Game Theory: The RACE to Solve Fortnite's Season 5 Unsolved MYSTERY! (Fortnite Battle Royale)

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  • Opublikowany 26 sie 2018
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    Everyone thinks they've solved Fortnite's big Season 5 mystery. You know, with Durr Burger appearing IRL in the desert and the mysterious portals popping up in the game. Well, I'm here to let you know there is MORE to this mystery than anyone suspected. Theorists, together WE are going to solve it!
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  • GryGry

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  • ProPhaze
    ProPhaze 9 miesięcy temu +25789

    Just so everyone knows, H9 is not unused like Matt thought, that's where the cube started at. He likely recorded this video before the cube was out though.

    • Supreme Spark
      Supreme Spark 22 dni temu

      If you pay attention he flashes a picture of the cube

    • Omae wa mou shindeiru
      Omae wa mou shindeiru 22 dni temu

      Y’all wrote 492 in a month

    • William Lewer
      William Lewer 2 miesięcy temu

      At 16:38 he showed a photo of the cube so your wrong (no ofence)

    • TryHardCannibleKiller
      TryHardCannibleKiller 2 miesięcy temu

      True, HOWEVER the cube IS ACTUALLY what started most of this possibly, why would epic games put an aminous looking cube if it had no reason,. The cube looks like a square storm!! It's the EXACT same pattern! And so are the rifts! The earlier colors inside of the battle bus! Fun Fact:. In a bathroom at the corner of tilted towers there's a bloody handprint on the stall door.

    • Piem4n66
      Piem4n66 3 miesięcy temu

      The cube’s name was Kevin and he was amazing. Rest In Peace Kevin.😭

  • Luke Mitschke
    Luke Mitschke 15 godzin temu

    Who's here in season 9?

  • rowan El-Habach
    rowan El-Habach 18 godzin temu

    The name that we dont know and h9 that matpat talked about that it was not used... the Cube started there and iets name was kevin zo maybe kev?(in numbers)

  • Sans L
    Sans L Dzień temu

    Its epic games fault

  • Daywalker1973able
    Daywalker1973able Dzień temu

    So some thing from a kids game or some thing with an animated art style came into the real world, and it`s stone???

    Am I the only one who thinks this is kinda like the Gravity Falls Cipher statue, which to find, where where codes and stuff like that . . . .

    idk . . . .

  • Israel Villegas
    Israel Villegas 2 dni temu


  • you dont know me so why u bother lzl

    guys chill the dislikes are from polygon

  • Rylee Fisk
    Rylee Fisk 2 dni temu

    Matpat it might be Donald mustard EDIT: the number no longer works

  • Ivory Inkwell
    Ivory Inkwell 2 dni temu

    Okaaaaaaay, sooooo, what was it?

  • Trevor Edwards
    Trevor Edwards 2 dni temu

    I’m from season 9 and the old Durr burger head is still where it reappeared

  • UlordGaming 33
    UlordGaming 33 2 dni temu +1

    Epic is Jeff with his bottle rocket

  • Qwertiop
    Qwertiop 3 dni temu +1

    1:11 I H A V E T O P E E E E E !

  • Tatum Roa
    Tatum Roa 3 dni temu

    Amount of emotes wrong: amount of emotes right : none

  • Donovan Tanner
    Donovan Tanner 3 dni temu

    H9 was were Kevin formed

  • Donovan Tanner
    Donovan Tanner 3 dni temu

    Lol I was watching and returned so I came at 18:20 during sponsers

  • CmasterzHD
    CmasterzHD 3 dni temu

    Come on Matt, don't tell me you're going to make Fortnite theories... please....

  • Sam Pryce
    Sam Pryce 4 dni temu +1

    I can't call the number, apparently my package doesn't include calls to this type of number or something

  • Nicocinema YT
    Nicocinema YT 5 dni temu

    C7 is foreshadowing the freezing of greasy

  • HorribleGnu8537
    HorribleGnu8537 5 dni temu

    Hey matpat in save the world when zombies die they emite cube runes

  • The Dumb Craper
    The Dumb Craper 5 dni temu

    Da cube duh

  • kimkimpelli
    kimkimpelli 5 dni temu

    Has has anyone tried to break open the Lhamas?

  • Ashley TheBestGamer
    Ashley TheBestGamer 5 dni temu +2

    You should do the season nine. It's has more mystery

  • Redhead Demom
    Redhead Demom 6 dni temu

    They planned everything up to s9

  • andrew mega everything

    Im from the future and u are righ

  • Ali Gacha Baka
    Ali Gacha Baka 7 dni temu +1

    Yay my name is Ali are you my dad???

  • Sarah Miller
    Sarah Miller 7 dni temu


  • Möney Shøt
    Möney Shøt 7 dni temu

    H9 was the spawn of kevin

  • Clara Delgadillo
    Clara Delgadillo 7 dni temu

    Do a apax one

  • Aiden Byrne
    Aiden Byrne 7 dni temu


  • Alex Cuber28
    Alex Cuber28 7 dni temu +1

    1:50. Minecraft.

  • Syngamerpro YT
    Syngamerpro YT 7 dni temu

    1:43 "Woah, there goes gravity!" -Eminem

  • LukasA007 gamer
    LukasA007 gamer 7 dni temu

    The cube

  • NEO_Lofted
    NEO_Lofted 7 dni temu +1

    Who's here from season 9

  • Tyrone Braggs
    Tyrone Braggs 7 dni temu

    like worm holes or black holes

  • Raziq AMAZING h2
    Raziq AMAZING h2 7 dni temu

    i minute and 30 seconds to this episode and im already enjoying it

  • Pufferfeesh Editing
    Pufferfeesh Editing 8 dni temu

    Maybe they were hinting at Greasy Grove getting frozen in season 7 with the coordinates from the call. No fault on mat pat, he can’t time travel lol

  • Finn Manton
    Finn Manton 8 dni temu +3

    The greasy co-ordinate could've been a S7 prediction 😂

  • pls subscribe because I need friends

    I saw a 4 on the clip board

  • North Atlantic Treaty Organisation

    i don't know what this game theorist channel is but it's cool

  • Nelly Carc
    Nelly Carc 8 dni temu

    Matpat how come you didn't talk about Kevin the cube

  • gamercat2021 McCrory


  • Gillian Stecyk
    Gillian Stecyk 10 dni temu

    I turned 8 on july 9 2018

  • puro
    puro 10 dni temu

    Alright guys grab the bleach when fortntite itself exist in earth (if possible)

  • Ryan Watts
    Ryan Watts 10 dni temu +1

    sometimes i just watch these videos and my mind gets blown

  • kaze ep1cpr022 22
    kaze ep1cpr022 22 10 dni temu +1

    Its season 9 now

  • Mr.pancake
    Mr.pancake 10 dni temu

    the rocket was going for tilted, not away from fortnite island

    • Mr.pancake
      Mr.pancake 10 dni temu

      oh, and the volcano erupted completing the task, and the visitor had control over the rocket. 🤔

  • Eddy Earle
    Eddy Earle 10 dni temu

    I got triggered when he said orange shirt kid and not roy purdy

  • That guy DAN ____
    That guy DAN ____ 11 dni temu

    somebody call that phone number... enter drift

  • son zay
    son zay 11 dni temu


  • Steven Crager
    Steven Crager 11 dni temu

    MATPAT use the first letters of drift and you get a difrint sound out of the the dialog

  • De leukespeler NL
    De leukespeler NL 11 dni temu +1

    is somebody just was in paris and saw that thing he would of said wtf is fortnite?

  • BrokenArrow
    BrokenArrow 11 dni temu

    More crIIIng

  • moomoomashcrap YT
    moomoomashcrap YT 12 dni temu +1

    it is season nine now so i know a theory about season 4, when the meteor hit dusty divot a bunch of the goverment agents came to get the crystals the crystals could have been put in the rocket and the rocket sent up in the rift the rift than sent all of the little crystals into a bunch which made the cube so it goes into loot lake now season six , the floating island the cube at the end of the season had to much power and broke the floating island and gave the power back to the rift , now heading back to the coardinence of greasy grove was a spoiler that it dissapeered or got destroyed season seven, heading towards season 6 the island is gone there are now bigger hop rocks or crystals , going into season seven greasy and flush factory are gone the ice berg is here nothing happens except one event the ice king is holding kevin the cube so he uses the cube as its power so now season eight is here than the volcano that destroys wailing woods found an ancient temple under it later in the season the goverment digs at loot lake taking the huge crystals and finding a bunker under the dirt now if you were to go in theater mode and look in it you would see that the hole inside like in season six wirlpool but than the volcano erupts than puts us to a dead end as so we thought. season nine is here and the new neo tilted is also brought with us but the only way they did that in such a short time with jonesy nearly starving and eating peely is the crystals so the end of that conclusion now heading back to season seven and the dragon eggs they were hatching so 2 seasons later they finnaly did so this means there is going to be another cube event including the dragon event on wednesday or thursday (so thats my theory) I will be streaming when the event happens if i wake up early...........

  • TMSTER Tactic
    TMSTER Tactic 12 dni temu

    More than just 2 worlds are colliding
    “The evil dimensions”

    ICEY MAGER 12 dni temu

    If you listen really closely on audio file 1 the visitor says “set coordinates” that’s all I heard because I have 40% hearing loss so yea but listen closely

  • Panos TDL
    Panos TDL 12 dni temu +3

    June 2019
    Fortnite is dying and minecraft is rising .

  • Andrei Vasile
    Andrei Vasile 13 dni temu

    maybe the 1st few letters of the founder of epic games or the person who decided fortnite was a good idea?

  • GreenNinjaYT
    GreenNinjaYT 13 dni temu +1

    I saw the tenth doctor from doctor who
    I like that show

  • IriZ Bendz
    IriZ Bendz 14 dni temu +1

    Rip Kevin the cube

  • lillie Ćhan
    lillie Ćhan 14 dni temu

    More lore than fnaf ha you’re funny

  • Heir of the Akasuna - Nightcore

    When I came back to this video, the audio from the visitor, I heard him say set coordinates which makes me believe the visitor is controlling the maps changes.

  • CreepersTKOED
    CreepersTKOED 14 dni temu

    Gosh you just love putting overwatch images in you videos dont you XD

  • Nick Avila
    Nick Avila 15 dni temu

    Right as the avengers thing showed up the theme played on a yt vid

  • Nick Avila
    Nick Avila 15 dni temu +22

    Haha it's not like they removed the pump

    • SuperGDPro3
      SuperGDPro3 Dzień temu

      Epic: Want us to remove the pump? We'll do it in Season 9.

  • Nick Avila
    Nick Avila 15 dni temu

    For the last two notations do the 0 and 6 matter? Is there a 3 and a 5 or whatever?

  • Nick Avila
    Nick Avila 15 dni temu

    I never figured out that it was the visitor leaving

  • Karla Silva
    Karla Silva 15 dni temu

    It might be the season 5 mystery skin

  • Super Sonic 64 Gamer
    Super Sonic 64 Gamer 15 dni temu

    Season 9 anyone0

  • KevinGamer KevinGamer
    KevinGamer KevinGamer 15 dni temu +4

    Did u try looking at the spectrograms from different perspectives?

  • Pandamazing Gamer
    Pandamazing Gamer 16 dni temu

    Is it me or is pat more happier

  • Alla Hegi
    Alla Hegi 16 dni temu

    Fortnite is a copy game the thing that you need to do copy other games

  • Furious gaming
    Furious gaming 17 dni temu

    Who else watching I s9

  • alireza karbasivar
    alireza karbasivar 17 dni temu

    Season 9 anyone?

  • Malachi Oldham
    Malachi Oldham 18 dni temu

    kev were the first 3 letters

    Of couse its season nine now but still

  • Mark Godfrey
    Mark Godfrey 18 dni temu

    I can't explain my theory, just...
    Drift is back...

  • Shade Jamison
    Shade Jamison 19 dni temu

    During the "enter the name" part, while i watched it, a thought struck me. What if you add the first few letters of "The Visitor." I didn't bother but I wonder if anyone thought of that or tried that. What do you think?

  • uwu station
    uwu station 20 dni temu

    So is the lore solved for season 5 or what?

  • IDTGaming 123
    IDTGaming 123 20 dni temu

    If Fortnite is placed on a different world how do they know what a llama is and why is it the only animal besides recent skins

  • Jaybro 65
    Jaybro 65 20 dni temu

    The first 3 letters are poo

  • jason mercier
    jason mercier 20 dni temu +1

    Uh that's a long time ago season 5 is the best season season 9 just had to vault the pump aaahhhhh why the pump

  • Mark calvin
    Mark calvin 20 dni temu

    Type in drift ;) seriously use drift. Drift is the season 5 skin so use the numbers for the name drify

    THE RED DIAMOND 20 dni temu

    I'm actually calling the number

    MLGDOGE GAMEZ 21 dzień temu

    I am in Paris and i found a loot llama

  • YouTubedoescoolstf
    YouTubedoescoolstf 21 dzień temu

    GAHSP!!!ITS KEV!!!

  • Malik Tapitjij Gould
    Malik Tapitjij Gould 21 dzień temu

    There’s also a house that looks like a skull.💀☠️🏠🏡

  • DaDude387
    DaDude387 21 dzień temu

    Rip in peace kevin

  • Kateri Balmes
    Kateri Balmes 21 dzień temu

    WOAH WOAH WOAH WAIT...HE HAS A KID?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  • Bushy Boy
    Bushy Boy 21 dzień temu

    H9 was the cube and you had a picture of the cube

  • unyeckenerd
    unyeckenerd 21 dzień temu

    A burger, in the Mojave? I guess the NCR finally took over and built up society.

  • unyeckenerd
    unyeckenerd 21 dzień temu

    0:01 it’s the duke!

  • Capriati Castaneda
    Capriati Castaneda 25 dni temu

    Fornite is this video

  • Will Lorimor
    Will Lorimor 25 dni temu

    the name is kevin

  • erorr_name _not_found
    erorr_name _not_found 25 dni temu

    Wait a second,why did the visitor do it?why did he make a rocket?to make a portal to were real world?

  • Dickenz
    Dickenz 26 dni temu

    It’s season 9 and I’m still waiting for a follow up on this lol

  • Sandra Gomez
    Sandra Gomez 28 dni temu

    Do one on the purple cude aka keven the cude

  • Tason Bynum
    Tason Bynum 28 dni temu

    Who else is watching this in fortnite season 9

  • Trolleroskar
    Trolleroskar 28 dni temu

    Epic: does an EPIC start to seasons.
    Season 9: nothing will go wrong right?
    Epic games: Well yes, but acctually no

  • Zackaninja
    Zackaninja 28 dni temu

    Season 5 is 200% my favorite season

  • Fijibear12 E
    Fijibear12 E 29 dni temu

    You better make a fortune from this or else you are wasting your life

  • zee tube HD
    zee tube HD Miesiąc temu

    Wait for it