Film Theory: Is Hitman's Bulletproof Skin POSSIBLE?

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  • Opublikowany 20 sie 2015
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    Hitman: Agent 47 is the new movie adaptation of the stealth-and-cover video game...and you all know how much I love movies based on video games! Here we're dissecting some of the movie details, specifically the ultra futuristic armor that John Smith sports to try to take down Agent 47. We'll be looking at the latest in high-tech armor and figuring out whether it's actually possible to create bullet-proof skin.
    When we came up with the idea for this Film Theory, Fox said they'd like to sponsor us! A big thanks to them for their support in making this video happen and letting us take a sneak peek at the film to make sure we got our facts straight!
    Like the theme song? Thanks to Carf Darko!
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Komentarze • 21 816

  • Willie Hughes
    Willie Hughes 5 godzin temu

    He's not enhanced to be stronger but fast by as 47 says his nerves have been reworked to be faster probably much like the spartan 2 program augmentations speaking of which do a film theory on that

  • Daren Vowels
    Daren Vowels 6 godzin temu +1

    im in 4th grade and i know that cellulose is in the cell wall of a plant cell protecting the cell membrane

  • Miguel Sanchez
    Miguel Sanchez 14 godzin temu

    11:36 his shirt is indestructible too eh

  • Chintan Poonia
    Chintan Poonia 16 godzin temu

    It was titanium this whole time!
    You betrayed us MatPat

  • Zygmunt Studziński
    Zygmunt Studziński 18 godzin temu

    not bullet proof bullet resistant

  • Gage Kolehmainen
    Gage Kolehmainen 21 godzinę temu

    Graphene kills itself in air


    U wrong

  • Uriel Martinez
    Uriel Martinez Dzień temu

    You know that nanotech is the answer right?

  • RJ Pearce
    RJ Pearce 2 dni temu

    1:26 is me at three in the moring

  • F.A.
    F.A. 2 dni temu

    actually the graphene armour we're also protect the wearer from electricity because the electricity won't be going through the human tissue it will be going through the graphene and away from the organs of course it would also damage the skin at the place of contact

    • F.A.
      F.A. 2 dni temu

      it would probably also heat up a lot so I guess it would damage the person but not Killing him or her

  • Brenden Hussla
    Brenden Hussla 2 dni temu

    Yes, just because of the diamonds in the skin

  • gratitude gaming
    gratitude gaming 3 dni temu

    Ugh matpat steps to a new low, he really just put spoilers with no warning what so ever, so rude

    • Electrixx Fox
      Electrixx Fox 16 godzin temu

      He did say to watch the movie first sooooo....

  • Zach Greer Films
    Zach Greer Films 3 dni temu

    So we'd basically be T-800 from Terminator

  • Irzan Khan
    Irzan Khan 4 dni temu

    Wait, but since it’s under the skin, wouldn’t the skin still tear?

  • 18runescaper
    18runescaper 4 dni temu

    So to kill him just taser him? So a cop can't kill him or a trained assassin but a panicked mall cop could? Lol RIP

  • Ilo Pilleri
    Ilo Pilleri 4 dni temu

    if u have insanely conductive skin the most of the ions from lightning will travel along the outerskin meaning u wud lithrly be unharmed from lightnings electricity but heat is a difrentstorry becouse while it conducts the ions it heats um considorable much meaning that most like ly ewent u wud die from the some sort of poisoning when your body tryes 2 proses the burnt parts of your body mostly skin and electricity can not really kill u only if it goes trought hearth making it vibrate and stop pumping blood or the considerable amount of pain u get from it that makes u fall from high places and falling can lead 2 serious damage and ofcourse insane burns can cause your body 2 die from poisoning becouse can not handle that much burnt material

  • matija radulovic
    matija radulovic 4 dni temu

    wait if it is most conductive material and electricity goes the path with smallest resistence wouldnt storm go through it instead of rest of thebody and safe your life

  • Elijah Billie
    Elijah Billie 4 dni temu

    Its gonna suck if he wants to get a flu shot

  • Xander Price
    Xander Price 4 dni temu

    Is that legal tho?

  • Shay Siegmund
    Shay Siegmund 4 dni temu

    I live in Texas sooo yes

  • Phasmas
    Phasmas 4 dni temu

    I've watched so many film theory's the intro sounds wierd.

  • Zack Camacho
    Zack Camacho 5 dni temu

    The only thing is it would cut skin and you would bleed out

  • Shemuel Enoch
    Shemuel Enoch 6 dni temu

    its suppose to be on game theory

  • Brian Nowak
    Brian Nowak 6 dni temu

    1:44 seconds, more shotgun shells from Demolition Ranch

  • Angelo Espiritusanto


  • Cheese Master
    Cheese Master 6 dni temu


  • D3ltaz0n Gaming
    D3ltaz0n Gaming 7 dni temu +1

    Matpat: That sweet sweet Retention time
    Joey from Life is strange 2: *that sweet sweet overtime*

  • FlyingEmperor38 YT
    FlyingEmperor38 YT 7 dni temu

    I get hurt a lot so yes

  • WesWord
    WesWord 7 dni temu

    Sept. 2019 anyone?

  • Joseph white
    Joseph white 7 dni temu

    Hell yes image all military having it standard issue would make life much safer and less worry than most

  • danny donaldson
    danny donaldson 7 dni temu

    He'll yes

  • Jacob Garner
    Jacob Garner 7 dni temu


  • Lily Overson
    Lily Overson 8 dni temu

    if it’s under his skin, wouldn’t it still hurt and he’d still bleed? the skin has a lot of nerves so it would hurt the same to be cut, even if the bullets and blades are stopped from going farther than that, and breaking skin would still cause bleeding

    SNIPER X 8 dni temu

    right time to gey surgrey

  • Gaber
    Gaber 8 dni temu

    Oh yes we going minecraft diamond armor mode in the real world!

  • Jerry
    Jerry 8 dni temu +1

    Everyone go to 3:39 and look at the card. That's a character from MLP. Is matpat a broney?

  • un known youtuber
    un known youtuber 8 dni temu +1

    Oh yeah ill do it

  • Samsung Prime
    Samsung Prime 8 dni temu


  • KumPupp
    KumPupp 8 dni temu

    If you just said flex tape you could have sawed the video in half

  • Hyunho Ji
    Hyunho Ji 8 dni temu

    The game is really fun too

  • SIR Clayton
    SIR Clayton 8 dni temu

    How much does a pound of graphene cost ?

  • Elie González
    Elie González 9 dni temu

    The problem with any of this theories is that it would stop maybe the impact to inner organs but even the knife would break the skin over the armor

  • Aiden Romito
    Aiden Romito 9 dni temu

    Rarity credit card

  • Petr Zekrom
    Petr Zekrom 9 dni temu

    Damn how much would it cost

  • Minziger TV
    Minziger TV 9 dni temu

    Diamond armour under your skin:
    That must be a new feature in the last Snapshot

  • Joshua Ladds
    Joshua Ladds 9 dni temu

    His ie is a weak pont

  • Chaz Wilkie
    Chaz Wilkie 9 dni temu

    That’s why you have to take your handy dandy Tesla coil you’ll be invincible in your rubber hazmat suit also

  • Venkat Vallabhaneni
    Venkat Vallabhaneni 9 dni temu

    Shouldn’t this be game theory

  • Flying Tiger
    Flying Tiger 10 dni temu +2

    So if he is bullet proof that does not mean he can survive the hit, graphene is not an airbag, all that kinetic energy is transmitted into the body and he is still dead.
    Also just by hitting the same spot, graphene will not be bullet proof anymore when it's already deformed.
    But if someone would build mainbattle tanks from graphene, he could easily storm Area 51.

  • Chuck Norris
    Chuck Norris 10 dni temu

    depends on the bullet. 22lr up to 50 bmg is what it would have to stop .

  • gijs jonkheer
    gijs jonkheer 10 dni temu

    you are mentioning tensile strength a lot, however a bullet proof vest is about energy absorbtion. In the case that the yield strenght (elastic limit) isn't breached the material needs to be stif enough to spread the force over a large enough area, meaning the material can't be flexible. If the elastic limit is breached sufficiently early in the duration of impact, meaning that the material deformes permemantly (and needs to be repaired, just as a sidenote), than you still have the problem of this energy being mainly converted into heat(basically burning him internally).

  • Captian
    Captian 10 dni temu

    What happened to frame by frame?

  • NoVa Eon
    NoVa Eon 10 dni temu +1

    Yo the goverment should be all over this video XD

  • things that fly
    things that fly 11 dni temu

    The only issue would be a sharp object would still be able to puncture the skin even with the armour as it sits under the skin leaving the skin vunrable

  • CoffeJoe 'sMagic
    CoffeJoe 'sMagic 12 dni temu +1

    i would implantate it.
    so if it comes to an apocalypse, raiders can fk off XD

  • ALI Reyadh
    ALI Reyadh 12 dni temu

    What about platinum

  • Aszp Asap
    Aszp Asap 13 dni temu

    I would use it to protect myself from my brother

  • Dow Jones
    Dow Jones 13 dni temu +1

    He probably learned how to use his chi/chakra!? 🤷‍♂️

  • WisterTwister
    WisterTwister 14 dni temu +1

    Ye i would

  • ghostbustercruz !
    ghostbustercruz ! 14 dni temu