Game Theory: Bendy FOOLED Us! Predicting the Chapter 5 REVEAL! (Bendy and the Ink Machine Chapter 4)

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  • The Game Theorists
    The Game Theorists  4 miesięcy temu +10046

    A lot of people have been asking me for either a Baldi's Basics theory or Granny theory. Which would you want, if either?

  • Lucas Wendeln
    Lucas Wendeln 8 godzin temu

    U NO STEAL! kids do't do stealing OC's

  • Tasha Beck
    Tasha Beck 9 godzin temu

    See, I think that while Tom is cyborg-Boris, Wally might have been our original boris that we started off playing with. If new Boris doesn’t recognize us, there’s got to be two Boris’s. I think Wally was our first Boris, and the new one is Tom

  • Efemy Gaming
    Efemy Gaming 9 godzin temu

    I hate when you say 'But hey! It's just a theory! A game theory!'

  • João Teodoro Batista Reiss

    And that's why Sammy gives you to Bendy in chapter two? Because Bendy would know what to do with you and set they free?

  • Carol Leos
    Carol Leos Dzień temu


  • LilMissPenguin
    LilMissPenguin Dzień temu +1

    8:14 Bendy being Sans makes no sense now.


    Is it because they're both senpais to the internet?

  • LilMissPenguin
    LilMissPenguin Dzień temu +1


  • Cyber Skeleton
    Cyber Skeleton Dzień temu

    Hold up. The voice on the unknown tap kinda sounds like Alice.

  • Xrose_ _PlayzX
    Xrose_ _PlayzX Dzień temu

    WAIIIT! I’m not trying to hate on you, but I have a theory of my own. What if Bendy the original cartoon, was brought to life, tortured by Joey, and became an ink monster?? I know that Alison is Alice and Tom is Boris, but what if only BENDY was brought to life, and Joey forced Alison and Tom to be the other cartoons?? This is just what I think.

  • Four awesome Dancing chicks

    So that psycho really wasn’t Bendy. I knew Bendy wasn’t evil. There r just haters out there who be hating on my friend for bein a demon

  • P R
    P R Dzień temu

    IDIOT one is named Allyson Angel and the boris is Tom

    TYCE HUTSON Dzień temu

    Henry might actually come out as his version of bendy. The prototype.

  • Spirit Productions
    Spirit Productions Dzień temu

    This is why you don't steal art.

  • Caden Dicky
    Caden Dicky Dzień temu


  • brendalizsantos
    brendalizsantos Dzień temu

    Dan tdm!

  • RK 2357
    RK 2357 Dzień temu

    Mandy? Is that your original design?
    -you are gonna say no arencha-arencha-

  • RK 2357
    RK 2357 Dzień temu

    I jumped

  • Johnson Valdon
    Johnson Valdon Dzień temu

    Hello, I am Thomas Connor, the android goofy sent by BendyLife.

  • RoNnIe Moore
    RoNnIe Moore 2 dni temu

    Why doesn't bendy whant to to be remad because he pont out that thar was some thing wrong he limps because somewhan pont out chapter one it shows flash backs of picher of things and a while char
    Why can't bedy go back in the mechen to be a 👼

  • Origami Yoda
    Origami Yoda 2 dni temu

    Thomas ConnER
    sarah CONNER

  • Origami Yoda
    Origami Yoda 2 dni temu

    Just destroy the machine

  • RedpandaAssasin
    RedpandaAssasin 2 dni temu

    And you still haven't brought up 'Cant be Erased'.

  • Ramon Rodriguez
    Ramon Rodriguez 2 dni temu

    The demon is Joey drew

  • Micah Lau
    Micah Lau 2 dni temu +1


  • Micah Lau
    Micah Lau 2 dni temu


  • WolfOnABudget The Den

    Did anyone else get scared when mat popped up in the beginning damn wasn't expecting that.


    Wait... if we left Joey to do all of the work it counts as evil ...right?🤔

  • Shy_falcon :p
    Shy_falcon :p 2 dni temu

    Wally IS Boris! Wally is the Boris that got changed into that monster Boris at the end of chapter 4

  • Samuel Bridarolli
    Samuel Bridarolli 2 dni temu +1

    That intro is gonna give me nightmares for life...

  • marcel graciani
    marcel graciani 2 dni temu

    Her name is Allison anigl

  • minecraft gamer2018
    minecraft gamer2018 2 dni temu

    soooo matpat the ink machine is basically a giant printer with sorting hat abilities and plastic surgery eh ???????

  • Insanity Shayla
    Insanity Shayla 2 dni temu

    so when henry dies in the game he is actually coming back through the ink machine when it looks like you are being reborn? so henry is made of ink as well?

  • Hons TGM
    Hons TGM 3 dni temu

    It makes sense

  • Ricardo Mascarenas
    Ricardo Mascarenas 3 dni temu

    Wut the truck was the intro

  • Geovênia Aparecida Souzana

    or maybe both of them are boris, but wally is the perfect boris that alice wanted, and tom is meca - boris

  • Scarlett Nunez ausjuka

    Well superhorrer bros telled me joey drew is bendy

  • Saran Whittington
    Saran Whittington 3 dni temu


  • Titi Llama
    Titi Llama 3 dni temu

    Alice says “I WONT LET THE DEMON TOUCH ME AGAIN”. She could be referring to the event that messed up her face??? Idk. If you look at Alison Angel she’s not perfect. She doesn’t have the dress, halo or hair of Alice.

  • Shiny Knight 27
    Shiny Knight 27 3 dni temu

    Then why did Boris, before he turned into a hulking monster help you

  • thomas
    thomas 3 dni temu

    That actually scared me

  • thomas
    thomas 3 dni temu

    Aaaaaaahhhhhh beeennnndddyyyyy oh it’s matpat

  • Maura Gilbertson
    Maura Gilbertson 3 dni temu

    If a person weres a pentagram necklace it protects the person

  • Allissa gamer
    Allissa gamer 3 dni temu

    Mat the funny thing is, i guessed that there is a evil version of each character in batim.


  • Forty One Six
    Forty One Six 3 dni temu

    I am pretty sure both wally and Tom became boris,wally just ended up being the boris who got tortured by the ugly alice murdered by henry and well...Tom became the cyborg boris hanging out with the more attractive to be Wally I guess :^/

  • Toy golden Freddy gamer

    hey matpat, we still need a perfect ver. of the bucher gang!

  • mr hippo god
    mr hippo god 3 dni temu

    Matpat and the theory machine

  • Sum emma
    Sum emma 3 dni temu +1

    *subscribes and cracks my phone while clicking the bell*

  • A Human
    A Human 3 dni temu

    That intro tho

  • Ur
    Ur 3 dni temu

    *You PC, bro?*

  • TheGloveCompany 12
    TheGloveCompany 12 4 dni temu


  • MercyMash
    MercyMash 4 dni temu

    Game goes to Remastered, theroists = Retcon, and for films it gets a shiny new george lucas.

  • Pinkmok 9
    Pinkmok 9 4 dni temu +1

    Hahahhahaha omg that beginning actually scared me hahahha

  • farsanakabir farsanakabir


  • Lad99 Boy99
    Lad99 Boy99 4 dni temu +1

    Wally franks: I’m out of here
    Me: why with out your pay check u work hard as a janitor and u need to get payed

  • Purple Saphire
    Purple Saphire 4 dni temu

    Wow wow wow wow wow wow wow i dunno watta say....

  • Elijah Hunt
    Elijah Hunt 4 dni temu


  • Mayor Caramel
    Mayor Caramel 4 dni temu

    Mini heart attack @ 0:37

  • Missioncrab
    Missioncrab 4 dni temu

    One week remains.
    And this is a half baked theory :/

  • Gachavidswithrow34 ;D

    Bori lol

  • Gachavidswithrow34 ;D

    “If another one of our scientists gets turned into a ink monster i’m out of here” kawaii matpat appears

  • XxJazzbellGamesxX
    XxJazzbellGamesxX 5 dni temu


  • Lauren Fash
    Lauren Fash 5 dni temu

    Wait shouldn't joey drew be the projecnest because hes the producere?

  • GALAXYKIDGAMER :gaming videos and more!

    Is it just me......

    OR DOES THE MEATLY SUDDENLY MAKE WALLY FRANKS THE GOOD BENDY? THROUGHOUT CHAPTERS 5 6 ETC? (yes themeatly confirmed that there is going to be MORE than five chapters.)

  • fuzzy haired freak
    fuzzy haired freak 5 dni temu +1

    Why don't the ink monsters get out the way Henry got in

  • e bosskinglordthing
    e bosskinglordthing 5 dni temu

    Super horror bro set the same

  • CactusGaming YT
    CactusGaming YT 5 dni temu


  • BlueSkyhawk14
    BlueSkyhawk14 6 dni temu +2

    MATPAT! Urgent message!!!!! TheMeatly just deleted ALL of the former trailers! This is too suspicious....Please investigate!

  • Sonic and Fnaf let's play and reactions

    Oh it's not ink it's ink THINNER

  • Christine S
    Christine S 6 dni temu

    Five Chapters at Bendy's 2 actually has seven chapters

  • Jennifer Betts
    Jennifer Betts 6 dni temu

    What is granny’s back story why is she evil tell me plz plz plz I want to know

  • Jennifer Betts
    Jennifer Betts 6 dni temu


  • Brayden the Bonnie lover

    Your the best mat!

  • Ya Lama
    Ya Lama 6 dni temu

    Do you think Joey got shoved into the ink machine because the first Bendy we see looks smaller than the “creepy” one and “creepy” Bendy is the one who pushed him in. Love your vids🙃

  • Lilly Bwah
    Lilly Bwah 6 dni temu

    One week remains...

  • Miixy Lock
    Miixy Lock 6 dni temu

    Ive watched this so many times but i still get scared with the jump scare of matpat

  • Helloz Peoplz
    Helloz Peoplz 6 dni temu

    Is it a coincidence that Henry, Joey, Sammy, and Bendy end with a Y?

  • Guerra Talks
    Guerra Talks 6 dni temu

    It the star is a normal star its a good version of the pentagram if its upside down it would be naturally used for what many think is demonic

  • reeses pieces
    reeses pieces 6 dni temu

    Game theory have you checked out the meatly's new channel called Joey drew studios? It has some interesting recording that I think you'll like...

  • Madame Quackers
    Madame Quackers 7 dni temu


  • Rico Miller
    Rico Miller 7 dni temu

    If henry was the perfect bendy like you said then how is that possible bc he sent the ink machine to sabotage them wouldn't sabotaging themmake him a bad hearted person so he would be a different version of bendy

    THOMAS CHITTY 7 dni temu

    MatPat I'm going to comment negativley so you put me in your vids!

  • boss duck00
    boss duck00 7 dni temu +1

    If you don't make a nather batim thoery im out of here

  • MegaGengarMaster9 !
    MegaGengarMaster9 ! 7 dni temu

    He got me at the beginning before the theme song

  • Lisa Jarrell
    Lisa Jarrell 7 dni temu


  • Lisa Jarrell
    Lisa Jarrell 7 dni temu

    that intro was amazing

  • Loopy NinjaBear
    Loopy NinjaBear 7 dni temu

    Where is throughout the game then?

  • Jonas Skierus
    Jonas Skierus 7 dni temu


  • Saint Vaswani
    Saint Vaswani 7 dni temu

    Does the ink machine judge based on people’s actions? If so, then Henry shouldn’t become the perfect Bendy according to your theory. If Henry sent the ink machine in the first place in an attempt to sabotage the company, that alone should be more than enough to disqualify Henry. Unless, of course, it’s an exception and he didn’t intend to hurt anyone... but hey, that’s JUST A THEORY


  • The Cool Cats
    The Cool Cats 7 dni temu


  • Neoko-Chan
    Neoko-Chan 7 dni temu

    I used to think that this theory as weird, but then after re-watching the chapt 5 trailer, I realised something… there was a woman’s voice, (probably Alison) that called Henry, ‘Bendy’ maybe this theory is correct after all…

  • Jelly Jemmy
    Jelly Jemmy 8 dni temu

    thanks for the heart attack MAAAT

  • Shea Witz
    Shea Witz 8 dni temu +4

    "need more proof?" No, you have convinced me.

  • DropDash
    DropDash 8 dni temu

    i agree with this ENTIRE THING.

  • Melissa Cross
    Melissa Cross 8 dni temu

    Mat, in the beginning you said "you 1st come out as a sucher" and in the end you said henry will become perfect bendy. doesn't that make henry come out as a shucher 1st???????

  • SGP IM cool
    SGP IM cool 8 dni temu

    The new Boris is called tom and new Alice is Alison Angel

  • Phenate
    Phenate 8 dni temu

    I thought Bendy and the Ink Machine was over, as I stopped paying attention to it after chapter two. I thought it'd be done by now, but getting back into it, I'm kind of glad that they're another episode coming.