Film Theory: How to SURVIVE the Hunger Games pt. 1

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  • Opublikowany 17 lis 2015
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    It's time. Your name has been drawn. YOU are the next tribute for the Hunger Games. That leaves you with one question: Will YOU SURVIVE? Well, if you watch this Film Theory, the odds actually will be in your favor because you'll be making smart choices that statistically improve your chances of success. So watch on, fellow Theorists, and make sure you're lounging in Victor's Village instead of ending up dead meat in the arena...
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  • Peter Lykke Højgaard 7B Virupskolen

    Cool video

  • Gaming U Tv
    Gaming U Tv Dzień temu

    Harry Potter fan : I want to be a wizard
    DBZ fan : I wanna be a saiyan
    Hunger Games fan : nah I'm good.

  • Taeliciouse
    Taeliciouse 2 dni temu

    Yea.... no I’m pretty sure I will still die😃

  • Frido Julmust
    Frido Julmust 2 dni temu

    You sound like the guy from game theory

  • Chris Sullivan
    Chris Sullivan 3 dni temu

    Actually, bulking up would hurt slightly at the beginning. However, you're body would begin breaking down the protein in the muscle and using it for energy before it starts on fat stores. Why? Protein is easy for the body to break down. It's why if you do any fitness program, you need to include weight training. Otherwise, your body sheds any muscle it views you don't need before breaking down fat. It's why people that only do cardio for fitness take months to lose fat.

  • Ned Gellie
    Ned Gellie 3 dni temu +1

    I want to see hay mice's hunger games, and finechs

  • Fluffy Mei
    Fluffy Mei 3 dni temu

    still waiting

  • Phet Pham
    Phet Pham 3 dni temu +2

    Roasting 3 marshmallows at once sounds pretty swag

  • Craftytuna _
    Craftytuna _ 4 dni temu

    I’d be using a sword because I’m already good with one handed and two handed swords

    • LuckyLucario
      LuckyLucario Dzień temu +1

      Where the fuck do you train with swords?

  • kambing tonggeng
    kambing tonggeng 4 dni temu

    Odds 1s is out???

  • vappio
    vappio 4 dni temu +1

    Did anyone else notice that Katniss has more than three fingers on the bowstring or is it just me

  • Thanos
    Thanos 4 dni temu

    What if the hunger games become a real thing and everyone who was picked for the games watched this video?

  • rip torn
    rip torn 5 dni temu

    Found player one ready portals ac church Christopher mastronardi put together a puzzle west park church ob adderall game to make beings something became a CEO on the show free and accepted new york city masonic lodge the hunger games of adderall on little nemo on hbo beings thank u for adderall 040784580 please make things good.

  • Ali Alluhi
    Ali Alluhi 5 dni temu

    But you can win knife fight with a 50cm piece of wood... Seriosly. If you know what you are doing you you can beat most of starter knife users by just using brains, that sharpy thinky cuts you, stay away from it and... Well go watch actual video about that if you intreseted.

  • Anurak Chhettry
    Anurak Chhettry 5 dni temu

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  • Mama K
    Mama K 5 dni temu

    You should do "book theory"

    Holy crap that sounds so stupid!🤣🤣

  • David Riddle
    David Riddle 5 dni temu

    I mean looking at the past made up winners doesn't mean anything

  • Cosmic Gaming
    Cosmic Gaming 5 dni temu

    Soooooo you get a 1/10 chance to win if u run away from the cornucopia rather than a 1/24 chance but I thought it wasnt a 1/24 chance?

  • Hem0805
    Hem0805 6 dni temu

    i phone 6 lmaooo xDDDD

  • Nina d’Arce
    Nina d’Arce 6 dni temu


  • Maya Connolly
    Maya Connolly 6 dni temu

    I have a video request. Could you do a theory about The Adventures Of Tintin. It's a great movie. Steven Spielberg and John Williams really are a great duo. If you haven't seen it, I recommend it very much. You could make a video about the action scene physics.

    Love your videos. Can't wait for any of the videos in the making, even if I haven't seen the TV show, movie, cartoon or anime. Good luck with the little cutie, Ollie.

    I hope my request is seen (it probably won't happen).

  • Lance Peterson
    Lance Peterson 6 dni temu

    How to win the hunger games Australian version: *OI! DON'T FUCKING DIE!*

  • Sophie Haswell
    Sophie Haswell 7 dni temu

    Matt pat Video idea why the hunger games is all in there head

  • wwells76
    wwells76 7 dni temu

    Weapon: Plastic Bottle filled with rocks
    Death : Knocked down by Peeta ,Cato finished me
    Kills: Tribute 4 Girl ,Thresh

  • XxNerdAlertxX uwu
    XxNerdAlertxX uwu 7 dni temu

    Wait i always thought that the catch phrase meant to have luck during the reaping. Like “hopefully u don’t get picked”

    • Nick K
      Nick K 4 dni temu

      XxNerdAlertxX uwu Nope. Watch the movie. It’s used during the games too.

  • Jeca Rivera
    Jeca Rivera 8 dni temu

    Well all I know is GCF,LCM,Tree method (aka the very easy one) and listing method soooo I'm so I'm gonna fail on what ur about to say math!😅

  • Keith Kahler
    Keith Kahler 9 dni temu

    how to survive the hunger games Kill or be Killed

  • Fusion Stryke
    Fusion Stryke 9 dni temu

    Gawd dam, had no idea it was possible for a video to be this retarded and gay at the same gawd dam time. Gawd dam.

  • Joseph Dufresne
    Joseph Dufresne 9 dni temu

    My favorite part of this video was the referance to Monty python! RUN AWAY!

  • 16mayren
    16mayren 9 dni temu

    Mat : Training don't change the odds
    Also mat : Train to increase your odds !

  • catchifyoucan232
    catchifyoucan232 9 dni temu

    Unfortunately, your statistics are flawed because you're only looking at WINNERS. Don't get me wrong, I know it's impossible to make a statistical analysis using winners AND losers because there's virtually no data on the losers. Still, it's super important. For example, let's say out of the 74 completed games there were 10 fourteen year old winners and 10 seventeen year old winners. At first it looks like 14 y.o.s and 17 y.o.s are statistically equal. However, if you had the losers' data and found out there were 290 losing 14 y.o.s compared to 40 losing 17 y.o.s, you find out that the odds of winning if you're 17 are 20% compared to if you're 14 the odds are 3.3%!!! Statistically speaking that is a BIG DEAL!!! Basically, my point is that you can't make the claim that age isn't much of a factor when you're missing THE RELEVANT DATA.

  • Eclipsol
    Eclipsol 9 dni temu

    I win.

  • jesus Christ
    jesus Christ 10 dni temu +1

    Sorry I have to say it, but.... Cannibalism could save you.


  • CoolNerd lll
    CoolNerd lll 11 dni temu

    My personal big fear with the Games is that everybody else is looking to kill you, so you're always trying to avoid them. That's the real struggle for me.

    Also, an even better strategy: don't step into the tube that takes you to the arena. Either stand there or better yet, oversleep.

  • Cactus Turtle
    Cactus Turtle 11 dni temu

    I watched this video then I watched the film and I cried

  • Someone Someone
    Someone Someone 11 dni temu +5

    “Caution-Do Not Poke The Careers”
    “Are Tracker Jackers edible?”

    My favorite quotes

  • HeyyKaleb
    HeyyKaleb 11 dni temu +1

    What's the background music

  • JB Lightning
    JB Lightning 11 dni temu

    I’ll watch this again why not

  • Watts
    Watts 11 dni temu

    Wow I love eating :3

  • Watts
    Watts 11 dni temu

    How to win the hunger games:Realize your mistakes

  • Simone Poinga-Hill
    Simone Poinga-Hill 11 dni temu

    You still can’t say Careers don’t have a higher chance of winning off the bat. Seems like you’re ignoring their years of training, preparation and formed alliances.

  • Unanimous Person
    Unanimous Person 11 dni temu


  • Tuesday Bandy
    Tuesday Bandy 11 dni temu

    1. Hide
    2. Wait until there’s 3 people
    3. Make them go into a 1v1 battle
    4. Make the last guy die of fall damage (I don’t know how else to word this)
    (This is how I get victory royals lol)

  • Elijah Elser
    Elijah Elser 12 dni temu +1

    Well actually age does make a difference. The books specifically say that there has never been a victor younger than Finnick (14) when he won

  • Charlotte Johannes
    Charlotte Johannes 12 dni temu +1

    now I can volunteer as tribute

  • Percy Jackson and Marvel fan


  • Fatal Astoria Flaws
    Fatal Astoria Flaws 13 dni temu


  • EineKokusnuss
    EineKokusnuss 13 dni temu +1

    Fun Fact: In the book Katniss focused on gaining weight before the games

  • MyJoselopes
    MyJoselopes 13 dni temu

    Starsream was right cowards do survive

  • Abram Gafford
    Abram Gafford 13 dni temu

    I marathoner the hunger games after this and soooo many knives

  • Life Sacco
    Life Sacco 13 dni temu

    Katniss really could have used this

  • Regat Kahsai Staats
    Regat Kahsai Staats 13 dni temu +3

    How to survive the Hunger games?

    Don't be hungry

  • ttvCerealKiller 2007
    ttvCerealKiller 2007 13 dni temu

    Camp like a little bitch

  • Gavin Mcmarlin
    Gavin Mcmarlin 13 dni temu

    2019 anyone?

  • Carson
    Carson 13 dni temu

    The Hunger games story felt kinda like the matrix. The first movie is amazing, with a good plot. The second is okay, but has a way to prominent “rebellion” vibe. The third has very little to do with the first movie but was all just a rebellion combat movie

  • Grey Gacha
    Grey Gacha 14 dni temu +1

    i live in where district 12 is... should i be concerned

  • Miloslav Masár
    Miloslav Masár 14 dni temu

    1) Don't volunteer as tribute
    2) train and eat a lot before the Hunger Games
    3) Don't go to the Cornucopia as the games start
    4) use camouflage, tree climbing, learn about what you can or can't eat in the arena
    5) grab a knife
    6) avoid "brutality-based" tributes
    7) gain some muscle before the games

  • Upielips Yt
    Upielips Yt 14 dni temu

    A classic of youtibe

  • Josee Dunlop
    Josee Dunlop 14 dni temu

    Problem #1: Mags wasn't old when she was first in the games and she lost the games she was old in. 12 year olds canonically die pretty quickly.