Game Theory: The TRUTH About Minecraft's World!

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  • Opublikowany 28 wrz 2016
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    The PLANET is NOT FLAT, and neither is Minecraft's! That's right, this world of cubes, is not actually a cube itself. And we theorists are proving it the only way we know how, with the use of science. But how can I be so sure without the ability to zoom out and see the planet as a whole? Well, the answer is as simple as taking a leap. No, not a leap of faith! - just a really high jump.
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  • Pedro Solis
    Pedro Solis 10 godzin temu +1

    And the moon sometimes looks like 🌙 the shadow of the earth its round

    DARK KING 11 godzin temu

    Its a plate not a block. And its thick so it has gravity.

  • Box Nblox
    Box Nblox Dzień temu

    2:40 you called?

  • Kayumov Mansur
    Kayumov Mansur Dzień temu

    Stop right there! If the planet was a sphere, you would be able to twist blocks with the grassy top by 90 degrees, which you cant do! So minecraft world is flat

  • Kayumov Mansur
    Kayumov Mansur Dzień temu

    I'm just gonna leave this here...*,*%7C637%3A358&background-color=black

  • Kayumov Mansur
    Kayumov Mansur Dzień temu

    "let me simplify it for you" omg you have used Newtonian formulas that everyone studies at school!

  • x Pug
    x Pug Dzień temu

    7:10 PopularMMOs

  • x Pug
    x Pug Dzień temu

    PopularMMOs? I like it!

    BALKAN BROS tv Dzień temu +1

    minecraft is GRASS CUBE!!!!☻

  • joseph Thompson
    joseph Thompson Dzień temu

    everything makes sense theory wise, the only wall i run into when i think about it is, if the world was round but the blocks were square, how do they match together in the sense of squares filling a spherical volume?, other than that your theory is awesome

  • Electro Thunderz
    Electro Thunderz Dzień temu

    I sign of running out of games to theorize

  • hexagon3601 Adolfo
    hexagon3601 Adolfo 2 dni temu

    the world is not flat

  • the magic waffle
    the magic waffle 2 dni temu +1

    GOD DAMMIT! WHENEVER I THINK OF A REASON OF IT BEING A CUBE, I THINK OF SOMETHING THAT ADDS MORE PROOF OF IT BEING ROUND! like i just thought: "The blocks would either have to be a bit smushed or have small gaps between them" but then i realized blocks have tiny gaps between them!

  • rainbow lovers
    rainbow lovers 2 dni temu

    The minecraft world is flat

  • Emily Bevilacqua
    Emily Bevilacqua 3 dni temu

    It’s 2018 dummy

  • Emily Bevilacqua
    Emily Bevilacqua 3 dni temu

    I love Minecraft so thank you it’s beautiful

  • behzad roohandeh
    behzad roohandeh 3 dni temu

    No it is a circle ⭕️ in real life but in Minecraft it is a cube but some games as a ⭕️

  • Alex Bourff
    Alex Bourff 3 dni temu

    To take Minecraft beta 1.8 and shove it up your a**

  • HappyZombieKid
    HappyZombieKid 3 dni temu

    either this is right or Notch did not care about science and made a cuboidal planet that acts like a sphere

  • Asriel Bryant
    Asriel Bryant 4 dni temu

    No the Minecraft world is round

  • Mikkel Lau
    Mikkel Lau 4 dni temu

    Your shadow is a cyrgel

  • Nicholas Johnston
    Nicholas Johnston 4 dni temu +1

    The Minecraft world isn’t round or cube, it’s flat because it’s a game

  • BBQSauce
    BBQSauce 4 dni temu

    When was Matthew engaged with Stephanie?
    I mean the date
    Just curious

  • can we get to 10000 subscribers with no videos

    *please, it's flat*

  • Pixel Donkey
    Pixel Donkey 4 dni temu

    The core is a cube

  • Camrin Santchi
    Camrin Santchi 5 dni temu

    All these squares make a circle, all these squares make a circle...

  • Bence
    Bence 5 dni temu

    its actually flat. no seriously, its flat

  • Matt
    Matt 5 dni temu


  • Ang The Man
    Ang The Man 5 dni temu

    What if you make a flat world in Minecraft...

  • Aimee Taylor
    Aimee Taylor 5 dni temu

    Stop with the Science ! MineCraft is not suppose to be THAT realistic! Science is for real life.

  • Hayden Brutas
    Hayden Brutas 5 dni temu


  • Michael G
    Michael G 5 dni temu

    What about the endless void? How can that be there if it is truly round, but a cube as well?

  • Miguel Chavez
    Miguel Chavez 5 dni temu

    Do you beileve everything you read

  • Miguel Chavez
    Miguel Chavez 5 dni temu

    This guy's an illuminati

  • Miguel Chavez
    Miguel Chavez 5 dni temu


  • Miguel Chavez
    Miguel Chavez 5 dni temu


  • Corne Geyer
    Corne Geyer 6 dni temu

    It is just a game!!!

  • Matthew Lai
    Matthew Lai 6 dni temu

    haters: omg chill its just a game

  • someone 837
    someone 837 6 dni temu

    Dang it I’m late again by 6 years this time

  • someone 837
    someone 837 6 dni temu

    Actually in the farlands, the world starts to break and blocks start to glitch becoming air blocks but you can see those air blocks

  • Sharky K
    Sharky K 7 dni temu

    Mining away!........

    BLOOD LORD 7 dni temu

    Bruh than why is the sun and moon square

  • Karl Heinz
    Karl Heinz 7 dni temu +1

    What if minecraftts planet is flat? Flat earth theory confirmed

  • master of time x
    master of time x 7 dni temu

    none of this makes sense cuz the earth is a donut. the poles are just the icing. *DUH!*

  • Ryan Prescott
    Ryan Prescott 7 dni temu

    Minecraft is flat.

  • E-best agressive agressor

    ewwww its obviously a sand on a box!!!!!

  • Sapnupuas :l
    Sapnupuas :l 7 dni temu

    Actually the Minecraft world is completely flat

  • Matdiot
    Matdiot 7 dni temu


  • random noob
    random noob 7 dni temu

    I will never forget that amazing intro

  • Fox Diety Ace Spade
    Fox Diety Ace Spade 8 dni temu

    These squares make a circle

  • Cheilith
    Cheilith 8 dni temu

    but if you keep walking, you don't reach your original point, therefore it's flat. the 180 line of bedrock confirms this also

  • TrueKingPwny
    TrueKingPwny 8 dni temu

    This remind me of the DBZA quote. "All this squares make a circle" though in the case, it would be "All these cubes make a sphere"

  • Convenient Puppet
    Convenient Puppet 8 dni temu

    now you can calculate how many different possibilities Minecraft has and likely create a new number!

  • jonnp99
    jonnp99 8 dni temu

    mine craft is flat world with a huge thick layer of super mednic rock with a strong pull force . the world. is flat like a square coin . makers even say it flat.

  • SeanSnake Gaming
    SeanSnake Gaming 8 dni temu

    Its a line

  • christopher murray
    christopher murray 8 dni temu

    So u can't use gravity as a factor

  • christopher murray
    christopher murray 8 dni temu

    Blocks float in mid air in minecraft

  • emerald python
    emerald python 9 dni temu

    We know because if you go to the end of the world
    Me: if it's round were the end... ITS A DOME WITH A DOME ON THE OTHER SIDE

  • k brady
    k brady 9 dni temu

    gravity in Minecraft is a cube because everything is a cube

  • k brady
    k brady 9 dni temu

    This thing in Minecraft is a cube so the Minecraft world is still a cube because the gravity is a cube

  • Maddocter Noob
    Maddocter Noob 9 dni temu

    I hate this video.

    Minecraft has no theory.

    All you do is hope for when humanity returns and you build a suitable place for when it does return

  • kep arani
    kep arani 9 dni temu

    I always thought minecraft worlds were flat instead of cubic

  • Wassup Original
    Wassup Original 9 dni temu +1

    If two people stood in space , after a really long time would they ever touch each other( if they didn’t float away)

  • Neon Ken
    Neon Ken 9 dni temu

    Minecraft aint scientifical i mean like why le hell is there an anvil that cant slowly go down the water

  • Joey Pereira
    Joey Pereira 9 dni temu

    no gravity

  • flex tune
    flex tune 9 dni temu

    That was only a theory a game theory aaand cut

  • DarkLordX47 DarkLordX47

    Why did they take out the farlands?

  • Hey It's Elijah
    Hey It's Elijah 10 dni temu

    What if the core is _also_ a cube? then the cuboidal planet is possible then?..

  • HOLDEn Sutton
    HOLDEn Sutton 10 dni temu

    Mad I’m working on making a Minecraft version of your logo or icon?l have honestly no idia what it is.

  • Maša Melinc
    Maša Melinc 10 dni temu

    end of 2018, GB still in the EU

  • caleb lindsey
    caleb lindsey 10 dni temu

    Why do all your Minecraft theories make me tingly inside

  • Leilani animation
    Leilani animation 10 dni temu


  • Reeva Sharma
    Reeva Sharma 11 dni temu

    1:11 '2016 has been a rough year'
    Me in 2018 after deaths of stan lee and creator of sponge bob (can spell the name) the Manchester bombing. Arian's struggles. Death of a misiv artist, youtubers breaking up and leaving yt.
    Me: yep 2016 was definatly hard. *note sarcasm*

  • William Wilson
    William Wilson 12 dni temu

    Is this science or video game based

  • William Wilson
    William Wilson 12 dni temu

    Feel asleep watching your very cryptic

  • Frida Gutfelt
    Frida Gutfelt 12 dni temu

    Oh matpat, you clearly haven't been to 2018

  • Jada Cat
    Jada Cat 12 dni temu

    Mine craft is a cube you can only be on one side of the cube cause of the end well thats the edge. And whenn you fall through the void you can see big square so boom

  • Ninja Rabbit
    Ninja Rabbit 13 dni temu

    Lol why you take Ireland with Britain we not leaving XD

    LAN_KROSI 13 dni temu

    You work for illuminati

    LAN_KROSI 13 dni temu


  • ninjaboyx23
    ninjaboyx23 13 dni temu

    I know I'm 2 years late but minecraft is always straight and is flat cause when you did down you hit bedrock and below that a infinite stretching void below it

    • ninjaboyx23
      ninjaboyx23 13 dni temu

      Also did you account the possibility the center is also a square

  • Movie Man
    Movie Man 13 dni temu

    The world I flat or else the blocks would have to be curved at the top to move around into a sphere.

  • Noah Hinson
    Noah Hinson 13 dni temu

    Lets be honest: the creators don’t think about this crap.

  • Qwerty424242
    Qwerty424242 14 dni temu

    Far lands and border solved 😎

  • Cody Thomas
    Cody Thomas 14 dni temu

    What about the setting flat world it is a rectangle

  • Laney Tube
    Laney Tube 15 dni temu

    Great, now I want to play minecraft for the first time in years.

  • Bones
    Bones 15 dni temu

    However the core of mine craft would be cubic meaning the gravity would be cubic
    Also the horizon seems to be 100% flat and infinite
    Also also you’re talking about gravity in a fictional video game whilst not talking about water rushing to the middle or blocks floating
    Sincerely Sherlock bones

  • Waahaa _1
    Waahaa _1 15 dni temu +1

    Everyone knows the earth is flat!

    AKiLLER OFFiCiAL 15 dni temu

    In a technical level, Minecraft have flat worlds. But they wanted to make it look like Earth, so they added stuff to make it look round...
    Case Closed.

  • BAM!
    BAM! 15 dni temu

    but if you dig down you don't end up on the other side of the planet, doesn't that mean the planet is flat?!

  • MLG Cookie
    MLG Cookie 16 dni temu

    Explain this Atheists! How is my girlfriend pregnant even though we’ve never had sex!

  • Rainzel Lazaro
    Rainzel Lazaro 16 dni temu

    For all people that thinks the earth is flat:


  • Kuol Mawien
    Kuol Mawien 16 dni temu

    Well, why did Mojang make the bottom of the world in Minecraft flat? Once you did down straight [please don't do this in survival] and hit Bedrock under the Bedrock is nothing.

  • FreddyTheFrog
    FreddyTheFrog 16 dni temu

    But the minecraft world has to be flat, If you dig far enogh down you fall through

    • FreddyTheFrog
      FreddyTheFrog 16 dni temu

      And maybe bedrock is some kind of core that makes gravity!

  • Professor YouTube
    Professor YouTube 16 dni temu

    The far lands remind me of Subnautica s cliff

  • Cabbage Johnson
    Cabbage Johnson 16 dni temu

    Leave a like If you actually high-fived him on 11:33 👍

  • Exploding TV
    Exploding TV 16 dni temu

    The earth isnt flat

    It's a cylinder

  • ThePhoenixMapping
    ThePhoenixMapping 17 dni temu

    2:34 Kosovo is Serbia

  • The Mobile Gameplayer - Minecraft and More!

    In mcpe when you're at bedrock then you break it there's nothing there

  • pau pu
    pau pu 17 dni temu

    Anyone else drop their phone trying to high fives him?