Game Theory: The TRUTH About Minecraft's World!

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  • Opublikowany 28 wrz 2016
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    The PLANET is NOT FLAT, and neither is Minecraft's! That's right, this world of cubes, is not actually a cube itself. And we theorists are proving it the only way we know how, with the use of science. But how can I be so sure without the ability to zoom out and see the planet as a whole? Well, the answer is as simple as taking a leap. No, not a leap of faith! - just a really high jump.
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  • lauren jackson
    lauren jackson 5 godzin temu

    There’s a mod where u can go to space and it’s a square

  • Cit- Cave
    Cit- Cave 9 godzin temu

    I dont really think minecraft is round, and Im not saying your wrong, but the ground is always flat in minecraft. And I beleive the earth is flat.

  • Saharai  Luaces
    Saharai Luaces 9 godzin temu

    If I hear someone say that the earth is flat I will slap them my friend asked me this I slap him

  • 柳妞妞
    柳妞妞 20 godzin temu

    If it is round, could you walk continuously non stop straightforward and get back to the same place again? Imagine if they added this feature.

  • MrNoobBlox Roblox & More
    MrNoobBlox Roblox & More 22 godzin temu

    I people who say (earth is flat) goes to school???

  • SpookyTree520
    SpookyTree520 Dzień temu

    But u can have a block float when u knock out the bottom, so gravity doesn’t always technically work

  • Jess Ramirez
    Jess Ramirez Dzień temu

    I learned more science watching this than in science class 😂

  • Научният Изз-следовател

    You can move while jumping7:19

  • Plain Playing
    Plain Playing Dzień temu

    the minecraft is not a cube and not a sphere it just a square. this is how minecraft works. i checked

  • Leah Toebbe
    Leah Toebbe 2 dni temu

    I sense one big plot hole in this theory. this is a game in which blocks can hover without falling, swim up waterfalls and hold stacks and stacks of gold bars. i don't think gravity works the same in Minecraft than in the real world.

  • Gabriel Ionut
    Gabriel Ionut 2 dni temu

    omg ive seen this video like 5 times now and only now realyse that mat says dicks at the start of the video

  • fox gamer 27
    fox gamer 27 2 dni temu

    The far lands are stil in minecaft

  • LPSpineapple inc
    LPSpineapple inc 2 dni temu

    But what if the core was a cube too?

  • Boyan Animations
    Boyan Animations 3 dni temu

    Another youtuber made about this but he said on every square it will be richer the first was the most richest the 6th is were is the dump

  • DEVIN M.
    DEVIN M. 3 dni temu

    i wanna know more about how the stuff revolving around minecraft's earth would change things (like the moon and sun for example, how does it effect the planet differently as compared to if it was rotating like ours)

  • Melanie Damant
    Melanie Damant 4 dni temu

    But the center should be a cube if the world is so it is the same
    you're basing it on a ball which is gonna a be different right

  • puppy lol 3 298
    puppy lol 3 298 4 dni temu

    WTF I am gust a child .

  • Christopher Estep
    Christopher Estep 4 dni temu

    In the farlands you should get jump boost and slow falling if the earth was a cube that would be cool *the Minecraft earth*

  • xITOBii
    xITOBii 4 dni temu

    What if the gravitiy in minecraft is also a cube?

  • johnnytheguy
    johnnytheguy 4 dni temu

    are you sure Minecraft has same gravity as in earth because many of the block floats

  • johnnytheguy
    johnnytheguy 4 dni temu

    i don't think Minecraft follows science. most of the blocks don't fall down

  • Cbr Plays
    Cbr Plays 4 dni temu

    😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😂😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳 wtf

  • HyacinthTie10
    HyacinthTie10 5 dni temu

    8:02 Mr Pat...I don’t feel so good

  • LTB_gaming
    LTB_gaming 5 dni temu


  • Progect:3548 3
    Progect:3548 3 5 dni temu

    2:41 thats an error, he used the old chest texture.

  • Happ Shobe
    Happ Shobe 5 dni temu

    Actually the minecraft world is flat, because you can actually travel to all ends of the world, where you just fall off of the edge if you decide to jump off

  • Electric Storm
    Electric Storm 5 dni temu

    OBJACTION!1Moon art of minecraft from the... Ehm... What is it called.... Where the moon is there where should be the sun... U know what i mean, ok... HOW DO WILL EXPLAIN THAT?

  • Shark Tie
    Shark Tie 5 dni temu

    You thought the core was a sphere not a cube

  • Howard Hairston
    Howard Hairston 6 dni temu

    STOP it with the terrible puns and Earth Is .......not flat lol

  • Darth Darth Binks
    Darth Darth Binks 6 dni temu

    But in minecraft there was/is a bug where you can go off the world and if you would fly to the end you could see the earth is a cube

  • kahkashan tahniyat
    kahkashan tahniyat 6 dni temu

    Are eye are are round so earth can be square for people how have square which is imposible

  • Lin Leo
    Lin Leo 7 dni temu

    How do you explain the void ?

  • mincrat_soider #1.
    mincrat_soider #1. 7 dni temu


  • Kiwii Chan
    Kiwii Chan 7 dni temu

    minecraft has let me down...

  • Allen Campo
    Allen Campo 8 dni temu

    this still wont stop people DUMB PEOPLE OOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

  • David Silliman
    David Silliman 8 dni temu

    Wrong it’s just infinitely large, and the sun mysteriously disappears during night

  • the dragon LD
    the dragon LD 8 dni temu


  • sergej igre
    sergej igre 8 dni temu

    There is a barier in minecragt

  • Aayushmaan /Anmgzi.Anonna

    11:25 what

  • Amaan Hanslod
    Amaan Hanslod 9 dni temu

    Is he a "roundcrafter"

  • Snoh
    Snoh 9 dni temu

    Did...did he just make a Harambe joke in late 2018? My god

  • Tom Cat 17
    Tom Cat 17 9 dni temu

    Knock knock
    Who's there
    illuminati Who
    illuminati confirmed get it illuminati confirmed hahahaha

  • Jordan Pieters
    Jordan Pieters 10 dni temu

    Come on guys the earth is clearly a dragon egg

  • Yoshi Fruit
    Yoshi Fruit 10 dni temu


  • KittyPlayz1
    KittyPlayz1 10 dni temu

    Just earlier this week I found out what's behind the aileron. Correct me if I spelled it wrong.

  • Amanda Watson
    Amanda Watson 10 dni temu

    #dogs #cats 🐶🐹

  • Amanda Watson
    Amanda Watson 10 dni temu

    Plese do a slime rancher theory

    JURI 100 GAMING 10 dni temu

    I noticed this
    I was flying high in the sky I noticed the terrain was a bit roundy

  • lawyer morty
    lawyer morty 10 dni temu

    My friend: the earth is flat!
    Me, an intellectual: pfff do you believe in earth?

  • JM Angel
    JM Angel 10 dni temu

    The minecraft world is flat, Try typing /tp @p -29999999 61 29999999

  • Pytha GMD
    Pytha GMD 10 dni temu

    how is this still getting comments with tons of likes in 2018

  • roberto carlos
    roberto carlos 12 dni temu

    All theses squares make a circle

  • daniel duarte
    daniel duarte 12 dni temu

    Flat erthers just jump of the border

  • Evi Benarti
    Evi Benarti 12 dni temu

    Lol this is like the earth is flat but bacwards

    /\ THEWITHEREDNOOB /\ 12 dni temu

    Wait... how is this a game theory??
    But it's true like ever noticed how you don't walk off the planet like this



    We would walk off a circle world guys get smart

  • Ray the gr8
    Ray the gr8 12 dni temu

    Matpat didn't show Kosovo as a part of Serbia at 2:32, the bastard!

  • pixelphoenix21
    pixelphoenix21 13 dni temu

    Wouldn't the core be a square to?

  • zack sweeney
    zack sweeney 13 dni temu

    What if the CORE was cubed in the Minecraft planet?

  • Soobsbreeze
    Soobsbreeze 13 dni temu

    Wouldn’t the square shaped planet also have a square shaped core?

  • Ermie Laurente
    Ermie Laurente 14 dni temu

    5:52 core inside™ ad hehehe

  • Megatronus Prime
    Megatronus Prime 14 dni temu

    Any flat earthers 2018

  • Bexter ollie
    Bexter ollie 14 dni temu

    Neil degrasse Tyson(with joker makeup)
    You wanna know, how I got these stars?

  • Lumko Tatana
    Lumko Tatana 14 dni temu

    I love how he uses Minecraft to debunk flat earth

  • IceCream PuppyGirlPlays

    Dear all flat-Earthers,


  • IceCream PuppyGirlPlays


  • A Bb
    A Bb 14 dni temu

    I'm a flat earther and this video triggeres me (jk don't come at me)

  • deathgaming forever
    deathgaming forever 14 dni temu

    10:20 Rip Pat

  • deathgaming forever
    deathgaming forever 14 dni temu

    10:10 Rip Pat

  • deathgaming forever
    deathgaming forever 14 dni temu


  • deathgaming forever
    deathgaming forever 14 dni temu


  • deathgaming forever
    deathgaming forever 14 dni temu


  • papyrus the skeleton
    papyrus the skeleton 15 dni temu

    The world is ROUND!!!!

  • Ronald Yancey
    Ronald Yancey 16 dni temu

    What if the core was a cube?

  • Bianca
    Bianca 16 dni temu

    here is a theory...
    If the earth is truly round, then there should be no mountains.
    I am not talking about the rolling hills causing a 'slight' texture to the globe but the idea of the earth having a unique shape. There are studies to show the planet being very misshapen from the rotation and terrain shifting on the surface.
    If the minecraft world is large enough, like many large objects, the outlines are 'smoother' or more accurately it gets harder to see the kinks in a curve.
    What if the minecraft world is cube like as the terrain creates an uneven surface on the planet but still gives the planet a rounded shape as the planet is large enough for the player to see a flat horizon.
    So it can have sharp edges but the cubes are still rounded around the gravity of the planet itself.
    I think people in general tend to forget the scale of a planet. More so for people in the past believing the earth was round. They were not high enough from the ground to sea and realise the scale of the earth being round yet at the same time flat once you are close enough to it's surface.
    In minecraft JAVA, an 'infinite' world can go up to millions of blocks, provided the computer running the game or the game itself can even calculate the game having such large world to generate. Hence the farlands existing as the point where minecraft can't generate new terrain so far away from spawn.
    Sure it has been patched out. I believe however there should be the possibility the that a player should travel far enough in one direction just to end up where they started.
    The reason why the minecraft game doesn't do that is developers never saw the need for players to walk off one end of a map and reappear on the other. The game doesn't perceive a world being round, it is programmed to see it as a flat plane to load in and out chunks for the player to walk around in. Constantly saving where each blocks is and what type and state it should be in. Not to mention the AI of mobs, determining where to spawn enemies, what redstone is doing, what effect eh player and possibly other players as well all in a matter of ticks to keep time of the minecraft day and night cycles.
    All this is a huge feature to the game and one nothing short of extraordinary.

  • amariokart
    amariokart 16 dni temu

    2 year anniversary of this video

  • Ryansplat18
    Ryansplat18 17 dni temu

    One issue with this theory is that the entire world of Minecraft stays on the same day/night cycle regardless of the players location. Say, for instance, you have two players on a single world. If you stand at the origin of the world an have the other player travel, say, 75 million meters to the opposite side of the world, the Sun and Moon will be in the exact same place relative to each player. Obviously this would not be the case in a sphere, even in a geocentric universe.
    Consider this: what if the Minecraft planet was completely flat with a flat plane below and above it. The flat plane below would be completely flat, similar to the completely flat bedrock at y=0. This plane could be exerting a constant gravitational pull at a 90 degree angle to the plane. This would explain why Steve always falls straight down and never strays from his position relative to the planet. It would also explain why the entire planet is on the same day/night cycle.
    One issue with this is what the underside of the planet would look like. Say, for example, you dig through the bedrock when the moon is at a 90 degree angle above the surface. Theoretically, the sun should be underneath the bedrock, but that is not the case.
    If you have a theory about why that is the case, or why the day/night cycle is constant at any stage of MatPat's round planet theory, I would love to hear it.

  • Rotten Legacy
    Rotten Legacy 17 dni temu

    Oh, hey, it's almost been two years since this video was posted

  • Markoets
    Markoets 17 dni temu

    umm no its flat
    if u go to the border and through it u can see it ends
    what does it mean

  • Miles Prower
    Miles Prower 17 dni temu

    If the MCPlanet is a spherical planet, this DOES mean death to all water-elevators and the guy who carried too much gold

  • Miles Prower
    Miles Prower 17 dni temu

    Next theory: how is it raining above Minecraft clouds

  • Jacinta Baly
    Jacinta Baly 18 dni temu

    8:09 Epilepsie warning

  • Hodo ForHotdog
    Hodo ForHotdog 19 dni temu

    But what if the center of the world was a cube to match the outer layer?

  • 11 spock
    11 spock 19 dni temu

    the Minecraft core is square

  • Shreesh Thummala
    Shreesh Thummala 19 dni temu

    the mincraft world is flat so is the real world

  • The Felis Order
    The Felis Order 19 dni temu

    So when you fly directly straight up and then fall down you will land exactly where you started, thus proving the world is stationary and everything else moves around it, which means the world is the center of the universe, which means that most games where you can fly up high is the center of its universe, even if that game has several worlds, which means... What does it mean?

  • Joy Lubawski
    Joy Lubawski 19 dni temu

    You went way to far

  • Fiona Beagle
    Fiona Beagle 20 dni temu +4

    But flat earthers are better than anti vacciners
    I'm not a flat earther and sorry for bad spelling

    • Jayden Polder
      Jayden Polder 5 dni temu

      Fiona Beagle flat earthers are just stubborn bored people. Anti vacciners are children Murderers. Yes there is a big difference

  • Joanne Olmstead
    Joanne Olmstead 20 dni temu

    2:38 blocks

  • Goblin Man256
    Goblin Man256 21 dzień temu

    Thanks for using the best country/ island/ continent for the explanation of how day and night work.

  • Alexander Maysse
    Alexander Maysse 21 dzień temu

    Yesterday I saw a who was show about gallileo so understood some of this

  • Matthew Bacon
    Matthew Bacon 21 dzień temu

    Mat, @1:42 you just forgot the most important rule of D-list celebs. They are all idiots that couldn't look up International Space Station pictures if they tried.

  • KAFKA Kostas
    KAFKA Kostas 21 dzień temu +44

    Flat earth thats stupid!

    We all know its a star

  • Birka Hardsner
    Birka Hardsner 22 dni temu

    But what about when u dig down, and then u fall through?

  • BenTV
    BenTV 23 dni temu

    I think Minecraft Plays after the Apocalypse because evolved plant Monsters cows that are men and women together an Tundra biome behind a desert
    No Humans Just villagers skeletons Zombies Ruins in the sea ...

  • Bailey Brown
    Bailey Brown 26 dni temu

    I love mincraft!!!!!!!