Top 7 Best & Comfortable Trucks in the World 2018

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  • Opublikowany 18 sty 2018
  • Top 7 Best & Comfortable Trucks in the World 2018
    Trucks List:
    1) Volvo FH
    The Volvo FH is a heavy truck range produced by Swedish truck manufacturer Volvo Trucks. Introduced in late 1993 as FH12 and FH16, production still continues with the now the second generation of FH range model lineup. FH stands for Forward control High entry, where numbers denominate engine capacity in litres. The FH range is one of the most successful truck series ever having sold more than 400,000 units worldwide.
    In September, 2012, Volvo Trucks re-launched the Volvo FH with significant technology upgrades.
    2) Scania S730 V8
    Since Scania signed a deal with Porsche Engineering in August 2010, a completely new truck cab has been in development. From early 2014, several masked prototypes have been spotted on roads in Sweden, Spain and Norway.The next generation of trucks from Scania was launched at the Grand Palais in Paris on 23 August 2016.The launch included new R-series sleeper cab and the all-new S-series sleeper cab which offers a flat interior floor.
    3) Mercedes Benz Actros
    In July 2011, the manufacturer of Mercedes Benz Trucks, Daimler AG, launched the 2012 Mercedes Benz Actros. This may not be referred to as Actros 4 but it is the New Actros. This is because there were several similarities between Actros 1, 2 and 3. The new Actros has no similarities with its predecessors save for the name.
    For the very first time the Actros features a six-cylinder inline engine using Common Rail Diesel Technology with X-Pulse as opposed to the PLD system used previously.
    4) MAN TGX
    More power and even greater efficiency: the MAN TGX proves that low consumption and high performance are not mutually exclusive. It doesn’t matter if you are driving on the motorway or are hard at work on a construction site, thanks to its numerous equipment and engine versions, the MAN TGX is perfectly tailored to suit the requirements of your transport business.
    5) Iveco Stralis
    The Iveco Stralis is a heavy-duty truck produced by the Italian manufacturer Iveco since 2002. The Stralis replaced the EuroStar and EuroTech models; it covers the range above the Eurocargo, between 19 and 44 tonnes. The fire version of the Stralis released with the German based Iveco Magirus.
    6) DAF XF
    The DAF XF is a range of trucks produced by the Dutch manufacturer DAF since 1997. All right hand drive versions of the XF are assembled at Leyland Trucks in the UK. The XF 105 won the International Truck of the Year 2007 award.The truck features a 12.9 litre engine and ZF gearbox in both manual and automatic formats.
    7) The Hyundai Xcient is a South Korean truck made by Hyundai Motor Company. It was presented by at the Seoul Motor Show 2013 as the successor of Hyundai Trago. With the Xcient, Hyundai plans to increase sales of heavy trucks from 6,000 to 60,000 units by 2017. Therefore the model series is to be offered also in Europe, first in Eastern Europe, in contrast to its predecessors.
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  • Konstantin Dmitrieva
    Konstantin Dmitrieva 13 godzin temu

    У скамейки
    730 лошадей круто

  • falan filan bombastik
    falan filan bombastik 14 godzin temu

    Stralis özellikle bu kasası asla girmez listeye

  • robert avrămuţ
    robert avrămuţ 18 godzin temu

    1- volvo👍👍👍👍👍

  • Bira Wijaya
    Bira Wijaya Dzień temu

    No japan, ?

  • Agus Vega217
    Agus Vega217 Dzień temu

    Hino Rk 260.

  • Witdiawati Purnama
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  • Mua Fifah
    Mua Fifah Dzień temu

    Scania i love you

  • Vandeildo Jose
    Vandeildo Jose 2 dni temu

    Tanta tecnologia e não tem o principal pro motora, espaço, tudo cabeça de gato

  • Asche Nilgorban
    Asche Nilgorban 2 dni temu

    Et en plus zapper Renault pour une m*rde de Hyundai hé bah! On constate bien les vrais chauffeurs des mecs qui passent leur vie sur ets2 en croyant mieux savoir.

  • Asche Nilgorban
    Asche Nilgorban 2 dni temu

    C'est plus "les meilleurs camions de chaque marque 2018" parce que foutre un Iveco dans les meilleurs camions c'est un peu de la c*nnerie

  • Ufuk Celik
    Ufuk Celik 2 dni temu

    Volvo en iyisi
    Ford d max tamamen taklit olmuş

  • sunny pokhriyal
    sunny pokhriyal 2 dni temu

    No. 1-TATA

  • Daniel Ghent
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    아니 국뽕으로 현대차를 집어넜네 돌았 ㅋㅋㅋ?

  • mardamek
    mardamek 2 dni temu

    Honestly, after struggling real hard to find the answers, I can only see 1 or maybe 2 advantages to a cab-over design. The first and perhaps most important one is the better visibility and feel of control the driver must have. The second one, although not necessarily a huge deal (but an advantage nonetheless) is the shorter wheelbase resulting from such design, which helps the maneuvering of the vehicle. In pretty much every other way, these are lacking designs compared to conventional (call it American, if you will) hooded designs. The old-school design of American trucks affords better comfort/softness resulting from the longer wheelbase, better safety being farther away from the point of possible impact (in case of an accident), better overall usability due to its significantly larger interior room. After all, let's face it, these tractors are not simply cars that should be judged by the way they handle and brake. They are second home to the drivers, and that said, interior room and comfort is just as important as dynamic traits. And when it comes to that, traditional design trucks beat these euro pretty-boy trucks any day of the week.And I didn't even mention the easy access to the engine bay for maintenance ...

  • Ammad Ali Awan
    Ammad Ali Awan 3 dni temu

    Mercedes Benz 👌👌

  • Osni Albanez
    Osni Albanez 3 dni temu

    1 Freighliner
    2 Mack
    3 Peterbilt
    4 Kenworth
    5 Scania
    6 Volvo

  • ugur akbulut
    ugur akbulut 3 dni temu

    Volvo candır

  • Vinicius Conteratto
    Vinicius Conteratto 4 dni temu

    Faltou o kenwort t 680 e o peterbild 389

  • Adrián Pérez Martínez

    Mejor del mercado Scania

  • Valentin Valkov
    Valentin Valkov 4 dni temu

    а къде забравихте Volvo VNL, Kenworth, Mack и Peterbilt

  • 팔공산까마귀
    팔공산까마귀 4 dni temu

    전설의 대우 노부스가 없어서 무효~

  • Andrew Asiimwe
    Andrew Asiimwe 4 dni temu

    Mercedes-Benz ACTROS!

  • james chmelik
    james chmelik 4 dni temu

    all European, what about the US???

  • Estacio Quevedo
    Estacio Quevedo 5 dni temu

    Essas porcarias com certeza só vendem na Europa, onde os países são pequenos e os trajetos são curtos! Caminhão com cabine recuada é coisa de quem tem raiva do motorista!Nenhuma dessas marcas, exceto Volvo, é vendida nos EUA, a pátria dos caminhões, dos transportes rodoviários e das estradas! A Volvo tem dois modelos fantásticos só para os EUA, e a Mercedes não usa nem sua marca! Lá só usa o motor! O caminhão é o ótimo Freightliner, com com cabine avançada e muito confortável além de muito seguro. Esses lixos de cabine recuada são para lugares onde não há espaço e os empresários têm riva de motoristas.

  • Rodrigo Castro Arce
    Rodrigo Castro Arce 5 dni temu

    Volvo The Best of the best!!!!

  • András Kovács
    András Kovács 5 dni temu

    I agree with the majority! But leave Renault! ?? Renault Magnum, Renault Trucks T, Premium family..stb .. Historical mult
    Since 1894. This line would have a place!

  • rudinurhadi nurhadi
    rudinurhadi nurhadi 5 dni temu

    european truckers :
    Volvo, scania Swedish
    Mercedes Benz, man germany
    daf netherland

  • fabio hellborn
    fabio hellborn 5 dni temu

    slk,,,,,so ta os mai,,mais,,,,,so caminhao de verdade,,,,,,,,,

  • Eduardo Francisco Vargas Díaz

    Mostraste practicamente puros camiones europeos, te falto el renault T para hacer la vuelta completa, hasta premios a logrado y no lo mensionaste. Considero que el titulo no le hace merito al video, ya q esperaba camiones americanos. Es buen video pero esperaba una mirada mas objetiva

  • Detsaty Mutan-gatalll

    Volvo, Mercedes and Man are the best. Volvo is better.

  • леха зеленый

    Бред 123456 иииииии

  • אדיר קאשי
    אדיר קאשי 6 dni temu


  • Ramzi Ustaz
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  • glenroy francis
    glenroy francis 7 dni temu

    I like it but it look too soft should billed in a greaves look still like the first ones in the passed on out side in front head lapses

  • Adriano Petuco
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  • Bambang Suliato
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  • cekdarali baba
    cekdarali baba 7 dni temu

    Volvo is the best I I I I like Volvo 😋☺😚😚🤗🤩😍😍😍

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  • Eadezio Freitas
    Eadezio Freitas 8 dni temu

    Parece filme de ficção.

  • Fast Game
    Fast Game 8 dni temu

    Daf the best

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    Hyundai paid this video...

  • Muhamad Fajril
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  • евген зонт
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    лол))))) склеил рекламные ролики ведущих производителей!!! инфы практически ноль. только ленивая жопа такое может сделать.

  • Attila Simon
    Attila Simon 8 dni temu

    mercedes actros

  • Tarik SÜMBÜL
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    Video başlığı insana türkçeyi unutturuyo lan

  • Vladimir Jovanovic
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  • Ermelindo Gomes
    Ermelindo Gomes 9 dni temu

    Porque é que a volvo está ao cimo da água?
    - porque a Merda bóia

  • Edi Suratno
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  • X
    X 9 dni temu

    Pinches camiones cagados ,valen para puta verga

  • Giuseppe Filippazzo
    Giuseppe Filippazzo 10 dni temu

    Bello liveco

  • Chiko Pipo
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  • Adina Adina
    Adina Adina 10 dni temu

    - scania ,Volvo ,daf , man, Renault și mercedes

  • Adina Adina
    Adina Adina 10 dni temu

    Ești praf primul este scania și apoi Volvo , tu ai condus vreodată scania și volvo

  • Yuksel Gol
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  • Ермахамат Тилаволдиев

    мерседес бенс актрос

  • Nguyên Thanh
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    i like

  • robert gorecki
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  • robert gorecki
    robert gorecki 12 dni temu

    Aby hundai?!!!

  • Hurshed Kodirov
    Hurshed Kodirov 12 dni temu

    Даф 1

  • Luwie Castellianes
    Luwie Castellianes 13 dni temu

    How about Isuzu hino Mitsubishi Nissan(UD)frieghtliner international peterbilt Kenworth Western star.wrong info.

  • Alejandro Anonimo
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  • Mangapon Ambarita
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  • ndiaga mbaye
    ndiaga mbaye 14 dni temu

    J'aime Man j l'adore .je le conduit entre sénégal et Mali.avec son puissance sur les cote. J'adore Man

  • Younes balo
    Younes balo 14 dni temu

    Toutes categories confondues, Scania ont toujours été les premiers.

  • RON776
    RON776 15 dni temu

    That idiot at 3.45 crossing the road listening to music.

  • Sana Doctrina
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    Hyunday de número 1?
    Que te fumaste?

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    А где говнокамаз?😅😅👌

  • Albin Johansson
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    the 2 best trucks in the world comes from sweden........

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    DAF is best

  • Louis BOEGLIN
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    Vous êtes ouf c'est Scania en premier

  • Oscar Eder
    Oscar Eder 17 dni temu

    Mercedes Benz lo mejor o nada ! la unica máquina perfecta del mundo!

  • Gringo loco
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    My peterbilt would shit on any of those trucks

  • mimax 2
    mimax 2 19 dni temu

    oo volvo 02 plaka adıyamanlı almış ilk

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  • Alfredo Anguiano Lopez
    Alfredo Anguiano Lopez 20 dni temu +2

    En MEXICO Kenworth... Freightliner.... Lo mejor

  • Simar Yetgin
    Simar Yetgin 21 dzień temu +2

    Abi s730 ya yerim

  • elphus elvis nyangombe
    elphus elvis nyangombe 21 dzień temu

    lovely trucks indeed

  • ricardo clemente
    ricardo clemente 22 dni temu

    Hyundai?!? please, I am from Europe, don´t offend me

  • Sultan Jaan
    Sultan Jaan 22 dni temu

    nice truck

  • CH 72
    CH 72 22 dni temu

    Mercedes Volvo Scania
    Iveco Daf Man
    And rest

  • Ismail Alakan
    Ismail Alakan 22 dni temu
    2.daf and mercedes actros
    4.m.a.n f.max 500 made in turkey😎
    6.bmc tuğra made in turkey😎 hi-road stralis
    Gerisi hikaye.

  • film cars model
    film cars model 22 dni temu


  • Marcelo Adrian Araujo
    Marcelo Adrian Araujo 23 dni temu

    Volvo es el mejor después scania y Mercedes

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    Eren Canbakış 23 dni temu

    Ivecoyu çijar aradan

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    Yeyson Chuquicallata 23 dni temu

    Mercedes Benz 2018 💝😎👌🎓😎

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    SCANIA is the best

  • Gergely B
    Gergely B 24 dni temu

    Iveco?? No way! Low budget shit!

  • Hexohm Stabwood
    Hexohm Stabwood 24 dni temu

    daf ok

    SHSSH 24 dni temu

    7)shouldn't be here.

    SHSSH 24 dni temu

    I am amazed by VOLVO.
    What a great excellent truck made.

  • Sherzod Parpiev
    Sherzod Parpiev 24 dni temu

    Скания волво просто эшак как увидить переваль сразу крес ставить.

  • App Magician
    App Magician 25 dni temu

    why mention 730 horsepower on the scania, engine horsepower has nothing to do with comfort.

  • Jean Palhano
    Jean Palhano 25 dni temu

    DAF sempre...e Em segundo VOLVO

  • Valera Imbalance
    Valera Imbalance 26 dni temu

    ивеко родом из 2000 х!!!

  • احمد شاكر على

    الدولي السعداوي بيمسي على كل الشاحنات الواحوش

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    this is a JOKE??

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    Thank you for nice moovie (*^^*)
    I like SCANIA best of all trucks ♥️

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  • josemi cabal muñoz
    josemi cabal muñoz 27 dni temu

    todo muy bien, camiones o cabinas muy ergononicas pero nunguna da que para con l a seguridad de la garcga en puntos de descando, La teoria esta muy bien. señorea vallamos a la practica el cofer debe desdcancsar y que parsa con su carga?