Game Theory: The TRUTH About Minecraft's World!

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  • Opublikowany 28 wrz 2016
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    The PLANET is NOT FLAT, and neither is Minecraft's! That's right, this world of cubes, is not actually a cube itself. And we theorists are proving it the only way we know how, with the use of science. But how can I be so sure without the ability to zoom out and see the planet as a whole? Well, the answer is as simple as taking a leap. No, not a leap of faith! - just a really high jump.
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  • waifu is laifu 2.0
    waifu is laifu 2.0 48 minut temu

    7 minutes into the video point proven you:i need ads i need ads i need ads

  • Espy_alitrix
    Espy_alitrix Godzinę temu

    God I hate flat earth believers. Honestly, how can someone be so stupid?

  • Xaden Bounmy
    Xaden Bounmy 4 godzin temu

    I just got a idea about the mine carts when they go off the rails, they fall straight down.... weird gravity and logic if you ask me.... 🤔

  • Hue Jass
    Hue Jass 4 godzin temu

    Hehehe stupid 2016, anyone 2019

    GOASTY 19 godzin temu

    2019 squad

  • Estela Winchester
    Estela Winchester 19 godzin temu

    Mat, I have a theory I think you’ll like.
    If you listen to the cave sounds, they are things like a train, a plane, a subway, and what seems like a door slamming. This, in a world where the only “human” life is you and villagers? Zombies, skeletons, enderman, creepers?
    I think Minecraft is a postapocalyptic game. The villagers are a society created by survivors.
    You can rebuild your broken world, or destroy it more. You are the turning point in the existence of the planet.
    You can do anything. The world suffered one apocalypse, why not another?

  • TheSpyDude1431
    TheSpyDude1431 20 godzin temu

    It's a squrcilce a square circle

  • Dexie Sheep
    Dexie Sheep 22 godzin temu +1

    If you find the borders, you can see that the world is a square. It’s not a cube since gravity won’t let you go on a different side... But this video proves that it’s also a sphere... So is the Minecraft world some combination of a square and sphere that humans don’t know about yet or something?

  • Ava Vieira
    Ava Vieira Dzień temu

    What is the fastest video game character

  • Yunyan Wang
    Yunyan Wang Dzień temu

    It’s flat

  • Yunyan Wang
    Yunyan Wang Dzień temu

    What about the void?

  • Justin Daoust
    Justin Daoust Dzień temu

    What if you were moving with the world as it rotates, and that’s why you fall into the single block hole after being in space for a day?

  • Mister Doctor Professor

    but aren't the moon and sun cubes

  • Storm 1200
    Storm 1200 Dzień temu

    I gave him a high five and my iPad fell off my bed and cracked the screen 🤣😢🤬🙄🤤

    REESATTACK24 Dzień temu +1

    I love mincraft.😊😂

  • candied scroll Chara
    candied scroll Chara Dzień temu

    _popularmmos?_ sorry, but the only face I recreate is that of a camera.

  • minkemsbarbs
    minkemsbarbs 2 dni temu

    MY 8 YEAR OLD was watching this and there are NAKED MEN IN THIS !!!!!! THANKS A LOT ! do NOT WATCH THIS! unless you are old enough to and want to see naked men !!!!!!

  • Faby Dumpling
    Faby Dumpling 2 dni temu

    You could be my 6th grade science teacher

  • Fluffy _MrSheep
    Fluffy _MrSheep 2 dni temu

    Can't I just punch my damn trees in peace

  • Koolkiller 1738
    Koolkiller 1738 2 dni temu

    WAIT, what if the core is a cube wouldn’t that mean the gravity is fine.

  • Nerdles Kitten-Belly
    Nerdles Kitten-Belly 2 dni temu +1

    Actually, I dug through bedrock in creative mode, no other side so here's what's happening...
    1: Minecraft earth is flat as a pancake and the illuminati wanted things to look pretty :D
    2: The real earth is CLEARLY an illuminati pyrimid xD

  • Fossiliferous
    Fossiliferous 2 dni temu

    Well, if the earth was actually round in real life, people in Australia are gonna have an issue getting around compared to those in Greenland or something like that.

  • Gam3r_Play3r // Gam3rPlay3r

    Notch or Mojang is a flat earther

  • apple oof
    apple oof 2 dni temu

    if the world is flat
    explain this

  • the doctor of who
    the doctor of who 2 dni temu

    Minecraft is basically a different dimension

  • Firefox Jones
    Firefox Jones 2 dni temu

    Matpat is wrong and i can prive it

  • im a faggot,but
    im a faggot,but 2 dni temu

    Who said the core would be round??

  • Curt Gill
    Curt Gill 2 dni temu

    The illuminati is trying to brainwash us in to believing that the earth is flat. Think about it.

  • Aida Alonzo
    Aida Alonzo 3 dni temu


  • Aida Alonzo
    Aida Alonzo 3 dni temu


  • Gaijin xwei
    Gaijin xwei 3 dni temu

    if u were on flat world in Minecraft then it would be infinetly flat so gravity would always be down

  • Vlad Khmel
    Vlad Khmel 3 dni temu

    The earth in minecraft is flat because you can see the horizon

  • Roro Star
    Roro Star 3 dni temu

    Forever alone hah you had a baby

  • Kristen Teague
    Kristen Teague 3 dni temu

    what if you make a infinite world?

  • Thaskael
    Thaskael 3 dni temu

    How is here to search for flat earthers?

  • Mooperman
    Mooperman 3 dni temu

    Or it’s just flat. You know, just putting it out there.

  • Wesley Koch
    Wesley Koch 3 dni temu

    How does the moon have phases

  • Whitney Crowe
    Whitney Crowe 3 dni temu

    The Earth is more like a oval

  • RebelCommander7 Star Wars kid


  • MaxBuster
    MaxBuster 4 dni temu +2

    Gotta love MatPat trying to use gravity in a game where 99% of everything isn't affected by it.

  • Tundra
    Tundra 4 dni temu

    Here in 2019

  • Best of youtube
    Best of youtube 5 dni temu

    I think it is sad that people still think the Earth is flat.

  • Mat Tash
    Mat Tash 5 dni temu

    question why did you point to australia
    do you live in AUSTRALIA
    if you do will welcome to hell
    also I live in Australia
    or are you just lazy
    or the edit just likes to point to Australia?

    also *high fives your hand*

  • Dope Kid
    Dope Kid 5 dni temu

    I remember growing up on purble place on a old dell laptop

  • Bobby Rana
    Bobby Rana 6 dni temu +1

    What if the core of the Minecraft planet was a cube.

    • Mooperman
      Mooperman 3 dni temu

      You would still be attracted to the center of it.

  • no identity
    no identity 6 dni temu

    Why can't it just be a game?

  • no identity
    no identity 6 dni temu +1

    I just watched skin milk stick ya dick in it

  • gowzahr
    gowzahr 6 dni temu

    The problem with the round Minecraft theory is that it's based on the assumption that, like earth, the density of the planet is only a function of depth. It's entirely possible to have a cube planet, provided its more dense towards the corners.

  • Irish Spartan Studios Team Pewds

    MstPat you forget, flat Earthers don't believe in gravity!

  • wolfperson
    wolfperson 6 dni temu

    I thought the farlands was only a thing in Minecraft story mode

  • Ricky was here
    Ricky was here 6 dni temu

    If you look directly down in Minecraft your Shadow is a circle idk if that means anything

  • Jack Boogie
    Jack Boogie 6 dni temu

    What about the fact that you can walk off the edge of the planet

  • Nickster Studios
    Nickster Studios 6 dni temu

    umm... the minecraft world is a flat infinite plain? just walk a few thousand blocks in one direction and you'll see what i mean.

  • Krazy K1d
    Krazy K1d 6 dni temu

    It can also work on a ovalisc world

  • Cayden Shane and Hannah Shelton

    Bro it's a game we don't need mathematics in the game

  • Sveti K.
    Sveti K. 7 dni temu

    But ... wath if the minecraft ,, Earth " is cubebic but with cubick core . CC+CE= LOGIC?

  • Ryan Christovich
    Ryan Christovich 7 dni temu

    2 CIRCLE IS MINECRAFT: that weird pickaxe particle command thing, and the WORLD

  • This Guy
    This Guy 8 dni temu

    Did he already make a theory video on disc11/13 yet? I'm curious if theres something he can come up with

  • Mihkel Männik
    Mihkel Männik 8 dni temu

    Dude i come from the future also known as 2019 and i will warn you 2018 is worse than 2016

  • Kimber Landon
    Kimber Landon 8 dni temu

    mat pat if the mine craft earth is round

    how are you not able to run or fly around the entire planet and end up back where you

    ha plz like

  • Mj Kelly
    Mj Kelly 8 dni temu

    What if the core is a cube? Then wouldn’t it be even again?

  • LogiLogic
    LogiLogic 9 dni temu

    Could Newton's first law explain why you would land in the same spot since the earth would be turning at the same relative speed of the player's initial jump? Also, wouldn't having a geocentric universe change the physics of the world itself to the point where newtonian physics wouldn't even apply? I'm genuinely curious what you think and love your videos. It feels like Minecraft's world's lack of rotation would cause typical gravity to diminish, and if that is the case, wouldn't all of the calculations be null and void?

  • Danielle Stehbens
    Danielle Stehbens 9 dni temu

    Bet you don’t know why the sun sets red. 😜

  • Thijs Zwaveling
    Thijs Zwaveling 9 dni temu

    On nintendo flat world its just never ends.if anyvone wonders anithing just ask

  • Bandana Shark
    Bandana Shark 9 dni temu

    yay my favoraite youtuber kills my favoraite game

  • Lindsay Marie
    Lindsay Marie 9 dni temu

    maybe the minecraft characters are lost travelers

  • Lindsay Marie
    Lindsay Marie 9 dni temu

    I have a minecraft theory

  • FamousGlory
    FamousGlory 10 dni temu

    I swear this gets me every time XD

  • Viper88
    Viper88 10 dni temu

    Mojang after watching the video: Were gonna be a savage, CTRL A, delete.

  • Mythicc Randy
    Mythicc Randy 10 dni temu

    But it's a game I don't think they added that much detail

  • Michael Kinney
    Michael Kinney 10 dni temu +1

    Checkmate flat earthers

    BIGCHUNGOOS 10 dni temu

    but what if it has a cube core???

  • Ja5xx
    Ja5xx 10 dni temu

    But what about the void??

  • Renata Moreno
    Renata Moreno 10 dni temu

    I thought this was new but NOPE -2016- turned to 2019 watching right know.

  • Temax B
    Temax B 10 dni temu +1

    It can’t be round for SOOOO MANY REASONS
    1.on infinite worlds it is INFINITE so if you go in a straight line you won’t come back to ur spawn because it would just be infinitely flat
    2.old worlds on PE which have borders can’t be round for the same reason
    3.flat worlds are just flat. No end, just infinite. ITS THE SAME REASON
    And anyway, it’s just a game, so there could be like a theory which says that the nether is on the other side of the void under bedrock, and that the nether was the source of the gravity. This could work on all worlds on all devices.
    Also the fog might just be that Steve is half blind from his square eyes.
    And yes, the sun, moon and stars are just part of the skybox which you might not be able to go out of, which means you can’t go out of the atmosphere which also points out how he can still breathe up there but not in water BECAUSE HE IS NOT IN SPACE!!
    So I just proved the whole vid wrong haha
    Hope u understand what I just typed, this took me all video to do

    • Temax B
      Temax B 10 dni temu

      Nah but seriously this took me ages

  • Wyatt Miller
    Wyatt Miller 10 dni temu

    Just one question, how come there is a barrier to the world, and anything past it is a void? I don’t know if that question means anything, but I’m curios what your response would be. The ending was beautiful for this episode though, (:

  • neowolf09
    neowolf09 11 dni temu

    Que the triggered flat earthers XD oh and have you heard of the convex earth theory? At this point IDGAF about what the shape is, I just want us to fully explore the oceans...

  • potatochips c:
    potatochips c: 11 dni temu

    Okay, Earth is round, but Minecraft is actually flat. The gravity pulls only downwards though. But still, there's a world border that you can't go past, which makes it impossible to travel around the world like in real life. So yeah, this is just what I think, it's fine if you disagree. But wait, I have more evidence. The Void. It's a bottomless pit below bedrock level, and if Minecraft was round, you could eventually reach the other side (maybe), but no. You keep falling, until you die from the Void damage. Not just that, but also there are no timezones, so if you go to the edge of the world, BOOM. Same time. (At least if you teleport cuz it will take many real life days to get there)

  • Natsuki Cutsie
    Natsuki Cutsie 11 dni temu


  • creeprkillr11305
    creeprkillr11305 11 dni temu +1

    Ur mc earth is just item frames stuck together and rotated with maps in them. *sigh* it’s not a cube or a sphere, it’s a rectangular prism… I’ll prove this theory some other time on my channel.

  • West
    West 11 dni temu

    cough* A^2+B^2=C^2
    my math nerdy ness will leave now.....

  • Itachi Uchiha
    Itachi Uchiha 11 dni temu

    There is a mid that makes it you can go in space and it is a square

  • Yu-gi-oh For life
    Yu-gi-oh For life 12 dni temu

    I love your intro it’s the best

  • PixelWh1p 09
    PixelWh1p 09 12 dni temu

    # Inappropriate

  • Razor Blader
    Razor Blader 12 dni temu

    Flat earthers play too much minecraft

  • NKProductions2014
    NKProductions2014 12 dni temu

    Minecraft being at the centre of everything also explains why ageing dosnt exist in Minecraft.

  • Diamond Rocks 22
    Diamond Rocks 22 12 dni temu

    Flat earths for some stupid reason don’t believe in gravity so your point is out the window

  • Gram
    Gram 12 dni temu

    A square in a square

  • Gram
    Gram 12 dni temu

    But every little think in Minecraft is a square, why wouldn’t the gravity work like a square. I know that sounds stupid but think about it

  • BRTD 2005
    BRTD 2005 12 dni temu

    the bigger mystery is HOW THE HECK IS MINECRAFT 10 YEARS ALREADY?!

  • Marc 14222
    Marc 14222 12 dni temu

    but in the flat earth theory there is no such thing as gravity

  • David Walinga
    David Walinga 12 dni temu +1

    but the 1.8 update

  • beyblade burst
    beyblade burst 12 dni temu

    But it mine craft it's a cube vs a video game a video game brah get your facts right

  • Erich Roethlisberger
    Erich Roethlisberger 12 dni temu

    Those damn round earthers... Minecraft's world is clearly flat.

  • DanielTheJediYT
    DanielTheJediYT 13 dni temu

    The earth is flat in any dimension. It just looks round because it’s spinning so fast

  • Poovithan Vasikaran
    Poovithan Vasikaran 13 dni temu

    Couldn't it be that Minecraft uses the taxicab metric to calculate distances and so be still cuboidal?

  • 2easonal Elementz
    2easonal Elementz 13 dni temu +3

    Hey flat earthers, if the earth is flat, why does wind happen?

    • 2easonal Elementz
      2easonal Elementz 6 dni temu

      +Nickster Studios Yes i do, cause he actually uses logic and math for his theories unlike people like you, who just make assumptions and pretend like it's fact and then when something like LOGIC, come to disprove you, you just write it off by making an assumption, by the way, why does wind come from behind the ice wall? wouldn't that be just space?

    • Nickster Studios
      Nickster Studios 6 dni temu

      +2easonal Elementz of course someone like you would compare themselves to Albert Einstein. Albert Einstein failed math you really think he knows the truth about the earth's shape?

    • 2easonal Elementz
      2easonal Elementz 6 dni temu

      +Nickster Studios Why does it though? And calling me stupid is like calling Albert Einstein stupid- oh wait that's exactly what you are doing.

    • Nickster Studios
      Nickster Studios 6 dni temu

      +2easonal Elementz read what i said, i said BEHOND the ice wall. you people are so stupid sometimes.

  • the dino pack
    the dino pack 13 dni temu

    Cube earthers are triggered

  • Esslo125
    Esslo125 13 dni temu

    Imagine a mod like this, where in the game when you move some distance it skews your view until it peaks at whatever angle(I think 45) at the world border

  • Jake Turner
    Jake Turner 14 dni temu

    2019 anyone?