Top10 dangerous Airplane Landing And Take Off

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    very nice

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    Ja Vroooom. how old are you? Very boring :)

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    This is PATHETIC --- "top 10 dangerous", what a lie.

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    The subtitles though

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    What this music name

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    You call that dangerous? LOL LOL LOL

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    Very nice vid, become fan of the musician some one help me to get source where can I get this music

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    Wow 25 million viewers

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    Nice video

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    I’m not sure what I was expecting but this definitely NOT IT!!!! 9

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    all i can say is im glad i have ad block

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    Creater of this video is a fucking crap and elongated the videos as long as it is possible.

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    Do jaja...

  • Györgyi Geiczné Geberán

    Frightful, captivate!

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    Click bait - pure and simple!

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    Put video on pause and read the comments before video starts. Don't reward click bait.

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    Good job that looks hard

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    Great apart from the annoying adverts every minute!

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    very nice

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    What happened to the wing in water plane? Just a c'mon.

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    Risky point

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    Too many advertisements

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    Misspelled "Watching."

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    #7 first Boing 747, then as a Boing with two engines :))) No location information. Very bad video simple made with copy and paste. :(

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    a load of crap no dangerous take off or landings get it right

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    What a crock

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    ok good ............................ all best ................ all good

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    After I lowered my volume to zero, I was some nice footage. The loud soundtracks are more distracting that complimenting.

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    Very denjer

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    What's with all the ads??

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    #10 what whats the name of that plane amazing

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    A little bit more believable but not as exciting

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    A Short History of Aviation

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    Places, dates and aircraft type would be useful!!

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    e os homens aprenderam a voar.

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    8:06 ...and that how dust evils are formed kids.

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    Waste of time!

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    Lol flying is always dangerous especially when competing companies are too cheap to do proper maintenance

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    f58ck this video,,,, stupid,,,,,

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    Clickbait!!! The audio is awful, as well. There's nothing special about any of these. You want a pilot's license? You'd better be able to do all of these and then some even better...

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    this is crap

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    #9 winter tyres needed?

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    Clickbait shit!

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    Guys are u seen the foot cricball's." very dangerous"

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    ok listen to me everyone turn on your subtitles/captions

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    маленьким девочкам заплетают одну косичку

  • 60s-70s greek beats and sounds
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    what is the music cover in the video?

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      I think this is The Best of The Beatles. Not as good as Wings though.

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    3:50 .. real skills, great pilot.

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    Keep your stupid fu.king Trump ads off PLclip

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    Here you have landing no 1, after landing on river Hudson

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    Nice clickbait, at 3:22 the plane has 4 tires that consist of the landing gear, then poof, the next plane shown only has 3.

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    #6 - good pilot! all other - about nothing.

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    Nice, but the music is way too dramatic.

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    The captions are done by childish idiots - plus MOST of this was not dangerous at all. Total waste of time.

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    Nothing new... :(

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    great shots but serious lack of information is a real detraction.

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    Music to video absolutely does not suit the full shit.

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    Great! I line airplanes

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    Meh. Not so scary.

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    You didn’t add the Airbus A320 Landing on the Hudson River

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    Warka keen maxad haesaa

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    Such dramatic music for a nothingburger.

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    totally normal landing in Ukraine for the "Mriya" airplane (the fist one on the video)

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    Dirt airstrips are perfectly normal across a large part of the world and landing on them and beeches are perfectly safe. Cross winds are also very common and any decent pilot can land / take off in them. So at least 8 of these shouldn't even be on this list! I've had landings worse than 5 of them and I'm not even a pilot!

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    Shameless clickbait.

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    #7 plane starts off as a 747 and touches down with two less engines. Magic!!!

    • phy6ter
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      And its attempting to land at both LHR and LCY LOL!!!

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    Just had a lovely nap 😴

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    Love the music, any chance of you telling us what it is, quite haunting.

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    The music is the scariest.

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    very nice

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    Wow! 6 engines! So what happened to No 10. Fucking Rubbish there's no commentary!

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    10 9 8 4 2 1 dangerous? are you retard or smth?

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    this was cool

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    #8 is crazy airport

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    I wasted my time watching this.

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    You cut off the end of the last flight- the part showing the inevitable crash...

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    thumbs down...totally sux

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    Whats danger with this??

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    Misleading, boring, guy has lifted other people's work and put it back on line.

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    Certi piloti hanno le palle piu grandi di due mappamondi

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    Fng music arrrrrrrrrgggggggh