Film Theory: Don't Hug Me I'm Scared DECODED!

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  • Maria Karakas
    Maria Karakas 3 godzin temu

    (Sees a butterfly) you pesky bee, a baby little pigeon or... What ever

  • Lel Girl
    Lel Girl 4 godzin temu

    Well I have a different theory. Maybe red guy had ideas for the show being a children's show but Roy (someone who might have been the only person watch it) came in and made it a horror film, which is why when Red guy leaves, it gets darker. Before when Red guy was there, he was making sure it didn't loose it's meaning, which is why it had less violence. When Red guy leaves, however,Roy makes it more violent, and even starts killing off the main characters left. I mean think about it, no one (for what we know) has died in dhmis when Red guy was there. And the one episode with the clock doesn't count,because we see our main cast watching it. So what I think dhmis is about how people can take advantage of your work that was MEANT TO BE KID FRIENDLY, and end up making it a horror film. That or it's the other way around.

    For any of you who kept reading this, thank you for seeing what I think.

  • Jordan Yoder
    Jordan Yoder 5 godzin temu

    what about the help thing?

  • Chim Yoongi
    Chim Yoongi 11 godzin temu

    I watched dhmis when I was a little kid... I have never slept since

  • OctoChell
    OctoChell 13 godzin temu +1

    A little baby pigeon!

  • Daniel Playz
    Daniel Playz 14 godzin temu

    i was confused about the time because on the episode help it said 19/6/55 but i wasnt sure if it was talking about the future or the past

  • Vinny
    Vinny 18 godzin temu

    Why is there a svastica at 8:07 on the black board??

  • Cheeber The Red Panda
    Cheeber The Red Panda 20 godzin temu +2

    Don't Hug Me I'm Decoded

  • Alicia Smith
    Alicia Smith 22 godzin temu

    Mat pat: let’s get creative
    Me: WHY...????????

  • William James
    William James Dzień temu

    Nice intro

  • S I C K T R I K Z
    S I C K T R I K Z Dzień temu


  • Can we hit 1000 subscribers with no videos -

    The Internet is so dark I'm gonna need a flashlight no actually two flashlights

  • Slayer the cat
    Slayer the cat Dzień temu

    Can you please make a theory on the TV show ‘Eddsworld ’?

  • SGLOV VLOGS // Animations

    Show steph
    Dhmis 5

  • DatSavageBoy
    DatSavageBoy Dzień temu

    Mat, dare you to show don't hug me, I'm scared to ollie when he's older

  • katty
    katty Dzień temu

    Baby pigeons don't have feathers and don't level the nest until they do

  • Gacha Iris
    Gacha Iris 2 dni temu

    *So take a look at my hair,I use my hair to express my self*
    *theres always time for a song*
    *Lets all agree to never be creative again*

  • jhope is my lifeu
    jhope is my lifeu 2 dni temu

    this is the creepiest fucking thing ive ever seen

  • Goomba Boy
    Goomba Boy 2 dni temu +1

    pls hug me im scared

  • Nor Aniza Azmi
    Nor Aniza Azmi 2 dni temu

    The red guy kinda looks like elmo ( illuminati song plays)

  • Erin Lawton
    Erin Lawton 2 dni temu

    Well, my birthday now has another significance to me other than ageing 👍

  • kollane lehm 69
    kollane lehm 69 2 dni temu

    4:06 if you look closely you can see ron and red guy in the microwave

  • AnimalLifestyle
    AnimalLifestyle 2 dni temu

    Here’s my theory: there is none... it’s just a random show with random ideas.... now that’s ocoms razor

  • lol xD
    lol xD 3 dni temu

    Green is not a creative color. Neither is the color of money.

  • anthony macdonald
    anthony macdonald 3 dni temu

    8:06 Yeah...uh...look on the board...yep, that's a Nazi symbol..with Einstein's "=mc2" at the end

  • soaring blaze
    soaring blaze 3 dni temu

    i could only listen to this cause i'm squeamish and can't watch the actual dhmis footage
    rip me and my fragile brain

  • russian anime boi
    russian anime boi 3 dni temu

    Wakey Wakey......

  • Electric Animations
    Electric Animations 3 dni temu

    I feel bad for Duck, dude.
    Like when he says "I can't take this anymore!"

  • Lucas Hoggandorf
    Lucas Hoggandorf 3 dni temu

    Ok, I saw the wakey wakey video and in the newspaper there is a duck with a crown on it. That might link to the mayor.

  • Robloxkid45
    Robloxkid45 3 dni temu

    What’s ya favorite - Idea!? Mines being creative

  • Domingo Rodriguez-Roberts

    Why did this get so many dislikes?

  • Brandon Dekeyzer
    Brandon Dekeyzer 3 dni temu

    Amazing world of gumball:has many different styles
    Dhmis:Has many different styles
    The creators of both shows have made an episode for gumball
    In wakey wakey I want there to be an amazing world of gumball cameo

  • Lyra Avatar
    Lyra Avatar 3 dni temu

    Me: *talking along with MatPat*
    Me: Hello Internet! Welcome to Gam- ah dang it, Film Theory!
    *During the video*
    Me: Red Guy, Yellow Guy, and Purpl- dang it!

  • Big Banana
    Big Banana 3 dni temu +1

    What’s your favourite idea? Mine is unraveling viral videos on the internet!

  • Stellar Labs
    Stellar Labs 3 dni temu

    T o m e

  • Chao Flaka
    Chao Flaka 4 dni temu

    I wonder if how the 19th that changes to the 20th at the end of the last episode shows how many times it’s been rebooted.

  • Isla Wright
    Isla Wright 4 dni temu


  • CreeperCat 19
    CreeperCat 19 4 dni temu

    I think it's a bit dumb that some people say stuff like "Who's watching after 2018? Like if you are!" Because they know that you aren't in 2014. So please let's put a stop to it... But I don't care do what you want and als○ D●|\|T B|= CRE/\T¡V□ ○R Y○UR T□■TH WI|_|_ G● GR/\Y!!i!

  • Tika Bost
    Tika Bost 4 dni temu

    In one of the frames it showed the red guy, the yellow guy and the duck are missing

  • Mr I
    Mr I 4 dni temu +1


  • ExemptSoda54159
    ExemptSoda54159 4 dni temu

    When the duck was showing the board you can see a swatstica on the board so that can mean that the show is teaching kids through subliminal messages.

  • Jasime Tanner
    Jasime Tanner 4 dni temu


  • Tiana Davis
    Tiana Davis 4 dni temu

    I see big bird:O MY GOD GET OFF OF MY TV SATIN!!!🙅🏽‍♀️🤬
    I see dhmis:idek why people are so scared🙎🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️

  • Hannah
    Hannah 4 dni temu

    Honestly, I'm a big fan of the theory videos of yours that I've watched but I deeply resent the click bait factor of your titles and thumbnails so rarely ever watch them. Which is extra ironic considering that these videos are about the decline of creativity in favor of click bait for views/money/ratings. I get y'all are a business but come on, have some integrity.

    MEME SUPREME 4 dni temu +1

    The original dude that did Blues Clues stopped the show because he started going bald........ *read documentary’s next time boyo*

  • Turret
    Turret 4 dni temu

    Anyone notice Yellow Guy change after the first episode *(be creative)*

  • Turret
    Turret 4 dni temu

    Dont *DANK MEME* im *SKEERD*

  • Noah’sToons
    Noah’sToons 5 dni temu +1


    wots yo favrite ideaaaaa?

  • Nice Bonie
    Nice Bonie 5 dni temu

    100000000°0000000 comment

  • Catten105
    Catten105 5 dni temu

    The Red Guy is actually named Harry BTW.

  • Rony
    Rony 5 dni temu

    Aren’t they working with a big company now? Lol

  • I like Ham Ilton
    I like Ham Ilton 5 dni temu

    Remeber kids:
    *GrEEn is NoT a CReaTIvE cOlor* ❌💚❌

  • Kristie Carroll
    Kristie Carroll 5 dni temu

    DHMIS is a month older the my BROTHER?!?!?!

  • devil dinosaur
    devil dinosaur 5 dni temu

    and thats why i hate puppet kid shows (seaseme street is my worst nightmare)

  • i Joey
    i Joey 5 dni temu

    I love don’t hug me I’m scared 😱

  • Goni. Mine.Craft
    Goni. Mine.Craft 6 dni temu


  • cathy reinoso
    cathy reinoso 6 dni temu

    His theory starts at 3:30 after him spending 3 minutes talking about how he's about to explain this shit. You're welcome

  • Happy Apocalypse
    Happy Apocalypse 6 dni temu +1

    Can you pls do a film theory on Rooster Teeth’s Camp Camp on their bankruptcy or something

    UNICORN GOD 6 dni temu

    How come u don't see a baby pigeon

  • Lily Zek Party
    Lily Zek Party 6 dni temu +2

    6:00 Hold the *F* up....Tomska? What are you doing here..

  • Cross Roby
    Cross Roby 6 dni temu

    Bro what about Help?

  • seth mckenzie
    seth mckenzie 6 dni temu

    8:06. who else saw the swastik on the board

  • Ian MacEwen
    Ian MacEwen 6 dni temu

    Wakey Wakey...

  • James the fox
    James the fox 6 dni temu

    Hug he I'm scared

  • imcashmoney hunny
    imcashmoney hunny 6 dni temu

    wait y do u never c a baby pigeon

  • Space Spider
    Space Spider 6 dni temu

    Wakey wakey matpat there's a new trailer

  • What am I Guy
    What am I Guy 6 dni temu

    Watching in 2018

  • Vinny DiMeo
    Vinny DiMeo 6 dni temu


  • Cutekeet18
    Cutekeet18 6 dni temu

    I saw a baby pidgeon and it was cute

  • Amii bolt
    Amii bolt 6 dni temu

    Who here is bored in 2018 so they are revisiting a bunch of old theory vids

  • ALemonYoYo
    ALemonYoYo 6 dni temu

    We put the daybefore the month Bcs it makes sense

  • Wyatt Richtercorson
    Wyatt Richtercorson 7 dni temu

    Dammit mat, not again...

  • Steven Lopez
    Steven Lopez 7 dni temu

    Swastika= MC square.... Lol

  • Steven Lopez
    Steven Lopez 7 dni temu

    Did anyone catch the swastika on yellow guys time explanation chart ?

  • Unknown Temptation
    Unknown Temptation 7 dni temu

    Who else laughed so hard when he said BBC😂😂

  • Eyenvoked Him
    Eyenvoked Him 7 dni temu

    The space station in star trek with the blue planet, is similar to halo 2s orbital space elevator.

  • Andrew Via
    Andrew Via 7 dni temu

    The second one is the best

  • Purple Moon
    Purple Moon 7 dni temu

    I'm pretty sure the lamp is somehow drunk

  • Marcus Rogers
    Marcus Rogers 7 dni temu

    Why is it whenever Roy is on screen, Matpat’s Voice changers?

  • Katie Cat
    Katie Cat 7 dni temu

    Oh and fun fact! The character's names are Manny (cuz he's a MAN) Robin (cuz he's a BIRD) and Harry (cuz he's a HAIR)

  • kitten uwu
    kitten uwu 7 dni temu

    my brain hurts :/

  • Ernesto Aldana
    Ernesto Aldana 7 dni temu

    June 19 is my birthday 😰

  • Rose Doittotrayoresandkillhim

    I just thought this theory. Roy consent care about time bc it's always june 19. aka father's day.

  • Oscar Dilinskas
    Oscar Dilinskas 7 dni temu

    also 2016 is when I was 6

  • team lycanroc
    team lycanroc 7 dni temu

    You should do a face reveling vid

  • Natalie Ruth
    Natalie Ruth 7 dni temu

    WAKEY WAKEY (!!!!!!!!!)

  • Ug Gam sea
    Ug Gam sea 7 dni temu

    “British put their date before the month” just like every other country in the world that isn’t the United States, Mat.

  • Burst Whale
    Burst Whale 7 dni temu

    before i watched this, i thought that the singing guys were hunting the main 3, and that other puppets we dont see were also being hunted.

  • Jodie Meeks
    Jodie Meeks 7 dni temu

    Wakey wakey.......

  • Lara Southern
    Lara Southern 7 dni temu

    why did you make me watch dont hug me I'm scared? It's not creepy it's mostly just realy disturbing

  • Oscar Dilinskas
    Oscar Dilinskas 8 dni temu

    yellow guy drowns in ink
    red guy leaves
    duck gets eaten

  • BleedingSimonGamer YT

    i'm gonna have nightmares so i won'y
    no hate though

  • Clyde Greenstreet
    Clyde Greenstreet 8 dni temu

    They kind of remond me of the mascot gritty

  • Ryeleigh Utterback
    Ryeleigh Utterback 8 dni temu

    Lol anyone else see the "all seeing eye" carpet?.

  • jeremy lacasse
    jeremy lacasse 8 dni temu

    8:06 swastica=mc squared 😂

  • Orlando Garcia
    Orlando Garcia 8 dni temu

    My favorite show

  • Hadvar A Gamr
    Hadvar A Gamr 8 dni temu

    Anyone else notice the swastika on the board when the duck was explaining time? 8:07

  • Fly the Firewing
    Fly the Firewing 8 dni temu

    Notice how he’s calling them the red guy, the yellow guy, and the duck instead of the red guy, the yellow guy, and the black guy.

  • Damien's random videos

    Therories arnt Creative thoughts