Why I'm So Scared (being myself and crying too much)

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  • Heidy
    Heidy 16 godzin temu

    I haven’t watched you before but I’m here for this now and I support everything you’re doing honeybunny!!!💘💘💘💘

  • Avian vilot
    Avian vilot Dzień temu


  • Avian vilot
    Avian vilot Dzień temu

    8.8M on September Sr

  • Jennifer Ash
    Jennifer Ash 2 dni temu

    I think your awesome!!! Your helping sooo many girls!!

  • WSR WeeklyPicks
    WSR WeeklyPicks 2 dni temu

    i am new and lovin it ;)

  • Erica Simpson
    Erica Simpson 4 dni temu


  • 도마
    도마 4 dni temu

    I’m here with you to the end bunny 💗

  • Charles Dearing
    Charles Dearing 5 dni temu

    It's taking everything I have not to write a book here. I don't know if you'll ever see this comment, but ...what I'd give to talk at length to you. Not like that...... Panic attacks, depression and caring too much what people think has taken over my life. I've had panic disorder my entire life so, to a degree, I'm a prisoner in my own home. Yes, a lot of people go through what I'm going through, but a lot of times knowing that doesn't really help lighten the load. I could go on, but not sure what to say. I'm even considering starting a second channel to get it all out there. Thanks for being real. I know it was a jump for you and I applaud it.

  • Maya Smith
    Maya Smith 6 dni temu

    This makes me so happy!! I never unsubscribed because i love you too much but I did stop watching. (Which is why I'm just now seeing this) I'm so excited to binge all of these videos until I'm caught back up🤗😊 love you bunny!!

  • Jessica Johnson
    Jessica Johnson 7 dni temu

    I’m late to following along with this docu-series about you and your struggle to get back to your true self, but I have been a longtime subscriber and I LOVE YOU. I have always come to your channel whenever I needed a break from life, and wanted someone to chill with. To talk about Johnny Depp and Clockwork Orange with. To look at creepy black and white photos with. You are such a unique and incredible person, and I truly hope you see what a gift you are to the world. It sounds cheesy, but I would be lost without your face in my subscription box. Love you so so so much Bunny, and don’t ever be afraid to show what you’re truly feeling/proud of/scared about/etc.

  • Stephanie haynie-cecchi

    I've watched you for years, and I'm so glad to be watching and rediscovering your channel again!!! So amazing, we missed you!!!!

  • Christina Belmares
    Christina Belmares 7 dni temu

    first video I've seen on her channel and I don't like her, she has problems she needs to take care of

  • Kacy Mccall
    Kacy Mccall 8 dni temu

    The feeling of the fog thickening around you and the feeling jesus puts people you needright there at the right time every time and that hes got you and its not ur brains emotions fault its that dip down that pulls you back and the frustration builds and when jesus steps in its like why was i getting scared im always going to be ok and i see that coming from you too i dont watch people who dont feel what crazy feelings i have

  • Gianna Canarte
    Gianna Canarte 9 dni temu

    to be honest i didn't watch you before shane introduced me to you and your channel but you have this amazing energy and you have do much potential. i wish you the best of luck dear 🖤.

  • Denise Batalha
    Denise Batalha 10 dni temu

    I actually like these types of videos, but now I know that you have a separate channel for that, I will be subscribing!! I feel like I can relate to you with everything: the silliness, the realness, the mental "anguish" you go through, etc. Love you!!

  • Tamara Van Aardt
    Tamara Van Aardt 11 dni temu

    love you bunny!! so glad that YOU are back!!!

  • Trinity Roulo
    Trinity Roulo 12 dni temu

    I love you bb 💕

  • Eleanor Nell
    Eleanor Nell 13 dni temu

    You have the most beautiful blue eyes.. And I am an old soul like you. I see lots of you in myself with the anxiety and fear. Thank you for opening up Bunny, takes a lot of bravery. I know first hand! Stay strong!!

  • EyeSpyDesigns
    EyeSpyDesigns 14 dni temu

    I'm 3 months late to this... but I'm back and I love the new you. I love the old you too... but I think I had a harder time connecting because I do feel like you daily as a woman, a wife, a mother, a friend, & a human being. I still have to take this in small doses because your energy is always intense...but that's not a bad thing. That's a me "issue" thing with being a heavy empath that can get drained from that sort of energy level. So you keep doing this and I'll keep coming back and watching on my good days. 💗😍💕

    • EyeSpyDesigns
      EyeSpyDesigns 14 dni temu

      I worded that wrong. I meant BEFORE I couldn't connect a much. Now? I can, because I feel like you. Sorry. I'm on Nyquil. 🙎💁

  • Isabella Prince
    Isabella Prince 14 dni temu

    Aw I'm so glad you're coming back!! I love this genuine side of you!!!

  • Shazia Qureshi
    Shazia Qureshi 14 dni temu +1

    🍹I love you and just only pray for God god bless you ever forever 🍹

  • enk989
    enk989 16 dni temu

    You're an artist, Bunny! Every artist goes through their ups and downs with creativity. Coming from someone with an artist as a father - artists feel so much more than your average human being and are much more affected by seemingly trivial issues. Glad to see you're on the up! So much love! Don't change!

  • Ashley Magos
    Ashley Magos 18 dni temu

    I’m not sure if this will make sense but learning about all this things you have accomplished and kept silent have made me realize that I need to start loving myself.
    We all love you for who you are! We all see the best in you, yet I feel like you were unable to do so yourself...you were struggling to love what’s best in you and focused on the negatives. I could relate to you so much and then it hit me how maybe people view me the way we view you..so love yourself!!!

  • BreadLikesSpanners
    BreadLikesSpanners 18 dni temu

    Subscribed! Its so meta watching the new Bunny, I feel revived too! Be the best you bc its in there! 😋

  • Zoey Taylor
    Zoey Taylor 18 dni temu

    You don’t sound dramatic!!

  • Zoey Taylor
    Zoey Taylor 18 dni temu

    We do love you so much !

  • Kendall Gray
    Kendall Gray 19 dni temu

    thrive, love. the world needs your authenticity. you're phenomenal .

  • Paige McIntire
    Paige McIntire 19 dni temu


  • kiana pirtle
    kiana pirtle 19 dni temu

    I didn’t even know you had a 2nd channel

  • lolo b
    lolo b 20 dni temu

    Get over youself!!!

    • lolo b
      lolo b 20 dni temu

      You made this vid seem like you were genuinely upset and you weren't......

  • Ash Thrasher
    Ash Thrasher 21 dzień temu

    I adore the real you, & subbed just for that reason! Keep it real & I’m sure you’ll keep your fans & gain tons more! 💕💜💕

  • Chelsea nieve
    Chelsea nieve 21 dzień temu

    I love yous ❤️

  • Beth Rees
    Beth Rees 22 dni temu

    I’ve been a subscriber for a long time, but did stop watching your vids. Glad to see you willing to grow and be more authentic. Super cool! I look forward to fresh content 🙌🏼

  • Lauren Mackenzie
    Lauren Mackenzie 23 dni temu

    I have so much love for you!! I am so happy you are finding your way back to us

  • Sini Isokoski
    Sini Isokoski 23 dni temu

    I like better when you are real you. You can be weird but as long as you are you. ❤️

  • Kimberly Askren
    Kimberly Askren 24 dni temu

    you're cacooning

  • Amanda Lester
    Amanda Lester 24 dni temu

    You make me wanna do PLclip!! ❤️❤️❤️ should I?!?

  • Amanda Lester
    Amanda Lester 24 dni temu

    Bunny! I’ve been here for years and years I’m not goin anywhere!!! Wish I could have a one on one.. we all need to vent! 😁 and Shane! I’m also an OG on your Channel!!!! 🤷🏼‍♀️☺️☺️👏🏼🙌🏼

  • monbebe x
    monbebe x 24 dni temu

    I miss you and bunny I love you so much 💗

  • beyondcozy11
    beyondcozy11 25 dni temu

    Bunny we love you and we are so happy for you (:

  • Shalacy Manderson
    Shalacy Manderson 25 dni temu

    Shane that is really sweet of you to do what you do.. you are such an amazing person. And you need your own show already!!! The only thing I don't like though is I have went to her channel to see if she has been doing different stuff like you said she should do. and she is still making the does this thing really work series.. it was kind of dissapointing.. i was really expecting some different content.

  • Mk65 X
    Mk65 X 25 dni temu

    You ruined Shane’s video tbh. I mean ur all about scary stuff and then as soon as poor Garrett made a joke, all u do is histerically cry. I mean seriously 😒 🙄

  • Die Swan
    Die Swan 26 dni temu

    Honestly, I adore how extra you are! I wish I had the courage to let my own eccentricities shine the way you do. Including the parts that aren't necessarily "goofy" or "sassy" are part of your own unique weirdness and I admire all of it. You are such an inspiration and a loving, kind and fun person. 😙

  • jazylovesmakeupxo
    jazylovesmakeupxo 26 dni temu

    I love you so much and watched you consistently since i was 9 years old and i just wanna say i really appreciate this video because for the past 6 months i felt the exact same way as you feeling guilty and that i don’t deserve happiness that i’m being to dramatic but you and shane have opened my eyes , to know that we all deserve happiness!! I love you and stay strong 💞

  • Veronica Belle
    Veronica Belle 27 dni temu

    YES BUNNY!!!! You're back and as am I :) You have our full support! I am so excited to start watching you again!

  • Carmel Fasolo
    Carmel Fasolo 27 dni temu

    I love you so so so so much

  • William Jasper
    William Jasper 28 dni temu

    love you Bunny, I've always loved you

  • Makayla M
    Makayla M 28 dni temu

    I love that you wipe your tears with a beauty blender, just fabulous! I'm glad your going to start being yourself, and your vlogs don't need conclusions, PLEASE JUST KEEP BEING YOURSELF!!!!!!

  • Aishaani Angel
    Aishaani Angel 28 dni temu

    Loveeeeeeeeeeee you bunny you were most likely the first ever youtuber i watched yh that’s crazy to me 😜 loveeeee youuuuu

  • Gabby Menendez
    Gabby Menendez 29 dni temu

    Girl you are awesome. I am so proud of you! I love that you're opening up and telling your viewers your thoughts and letting us in a little bit. One of my favorite words that I tell myself a lot... An arrow has to be pulled back first in order for it to be launched ahead. You're doing it! I've always related to you because I am an odd ball. I can say I relate to you a lot more now. I also have anxiety and depression and I feel for you. I totally understand. But you're never alone and the best thing you can do is surround yourself with people who believe in you. I'm so glad Shane was able to help you! I was so excited that two of my favorite people were in one video too.. Well more than one haha.

  • Adriana Rodriguez
    Adriana Rodriguez 29 dni temu

    Dang u inspire me to stay strong through the stress and the anxiety and the hard times❤

  • Fatii C
    Fatii C 29 dni temu

    #icameback I loved seeing you being real on Shane's series !

  • hoatzin1
    hoatzin1 Miesiąc temu

    It was great to see your personal life Bunny. Your viewers care about you and love your content. Keep it up!

  • Beauty Bug
    Beauty Bug Miesiąc temu

    I didn't know what was going on bunny . I got off work and I have spent 6 hours binge watching Shane's video about the bulid up and then your videos after he sat down with you. I loved bunny before but I am obsessed with free and happy bunny after. You have a whole world of people backing you up and I can safely say I'm an old sub that has watched you change over the years and I'm nothing but proud of you finding your voice again.

  • Olivia Degn
    Olivia Degn Miesiąc temu

    Bunny I am so sorry please feel better!😕 love you!❤️

  • ItsJustBrooke's Life
    ItsJustBrooke's Life Miesiąc temu +1


  • Undercover Unicorn.
    Undercover Unicorn. Miesiąc temu

    Bunny I've been your fan for almost a year. I love your channel and I love your channel. You always had a this in you baby. You just had a hard time getting some things together. But I love your channel I will never leave your channel. You just needed to work through things

  • sarah bertleff
    sarah bertleff Miesiąc temu

    hey bunny, i'm back 💕 love from germany!

  • Paramour Monster
    Paramour Monster Miesiąc temu

    Wow I'm like months late, so, hey Bunny ! I found your channel in late 2013, where I was in a really bad place in my young life, I watched your funky vids for your real hobbies and interest in morbid stuff (which isn't about the morbidity, more like the idea of breathing life into 'dead' items) to feel better; exactly like what you said in the documentary - to give people entertainment and an escape - and so I did going to your awesome channel. Even watching your unboxing videos with your awesome energy, I genuinely feel like a friend was cheering me up !
    But yeah, I grew out of those content and felt that there was a disconnection with the Bunny I grew to love versus the content-making machine girl, it was hard to watch those videos with you struggling. I'm so glad that this re-invention of yourself is making your life better and more authentic, seeing someone indulging in a craft they're passionate about is most invigorating

  • Taylor Reneé
    Taylor Reneé Miesiąc temu

    its good to be home bunny

  • [Fage] ChillMaxMan
    [Fage] ChillMaxMan Miesiąc temu

    I can Enjoy this

  • Brittni Gallardo
    Brittni Gallardo Miesiąc temu

    You’re so real & genuine, bunny 🐰 💕

  • Green World Productions
    Green World Productions Miesiąc temu +1

    Bunnyyyy i just love you, we are here for you no matter what! just keep being you like always and you will never EVER EVER LOSE US

  • Momcologist Makeup Jen
    Momcologist Makeup Jen Miesiąc temu

    Welcome Home! And, don't worry, it's the internet, so I'm pretty sure that they will keep you in check with your new mission statement. I wish you all the best of luck. Keep learning to be unabashedly you and true to yourself. #noregrets #thebestisyettocome

  • Kristine Galant
    Kristine Galant Miesiąc temu

    First of all, you seem to overthink way too much and that is one of your biggest downfalls. It really isn't up to you to decide what your fans like. It should be up to your fans. You should show off your accomplishments, cars, life, family, your high days and your low days. You really need to start being yourself and just do it. The fake facade you have been doing surely wasn't working and you did lose alot. Please don't let Shane's time go to waste and give this second chance your all. I am so routing for you that I have started watching again.

  • maddy bowers
    maddy bowers Miesiąc temu

    Bunny you are amazing I love all your videos and have enjoyed watching your personality grow over the years

  • Chrissie
    Chrissie Miesiąc temu

    I’ve watched since your ghost stories and Jeffrey Campbell shoe hauls 😘🤣
    My only advice: just share the things you do and the things you love. Cuz you are an interesting person that people will always be intrigued by!

  • Mitzi Schuster
    Mitzi Schuster Miesiąc temu

    Why did people leave??? O.o

  • Ih8 eile
    Ih8 eile Miesiąc temu

    I remember watching your videos back then:( you’ll make me happy and laugh.I love u Bunny🖤

  • Angela Brown
    Angela Brown Miesiąc temu

    Not see lol but hear we really want to hear your scariest raw truths no matter how hard it is for u to talk about that will definitely lure us in we r kinda getting tired of these long sad talk thru videos we support u but we r barley hanging on fake it til u make it if u have too but scary stuff is sooooo entertaining

  • Angela Brown
    Angela Brown Miesiąc temu

    So we want to see your scariest ghost moments from someone who truly believes here in Louisiana share let us in

  • Brandy Davis
    Brandy Davis Miesiąc temu

    You no cry you amazing make me cry

  • Miss Exclusive Nails
    Miss Exclusive Nails Miesiąc temu

    I’ve never left you, Bunny. Come
    Vacation in destin Florida !!

  • Nana K
    Nana K Miesiąc temu

    Iʻm so happy at how far youʻve grown! At the end of every storm, is sunshine and rainbows! You canʻt have highs without lows :) I canʻt wait to see the new videos youʻre going to bring. Love ya girl!!!!

  • Levi Athan
    Levi Athan Miesiąc temu

    Marfa lights?

  • Levi Athan
    Levi Athan Miesiąc temu

    By the way, the real and raw you is what we need to connect with you. People want to feel like, " Oh, yeah! I can relate to that. I Feel, anxious, afraid, depressed, and superstitious etc." You got this boo boo

  • Levi Athan
    Levi Athan Miesiąc temu

    Also, I was born in San Antonio, and I have a story from when I was young, and lived in the Historic area in San Antonio. My loving warm ghost, angel, imaginary friend? Us Texans stick together, and I'm in ATX if you need anything.

  • Levi Athan
    Levi Athan Miesiąc temu

    The Driskill Hotel is said to be Haunted. Downtown on Sixth st.

  • Levi Athan
    Levi Athan Miesiąc temu

    How about a tour of the San Antonio Missions?

  • Maddie M
    Maddie M Miesiąc temu

    I’m a returning swamp family member. I’ve been kinda watching bunny off and on for the last year but I watched her about three years ago constantly and I loved her. Shane’s collab has reminded me how much I love bunny and I’m so glad that she’s opening up and is feeling better

  • Jane Timm Baxter
    Jane Timm Baxter Miesiąc temu

    Sweetheart, I feel like you are talking to me. I have PTSD, bipolar 2, generalized anxiety disorder, night terrors, and on and on and on... I am also in my early forties. I haven't really made any videos since I was in a coma for ten days in 2015. Last September, I was hospitalized with sepsis and almost died; long, long story short: I've got severe health issues on every level. And I have let all of it - the physical pain and the emotional traumas - stop me from making videos for my friends, as they are the only ones who watch them. But you and your re-awakening is so inspirational to me, even though my channel is not anything near the level of yours... it is applicable to all my creative endeavors. So thank you. Thank you very much for letting yourself BE yourself.

  • Coarline Luna
    Coarline Luna Miesiąc temu


  • Shrouk Shahoot
    Shrouk Shahoot Miesiąc temu

    I love you so much ❤️😙

  • Denielle Casanova
    Denielle Casanova Miesiąc temu

    Bunny, I am one of your older subscribers that left but came back. Shane truly hit it on the nail regarding why I know I took a little break. Well, that and I got married and had a baby and life is a little different with my 8 mo. old. That being said, I still watched you through the Disney trips and scavenger hunts and I was stuck in Kingwood, very preggo with my hubby in another state at work. Through Harvey, I saw you struggle as I was struggling just up the street and cried with you. I am so glad you are artistically refreshed and truly hope you know we love you and know you are always great enough. Feel free to bring it on up to North East Houston anytime, we welcome you always! Also, i was so shook because I lived in ATX for 6 years before I came to HTX and I have been to Uncommon and worked just up the street from there and I got all nostalgic :) and a little scared :/ but you made the video fantastic :) looking forward to your vids and a great future in this industry.

  • Maryann Marshall
    Maryann Marshall Miesiąc temu

    Just be you ❤️❤️

  • Amanda Dalager
    Amanda Dalager Miesiąc temu

    and you personality

  • Amanda Dalager
    Amanda Dalager Miesiąc temu

    i love your saftey pin earings

  • fairyta lena
    fairyta lena Miesiąc temu

    I am back!

  • M. N.
    M. N. Miesiąc temu

    I'm back to your channel and wish you all the best!

  • natalia santino
    natalia santino Miesiąc temu +1

    Instead of buying buying buying stuff, why don't u spend time with God! Its the best comfort and peace you will ever get.

  • Uptowngirl - Jennifer
    Uptowngirl - Jennifer Miesiąc temu

    She's baaaaccckkkk!!!!!! Love it!! I'm resubscribing right now.

  • kazmir korrine
    kazmir korrine Miesiąc temu

    Never forget how phenomenal you are!! Love you ❤️💀🌹

  • ZF2 Mc
    ZF2 Mc Miesiąc temu


  • Fred Garcia
    Fred Garcia Miesiąc temu

    We love u cute whittle bunny whabbit 😘

  • Fred Garcia
    Fred Garcia Miesiąc temu

    Love just relax and be yourself the way God made u we accept u for who u truly are a beautiful woman with a caring sweet personality ur videos show u this way .We believe in and u can do and accomplish anything ur heart desires so just be yourself and enjoy your life god bless u sweet take good care of yourself 😘.

  • lacie allen
    lacie allen Miesiąc temu

    You are the best grav3yardgirl!

  • Star Nunley
    Star Nunley Miesiąc temu

    believe me i cry to much too and im not even depressed.....

  • Toni Ashton
    Toni Ashton Miesiąc temu

    just love you for you x

  • Vassy Dimova
    Vassy Dimova Miesiąc temu

    I've just watched Shane's video and you got your new subscriber girl!:)