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  • Opublikowany 23 kwi 2019
  • Godzilla: King of the Monsters - Final Trailer - In Theaters Thursday
    Following the global success of “Godzilla” and “Kong: Skull Island” comes the next chapter in Warner Bros. Pictures’ and Legendary Pictures’ cinematic MonsterVerse, an epic action adventure that pits Godzilla against some of the most popular monsters in pop culture history. The new story follows the heroic efforts of the crypto-zoological agency Monarch as its members face off against a battery of god-sized monsters, including the mighty Godzilla, who collides with Mothra, Rodan, and his ultimate nemesis, the three-headed King Ghidorah. When these ancient super-species-thought to be mere myths-rise again, they all vie for supremacy, leaving humanity’s very existence hanging in the balance.
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  • hermanas gemelas
    hermanas gemelas 6 minut temu

    Millie bobby brown 1:58

  • hermanas gemelas
    hermanas gemelas 7 minut temu

    Millie bobby brown 1:40

  • hermanas gemelas
    hermanas gemelas 8 minut temu

    Millie bobby brown 1:33

  • hermanas gemelas
    hermanas gemelas 8 minut temu

    Millie bobby brown 1:28

  • hermanas gemelas
    hermanas gemelas 9 minut temu

    Millie bobby brown 0:47

  • hermanas gemelas
    hermanas gemelas 10 minut temu

    Millie bobby brown 0:40

  • hermanas gemelas
    hermanas gemelas 11 minut temu

    Millie bobby brown 0.23

  • Khan ! !
    Khan ! ! 34 minut temu

    Resantly watch it and it's Fire 🔥🔥🔥

  • Shar b
    Shar b 54 minut temu


  • Gamer Playz
    Gamer Playz Godzinę temu

    Like how many time s you wachted this like

  • jerick umali
    jerick umali 3 godzin temu

    I just watched the movie and it is AWSOME!

  • Lord Jock
    Lord Jock 4 godzin temu

    Is it a bird ? Is it a plane ? is it Clint Eastwood ? No, it's Godzilla Aieee Aieee everyone flee

  • Dan The Legend
    Dan The Legend 5 godzin temu +2

    Ghidorah: I’m the strongest Titan to ever live!
    Godzilla: Hold my OTHER Ghidorah head😎😎😎

  • iPermanently
    iPermanently 6 godzin temu

    This will go down as the BEST trailer of all time.

  • lil reina
    lil reina 6 godzin temu

    Mr Clark and eleven. Skskdsfgf

  • Andrew Sangalang
    Andrew Sangalang 7 godzin temu

    At first, I couldn't watch this trailer to keep my hype at a regular level. But my first viewing of this was in IMAX for Endgame. I was balling my eyes out once I heard the first tone and realised what trailer it was gonna be.

  • Gus Martinez
    Gus Martinez 7 godzin temu


  • Gus Martinez
    Gus Martinez 7 godzin temu +1

    Has anyone noticed that Eleven from stranger things is in this movie

  • Mothusi Joseph
    Mothusi Joseph 8 godzin temu

    godzilla has changed its no longer a T-rex its something else they have destroyed our childhood dinosaur😞😞😞😓😓😓

  • team bacon studios
    team bacon studios 9 godzin temu

    0:12 the summer
    1:08 back to school

  • Nixie Fidora
    Nixie Fidora 9 godzin temu

    wouldnt it be pretty cool to see el in this movie and just instantly murder them lol

  • Alfie Sullivan
    Alfie Sullivan 10 godzin temu

    Who only can to see Millie Bobby Brown
    A.k.a Eleven
    Stranger things

  • Yo Sa
    Yo Sa 11 godzin temu

    The song gave me goosebumps 😱

  • DailyXams
    DailyXams 11 godzin temu

    The mortal of the story is
    never eavesdrop

  • _ Broody
    _ Broody 12 godzin temu

    Seen it ... Auch! ... Amateuristicly bad and unreal over the top, badly directed with at least one ‘what the fuck are you kidding me’ every other minute ... gave up after 20

  • KlaymenDel
    KlaymenDel 18 godzin temu +1

    It's a damn tragedy that the movie's done poorly at the both, box office and the ratings among critics. I think it's one of the most epic blockbusters of the year. It's a goddamn monster movie and it knows it. I got everything I wanted from it. I want a sequel

  • Anyway Munhenga
    Anyway Munhenga 18 godzin temu

    Just when i thought she has had enough of monsters .....

  • Bigtime Big Mac
    Bigtime Big Mac 19 godzin temu +3

    This film is a absolute masterpiece. The acting might be a little off, but the visuals are straight art. I swear the visuals could have been painted by jesus's hand himself. All the creatures all fighting like a it's a WWA wrestling match came something straight out of my dreams. The director did a good job on capturing the size of these creatures. And the soundtrack...,what can I say, the soundtrack was absolutely beautiful. Once the original Godzilla theme came, oh, I knew something was going DOWN. Someone has to give the composer a Grammy award or something. What can I say...Long Live the King

  • Huzaifa Chaudhary Chaudhary
    Huzaifa Chaudhary Chaudhary 20 godzin temu +1

    Such as the bratifull cuality

  • Cora K.
    Cora K. 21 godzinę temu

    I was a kid when my brother and I watched the ORIGINAL Godzilla movies back in the 70's. I may be older than sin, but Godzilla still ROCKS in my world!! 😉

  • Cvidz
    Cvidz 23 godzin temu

    fucking love this movie top 3 for me this year, godzilla is a fucking B E A S T

  • JemiLee DaBear
    JemiLee DaBear Dzień temu

    Idk why, but i watch this trailer religiously

  • Amber Leigh
    Amber Leigh Dzień temu +1

    Even after the digital release, it's still hard to believe this movie really exists. I'm glad it does.

  • Joshua Jimenez
    Joshua Jimenez Dzień temu

    Where is demogordon?

  • Q iukrinch
    Q iukrinch Dzień temu +1


  • KindlyMood
    KindlyMood Dzień temu +3

    I hope this comes out on Netflix cause I still haven’t watched it unfortunately, and it’s definitely not in theatres anymore

  • Luis Alberto Barbosa
    Luis Alberto Barbosa Dzień temu

    La vi en estreno el cine completamente lleno, ame esta pelicula la mejor del 2019.

  • John Pikoulis
    John Pikoulis Dzień temu

    one king to rule them all.... i see what you've done there, sounds familiar

  • Preet Dhami
    Preet Dhami Dzień temu

    Absolutley horrible movie. Boring plot and action sequences. They overacted the weak script. Coloring is equally grey and dull.
    Always wonder how a movie like this gets made?

    • Cvidz
      Cvidz 20 godzin temu


    • Preet Dhami
      Preet Dhami 20 godzin temu

      😂Don't try so hard @Cvidz ‼ Being "edgy" has to come natural.

    • Cvidz
      Cvidz 22 godzin temu

      why are you G A E @PREETDHAMI

    • Preet Dhami
      Preet Dhami Dzień temu

      You have a very low bar@Becker289.

    • Becker289
      Becker289 Dzień temu +1

      The action was great, and no one goes to this for the script, everything is perfectly visible.

  • Amari B.
    Amari B. Dzień temu

    Seen this movie twice because it was that good.

  • Ema Sarafinaite
    Ema Sarafinaite Dzień temu

    If I did not see first movie of Godzilla. Am i going to understand what is going on on second part of the movie?

    • Saujatya Mandal
      Saujatya Mandal 11 godzin temu +1

      Nope definitely not. It has almost zero connection

  • King Of Queens
    King Of Queens Dzień temu

    So..... 1) The loving family storyline is really bad. What parent take a child to work in a pleace that don't even have a school.. 2) why did the sizers of the monsters change , first they are as big as mountains be then next they as tall as skyscrapers and then small as football stadium.. 3) why don't people get radiation poisoning.. 4)it's a really bad movie if a monster from one side of the earth and shout to another on the other side of the world . Lazy writings but good special effects.. stop over using the same sounds gees

  • Pro Gamer
    Pro Gamer Dzień temu +1


  • BigallVlad
    BigallVlad Dzień temu

    Beautifull Movie !!! Best monster Movies EVER !!!!! Congratz !!! Keep the GOOD WORK !!! ^_^

  • Md. Dilshadul Islam
    Md. Dilshadul Islam Dzień temu

    Godzillas face is not that small

  • Namkhanh Nguyen
    Namkhanh Nguyen Dzień temu

    Don't know why but i found that the trailer is better than the movie 😂😂.

  • János Házi
    János Házi Dzień temu +1

    Milli bobi brown! 😋

  • mattias hellman
    mattias hellman Dzień temu


  • Apdoe Qanih
    Apdoe Qanih Dzień temu +1

    That was fucking epic man!

  • mio kyuobo
    mio kyuobo Dzień temu

    i came back here to refresh my eyes from cats

  • takaa e
    takaa e Dzień temu

    dog poop

  • Fernando Matehuala
    Fernando Matehuala Dzień temu

    Larga vida al rey

  • alexos8741
    alexos8741 Dzień temu +6

    - "My god"
    - "zilla"

  • Mel Gplus
    Mel Gplus Dzień temu

    Another Chinese influenced movie.

  • sirin hamza
    sirin hamza 2 dni temu

    The Lion King remains the king of the monsters

    • NightmareDOGE
      NightmareDOGE Dzień temu

      sirin hamza but lions aren’t monsters 😂

  • EAT 25#
    EAT 25# 2 dni temu


  • Light 686
    Light 686 2 dni temu +1

    Kong vs Godzilla confirmed

  • hassen amamou
    hassen amamou 2 dni temu

    The melody name in 1.45 till 2.00 please???

  • Kitty S
    Kitty S 2 dni temu +1

    Judge Judy: So, you want to make Godzilla our pet? 🌝
    Asian man: Let them fight! Let them fight!

    • _ Broody
      _ Broody 12 godzin temu +1

      Judge Judy 😂😂😂

  • Ikarus 1980 BJK
    Ikarus 1980 BJK 2 dni temu

    Is Madison boy or girl? Who casted her?

  • Consファック関係

    I love both Godzilla and Mothra, i ship them for some reasons lmaooo.

  • malik ali
    malik ali 2 dni temu

    Worst movie... I dont know why they use Godzilla franchise name... Size of the dinasour is like new York... And its face size is like watermelon... I still remember part one... Story and appearance of dinasour even size of it was tremendous

  • YuGo Asap4Ever
    YuGo Asap4Ever 2 dni temu +9

    Imagine the ancient people fighting those titans with spears 😂😂

  • Kishān Chāli
    Kishān Chāli 2 dni temu

    This scene is symbolizing the US military (Godzilla+US jets) defeating the Chinese dragon (King Ghidorah). Earlier in the movie, the mythologist describes the monster Ghidorah as having been venerated in ancient China. The whole movie is a symbolic representation of US-China rivalry. China beats the reigning power initially but ultimately the US defeats the threat to its dominance.

  • Agent 47
    Agent 47 2 dni temu +9

    I watched the trailer after watching the movie... i need to get things straight

  • Lance Hondrade
    Lance Hondrade 2 dni temu +7

    Our planet will perish,
    and so will we
    Unless we set Godzilla free.

  • Lazer Luche
    Lazer Luche 2 dni temu +3

    Every single frame with the monsters on screen is wallpaper material-worthy.

  • Titorials And More
    Titorials And More 2 dni temu


  • ExoSpeeder 1
    ExoSpeeder 1 2 dni temu

    btw the king dies

  • Monika A
    Monika A 2 dni temu

    Millie Bobby Brow!💕

  • Nicole Baes
    Nicole Baes 2 dni temu +3

    Lol I came here for Millie 😍

  • Adam Lambert
    Adam Lambert 2 dni temu

    The music like WTF!!!!

  • Philip Maximuse
    Philip Maximuse 2 dni temu

    Probably gonna be a flop just from the look of the CGI at the end of the vid.

    • NightmareDOGE
      NightmareDOGE Dzień temu +1

      Philip Maximuse 10/10

    • NightmareDOGE
      NightmareDOGE Dzień temu +1

      Becker289 true

    • Becker289
      Becker289 2 dni temu +1

      @Philip Maximuse From critics who know absolutely nothing about Godzilla.

    • Philip Maximuse
      Philip Maximuse 2 dni temu

      @NightmareDOGE I guess I was right... 4/10 rating.

    • NightmareDOGE
      NightmareDOGE 2 dni temu +1

      Philip Maximuse it’s already out though

  • Aaron Jay Cabuling
    Aaron Jay Cabuling 2 dni temu

    May 31? More Like June 1 Cus It Skipped In Asia

  • mubin 19
    mubin 19 2 dni temu

    Trailer is better than the movie