Game Theory: The RACE to Solve Fortnite's Season 5 Unsolved MYSTERY! (Fortnite Battle Royale)

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  • ProPhaze
    ProPhaze Miesiąc temu +25011

    Just so everyone knows, H9 is not unused like Matt thought, that's where the cube started at. He likely recorded this video before the cube was out though.

    • Agent MK
      Agent MK Miesiąc temu


    • Defiant Clone
      Defiant Clone Miesiąc temu

      ProPhaze In the video, there is a picture of the cube, so it was most likely recorded before it appeared, but edited after it appeared.

    • Colin Dude1211
      Colin Dude1211 Miesiąc temu +1

      isn't the cube in H8 though

    • JaggBOI LancasterBOI
      JaggBOI LancasterBOI Miesiąc temu

      In the video there was a picture of the cube in the video! So he knew he just didn't want to talk about then

    • JaggBOI LancasterBOI
      JaggBOI LancasterBOI Miesiąc temu

      Thank you for pointing this out I was just like so confused why he didn't talk about the CUBE

  • Ammar Yasser
    Ammar Yasser 8 godzin temu

    Costumes and dancing,
    Partner up, be wise.
    They could be friendly,
    Or a ghoul in disguise.
    Tombstones quake,
    Keep your finger steady.
    The circle will close,
    Better be ready.
    Take the shot,
    If you have enough to last.
    The wind calls out,
    “Fill your chambers, fast.”
    The crack of lightning
    Illuminates your wins
    Arise, dark ones-
    The fight begins.
    waiting for your thoughts

  • girl1213
    girl1213 21 godzinę temu

    2:24 I honestly thought MattPatt was annoyed at the fact that his *baby* son was in the closet/"office" space with him...until I realized *HE* was realizing how embarrassing this will be for Ollie when he inevitably grows up and has to tell his classmates and friends what his dad does for a living: "My Dad's job is to talk to himself in a closet." Hehehehehehe

  • botslayer 107
    botslayer 107 22 godzin temu +1


  • Epic group Games and stuff

    The motel sign appeared. It had a big hole in it.

  • CLeaN DyL
    CLeaN DyL Dzień temu

    This is a personal theory that i just thought of ....
    So on the visitors planet there was a crack in the sky aka a rift, the visitor flew a dpace ship or a rocket up to the rift and touched the rift, just like a rift can tp you to the sky and land again since the visitor was high up in the sky he got tp'd to a different universe or in this case the fortnite map, and the visitors rocket was tp'd to the fortnite map , the visitor and his rocket landed at dusty divot so the "rocket launch" was just the visitors way to try to get back to his home. The rocket launch caused more rifts to spawn and the "Rook" is a office worker who saw a rift and got tp'd to the fortnite map. "Drift" is a japanese teenager who got tp'd to the map.

  • Csab_ Csab
    Csab_ Csab Dzień temu +1

    When is the new fortnite theory coming out???

  • Snub Disphenoid
    Snub Disphenoid Dzień temu

    Jgchjrxfhdxjgch the tenth doctor when he said alien

  • Norma Ramirez
    Norma Ramirez Dzień temu


  • Graeham Van Staden
    Graeham Van Staden Dzień temu

    Do a jumunji theory

    SKELETON NATHAN Dzień temu

    Mat just to let you know that video about the durr burger and police car you found about that guy it’s fake the one fortnite made is only for the trailer/launch of the season 5
    Just for your information 😀 But if it’s not fake than I’m sorry. Because sometimes you can’t trust some pictures

  • gamy mich
    gamy mich Dzień temu

    16:33 MAT LOOK BEHIND YOU!!!!

  • T Bennett
    T Bennett Dzień temu

    Lol jontron

  • Noellelovespandas
    Noellelovespandas Dzień temu +1

    Were is part 2

  • alex minecrafter
    alex minecrafter Dzień temu

    OK here is one in fortnite the cube when u shoot it it launches u up in the air and kills u but when u die the kill feed had a weird glitchy box that looks like the cubs name try to figure it out thanks

  • TheDiamondBoy
    TheDiamondBoy 2 dni temu +1


  • Brenton Holderfield
    Brenton Holderfield 2 dni temu

    Its Season 6

  • May Zhang
    May Zhang 2 dni temu

    This was made on my bday

  • Shelley Griego
    Shelley Griego 2 dni temu

    Hopefully he doesn’t take over his dads job to soon

  • Thunder Breakers
    Thunder Breakers 2 dni temu

    Guys i think this is alexs hurish idea
    I spelled his name wrong i know

  • Aidan Low
    Aidan Low 2 dni temu

    Has anybody opened up the lamas?

  • Mystic Flower 77
    Mystic Flower 77 2 dni temu +1

    Jüšt møñikå

  • Aquileas Narwhale
    Aquileas Narwhale 2 dni temu

    do an octopath traveler theory
    its such a good game and you could give it depth
    just one please

  • Master Rohan
    Master Rohan 2 dni temu

    Do season 5 part 2 plz. I don't play FORTNITE and I cant access the Reddit and discord posts and I WANT THE CONCLUSION!!!!!!!

  • Ed Cisneros
    Ed Cisneros 2 dni temu +1

    This is monky
    He has 0 vbucks.
    1 like = 1 vbuck.
    Let's see how much v-bucks he can get!

  • Omega 496
    Omega 496 2 dni temu

    The number is not active

  • Bryan Olea Hernandez

    It was Darkness rises

  • cannon sword
    cannon sword 2 dni temu

    Before tomato template happened, I destroyed tomato town. It was weard seeing it.

  • Sully morse
    Sully morse 2 dni temu

    wut about fortnite season 7!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Adriana Fletcher
    Adriana Fletcher 2 dni temu

    The glidder was at a park

  • Adriana Fletcher
    Adriana Fletcher 2 dni temu

    The glitter was at a park

  • Wil Hudson
    Wil Hudson 2 dni temu

    Those emote puns at the end are so funny 😂

  • Wyatt Brooks
    Wyatt Brooks 2 dni temu

    Hey matpat please do a theoy on season 6

  • Icebberg 76
    Icebberg 76 2 dni temu

    Floating loot lake

  • Youtuber Maybe?
    Youtuber Maybe? 2 dni temu

    Can you do part 2

  • Youtuber Maybe?
    Youtuber Maybe? 2 dni temu

    12:28 bob was here

  • AwesomeRowan
    AwesomeRowan 2 dni temu +1

    On the notebook at 17:45, it says 'the tap is still orange' and 'is ave almost' and 'last one to kilo_____' and 'I am ca___ is still _____ instable'

  • Arlekienen
    Arlekienen 2 dni temu +1

    Loved that he referenced Caddicarus when he said "salvage" ❤ MatPat supporting other creators is wonderful, and warms my heart

  • TheTf2Guy
    TheTf2Guy 2 dni temu

    hmm ever heard of the cube or even the floating island?

    • Lost Illusion
      Lost Illusion Dzień temu

      at the time of recording this video none of that even happened lmao

  • Boss up to Video games

    the glider that disappear in the season 5 trailer somehow end up in the past where the dinosausers live and then it look like it come to life then it die in a dino fight I know that because of the dinosaur bones and if you look to the week 7 season 5 loading screen you can see the motel sign retuning to the fornite world
    do you love my theroy? Pat

  • little tank
    little tank 2 dni temu

    You should do a season 6 floating island theory

  • Md Zufar Syarif Md Zaidi

    did u guys solved before s6 i thin u guys didnt

  • Jed Donaldson
    Jed Donaldson 2 dni temu

    Best intro ever

  • blueberry the wolf
    blueberry the wolf 2 dni temu

    I live in clear lake Iowa :3

  • EmeraldStar123
    EmeraldStar123 2 dni temu

    this guy who has the clipboard is covering the name so unless if somebody found the clipboard we wont know anything

  • lvx93
    lvx93 3 dni temu

    yes ad now kevin melted in latte lake

  • Thy Hog
    Thy Hog 3 dni temu

    MATPAT! THE CUBE ISLAND HAS STUFF GROWING ON THE ISLAND! LOOK AT IT FROM A CERTAIN VIEW IT SAYS E9 WHICH IS WHERE THE FACTORIES ARE! Theory: The Cube will fly up and use a bunch of energy it gathered from past runes to strike the island on E9. Thoughts?

  • Freddyfazbear fan443RBLXAcc

    I won’t know how the loot llama got there this has to be fortnite magic..

  • claire and liam collop
    claire and liam collop 3 dni temu +1

    Is No one Gonna Talk About THE BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Goo Fy
    Goo Fy 3 dni temu +1

    This will definitely lead to a real life Ready Player One

  • Will A.
    Will A. 3 dni temu


  • Demon Crusher Lucas
    Demon Crusher Lucas 3 dni temu

    (712) 380-4091 i typed this up for the people who don't wanna watch a paused screen the whole time and then type the phone number in

  • Troy Bonenfant
    Troy Bonenfant 3 dni temu

    Matpat plz do a season 6 theory!!

  • Luna EclipseQueen
    Luna EclipseQueen 3 dni temu

    Like the broken music disc from minecraft

  • JBadger Gal
    JBadger Gal 3 dni temu

    0:00 - 1:20
    OMG! Mat ans Steph are so cut! I feel like the ‘white guy’ one is kinda correct

  • Esme feltmate
    Esme feltmate 3 dni temu

    what about the kitsune mask

  • Wilbert and Travis
    Wilbert and Travis 3 dni temu

    Try putting Yanny/Laurel into a spectrogram :/

  • Joshua Garin
    Joshua Garin 3 dni temu

    I saw an image about the tomato head in the middle of the desert

  • Furious Fire
    Furious Fire 3 dni temu

    It's​ simple , we need to loot or destroy the llama to get what's inside them

  • Kirkland Lubin
    Kirkland Lubin 3 dni temu

    The name? Probably the first person that rode the lama?

  • Beenz
    Beenz 3 dni temu

    Hey, we still haven't solved it. We also need to link it to paranormal stuff.

  • RṳZ†ẙỴṬ
    RṳZ†ẙỴṬ 3 dni temu

    Well, this is the third time I've commented but try the enforcers name(extension 8) or the visitors
    Maybe durr or llama or glider
    Matpat, or drift?
    Dude I have so many ideas.
    Atk? Paradise?Lazy?
    (I'm sorry I'm annoying 🤣

  • RṳZ†ẙỴṬ
    RṳZ†ẙỴṬ 3 dni temu

    Dude, matpat I accidentally reported u sorry

  • Cristi B.
    Cristi B. 3 dni temu

    where is the next fortnite theory

  • kory
    kory 3 dni temu

    Fortnite should just stope please

  • Cam 47
    Cam 47 3 dni temu

    Doesn’t that mean that the visitor is here on earth

  • Sherell Watson
    Sherell Watson 3 dni temu

    Your emote jokes at the end actually made sense (Cause EVERYTHING makes sense on THIS channel)

  • Average Gamer
    Average Gamer 3 dni temu

    I subscribed! I just got my channel! I could use subscription or two...

  • Sapphire Shine
    Sapphire Shine 4 dni temu +1

    We need another one! If there are enough clues to make another one😁❤️

  • Daniel Richardson
    Daniel Richardson 4 dni temu

    All the dislikes are from kids who didn’t watch the video but just saw the fumbnail an thought you were going to talking about Fortnite dieing.

  • American Soldier
    American Soldier 4 dni temu


  • foxxygamer37171 the unexpected return

    oh wow work for the mystery of season 6

  • Ethan Butler
    Ethan Butler 4 dni temu

    Wipe no Gangnam style

  • K9
    K9 4 dni temu

    Look at a spectogram of the shadow stones

  • Maximus Berthot
    Maximus Berthot 4 dni temu

    oh my god i think it"s kev. as in kevin the nikname for the cube.

  • Ryan Petzing
    Ryan Petzing 4 dni temu

    In aoudio one who else heard visitor

  • Talexls 4
    Talexls 4 5 dni temu

    6:37 he had a picture of the cube prophaze

  • Talexls 4
    Talexls 4 5 dni temu

    Season 6

  • I Smell Your Thoughts

    Anyone in season six

  • eddog6666
    eddog6666 5 dni temu

    Most of the cities can be connected by straight lines to two cities that have been listed but two. Cologne, Germany and Paris France. From Cologne with the angles you get Brussels Belgium and from Paris France yo get montperllier France

  • eddog6666
    eddog6666 5 dni temu

    You can draw a straight line from Paris to Warsaw

  • Everett Regan
    Everett Regan 5 dni temu

    Hold on I have to pee!!!

  • samurai master
    samurai master 5 dni temu

    Hey, it's future me. Just saying that the name is for THE CUBE

  • Christopher Lopez
    Christopher Lopez 5 dni temu +2

    Who's watching this when season 6 already started?

  • Wilson Pirie
    Wilson Pirie 5 dni temu

    Yo, did this ever get solved???

  • Andr8id06 Gaming
    Andr8id06 Gaming 5 dni temu

    11:27 4 jonesys. One headhunter. Who will walk away with a girlfriend?

  • BLUGensis12
    BLUGensis12 5 dni temu

    and all this lead to a floating island with floating runes and dusty is probably gonna die

  • Oliver Radley
    Oliver Radley 5 dni temu

    With the new cube development on the island the miniature cubes spell out E, B and 7 try them in the number

  • Alexander Gibb
    Alexander Gibb 5 dni temu

    The three letters were LLA if it and llamas are related

  • MsCakepants Art
    MsCakepants Art 5 dni temu

    Wow.. just wow

  • johnthicc
    johnthicc 5 dni temu

    if you look closly on the clipboard it says i am ca and the rest is covered bye his hand

  • Foxy_kun
    Foxy_kun 5 dni temu

    You can hear a “Halloween laugh” at the background sometimes this Season.

  • Ethen Little
    Ethen Little 5 dni temu

    Hey mat i got a know how the cube teloported everywhere well my theory is that the cube leaves something behind when he teloports making the area into a "energy" filled chaos so then when the cube evolves into cube island it goes back to get all the "energy" to get to full power(this is where it gets weird).so when its done it'll make the storm more powerful and when it does the storm then starts making zombies.ok i know what your thinking this guy is crazy but im not matpat's theory video about how fortnite takes place on venus backs me up how you ask easy if all the fortnite character's could live on venus without a helmet(just realized there are some characters that have helmets on)then they must have some teck keeping them alive right if teck is that evanced then they just might be able to CLONE.okay this might help you understand battle royale comes before the campain which means every single zombie is just one noob that got shot in the process of learning how to do things i know what your thinking but the robot thing comes and brings you to

    • Ethen Little
      Ethen Little 5 dni temu

      Wait a second i did not put that link in who did that whoooooo

    • Ethen Little
      Ethen Little 5 dni temu

      The lobby but that is just your clone you play as a clone your lifeless body is under the ground that robot only does 2 things clones and bury's people. but hey this is probebly copyrited by matpat (sorry im just a bit tired)

  • Marlon Delabanque
    Marlon Delabanque 5 dni temu

    I wish i hadnt found this out just now but what about Ray last three digits or maybe the creator of Fortnite last name

  • Gabriel Ramirez
    Gabriel Ramirez 6 dni temu

    Did you. Try the agent.s name??

  • Gabriel Ramirez
    Gabriel Ramirez 6 dni temu +1

    Uh its 2018 season 6

  • DarthBiz209
    DarthBiz209 6 dni temu +1

    My theory of how it ends.
    The cube explodes, and out flies Thanos in a purple 50s' Chevy. The Rickroll begins to play. Roll credits.
    Any questions?

  • Gary Georgiou
    Gary Georgiou 6 dni temu


  • Audrey Awesome 264
    Audrey Awesome 264 6 dni temu +1

    Oof I’m watching this when season 6 is out!

  • Koopa Cas
    Koopa Cas 6 dni temu

    It sounds like the visitor said “setting coordinates” amirite