Captain Marvel Origin and Powers Explained

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  • Obaprince Abadi
    Obaprince Abadi 5 godzin temu

    its gonna be a really tough fight I think

  • Lael Peters
    Lael Peters 13 godzin temu

    thanks for the explanation.

    LIFE PATH Dzień temu

    No way,she can't even defeat Thanos with one power stone,marvel doesn't show the true power of the stones, infinity stones are the end game.

  • Pedantic Pete
    Pedantic Pete Dzień temu

    If she could travel at the speed of light, her strikes would be infinitely stronger than a 92 ton weight. A nuclear bomb wouldn’t even be a pin prick of a punch from her. Sorry but the geek factor went to new heights here. Then again, we’ve got ant man and that whole thing where sometimes he’s just as strong as his big size and other times not or weighs as much as normal size then weighs as much as an ant. Depending on each scene. I love suspension of disbelief but this description and having watched ant man somehow triggered it more than the rest. Lol

  • vijay padalkar
    vijay padalkar 2 dni temu

    If cap marvel, is able to defeat thanos, then we all are fooled with infinite powers of stones

  • Le Hangars
    Le Hangars 2 dni temu

    Give Us Warlock ! That you implanted like i don't know a long time ago !

  • Dede Yusuf
    Dede Yusuf 3 dni temu

    "cosmic awareness" they said.
    for me it's just like women intuition. every woman has it.

  • ash unknown
    ash unknown 6 dni temu

    if captain marvel a woman kill thanos that its sucks they hv destroyed avengers. mar vell is original captain marvel . captain mar vell was created by mans

  • GongsunXin
    GongsunXin 7 dni temu


  • John Pilgrim
    John Pilgrim 12 dni temu

    If Captain Marvel can't defeat Thanos by herself, surely she can defeat him with the help of the other super heroes.

  • Ben Hinman
    Ben Hinman 15 dni temu

    The only thing i would say is that Brie Larson is not nearly enough of a drop dead hottie to play carol danvers. Everyone knows her primary super power is being super fine

  • warren lamar
    warren lamar 16 dni temu

    Ant Man will save everyone! Just saying...

  • Joseph Sauve
    Joseph Sauve 16 dni temu

    She is gonna stretch Thanos a new one, time to brush up on the comics lol

  • Travis Silvers
    Travis Silvers 17 dni temu

    Isn’t supergirls last name Danvers?

  • Paul Buchanan
    Paul Buchanan 18 dni temu

    Let’s make I clear. Captain marvel is not stronger than thanos with the infinity stones. So what ever she’s going to be doing in the movie has no true story smh

  • Sushi Sashimi
    Sushi Sashimi 18 dni temu

    Thanos will win.

  • chocollins cho
    chocollins cho 18 dni temu

    all clear thanos wont like this

  • Keen Gaming
    Keen Gaming 18 dni temu

    That said can she run the vacuum cleaner over the house once in a while?

  • Amy Herrmann
    Amy Herrmann 19 dni temu

    But is she faster than a speeding bullet? More powerful than a locomotive? Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound? Yeah, I just committed blasphemy by comparing MCU to JL, but I couldn’t help myself.

  • yotodine
    yotodine 19 dni temu

    wait. so she can absorb energy? which means nothing can happen to her. So she is literally invincable... Everything is made of energy including us. So she can just absorb us. And she can manipulate it? Talk about OP. So we pit her against the very reality she exist in, in the form of stones. Which control time, reality, souls, space and another one, which will just bleep her out of existance. he just thinks, she shouldnt exist. BOOM, no one remembers she was even there... ... ... This is seriously dumb. things need limitations and bounderies to be at least beleivable let alone entertaining. Why not just pit God against God. They just bleep each other out of existance and all were left with is a blank screen for 1 more hour. Why did thanos have to snap hos finger when he was using all the rest by closing his hand?

  • eddrush209mph
    eddrush209mph 19 dni temu

    You missed her Binary form dude.

  • Majedie Howell
    Majedie Howell 19 dni temu

    Does she have a boyfriend or is she a lesbian feminist?

  • Avery Johnson
    Avery Johnson 19 dni temu

    Has cosmic awareness. . . Yet fury needs a pager to tell her that her homes under attack. . .

  • Saif Akash
    Saif Akash 20 dni temu

    I have known Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel since I was a kid! knew about her powers and always wondered how awesome it would be to see her cartoons/animated movies someday! And now when we started living in the era of Superheroes, DCU and MCU bringing wonders and stories of the Superheroes I read comics as kid. I started when I am gonna see her in action! And finally the time came. :)

  • Dead Inside
    Dead Inside 20 dni temu

    Yeah, good luck thanos

  • The Ultra instinct
    The Ultra instinct 21 dzień temu

    Srsly captain *marvel* ????????

  • Protik Hazra
    Protik Hazra 21 dzień temu

    Having a bit of genetic meterial from marvel...she becomes this much powerful...then Wt power lvl that kree had...omg that doesnt make any sence...he is beyond silastrials..

  • quantass
    quantass 21 dzień temu

    What a ridiculous character. It's like a bunch of children trying to top each other on who has the strongest character -- "Well my guy is the entire Universe and punches your guy into the 666th dimension!" But of course!! Oh and Captain Marvel....nice name.

  • Coach Jay
    Coach Jay 21 dzień temu

    Love CM

  • Matthew Ronson Jr.
    Matthew Ronson Jr. 21 dzień temu

    Capt. Marble.

  • 10 hour Lumpi
    10 hour Lumpi 21 dzień temu

    will woman these days now start a riot after seing Thanos hit a girl??? Is t wrong to visit the cinema anymore when a woman gets hit???

  • 10 hour Lumpi
    10 hour Lumpi 21 dzień temu

    Imagine Thor and captain Marvel becoming a couple. I would feel safe forever.

  • justine salazar
    justine salazar 22 dni temu

    does she have laser eyes?? my friend says she has.
    im confused

    CHAMPDOGZ 22 dni temu

    Hate it just because the real Captain Marvel aka Shazzam was way better before Dc sold the name & right to Marvel for Captain Marvel

  • mikefluech
    mikefluech 22 dni temu

    I thought I saw the infinity gauntlet destroyed (or at least damaged) at the end of Infinity War. Captain Marvel wouldn't have as much to deal with in this case, right?

  • Future Generations
    Future Generations 22 dni temu

    Explain her BINARY POWER.
    Its suppose to make all her existing powers double the strength

  • Josh Marquis
    Josh Marquis 22 dni temu +1

    If there's one thing Marvel has made clear it's that only Thanos can beat Thanos, and with the Infinity Gauntlet, even Eternity (the living embodiment of the entire universe) can't beat him. That said, they have very much Nerfed Thanos and the Infinity Stones for the sake of the movie. Even in the comics, right before the fighting starts, Thanos pauses reality and remarks on how naive it is for the heroes to even attempt to fight him. And when Mephisto says to put on a display of bravery for Death, Thanos asks how he can appear to be brave when no one is a threat to him. Captain Marvel is definitely a heavy hitter, but there are lots of people in Marvel Comics that are on par with her and above her; but when you talk about Thanos with the Infinity Gauntlet, you're talking about the top of the stack. The only two people above that is the Living Tribunal and The One Above All. But that's the comics, 616 Universe specifically; the movies will do what they want, perhaps they'll have Spider-Man win the day. Who knows

    • Josh Marquis
      Josh Marquis 19 dni temu

      Absolutely Blue Marvel could. Sentry would probably have to release the Void, but you know he avoids that at all costs

    • Marvel FanBoy 616
      Marvel FanBoy 616 21 dzień temu +1

      +Josh Marquis totally agree it always comes down to who's writing lol only others I could see defeat him is maybe Sentry and blue marvel

    • Josh Marquis
      Josh Marquis 21 dzień temu

      Depending on who's writing it, you're right. When Thanos has the Infinity Gauntlet, there's only a few entities/people that could possibly take him, and Owen Reece is one of them. If I remember correctly, Molecule Man was one of the people Thanos blinked out of existence before anyone knew what was happening. Thanos probably selected Owen on purpose in order to prevent him from creating a real challenge, or losing all together

    • Marvel FanBoy 616
      Marvel FanBoy 616 21 dzień temu +1

      Molecule Man would destroy Thanos in the Comics before he could blink literally

  • Tushar Kathuria
    Tushar Kathuria 23 dni temu

    Why didnt she sense the threat of thanos?

  • Jay Cast
    Jay Cast 23 dni temu


  • Mike H
    Mike H 23 dni temu

    No..Thanos can snap his fingers and blink her out of existence. He never should have been brought into the Marvel universe.

  • No Way
    No Way 23 dni temu

    The only thing I'm interested about Carol Danvers is the Rogue chapter.

  • Typical Zi
    Typical Zi 23 dni temu

    Hmmm... Sounds like Kara Danvers
    Okay she does sound super cool tho

  • Daniel Carranza
    Daniel Carranza 23 dni temu

    They speaking God by the word by the word

  • Daniel Carranza
    Daniel Carranza 23 dni temu

    Heaven upon heavenly must I extend pretty people..

  • Daniel Carranza
    Daniel Carranza 23 dni temu

    Godless female she cooler then you Godless cry fake it.

  • Simon Says
    Simon Says 24 dni temu

    So basically she's an American dragon ball z character.....😑 (power wise)

    INFITRIX FORCEZ 24 dni temu

    She's more greater than i thought

  • MrBumbaclyde
    MrBumbaclyde 24 dni temu

    Would it kill Peter Dinklage to make some more weapons?

  • Allison Barron
    Allison Barron 24 dni temu

    Hey dean!👋🏻

  • Jan Nightingale
    Jan Nightingale 24 dni temu

    Now, I understand her origins and the like.. Thanks so much for the information! Definitely can't wait to see the next installment! 😁😁😁

  • gamepilation
    gamepilation 24 dni temu

    Marvel Studios is becoming more of Justice League

  • Clash With Mr.D
    Clash With Mr.D 25 dni temu

    If creeps are this much strong then why don't they stop thinoes He wipes out there half population too.......

  • Victoria Almond
    Victoria Almond 25 dni temu

    Avengers Last Stand?

  • samridh jason
    samridh jason 25 dni temu

    All hail Aquaman

  • Assasssinfrenzy 191
    Assasssinfrenzy 191 25 dni temu

    Yes she can defeat thanks with the Infinity Gantlet

  • Painter Dave
    Painter Dave 25 dni temu

    So YEARS of other hero development all for some chic to show up and PC the hell out of the last 12 years of my life. Thanks Disney. Asshole trolls.

  • Jökull Máni Benediktsson

    She shuldnt be in the mcu

  • iBeOnThat Kryptonite
    iBeOnThat Kryptonite 25 dni temu

    Captain Marvel

  • Best Advises
    Best Advises 25 dni temu

    Thor can easily defeat Thanos..

    ACDKP XYZ 25 dni temu

    No the old captain marvell is my favourite

  • Peter Palmer
    Peter Palmer 26 dni temu

    This has never todo with the film

  • Ethos Thirteen
    Ethos Thirteen 26 dni temu

    Seems like no matter the avenue or the source creating the content, they want a woman to be the most powerful entity in existence. Of course she’ll defeat Thanos.

  • Johnathan Mitchell
    Johnathan Mitchell 26 dni temu

    I hope she whoop his ass

  • Berkley B
    Berkley B 26 dni temu

    You guys don’t know anything about the gauntlet! Whoever posese it is the most powerful Being inthe univers

  • Trumpet-01 Rocket
    Trumpet-01 Rocket 26 dni temu

    Thanos is toast. Thor and the Storm Breaker cut through the max power of the Gauntlet and tore a hole in Thanos’ chest. As Thanos said, “You should have gone for the head”. Doesn’t this conclude that if Thor meets Thanos again, His aim will be better and Thanos looses his head, end of fight and story. I’m just saying could it happen? Now couple Thor to fight along side Captain Marvel and as I said ole Thanny ain’t got a chance in hell to win this fight.

  • leo perez
    leo perez 27 dni temu

    Can't blame kathleen Kennedy here lol

  • Shadeon
    Shadeon 27 dni temu

    If Captain Marvel goes binary in either her movie or Infinity war (part 2), there will be tears being shed

  • Dorian Bandy
    Dorian Bandy 27 dni temu

    Thanos is not As of a threat. the gauntlet is toast she taking a W

  • Dorian Bandy
    Dorian Bandy 27 dni temu +1

    This sound Like..... SUPS with some power tweaks

  • Conservative Hamster
    Conservative Hamster 27 dni temu

    so captain marvel, and not the hulk, is the absolute strongest of the avengers?

  • David Ivarsson
    David Ivarsson 27 dni temu

    Titania steal the powers

  • Gregory Pfliger
    Gregory Pfliger 27 dni temu

    The origin story is incomplete left out a whole lot of information between how she first got her powers to where she gained her cosmic abilities .

  • Darkrai1431
    Darkrai1431 27 dni temu

    I imagine that captain marvel is no match for full gauntlet thanos, but if the avengers can remove his gauntlet, captain marvel could easily beat base thanos.

  • John mendoza
    John mendoza 27 dni temu

    No she’s not strong enough, but Hollywood will make her to be.

  • Ryan Bell
    Ryan Bell 27 dni temu, basically, she is the most kick ass character? Sorry Kickass! :D

  • Fabian S
    Fabian S 27 dni temu

    I prefer Jean Grey (Phoenix) to defeat Thanos instead of her.

  • bodoco Zuniga
    bodoco Zuniga 27 dni temu


  • alligater green
    alligater green 27 dni temu

    Marvel now sucks

  • A.  Smith
    A. Smith 28 dni temu

    Yup, she's got the tools to defeat Thanos.

  • Mephostopheles
    Mephostopheles 28 dni temu

    So in other words, Captain Marvel is Marvel’s Superman?

  • Prentice Wright
    Prentice Wright 28 dni temu

    So basically, she almost the female equivalent to Superman?

  • TheOman1997
    TheOman1997 28 dni temu

    So she’s a badass, cool

  • Phamtom Hunter
    Phamtom Hunter 28 dni temu

    thanos is already defeat if x-men on avengers infinity 😂😂😂

  • Taylor Blumenthal
    Taylor Blumenthal 28 dni temu

    So she’s worthy to pick up stormbreaker

  • Bunny girl
    Bunny girl 28 dni temu

    Is it a coincidence that super girl has the same last name??

  • Arpan Gaurav
    Arpan Gaurav 28 dni temu

    So I'm a die hard DC guy , but this gave me chills.. Superman still rocks though

  • Nahum Stoaks
    Nahum Stoaks 28 dni temu

    Her Orion is just like green lanterns copying DC

  • King 76
    King 76 28 dni temu

    The FIRST Capten Marvel is Shazam not Marvel

  • rokmole
    rokmole 29 dni temu

    if she kills him im done with marvel and its sjw bullshit

  • Pete Garcia
    Pete Garcia 29 dni temu

    But Thanos has the ability to change reality none of her powers is a counter for this, thus the need for Doc Strange!

  • rory shelton
    rory shelton 29 dni temu

    Why did you kill off the guy captain marvel. If she has powers like captain marvel. Shouldn't she be call ms . marvel instead of Captain Marvel? I would like to see more of the man Captain Marvel like it did in the comic books.

  • CrimsonGaming
    CrimsonGaming 29 dni temu

    I think that Captain Marvel isn't strong enough to take down Thanos. I think with Thor and Captain Marvel along with Captain America could really take down Thanos since I think Captain Marvel is really strong but not as strong as Thor. Captain America surprisingly could stop Thanos from a hit by grabbing the gauntlet.

  • Nosferatu
    Nosferatu 29 dni temu

    I guess Thanos taking earth will draw the attention ove captain marvel back to earth considering that she can detect any possible threat from enemy that is obtaining power especially with her origin been on earth

  • Ryan K Simo
    Ryan K Simo 29 dni temu

    She is mor than strong enough to defeat thanos

  • Christopher Reed
    Christopher Reed 29 dni temu

    She can not go head to head with Thanos. She will get done in like the hulk

    JESSA LOU ORPILLA 29 dni temu

    I’d prefer Gal G. to play the role of Cap M. sadly though, she’s alr a wonder woman.

  • Rahn127
    Rahn127 Miesiąc temu

    Thanos can teleport her to the far end of the universe. Threat ended. He could drain her of all energy. He can turn her to dust. He can turn back time and make her an infant. He could freeze her in time. He could do just about anything and she would lose.

  • Rich Richardson
    Rich Richardson Miesiąc temu

    So is she strong enough/ Heck- I bet Thanos will love her looks and fall in love with her

  • SIRRO 51220
    SIRRO 51220 Miesiąc temu

    Thnx bro..

  • Will Pack
    Will Pack Miesiąc temu

    4:46 where can I download that picture? I want it as my wallpaper.