy not buy you a Benz and now you're angry? Well unlucky because mine did :P

    • Hediye Bedir
      Hediye Bedir 3 lat temu


    • Dennis Xu
      Dennis Xu 3 lat temu

      +Paul C That makes two of us.

  • Cesar Ochoa
    Cesar Ochoa 3 lat temu

    come on everybody I have a rolls royce series 2 and its better than german cars

    • Dennis Xu
      Dennis Xu 3 lat temu

      +Greg249 The painting?

    • Greg249
      Greg249 3 lat temu

      +WuWei Xu I know this is kind of random but where did you get your profile pic from?

    • Dennis Xu
      Dennis Xu 3 lat temu +2

      +Cesar Ochoa With a comment like that, I seriously doubt you own any of the cars you've listed prior. So, please go back to the hole that you crawled out of, thanks.

    • Dennis Xu
      Dennis Xu 3 lat temu +3

      +Cesar Ochoa Come on troll, crawl back into your mom's basement.

  • FretFreak02
    FretFreak02 3 lat temu +78

    No wonder the E-class is driven so much as a Taxi in the Netherlands. It offers the perfect mix between luxury, reliability and space. And about people saying the interior looks cheap: the probably never sat or driven in one :P get behind the weel and then tell us how it feels. It's absolutely superb.

    • john john
      john john 3 lat temu +4

      +Hediye Bedir its will break down after a week.

    • Hediye Bedir
      Hediye Bedir 3 lat temu +1

      i know you idiot that is what you know only.

    • Oliver K.
      Oliver K. 3 lat temu +4

      +Hediye Bedir Calm down, you ignorant fuck.

    • kr15hi333
      kr15hi333 3 lat temu +4

      +Hediye Bedir you are an idiot my friend

    • Oliver K.
      Oliver K. 3 lat temu +10

      +Hediye Bedir Fuck off you piece of shit: Learn to speak english before you try to communicate with us.

  • Mr GOO913
    Mr GOO913 3 lat temu +5

    we chinese don't like the clock

    • Connor McNicol-Day
      Connor McNicol-Day 8 miesięcy temu

      The Chinese are a huge market for big saloon cars. That's why he refers to the Chinese market.

    • Being pro-Trump is anti-American
      Being pro-Trump is anti-American 9 miesięcy temu

      Lol. I was about to ask why the idiot would say something so stupid. Is he racist?

    • Dennis Xu
      Dennis Xu 3 lat temu

      +Mr GOO913 I second that.

  • MikkelEstrup
    MikkelEstrup 3 lat temu +3

    Very good looking car! Mercedes always comes up with something good :)
    PS: Id bet that 80% of the people trashtalking the car in here cant even afford it.. That´s kinda pathetic :3

  • David Lennox
    David Lennox 3 lat temu

    I like all german cars but the e-class looks like a old mans retirement car...

  • Matthew Berndt Productions

    wow that interior looks rubbish

    • Thorbjørn Madsen
      Thorbjørn Madsen Rok temu

      Matthew Berndt Productions It's the same as the pre-facelifted (just minor changes) you idiot.

  • JustGrayBlue ACP
    JustGrayBlue ACP 4 lat temu

    holy shit! does he know emma watson? is she your sister or something? cousin?

  • elmetgwennhudkoad
    elmetgwennhudkoad 4 lat temu +18

    I don't care if it's real leather or not, what I want is a waterproof material that can be easily cleaned, it's generaly leather because my cars always have white interiors, and it must be easy to clean.

    • Chris Anderson
      Chris Anderson 9 miesięcy temu

      you are right
      I like your logon picture on you tube profile 😎
      black sun thule?

    • lukStSerb
      lukStSerb 3 lat temu +1

      You mean black & white interiors? Cos otherwise would be very exhausting for the eyes and you'd have annoying reflections on windows, all in all quite distracting from a comfortable quality ride.

  • Street Lords
    Street Lords 4 lat temu

    faux leather? Chinese? Plastic!? Guys... E class.. 5 series.. Or lexus IS 300 F. Im seriously considering the lexus, its interior is light years ahead of the bmw and benz. And im not in to badge snobbery. Any good shouts for a executive car anyone? I have 6 months or so to decide?

    • Aristotelis Mitsios
      Aristotelis Mitsios 2 lat temu

      At least the Lexus will be more reliable.

    • Street Lords
      Street Lords 4 lat temu

      +Michael Giliberto i ended up gettin a mercedes c250 cdi Coupe AMG trim. i cannot stress to you how much i LOVE this car. got it for $38,000 russian to USD. im a dingle guy, and wish to stay single for awhile lol, so the seats dont bother me

    • RoadRash
      RoadRash 4 lat temu

      My 2 cents, Lexus

  • Pvulture b
    Pvulture b 4 lat temu +7

    The centre clock has been a pedigree of luxury and elegance of Executive cars like this. Has nothing to do with Chinese.

    XIAONA HAN 4 lat temu +2

    I'm Chinese and i do like this clock on there, so i bought the newest E-class

  • JustLucky
    JustLucky 4 lat temu

    Mersedec's are nothing but a rip off of its competitors looks.

  • Stephen Realiza Online
    Stephen Realiza Online 4 lat temu +2

    Love the refresh

  • Weng Kaihua
    Weng Kaihua 4 lat temu

    Chinese are not really fond of this generation of E-CLASS. Check out the sale stats for it and its main competitors (Audi A6 and BMW 5-series)

  • wilLdHeX wiCkY
    wilLdHeX wiCkY 4 lat temu

    E class.E220 how about E300

  • Snilsson
    Snilsson 4 lat temu +3

    I like the pre-facelift better. The new headlights looks off. Like two cars molded together, in a bad way.

  • Onur Mutlu
    Onur Mutlu 4 lat temu +4

    We have one of this which is e180 premium. It looks gorgeus. When you drive it, it feels like floating on the air. Perfect car ^_^

  • Young Luo
    Young Luo 4 lat temu +5

    What a cheap interior, wow that's proper cheap.

    • Jack Frost
      Jack Frost 3 lat temu

      +Paul C yeah I know
      I'm from Canada
      I hope I will have some money coming before my new purchase

    • Nick C
      Nick C 3 lat temu

      +Jack Frost Check the insurance for E class first, dont know if youre in Uk but for an 18 yearold, i wouldnt be surprised to see it at £4k a year if not more

    • Jack Frost
      Jack Frost 3 lat temu

      +Paul C thats great to here
      I found a cheap 2011
      I will be purchasing it soon
      And i will be driving it for a few months then maybe sell it and get Eclass

    • Nick C
      Nick C 3 lat temu

      +Jack Frost 100% recommend a fiesta, had one for a short while and it drove very well, gear changes are nice and pretty comfortable. Probably the best starter car tbh

    • Jack Frost
      Jack Frost 3 lat temu

      +Paul C yup i actually might get a Ford fiesta
      Something cheap to test out and learn my skills
      My future comute to university etc is very long
      I need luxury so I can be ready
      Not bragging but I was always the kid who loved comfort
      And power with Quality

  • Damir Musić
    Damir Musić 4 lat temu +86

    The clock is very elegant!
    BMW 5series have interior like a KIA!

    • Rizwan Latif
      Rizwan Latif 3 lat temu +1

      +Skate Skateboards He's talking about the BMW 5 Series, not the 6 Series.

    • sliwka621
      sliwka621 4 lat temu +1

      +Cristian Sandoval I guess there are intelligent people with some manners and then there are people like you, the margins of society.

    • sliwka621
      sliwka621 4 lat temu

      +Cristian Sandoval What's your opinion on German cars? I'm eager to hear.

    • sliwka621
      sliwka621 4 lat temu

      +Cristian Sandoval No, not at all. It's just that this particular Mercedes that I've sat in few day's ago made me think of an Opel Astra, but with even worse leather imitation. The engine was loud at idle, the gearbox jerked when I selected a gear and the panel gaps were noticable, both on in and outside.
      Althou the car looked nice (form a far, excluding the wheels) and the navigation screen was sharp and clear.
      About the BMW's, I've recently heard a story form a friend that somebody bought a BMW and it lasted him literally half a year. After that it was in such a poor condition that he needed to get rid of it as fast as possible. Not to mention that almost every BMW owner who I know sells his car and buys a new one every 2 years. People who keep their BMW's for longer all have had up to 5, I'm not exaggerating, five engine swaps.
      And Audi's 2.5 TDI blows up randomly.
      So that's some of my expirience with German "luxury" cars.

    • sliwka621
      sliwka621 4 lat temu

      +Cristian Sandoval I hate BMW's because they have absolutely rubbish quality so I'm not speaking in their favor, but I've sat in the new E-class and the interior looks and feels worse than a Kia. Really, really plasticky and the leather looks and feels worse than an old handbag from C&A.
      * "leather"

  • Dodo M
    Dodo M 4 lat temu

    Is it only me, or Mercedes is slowly fading,falling behind?

    • Dodo M
      Dodo M 4 lat temu

      If you are not bragging, well done. Are we done here?

    • Dodo M
      Dodo M 4 lat temu

      Ok, fair enough. So, for peace of mind, what is the final answer?

    • Dodo M
      Dodo M 4 lat temu

      Let me guess, you drive an A class?

  • Armin Gholami
    Armin Gholami 4 lat temu +5

    5 series puts this car to shame. Benz is only good when you spend mad money.

    • Leif Johansson
      Leif Johansson 4 lat temu +7

      i can say the same for bmw. i did own one and it was in the workshop more than on the road. worst car i have ever owned. maybe it was bad luck but i have owned lots of benzes and they have been rock solid in reliability.

    • Matt Romanes
      Matt Romanes 4 lat temu +6


  • skatethebored
    skatethebored 4 lat temu

    I think they haven't really nailed it on the exterior design of this car. The (lower) C-class looks so much better and more expensive in my opinion. But other than that nice car.

    ZZGTKING 4 lat temu +36

    so why Brits put clock on the Rolls royce

    • Chris Anderson
      Chris Anderson 9 miesięcy temu

      hahaha good point !!!!!!

    • Pvulture b
      Pvulture b 4 lat temu +8

      Apparently Chinese likes it?... NO! Matt you're wrong again!

  • uh hh
    uh hh 4 lat temu +37

    I like the clock and not from China
    This guy is fucking racist

    • Soner Koca
      Soner Koca Rok temu

      You need to go back to 1:12 and listen again. He says "The car also has some redesigned heater vents which are now made out of metal apparently because the Chinese didn't like the old plasticy ones". When he talks about the Chinese liking the watch, he's referring back to this sentence. They redesigned the vents because Chinese wanted it, so maybe they put the clock there because the Chinese like it.

    • nadeem sultan
      nadeem sultan 2 lat temu +2

      No bro he is not being racist but rather make sure his watcher that this is german class not fucking chinese third class overloaded technology with no warranty.

    • Rizwan Latif
      Rizwan Latif 2 lat temu

      twinkle bell twinkle bell, twinkle all the way my friend

    • SWE_BMW
      SWE_BMW 2 lat temu

      Omg what are you talking about? First of all, he said that the Chinese, as in the customers of the market in China, AKA a country, AKA not a whole race (as in black or caucasian). How can you possible blame that guy for making a "racist" comment... If the market in the US didn't like the foot pedal for some reason and he said the americans didn't like it, would you call him racist too?

    • uh hh
      uh hh 4 lat temu +5

      I guess you might be the goat

  • Moses A
    Moses A 4 lat temu

    Chinese are known for making duplicates, hence the faux leather:)

  • SirSooty
    SirSooty 4 lat temu +1

    I bought my 2014 E Class after watching this review... Think the standard fitted features done it for me considering even the SE model looks quite sporty

    • SirSooty
      SirSooty 4 lat temu

      +Azaan Habib And the electronic steering wheel adjustment lol

    • no name
      no name 4 lat temu

      You need to pay extra for electric seats.

    • paulaleksander
      paulaleksander 4 lat temu

      Hi, I'm also thinking of getting one of this. Is it true that even the standard SE version without any extras comes with electronically adjustable seats?

  • jacky wong
    jacky wong 4 lat temu

  • truckso2pl
    truckso2pl 4 lat temu

    Does XF so good or are you just saying so because you're British?

  • Sam Wayne
    Sam Wayne 4 lat temu +3

    Driven one (e220 cdi AMG kit 63 reg) and like he said paddle shifters are slow unless you have e350+ engines. Gives me about 45-47 mpg on 200 miles of motorway driving. City driving expect around 35mpg.
    I preferred the music system of predecessor model (w212) although the sat nav is very accurate but can be tiresome entering the destination ever time. The swivel wheel feels cheap plastic and once again the w212 had a better swivel wheel.
    It'll be bit cosy got three adults at back since transmission tunnel is almost biggest I've seen in a car. But the boot is pretty satisfactory for cars size.
    Any other questions hit me up!

    • Sam Wayne
      Sam Wayne 3 miesięcy temu

      PrinceofJudo urban and motorway together you'll easily get +50mpg if you're easy on the throttle. This is based on about 70mph on the motorway.
      I've always had full Mercedes service history on all my cars, so mechanical or electrical faults have been none (Touchwood).
      There's a service every year about £250-£350 depending on service. Which gives you free Mercedes breakdown cover for the year and that my friend I've used for flat tyre on the motorway and it's quick service.
      Only thing I had to top up is windscreen washer fluid at £7 Halfords, never had to worry about engine oil. Tyres I've changed every 2-3 years depends on your driving but cost about £100 per tyre for continental or Michelin from local tyre dealer.

    • PrinceOfTheUnknown
      PrinceOfTheUnknown 3 miesięcy temu

      I need a vehicle for motorway cruising so getting the best mpg is important. A4 2015, A6 2015 and E220 BlueTec 2015 facelifts are on the list. 1. How reliable has your E220 been? 2. What are the typical problems on an E220 and what's a rough figure to maintain/service the vehicle. Please and thanks.

    • Sam Wayne
      Sam Wayne 4 miesięcy temu

      Aa Idris drove it about 25k miles, no issues. Got the 2015 E350 diesel with 9 gears. Best thing ever until some girl crashed and wrote off the car! Now I'm on 2018 e220 diesel with 9 gears too. the 3 litre is a very smooth engine and better than 2 litre. Also the 2018 e class sound system is very cheap. If you're looking at 2013 models, I'd recommend looking for 9 gears if you can. It's a day and night difference. Also mpg is about 5-10 more. If you have any specific questions I've been through every e class since 2009, so ask away!

    • Aa Idris
      Aa Idris 4 miesięcy temu

      +Sam Wayne how many miles drove, model 201? and what issues u had

    • Sam Wayne
      Sam Wayne 2 lat temu

      no issues as long as you do your annual service!

  • Frihman
    Frihman 4 lat temu +55

    Many people are saying that the interior looks cheap. Add beige leather and wooden trim and it looks very luxourious!

    • Jiarui Zhang
      Jiarui Zhang 2 miesięcy temu

      That’s definitely true. I always don’t like the interior of w212, cause the interior looks cheaper than w211. Once my roommate bought one, I found it is nothing cheap inside. The leather feeling, the quality of the finely finished wood, except the ancient plastic phone dial in the middle of the dashboard, everything else is great, and the ride quality is definitely better than c7 and f10, cruising at 100kph, great isolation and glide through the road. That’s just fantastic, I can spend whole day in his car.

    • Thorbjørn Madsen
      Thorbjørn Madsen Rok temu

      Frihman In my opinion, i would add beige leather dashboard and metal trim or carbon fiber trim and it looks very luxurious! Wooden trims just look ugly in my opinion.

    • Alex Kim
      Alex Kim 3 lat temu

      +Frihman I also have this mercedes and you are right

    • Aesthetix Kender
      Aesthetix Kender 4 lat temu +3

      +Frihman I think it looks great in black. It doesn't feel as cheap as its competitors in my opinion.

    • sliwka621
      sliwka621 4 lat temu

      Those panel gaps thou (both interior and exterior).

  • Jonathan Fudge
    Jonathan Fudge 4 lat temu +39

    I love the clock :-)

    • Chrisle6969
      Chrisle6969 4 lat temu +12

      Me too! And I'm not from China!

  • tkx1997
    tkx1997 4 lat temu

    Lol wtf fake leather on an executive car. That cost about 100k+ usd (in my country). I rather get a bmw

  • POGProductionz
    POGProductionz 4 lat temu +46

    I will never use that clock but I love to have it just for the classic look its not gonna hurt

  • Oskars Vanags
    Oskars Vanags 4 lat temu +10

    Headlights and front of that car looks kinda weird now.

  • rscosworthfan
    rscosworthfan 4 lat temu +16

    No animals are harmed in the making of faux leather interior thats one thing to consider if you are against animal cruelty

    • rscosworthfan
      rscosworthfan 4 lat temu

      +jalopnikerd4005 i didnt click like on my own post

    • rscosworthfan
      rscosworthfan 4 lat temu

      dont talk stupid its pvc cotton and polyester mixed together

    • rscosworthfan
      rscosworthfan 4 lat temu

      youre right simcity but your missing the point

    • SIMcityplayer2002
      SIMcityplayer2002 4 lat temu +3

      But the animal still gets killed. It only means that somebody else buys it.

    • oldirty
      oldirty 4 lat temu +1

      well... yea because faux mean fake... which means its not really leather... but a synthetic material that looks like leather

  • Tomy Samuel
    Tomy Samuel 5 lat temu

    the coupe version still has rear arch and its not rubbish

  • soap Box
    soap Box 5 lat temu +17

    I've had my e class 2 years now its been faultless. Looks elegant inside and out although I prefer the traditional grill with the bonnet star. Great car!

    • André E.B.
      André E.B. 21 dzień temu

      soap Box is it still reliable? Please tell me I’m interested in getting one

    • Peter Smith
      Peter Smith 3 lat temu +1

      +CY The first service was included in the price of the car when it was new. Its been serviced another twice since, I take it to an independant mercedes service centre that charge about half the price of a main dealer. Total service costs to date Approx £340 Next service due in about 3 months when it will be 4 years old. I expect the next service to be more as it will need new pads and disc's brakes. The only other cost has been tyres. Its now done 37500 miles still no faults. Its just been great!

    • CY
      CY 3 lat temu

      +soap Box Mercedes is a solid car of course, but how's the maintenance cost?

  • djyx8
    djyx8 5 lat temu +4

    I watch this channel a lot (from China! Well, from Hong Kong). I think you are making the Chinese remark once too often, though. (next time watch out for solid gold cars with dragon patterns or Jacky Chan's face painted on them)
    Back to the car I think the fake leather does make the car feel cheap even if we can't tell the difference. Why bother? Unfortunately I have experienced similar things with Audi and BMW recently though they call these material by different clever names.
    The foot hand break (and the electronic button styled ones found in many cars these days) is a pain, esp in hilly countries/cities like ours.
    For sportiness, well, you won't be driving an E class would you?

  • B Y
    B Y 5 lat temu

    in singapore it cost 200k USD new. and whats wrong with the Chinese? I do drive W212 pre-facelift model, I find big difference in facelift one!

  • Rome S Samra
    Rome S Samra 5 lat temu

    Mercedes have never been the same since making the deal with china for producing the interior as it looks so cheap compared to BMW

    • Ross MK
      Ross MK 4 lat temu

      +Mr Honest and s class

  • A Generalis
    A Generalis 5 lat temu +2

    Racist. Un-subscribed.

    • SIMcityplayer2002
      SIMcityplayer2002 4 lat temu

      French... Wow, I'm so racist!

    • mzone12
      mzone12 4 lat temu +7

      chinese.....there, now I'm racist isn't it?

  • Lee Hoon
    Lee Hoon 5 lat temu

    I'm getting the E300. In Korea, it costs about 63,000 US dollars, including tax.

  • upright bassmatt
    upright bassmatt 5 lat temu +2

    Looking at this Merc... well it's a bit outdated interior in comparison with a new C-Class or S-Class. Headlights and front of that car looks kinda weird now.

  • AAJAA5
    AAJAA5 5 lat temu

    Did the dashboard get pushed in a bit in 1:30 ? The rear leg space seems nice, but your knees are pointing upwards and the seat isn't as supportive to rear thigh as, for example, in bmw 5 series seats? And don't be so rectangular and conservative from inside, merc?

  • BuZynator
    BuZynator 5 lat temu +8

    I'm sorry buy I like my older merc more than this new face lift. I don't know why but the new face-lift removed all the class, made it too sporty. Coupé looks alright with the new facelift.

    • immortality64
      immortality64 10 miesięcy temu

      You can actually get this model with the luxury trim it's less sporty check it out

    • Saturday Car Fever
      Saturday Car Fever 4 lat temu +2

      I think exactly the same :-) The real prestige of this Executive sedan is somehow gone now.

  • engineer maskin
    engineer maskin 5 lat temu +4

    interior from old kia

    • Chris Anderson
      Chris Anderson 9 miesięcy temu

      dont compare corean kia with german mercedes go a grip

    • Tom Crisp
      Tom Crisp 4 lat temu +1

      Must say the S dash feels much newer ... integrating the screen with the other top dials seems the way to go.

  • Zhu Daniel
    Zhu Daniel 5 lat temu +5

    DO NOT metion CHINESE any more

    • Gibbon
      Gibbon 3 miesięcy temu

      It's not racism you muppet

    • TheGreatSheikh
      TheGreatSheikh Rok temu +1

      Zhu Daniel shut the fuck up

  • kazora1001
    kazora1001 5 lat temu

    Rear is just ugly

  • Gurpreet Sandhu
    Gurpreet Sandhu 5 lat temu

    all i've been saying throughout this whole video is "ew it's a mercedes"

  • Shamsa AL-Mehairi
    Shamsa AL-Mehairi 5 lat temu

    First of all I'm not Chinese but I felt somehow offended!!!
    Second of all, the interior MAY look cheap because it's E250 and in Dubai we don't even have E250 which is 4 cylinder .. I own E500 2014 and its interior looks exactly like the E300 which is the cheapest one among the E class in my country .. Probably the 4 cylinder has the fake whatever leather .. Anyway Mercedes Benz will always be known for the quality on driving and the stability on the street and for will always be the best for the people who are willing to pay for the car and keep up with its maintenance .. And that clock in the middle Yes I love it even though I am not Chinese and they have it too in the new S class 2014 which already has beaten the Rolls Royce as being the best luxurious car for 2014! So please keep the racist comments to yourself because they won't change the fact that it looks classy! 

  • Mr.Met
    Mr.Met 5 lat temu

    Mercedes cars are the worst, they are always in the shop and the parts are way to expensive. I had a Mercedes and all it did was give me problems. My neighbor has a 2012 S-Class and its already in the shop. I got a Lexus now, and the only time its in the shop is when it needs an oil change, bottom line: Lexus=better car, better quality, and better performance.

    • CY
      CY 3 lat temu +3

      +Mr.Met What model of Mercedes did you own and year ? Mind sharing with us? =)

  • x5ruse2
    x5ruse2 5 lat temu

    As usual everything is a matter of personal taste.