Why I'm So Scared (being myself and crying too much)

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  • Sedra Taleb
    Sedra Taleb Godzinę temu

    Omggggg I love uuuuu

  • jasmine
    jasmine 9 godzin temu

    Hey Bunny, I don't tend to comment to often but I have been watching you for a long time now. Its really good to see you're finally breaking through that wall. Sending love your way and I look forward to seeing the changes ahead!

  • Yenifer Gavina
    Yenifer Gavina 13 godzin temu

    What? What is this about...

  • Makeup Life
    Makeup Life 14 godzin temu

    when she cry it makes me cry

  • Makeup Life
    Makeup Life 14 godzin temu

    been here sense day one and loved you from then and now love you so much bunny.

  • Barbara Kabanos
    Barbara Kabanos 15 godzin temu

    Why does she feel like she lost a lot of her subscirbers? I haven't been keeping up?

  • Esmeralda Salas
    Esmeralda Salas 19 godzin temu

    Bunny I think you should be yourself and I've watched you over more than 4 years I moved houses I've still watch you I still watch you when i was around 6 and now I'm 12 and you have a good personality be yourself okay

  • sarina rashidi
    sarina rashidi Dzień temu

    I love yaaaa go rock

  • Laura Stone
    Laura Stone Dzień temu

    So excited for this ❤❤❤ Youre my stress reliever!!

  • grimmie 13 2nd Channel

    i’m so happy for you and proud of you I just want to see you being you because I love the real you you’re amazing and don’t listen to anyone that says otherwise love you bunny 😊

  • Mackenzie Paige
    Mackenzie Paige Dzień temu

    Completely *

  • Mackenzie Paige
    Mackenzie Paige Dzień temu

    And I also have really bad anxiety and I compete understand how u are feeling remember just breathe ❤️

  • Mackenzie Paige
    Mackenzie Paige Dzień temu

    Bunny, we love you soooooooo much don’t listen to them haters as Cristine says “haters blinded by the holo “!! It’s okay to act however u want bc it’s not ab them it’s ab u I love you soooo much bunny I hope to meet u one day ! -Kenzie Lynn ❤️😘

  • Just Neko
    Just Neko Dzień temu

    I will admit, between life and PLclip never showing me the things I WANT to watch it got hard to keep up with you Bunny. It also seemed like you were always going to be the same Grav3yardgirl so I would always be able to go back and catch up. But life gets in the way and then two years later you realize PLclip is recommending a video about Grav3yardgirl's channel dying. I had no idea, but now that I know Ill make sure to keep watching.... Also I never once unsubscribed, but somehow I had to resubscribe. Thank you for opening up Bunny!
    (also, going to go check out this second channel too, never knew about it)

  • Jessica Rodriguez
    Jessica Rodriguez Dzień temu +1

    You should do more collaborations🙃🙂☺

  • AmyAdore1
    AmyAdore1 2 dni temu

    Bunny, the reason I stopped watching you is because I tend to watch PLclip before bed, as I have anxiety and really struggle to switch my brain off at night. I was finding the energy in your old videos very erratic and frantic, and I found it really stressful.
    Watching you now, when you’re being your true, honest self, I can feel the change. You’re talking about some really tough topics, and yet you’re so cohesive and together. Please keep being you. Nobody has to be crazy and happy all the time. Your OG viewers have grown with you, we like knowing that this adult stress of not feeling like you’re enough impacts others.
    We stand with you, girl. But we can’t do that if you turn your back on us xx

  • Human Bean
    Human Bean 2 dni temu

    I came back shortly before the Shane series. I am so proud of you. You’ve grown. We want to see it. So much love.

  • R0N1NYT
    R0N1NYT 2 dni temu

    so much love from shane and all people that are supporting him

  • Patrice De La Cruz
    Patrice De La Cruz 2 dni temu

    I love you Bunny !

  • olivia guerrieri
    olivia guerrieri 2 dni temu

    Yassss this honestly girl. Love it so so much. I struggle with anxiety and depression and have been in a stage of my life where I thought the best was behind me. This has shown me, there is so so much to come.

  • Determined2bDetermined

    Whats all the drama about? I missed something.

  • Teris Backup account

    gurl im never leaving u. U channel and you are like absolute GOALS. ALLIGATORFAM WHERE U AT???

  • Jameson Tattoo
    Jameson Tattoo 2 dni temu

    I started watching you last year. I was in a very abusive relationship, I would go to work with bruises and have to blame them on other things. I had no where to go and I was so afraid to leave. I was so unhappy. Your videos where my escape. You made me happy. I was always checking for new videos. You helped me keep myself centered. I don't know if I'd be here today without you. Luckily I got the courage to leave that relationship, and start my life over. I am much happier. You where a big part of that for me. I love you bunny ♡ you saved me.

  • Princess Ratchel
    Princess Ratchel 2 dni temu

    Back and better than ever

  • Michelle Garant
    Michelle Garant 2 dni temu

    I love you Bunny!!! You are so great! I have been watching you for only a couple years now and I feel like you are so different from everything else out there, don't beat yourself up so much. You totally rock!!!

  • Jeffery Dold
    Jeffery Dold 3 dni temu

    omg yessssss SHANE!!! my life

  • Einalem Lanasdóttir

    Hey Bun², I've never really followed or subscribed to anyone. I've seen some of your videos in the past and I loved how unique you were even while doing mundane youtube things. But after watching Shane's series and seeing more of who you are as a person I am absolutely subscribing to you. The type of content you put out means less to me than the authenticity and the person creating it. I hope to see more of your world and outlook in the future. I'm so glad this happened for you :)

  • Bune
    Bune 3 dni temu

    hey! this is the stuff i love!

  • Zee Flores
    Zee Flores 3 dni temu

    I miss your shoe collection videos! Please do one 💘👠💘👠💘👠

  • PrincessColleen
    PrincessColleen 3 dni temu

    Bunny I know you probably won't see this but, i love you so so much. You helped me get over the feeling of being an outcast as a bad thing. I was always the weird kid in school and when i found your channel it was like I finally found a safe place. The community is amazing, any fan of yours I feel comfortable being myself. You have helped me be able to be myself and not be ashamed or worried that someone isn't going to like me because of it. You are an amazing beautiful person and I will always look forward to your videos putting a smile on my face.

  • Mac Wack
    Mac Wack 3 dni temu

    You’re doing amazing and I hope you’re as proud of yourself as we are of you. Keep it up!

  • IAmJustAdelle
    IAmJustAdelle 3 dni temu

    I'm so glad you did the series with Shane! It brought me back to your channel. I'm happy that you're back and better than ever.

  • FideliaNerina
    FideliaNerina 3 dni temu

    I am just happy to see you back to being yourself. That is why I subbed, and although I never did unsub, I just stopped watching every video. After watching Shane's videos, I am happy he helped you. I missed the old Bunny!

  • Harley Quinn
    Harley Quinn 3 dni temu +1

    BUNNY I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!! This is a new Era for your honey! This is you! Its Amazing to see you. Im so proud of you. I love you so much. I hope i can help you. 💓 Your Gaining subscribers by the second. YOUR OPENING UP TO US HONEY. THANK YOU for opeaning up💓💖💕💗❤💋💌

  • Maddie Vlogs
    Maddie Vlogs 4 dni temu

    I'm back, girl. I've missed you!!

  • Bruce Plasway
    Bruce Plasway 4 dni temu

    #swampfamily4life long time watcher I've seen you grow into a whole new entity. But now I feel like it's a brand new Bunny. I'm not even a normal viewer I don't like makeup or crap like that but I watch your stuff. I love it I can listen to you talk about nothing all day and I have lol. Many nights in hospital watching your old stuff but I never walked away or unsubbed. I Love you so much Bunny you helped me get through the worst part of my life almost dying spending 6 months in hospital and you kept me entertained. Sending you so much love from Vancouver island British Columbia. Hahaha I was in Hospital on that day you posted the Meet and greet it was so amazing to see all those people in the line. Hello Dogman can't say all this nice things without saying a shout out to dogman you world be such cool people to meet in a normal situation.

  • N Jo
    N Jo 4 dni temu

    I've always have been inspired by you. You are amazing Bunny!🐊

  • Janneke Mazereeuw
    Janneke Mazereeuw 4 dni temu

    I got to know you trough Shane Dawson and i was watching the last part of the video (from the haunted store) and i already wanted to watch this video. But because i really like these kind of video's and haunted type of stuff. I decide to start subscribing to you. I am glad that i did and i will recommend you to all of my friend who also like these type of video's. I already love you so much and i hope you keep up these good work. Love from The Netherlands MUAH

  • gogoghoul
    gogoghoul 4 dni temu

    Bunny, we love you for YOU. The real you. I’m so happy to get to see her again. I struggle with crippling anxiety and depression every single day and you sharing your reality can only help others like me and as a result - yourself. *You are so worthy and lovable.* 💖💖💖

  • Rylie Magouirk
    Rylie Magouirk 4 dni temu

    did her and dogmam break up?

  • Alisa Lindsey
    Alisa Lindsey 4 dni temu

    I've watched you for many years we all still love you

  • Alisa Lindsey
    Alisa Lindsey 4 dni temu

    I've watched you for many years we all still love you

  • Gato Gato
    Gato Gato 4 dni temu +1

    Shane is .... ugg, I just can’t stand him. I subscribe to his PLclip and he told me to go watch something else just because I said he cursed to much in the video. I like you, Bunny but Shane is just pathetic.

  • Elizabeth Nickle
    Elizabeth Nickle 5 dni temu

  • Mark Rigby
    Mark Rigby 5 dni temu

    Don't let anything pull you down you are amazing and beautiful we all love you

  • sophia hohler
    sophia hohler 5 dni temu

    I finally found a PLclipr that I relate to the most. I can’t believe I wasn’t subscribed to you before. You inspire me and I’m looking forward to watching your next videos to come

  • Original Dakota
    Original Dakota 5 dni temu

    Subscriber circa 2011 and I am so glad to see you feeling better and I know you will continue to grow and feel more confident in yourself. You are an amazing and original person and that’s what we love about you...you. Whatever you feel like doing, do. That’s why you started the channel right? To reach out and share to find others in the same spot. I know I turn to PLclip when I feel like retreating from the world and it always helps bring me back and calm the anxiety. We love you and I hope that one day there is a meet and greet in California so I can give you a big hug and I’m not a hugger so that’s saying something 🤣

  • Maddy Mason Lawler
    Maddy Mason Lawler 5 dni temu

    Bunny, for one, you are so amazing and I used to watch you all the time when I did turn on a vid of yours it's like you were there with me when I was having a bad day, I'm so so so sorry I ever left, but I'm back and I'm not leaving, not now, not ever again, you called it Family for a reason, and you don't leave family behind! We all love and care so much about you and we all have your back till the very end Bunny, and one day I hope to meet you and sit down and have a good meaningful conversation with you! Love you sm bunny ~Maddy❤

  • Taylor Bubolz
    Taylor Bubolz 5 dni temu +1

    DO MORE!!! ♥️

  • yung dvrth
    yung dvrth 5 dni temu

    Left and came back. Dude, I love seeing the realness. ❤️

  • Solvor Megard
    Solvor Megard 5 dni temu

    im back. i love you

  • Amelia Pond
    Amelia Pond 5 dni temu

    The Gucci fan!! ❤️
    *Flashes back to Shane fanning himself*

  • Luna Wolf
    Luna Wolf 6 dni temu

    Hi Bunny 😁

  • Sophia Cheny
    Sophia Cheny 6 dni temu

    Rooting for you❤

  • Jen Talks Forever
    Jen Talks Forever 6 dni temu +3

    Just subscribed for the REAL YOU! I've passed through your channel quite a few times and wasn't into the manic, over the top, or spazzy persona - but I like this side of you!

  • Spencer Granola Bar
    Spencer Granola Bar 6 dni temu

    We love you bunny 💔 my heart is so full for you hunny❤️

  • oevieo
    oevieo 6 dni temu

    I only watch your scary videos because I find your ghost stories really interesting

  • Babs
    Babs 6 dni temu

    You are awesome!

  • Kristi Summers
    Kristi Summers 7 dni temu

    I'm a newer swamp family member in the last few months. I find myself binge watching your videos. My 4 year old can be off playing and if she hears your voice she drops everything and comes to watch Bunny. We love everything that you do. ❤️

  • Kathryn Cope
    Kathryn Cope 7 dni temu

    This video made me cry. I love these raw videos because they truly make me feel less alone in the way I feel. Thank you for being real bunny. I've been subscribed for a few years now and I always wanted to see more of your life so that fact that you're moving towards that now makes me so happy. Keep your head up bunny! Youre an amazing person and I know you'll do amazing things with your channel ♥️

  • Jake Dam-Mikkelsen
    Jake Dam-Mikkelsen 7 dni temu


  • Bi_ Pancakes
    Bi_ Pancakes 7 dni temu

  • leah rebel eevee
    leah rebel eevee 7 dni temu

    Empower your inner self! Bunny you lighten the world for so many, you deserve to be happy, your unique and that's something you should be proud of! Just keep going, the swamp family loves you!! X

  • Samantha Jo
    Samantha Jo 7 dni temu

    💚💚I've been here since the beginning of your PLclip journey, I love you Bunny! 💚💚

  • Michaela Southall
    Michaela Southall 7 dni temu

    I’m new to this channel and I love how much I can relate to you! You are so real. Thank you.

  • Matha Wallflowerjane

    Hey Bunny, I haven't really seen any of your videos for almost two years now. That's Not because I didn't still love you, and your videos.
    But because I've had a Ton going own in my own life, from getting married to my wonderful best friend, to moving 3 times, to a car wreak that left me with a shattered ankle, to feeling lost afterwards, to just recently starting to recover and feel like my self again
    (I haven't really felt like doing any of the things I love or watching all my favorite youtubers in a long time as well).
    I've spent the last couple of days trying to do a bit of catching up on what I've missed. Then after watching this video today I couldn't not reach out to you and leave a comment, it's something I usually never do.
    (I hate leaving comments usually, even to my favorite youtubers. To much anxiety)
    I just wanted you to know that you were, are, and will always be one of my favorite youtubers.
    I can't remember exactly when me& my brother first saw one of your videos, it was way back in your early days. But I just fell in love with you right away, you were, and Are, so funny, quirky, weird (weird is awesome!!!) genuine, sweet, and you are Such a Nice, Kind person!! And it shows, you have this light about you that I think just shines from the inside out.
    And I know that you're not always going to be super happy, and perky (nobody is). It's okay to not be upbeat all the time.
    It's STILL an awesome video even if you aren't going "sippy sippy" constantly- I promise!! :)
    You have made me laugh sooo many times. I used to always come home from bad days at work and watch your videos (or rewatch) you never failed to cheer me up
    I hate that you've been feeling like this, like you needed to hide part of yourself to please others (that's something that I too have dealt with throughout my life).
    I'm so happy you are starting to feel better, and I hope you stay strong and don't worry about the haters, or what people think.
    You are wonderful just being yourself Bunny.
    And don't really know how to wrap up a comment (that's why I don't leave them, lol).
    But, you're awesome, much love, and you have a Swamp family member here for life!!
    (Ps, your Halloween and 'creepy' stuff is always a favorite of mine!!)

  • Megan -
    Megan - 8 dni temu

    I don't know when and why and unsubscribed. Since I've last seen you, I've been through university and had a baby and I just want you to know I wasn't actively avoiding your videos. I think the disconnect from who were were/are makes us forget you are human that is hurt when people leave and I'm glad I've seen this. You seem like a lovely genuine person and that's why I am back.

  • The_JustCallMeMintGirl

    Your amazing !! I’m so happy for you! I can see it in your mannerisms that’s your more happy !!! So inspiring BUNNY ✨

  • Winter's Wonderland
    Winter's Wonderland 8 dni temu

    I’m extremely late but I’ve been watching you since I was 12 and I’ve never stopped, I love you so much and I’m so glad you’re doing better 💕

  • tinglesrosyrupeeland

    I love you Bunny! I'm so happy that you feel comfortable enough to come out of your shell more again! And I'm so glad that you are feeling a lot of support from us! XO

  • chutton888
    chutton888 8 dni temu

    I'm so happy to be back Bunny

  • Jessica xyl
    Jessica xyl 8 dni temu

    YEY Bunny this all sounds really positive! I got Shane's Tanacon documentary in my recommendations, which led me back here. I don't remember why I unsubscribed, I think it was merely a busy time in my life and I didn't have much room for 30+ mins videos. I stayed off youtube for a long time while I sorted my life out as I would watch endlessly. Watching the interview and seeing the more recent thumbnails and uploads from you feels really fresh and I'm excited for you and for what you're going to show us! I would love to see you show us what you love - the fashion, the crafts, the hauls, the weird and wonderful. You don't need to upload every single day; I'd be content with solid videos once or twice a week. I also hope you do find hobbies outside of youtube, take more breaks and holidays, and make more friends to hang out with and lean on. Best of luck with the new outlook!!

  • Cassie Palmer
    Cassie Palmer 9 dni temu

    I love you so much bunny! You do whatever you want I don’t care I just want to see you being happy! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Kat Bland
    Kat Bland 9 dni temu

    Omg! Bunny I'm back! Be yourself, I want to be friends you!

  • Kaitlin Marmon
    Kaitlin Marmon 9 dni temu

    I have never left you, I have had a crazy few years with my babies. But you are honestly, my favorite youtuber. You have always made my days with every thing you do and I have always wanted to meet you. I love you

  • MAS
    MAS 9 dni temu

    Bunny I want to be honest, I was subscribed to you when I was 11 and I watched you for about 2 years but drifted off and I’m really sorry for that😕 but you honestly helped me when I was feeling bullied at school and made me feel like I’m not a big weirdo. I’m now 16 and watching this video just brings back so many memories that reminds me of how much I love you, so bunny I’m back and so are you 💕❤️🐊

  • chris Evans
    chris Evans 9 dni temu +1

    Coffie? yes have some. well at least now i can FINALLY die happy

  • The Endeavoring Family

    This was such a breath of fresh air. It really brought down a wall inside me. I connected so much with what I have been through and what you're doing now. I used to feel so restricted and unable to share and now I feel so different. Thank you for doing this.

  • pauli born
    pauli born 9 dni temu

    I am so so proud of how far and how you’ve conquered everything on this journey! You are such a strong person and I’m so sorry that you had to live with such pain! The thing that makes me the happiest is the amount of self love you’ve gained on your own and honestly I feel that’s the best reward! Keep being your amazing weird self and don’t let anyone take that away from you!:)💛

  • Cara
    Cara 9 dni temu

    I'm just now seeing Shane (and your) series. I have to admit that I was one of the OG swamp family that drifted away. And I'm so sorry, Bunny. I'm back and I want to be part your support system. I'm so excited that you're back. You never left, but your spirit is coming back. It's so awesome to see.

  • Ashley Luna
    Ashley Luna 9 dni temu

    love you bunny !!

  • Stacia Trujillo
    Stacia Trujillo 9 dni temu

    Bunny let us in! Let us experience it with you! We love you girl and don’t care about anything you are worried about! Most of us have watched you for years and love you to death girl! It’s still so amazing learning new things about you! You are so strong and talented! I’m proud of you!

  • I dont know
    I dont know 9 dni temu

    WE LOVE YOU BUNNY 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗

  • Jessica Durfey
    Jessica Durfey 9 dni temu

    I know I'm so late to the party on all of this, but after seeing you open up in Shane's videos, I honestly felt like I related to you so so so much. I've always watched your channel, but I never really felt like I connected with you if that makes sense, but honestly after seeing you open up and talk about yourself and your life and what's going on I have nothing but absolute love for you. I tweeted you after watching Shane's videos w/ you and I honestly meant I want to be best friends with you! You seem so cool and fun and down to earth. You don't need click bait or fancy video titles, your personality alone is just amazing enough to draw people in.

  • Alice Perry
    Alice Perry 9 dni temu

    I love you bunny 😘😘

  • Jenny c
    Jenny c 9 dni temu

    bunny I love you! will always love you and support you. be yourself always. i never wanted you to be a different person. so please don't ever think you need to be someone else. i love you!

  • Alee King
    Alee King 9 dni temu

    I loved the series - and I would love to see videos of your home (everything Shane was saying). Your personality is amazing - just be you.

  • Tiffany D
    Tiffany D 10 dni temu

    you rock so hard. Sounds like you are getting over an ego death or the dark night of soul. You should share your deep thoughts on spirituality and soul connections. I feel like you have an overwhelming amount of wisdom to share. You old soul!! Much love

  • MultiMiel
    MultiMiel 10 dni temu

    Bunny I love you! Your videos made me happy so I went looking for other creators with videos like yours. I wondered why their videos didn't make me quite as happy. It was never your videos that made me happy, it was you! You have a beautiful energy radiating from you and I wish you nothing but love! Thank you for what you have shared!

  • Ashley Betz
    Ashley Betz 10 dni temu

    I’m so happy this collaboration happened. I’ve been following you for years and loved how weird and different you were. I loved how you were just yourself, no matter how different it was from everyone else. You gave me confidence in the person I was. I used your videos as an escape when I was feeling the most low. It broke my heart to see you be so down on yourself. You can never make everyone happy, and you shouldn’t try. Make YOURSELF happy and everything else will fall into place. I’m glad Shane was able to help you see how special and unique you are. Love you Bunny, and I really hope things get better for you!

  • J P
    J P 10 dni temu

    I relate to this so much girl! First and foremost I was bawling watching you talk to Shane. I have been going through a lot of personal and physical changes and I’ve been stuck in a very dark place lately. I also do promotion on Instagram as well (not even a fraction of your following) but I feel pressure to put stuff out every day and question posts a lot before posting. I’ve always said I don’t care what others thing but there have been some comments and messages that personally crushed me. I also have only been living in my area for a couple years and have a very small handful of not very close friends so again I can relate. I hope you continue to find that thing within yourself to keep going or have someone who you can reach to that can help pull you out of the abyss.

  • Chris Gray
    Chris Gray 10 dni temu

    What an interesting video.

  • D Kecskes
    D Kecskes 10 dni temu

    “Be strong and very courageous. Be careful to obey all the law my servant Moses gave you; do not turn from it to the right or to the left, that you may be successful wherever you go. Keep this Book of the Law always on your lips; meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do everything written in it. Then you will be prosperous and successful. Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.”
    Bunny, I completely understand. Honestly, I'm going through some of the same(ish) changes myself. Please, be encouraged by the above words and the book(s) and Person they came from.

  • Steffany L
    Steffany L 10 dni temu

    Once a queen, always a queen ❤️ love u!!

  • Mary Anna Christopher
    Mary Anna Christopher 10 dni temu

    Marianne Williamson said it best... Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, 'Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?' Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It's not just in some of us; it's in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.

  • Sunnydays slime asmr
    Sunnydays slime asmr 10 dni temu

    I luv you bunny 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😽😖😖😖😖😖

  • Natalia Patricia
    Natalia Patricia 11 dni temu

    You're so insanely lucky to have met Shane and gotten his help. He's a blessing! Glad you're back on track xx

  • Kenzie Brooke
    Kenzie Brooke 11 dni temu

    No matter what you'll never lose your true fans I'm not going anywhere girl no matter what my day isn't compete without a video from you

  • Sunshine Gypsy
    Sunshine Gypsy 11 dni temu

    I never clicked one of your videos because you were always making a weird face & the font looks gimmicky but seeing your antiques & stuff I think you're cool.& subbed :)

  • Carina Xtra
    Carina Xtra 11 dni temu

    You always makes my Day!